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Breakfast Has Never Tasted So Good!

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Here’s that little project I’ve been talking about the last few days. I was so excited to hear from Blog Her that The Dairy Board had chosen my blog to showcase a weeks worth of recipes that would focus on their 3-A-Day of Dairy program. It’s all about showing people that it’s not difficult to incorporate dairy into every one of our meals. I really had a great time putting my recipes together and now you can see my menu HERE or by clicking the little 3-A-Day Picture above. Thanks Blog Her and Dairy Board!

Now onto some colorful, so tasty muffins! I had so much fun creating this recipe. I had beautiful fresh blueberries and raspberries from the farmer’s market that I couldn’t wait to use up. I thought, what better way to use berries than in a gorgeous Texas size muffin! The recipe will either make 12 normal size muffins or 6 Texas size muffins which are my favorite.

I broke out the coconut oil again for this recipe. It makes these muffins soft and perfect without tasting like a coconut muffin. I know vanilla beans are pricy, but if you’ve got some in the pantry or feel like splurging at the grocery store, use them in this recipe. It gives a perfect vanilla flavor that is worth every penny. You can however, use a teaspoon of real vanilla extract if you don’t feel like making a trip to the grocery store.

I believe I’ve seen flax seed meal at Super Target or if you are in AZ Sprouts sells it as well. The brand is usually Bob’s Red Mill. Hope you get around to making these, my whole family loved them and they didn’t even know they were pretty good for you!! Check out my Caramelized Banana Cinnamon Oatmeal below. It’s another recipe I incorporated for the 3-A-Day program. You’ll love it!

Bumbleberry Vanilla Bean Breakfast Muffins with Coconut Almond Topping

1 Cup all purpose flour
1 Cup whole wheat flour
¼ Cup flax seed meal
2 teaspoons baking soda
½ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
¾ Cup sugar
¼ Cup brown sugar
½ Cup half and half
¼ Cup sour cream
1/3 Cup virgin coconut oil
1 vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped out
1 egg
1 pint fresh blueberries
½ pint fresh raspberries

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Place both flours, flax seed meal, baking soda, powder and salt into a large bowl. Stir to combine. Set aside.

2. Place sugars, half and half, sour cream, coconut oil, vanilla bean seeds, and egg into a stand mixer. Mix on low until combined. Slowly add in dry ingredients until just combined. Mix in blueberries on low speed. Take bowl out of mixer and gently stir in raspberries. With a cookie scoop, scoop muffin batter into 12 muffin tin cups that have been sprayed with cooking spray or lined with paper cups. Fill them ¾ full then top with shredded coconut and slivered almonds. Bake for 15-18 minutes or until cooked through, when a toothpick comes out clean from center. Let cool for 10 minutes before removing from tins, let cool completely on cooling rack.
12 muffins


Caramelized Banana Cinnamon Oatmeal

4 medium bananas, peeled and sliced, ½ inch thick
2 Tablespoons cold butter cut into pieces
4 Tablespoons light brown sugar
4 pkgs Instant Oatmeal, Plain
2 Cups low fat milk
2 Tablespoons creamy peanut butter
Powdered sugar (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Slice bananas into ½ inch slices and place into a medium baking dish. Top evenly with butter pieces and sprinkle with brown sugar. Bake for 20 minutes, until bubbly and caramelized (golden). Remove from oven and let sit for 5 minutes.

2. Place oatmeal packets into a large microwave safe bowl. Pour in milk and microwave for 2-3 minutes or until hot and has a nice consistency. Stir in peanut butter and mashed bananas. Sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired. Serve warm.

4 servings

Next up are some new dinner ideas using more garden fresh vegetables! See you soon!

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  1. 1
    Sharon says:

    Congrats on being chosen by the Dairy Board! Your muffins and oatmeal look delectable as usual. Breakfast is my favorite meal so I’ll have to bookmark these.

  2. 2
    HoneyB says:

    Your muffins look delicious – I’m a muffin fanatic….anyway, I am curious about the coconut oil you use. Is it a specific brand? I saw in my co-op a sign that said if you weren’t familiar with one brand to buy a different one. I can’t figure that out (except the one they tell you to buy is much higher priced!)

  3. 3
    Patsyk says:

    I’m going to have to find some coconut oil so I can make these! They look so good!

    Congrats on being chosen by the Dairy Board! How fun!

  4. 4
    Candy says:

    Those look delicous!

    Congrats on the Dairy Board!


  5. 5
    Aggie says:

    Congrats on being chosen for the Dairy Board! That is awesome!!

    These muffins look outrageous! Can’t wait to try it!!

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Congrats on the dairy board three a day! your blog is truly inspirational. can’t get enough of it!

  7. 7
    Kimberly says:

    Congrats on your Dairy recipes! I am def. going over there to look at them!
    Those look like some serious muffins! And carmelized bananas…how scrumptious!

  8. 8
    Jenny says:

    Thanks Sharon! I need to make another batch of these muffins, they didn’t last long.

    Hi Honeyb,
    I don’t use a specific brand of coconut oil, but make sure it says virgin coconut oil. It makes the best cookies too.

    Thanks Patsy!

    Thanks Candy!

    Hi Aggie,
    Hope you enjoy the muffins!

    Thank you for your nice comment, it made my day!

    Thanks Kimberly!

  9. 9
    Katie says:

    Those look amazing! I recently heard a tip about baking with blueberries…if you coat them with flour before putting them in your batter, the color won’t bleed into the muffins and they’ll hold up better in the finished product. I thought I’d share that tip, just in case it’s news to anyone else out there!

  10. 10
    Deborah says:

    I love a good muffin! I’m feeling the need to make some Texas sized muffins now!

  11. 11
    Jenny says:

    Thanks for the tip Katie, I’ve heard that somwhere too. I’ll have to try it next time. Although I kind of like the color of the bleeding berries too!

    Thanks Deborah,
    We both had muffins in mind!

  12. 12
    Jeena says:

    These muffins look so good Jenny that words can not desribe! Congratulations I think it is great that you were chosen especially as dairy is so important for kids to eat, well done. 🙂

  13. 13
    jaime says:

    That caramelized banana oatmeal sounds like another muffin in the making to me!!! If I was a “daring baker,” I’d try to transform that recipe into a good muffin batter…I try to be a resourceful (if not imaginative) cook, but my baking exploits are pretty tame–I stick to boxed brownies (SO unbeatable when undercooked/gooey), homemade chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Sad, right? Guess you can see why I don’t blog, but I SO want to get into it…on the cooking side of things, though!!! 😉 I’d really have to step it up if I were to be a baking poster.

    Anyway…my ramblings have gone far enough. Love your site…wondering how you got your start in cook-offs…could be an interesting post!!!


  14. 14
    Prudy says:

    Congrats on the fun project! Everything looks wonderful.

  15. 15
    Kevin says:

    Those muffins look and sound amazing!

  16. 16
    Clumbsy Cookie says:

    Wow congratulations on your menu! I’ve read it and it souns great, well done!
    The muffins are gorgrous inside and I love the topping. I also use a lot of flax seed, but all ones not in meal. You can’t really notice them.

  17. 17
    ~Priscilla~ says:

    those muffins look great. but that oatmeal…wow! i know both are on my lists to bake. yummy.

  18. 18
    Deanna says:

    Congrats on being chosen! I can’t wait to try this oatmeal in the morning. The peanut butter really sold me!

  19. 19
    Kristen says:

    Your menu is fantastic.
    That was a fun project… I did so much cooking in that 4 days. Was glad to have done it but also glad to have it completed! It was a challenge.
    Can’t wait to try out some of your things!

  20. 20
    Emiline says:

    Yum! I think I would love bumbleberry muffins. And the oatmeal looks incredible.

    Congrats on the dairy board recipes. I checked them out. I remember you making the avocado egg sandwich. That was really good when I made it.

  21. 21
    Tarah says:

    Oh wow! Both of those look like great ways to start off a morning! I’m really wanting to just snatch that muffin!!

    Congrats on being chosen by the Dairy Board :]

  22. 22
    Birdie says:

    Congrats on the Dairy Board! You Go Girl!!!

    The oatmeal looks really good, I’m always looking for different ways to make oatmeal. I’m gonna try this one

  23. 23
    Jenny says:

    Thanks for everyone’s kind comments!

    My advise to you is just jump in the blogging world if you think you’d enjoy something like this. You don’t have to be a master baker to have a great blog. I use box mixes all the time.

    I got into cook-offs 4 years ago just by watching the Pillsbury Bake-off on Food Network. I thought it looked like fun, so gave it a whirl and was lucky enough to get chosen as a finalist in 04. Everything has snowballed since then and I’ve really enjoyed competing in cook-off’s from time to time. Thanks for asking!

  24. 24
    lindsay w. says:

    Love the Dairy Board menu…I’m a sucker for anything with roasted banana!!

  25. 25
    christina says:

    I wanted to let everyone know that Jenny brought these muffins into work and I LOVED LOVED them! They are unique and have such a great flavor. They were moist and not fatty and sugary. Very satisfying and delicious. Perfect in my book! I ate 3 of them and didn’t feel guilty.

  26. 26
    Jenny says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    Can you tell your ice cream from SL has inspired me? I think I’ve used caramelized bananas in just about everything!!

    Thanks for posting Christina!
    You are such a sweetheart! It has been so much fun working with you all these years! Talk to you soon!

  27. 27
    Leslie says:

    I hope I did make some laughs today! And my daughter already took her Harry Winston jewels back!LOL
    Congrats on the moo cow board!

  28. 28
    Jaime says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I do not know know if you remember me or not. I was a few years younger than you at Westwood. I was in seminary with you. My name is Lyle Trone and my brother is Russell Trone. I saw you on a food network food cook off on TV and could not believe it was you! Your site is awesome!!! I was also in the the same grade as your sister Kim. You can check out my family blog if you like at take care and keep those recipes coming

    Lyle Trone

  29. 29
    Proud Italian Cook says:

    Congatulations Jenny!! Your menu looks wonderful as well as your photos and food. Well deserved on your recognition!

  30. 30
    Lisa says:

    I have bestowed the Brilliant Blog award to you. The details can be found on my blog. Congrats on being chosen by the Dairy Board. I couldnt think of another person who is so deserving.

  31. 31
    Jenny says:

    Drats about the jewels Leslie, at least they are still in the family!

    My husband and I got out our old yearbooks and I do remember you. Sad to think how long it’s been since high school! We had few laughs browsing at old pictures. I have one of the worst memories, but I clearly remember you and your brother. I’ll have to tell Kim too. Your have such a cute family! Thanks again for visiting my blog.

    Thanks Marie!!

    Thanks so much for passing on the award Lisa and for your kind comments. Can’t wait to come visit your blog!

  32. 32
    Leslie says:

    I love does a great job keeping me full! I love to cook the Irish takes some time but it is soooo yummy and nutty!
    Thanks for your comment on my London Broil!

  33. 33
    Mommy's Kitchen says:

    That oatmeal looks awesome. I love your blog. I to have some picky eaters in my house. Have a great week.

  34. 34
    Nicky Yamamoto says:

    I love your blog and absolutely love your recipes. Thank you!! Every time I need a new recipe, I check your blog and have never been disappointed. Many, many thanks!

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