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Adorable Children’s Book Giveaway! 3 Winners!

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. Check out this fun, hot off the press giveaway for the kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews etc.. in your life. Chronicle Books is offering 3 Picky Palate readers a copy of Tony Gemignani’s newest children’s book, Tony and the Pizza Champions. Here’s a little info on the book…

Tony and the Pizza Champions invites readers to join in the dough-flying fun as Tony and his team of talented pizza-tossers travel to Italy to compete in an international competition. Also included are his famous pizza recipes and step-by-step dough-tossing instructions for those kids-and parents-who want to get into the act.

An eight-time world champion pizza thrower, world champion pizza maker, Guinness World Record holder, and Food Network gold medalist, Tony has truly made his mark on the pizza world, and the media has taken note. He’s made appearances on major shows such as Oprah, The Rachael Ray Show, the Food Network, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show, CNN, the Travel Channel, and numerous others both here and abroad.


Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment and tell all of us your favorite kind of pizza AND favorite pizza place. Before we moved, our favorite place to get pizza was from Patsy Grimaldi’s. My favorite was their pepperoni, fresh tomatoes and basil. YUM!

Contest ENDS late Tuesday night at midnight PST. GOOD LUCK!



Recipe courtesy of Tony Gemignani, author of Tony and the Pizza Champions from Chronicle Books

1 can (14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes with juice

2 cans (6 ounces each) tomato paste

1 teaspoon dried oregano

2 teaspoons salt, or 2 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt

2 tablespoons sugar

1 basil leaf

1. In a medium bowl, combine the diced tomatoes, tomato paste, oregano, salt, and sugar.

Mix well, and then add the basil leaf.

2. Use the sauce immediately, or store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

You can also freeze it for up to 2 months. Let it warm to room temperature before using.

Makes enough sauce for at least five pizzas


Check back first thing Wednesday morning for the 3 winners. I’ve got some tasty recipes coming up too, see you soon!

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273 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 101
    Kelli says:

    My favorite “eat out” pizza is mushrooms from Papa Johns

    but last night my boyfriend and I made homemade pizza with wheat crust, pizza sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, and fresh mozzerella! YUM!!

    kelgirl105 at yahoo dot com

  2. 102
    Adamzes says:

    Have you ever had Chicago style pizza? We had some good stuff at Lou Malnatis. I really like the veggie stuffed because then I don’t feel so stuffed from eating all of that meat and cheese. Yum! But if it’s pizza I like it. Basically anything and everything! shannon [dot] adamz [at] gmail [dot] com.

  3. 103
    The Davis Family Three says:

    I am a Papa Murphy’s Pizza (Take and bake) Fan! We just got 2 new stores here in Lubbock, Texas and love them! My favorite is either their Mediterranean pizza (thin crust, grilled chicken, spinach, garlic sauce, sun dried tomatoes, and feta cheese.)or their Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza. Yum!

  4. 104
    Wii are the Nelsons says:

    what a great book….My favorite is pepperoni and the best pizza place is LouMalnati’s, true Chicago style! It was good to read that other people have had it….Giordanos in Chicago isn’t too bad either.

  5. 105
    Millers says:

    I LOVE PIZZA!!!!!!!!! California Pizza Kitchen has an awesome Jamican Jerk Pizza, but I also just love a thin crust Dominos with all veggies. As far as my fav place to get pizza… Casa Bianca Pizza Pie in Eagle Rock, CA !!!

  6. 106
    susana says:

    I love a simple pizza with sauce, sliced roma tomatoes, fresh mozzerella cheese, and fresh basil, YUM! My favorite place to get pizza is The Cirle in Sunset, UT. They have the best sauce on this side of the Mississippi River! πŸ™‚

  7. 107
    Jess says:

    MMMM… chicken alfredo from from Pizza Factory. Not only do my kids LOVE to read books, they would love to make a pizza with me!

  8. 108
    Allie says:

    I went to upstate New York 10 years ago and went to a tiny pizzeria that I don’t remember the name of, but they had what they called a white pizza. I still crave it! It used Alfredo sauce and chicken and I haven’t found or been able to make a duplicate!

  9. 109 says:

    My favorite pizza is made by my husband and his grill! Grilled pizza is awesome and my favorite toppings are simple, basil, tomato, and mozerella! Yummy!

  10. 110
    Cheryl says:

    I love veggie pizzas. Our favorite place is Oregano’s Bistro, yummy!

  11. 111
    Gwen says:

    I love homemade pizza the best. My mom always made it for us on Halloween before we headed out to go trick-or-treating. My favorites are barbecue chicken pizza and grilled pizza!

    I think that book looks like so much fun!

  12. 112
    The Monkey Mama says:

    I love pepperoni pizza, especially from Litza’s Pizza or The Pie (both in Salt Lake City, UT).
    Hmmmm… pizza!

  13. 113
    Sharla says:

    My favorite pizza would be chicken garlic from Papa Murphy’s. I love take-and-bakes.

  14. 114
    dancinfrandsen says:

    Canadian bacon (who are we kidding, it’s ham) and pineapple. The Pie in Salt Lake and Ogden does a pretty good job of putting together a big, fat, loaded pizza.

  15. 115
    wifeplzak says:

    my fav place to have pizza from is Lou Malnati’s! and my fav kind is spinach, cheese, and sausage. yum…

  16. 116
    Bronwyn says:

    I absolutly love pizza….my all time favorite is plain cheese pizza with extra sauce. When ever I am in Gilbert visiting family I must stop at LJ’s and enjoy the lunch buffet. Now that I live in Tucson the only place to eat pizza is from Tino’s!

  17. 117
    Gina Lee says:

    My favorite place to eat pizza is Craigos. It’s a local resturant and there are only three locations. I always order Canadian bacon and pineapple. Hmmm if I wasn’t making your pork chops tonight, I’d be orderng pizza!

  18. 118
    Andrea and Casey says:

    I love chicken alfredo! That or bbq chicken. Yum! Fun giveaway! I don’t go out to eat pizza hardly ever, but I like pier 49. Homemade is delicious too.

  19. 119
    Susie says:

    my very fav is homemade

  20. 120
    skinnybovineskitchen says:

    favorite pizza – chicken pesto. favorite place to get it? pier 49 pizza. i also love the tomato, basil and 4 cheese from CPK.

  21. 121
    Becky says:

    I love Papa Johns sauce and my favorite is a meat lover combo!

  22. 122
    Brandi says:

    My latest favorite pizza is from Nick and Willy’s. It’s thin crust with olive oil glaze, mozzarella, fresh garlic, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, tomatoes, feta, and oregano. YUM!

  23. 123
    Sims Family says:

    I love all pizza, but my family likes Oregano’s (in Gilbert, AZ.) They let the kids play with pizza dough. So fun! And I really like the grandma’s whatever (I can’t remember the name.) It has chicken and potatoes on it. Yum!

  24. 124
    rebabell says:

    Love pizza. We have a place here in Albuquerque called Dion’s that has really good pizza. My fave flavor is pepperoni with green chile (a NM staple).

  25. 125
    Holly says:

    My favorite pizza is from a little place in Mobile called Picklefish. It was right outside the campus of the University of South Alabama and had the best pizza. My favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni and pineapple. Salty and sweet!

  26. 126
    Bexie Funk says:

    In my opinion the more toppings the better. My favorite pizza place in San Antonios was Bacones. They had one with goat cheese on it that was heavenly!

  27. 127
    JP says:

    Our family loves to make homemade pizza and customize our own section with our favorite toppings like canandian bacon & pineapple, and breakfast bacon and olives. Before we moved, our favorite place to eat was Papa Murphy's.

  28. 128
    HaleighLynn says:

    My favorite pizza is tomato and feta and I love to eat at Oregano’s.

  29. 129
    Carole and Lee says:

    I love the perfect pizza at papa murphy’s!

  30. 130
    Christina Larson says:

    I love a good greasy thin crust cheese pizza. There is a place in Mesa and soon to be in Chandler called Buono’s that is a favorite.

  31. 131
    Jason, Amanda, Brayden and Dillon says:

    Mmmmm, pizza! The best pizza would have to be our homemade taco pizza (we use salsa for the sauce…delish!) and whole wheat crust. But if we go out…definitely Old Chicago.

  32. 132
    Jennifer says:

    I love Papa Murphy’s with chicken, pepperoni, and Roma tomatoes.

  33. 133
    Lauren says:

    Mmmm My favorite woulg have to be Naples in Downtown Disney…the Margherita Pizza!

    However, Rigatony’s has good pizza…and Oregano’s!

  34. 134
    Krista Lou Cook says:

    I LOVE pizza, it is easily listed as my favorite food. During my life I have worked at 4 different pizza parlors. My favorite pizza of all time is the Monterrey Pizza from Pier 54 pizzeria. Pier 54 was a little whole in the wall place i worked at. The Monterrey consisted of a hand tossed crust, pesto sauce, a lite layer of mozzarella, a full layer of zucchini, a sprinkle of white onion some more mozzarella and topped of with chicken that had been marinated in olive oil and Italian seasoning. Yum!

  35. 135
    rubymama says:

    Favorite pizza place is The Pizza factory. I love the crust and am a big fan of combo pizza minus the meat, but will eat it anyway if there isn’t any other option.

  36. 136
    Kelly says:

    My favorite pizza that I ever had was a little shop on a side alley in NYC, don’t remember the name and probably couldn’t find it again if I tried to. I love pepperoni and black olives.

  37. 137
    mindy says:

    i like good old fashioned thin crust pizza with a lot of cheese from a place called tony’s thanks for the giveaway

  38. 138
    Marie says:

    My favorite pizza is one with lots of good stuff on it. Other than that, I’m not too picky. I really like Flancer’s roadhouse pizza.

  39. 139
    Amber says:

    Craigos in Rexburg Idaho. Just plane ol pepperoni.

  40. 140
    Finkleas says:

    My favorite place to eat pizza is at “The Pie” in Salt Lake City, Utah. However we don’t live there so it is a rare occasion. But that is the best pizza I have ever had. The crust is so thick and percect. It doesn’t taste too homemade, but it tastes nothing like dominoes or pizza hut.The supreme, bbq chicken, chicken alfredo, all very delicious!!!

  41. 141
    Aaron and Jessica says:

    I LOVE pizza! Besides my yummy homemade family pizza recipe of many cheeses and really good crust, I love Oregano’s Southwest signature with roasted bell peppers, sundried tomatoes, chicken and a yummy cilantro pesto sauce. I love the cookie pizzas there too!

  42. 142
    Hillary says:

    Porky's Pizza in Moreno Valley CA Ham & Pineapple

  43. 143
    Robin says:

    My favdorite place to buy pizza is in Ayer, MA and it is called Nashoba Club Pizza. That was where I had BBQ Chicken Pizza for the first time. I loved it!! Now I make it myself, and I also make mozarella and basil YUM!!! Now I am STARVING!!! The books looked so fun!!! Thanks so much for a fun contest!!

    Jaffrey, NH

  44. 144
    Anonymous says:

    The best pizza I ever had was a Vegetarian special at Giordano’s. mmm…

    -anna p.

  45. 145
    PheMom says:

    What a super fun book! We love pizza at our house and funny enough are making pizza right now. My favorite is BBQ Chicken and since we most like to make it at home that is my favorite place too. Other than that there is a one of a kind little mom n pop place here in SLC called Litza’s Pizzas that we love too.

  46. 146
    Watson Family says:

    I don’t really venture out when it comes to pizza, I usually stick with pepperoni. One of my favorite places to go is Oregenos!

  47. 147
    Victoria says:

    I love spinach & garlic pizza from Star Pizza in Houston, TX. utgal2004[at]yahoo[dot]com

  48. 148
    Jennifer says:

    I have a deep love for homemade pizza and gourmet style ones! Love your sauce recipe! πŸ™‚

  49. 149
    Erin says:

    I love homemade pizza the best but I also enjoy California Pizza Kitcen too. I am a supreme fan! The more the merrier!

  50. 150
    Katie says:

    we love pizza…my favorite is the deep dish stuffed at piece and you feel like you have eaten a whole pizza.

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