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Chit Chat Twenty Sixth Edition


Happy Friday! Time for a little chit chat….things I am loving this week!!


Went and saw Divergent last week with some friends!  I haven’t been to the movies much since moving back home to AZ and I have to say we all loved it.  Love me some teenage drama, lol!  I wonder if my thoughts would have changed had I read the book first?

After a couple years of putting off updated headshots/photos for my blog I finally did it.  I went to one of my friends from high school who owns Pied Piper Photography.  Her work is amazing, hope she worked some magic one me :)  Stay tuned for my new pics in a couple weeks.  Eeek.  I’m so nervous, lol!

I got to meet one of the cutest girls from The Beauty Mark Girls blog, Courtney, during my photo shoot last week.  She did my make-up that day.  Hard to tell, but here’s a pic of Pax and I with her make-up.  She is so adorable and has the cutest fashion/beauty blog.  Do check it out.

Lemon Ricotta Strawberry Pie with Poppy Seed Shortbread Crust 800 8519

Can’t stop staring at Kevin of Closet Cooking’s Lemon Ricotta Strawberry Pie.  How stunning is this?  ….and I want to dive in!  Wow.

James Michelle

I am obsessed with James Michelle’s cutest bar name necklaces and her “lucky” necklace.  So cute paired together.  I do believe these will be my summer necklaces.  Not only does James Michelle have the cutest jewelry, but her story is amazing.  Read it HERE.

Antigua Floral

With it being almost 100 degrees in AZ this week I am already planning ahead for summer!  My boys have already been swimming.

I cannot get over how cute the new line of suits from Albion Fit are!  These two suits {inks HERE and HERE} are going to be mine for sure!  Loving the cute rash guard!!  I definitely need this one, and this one too :)  LOVE Albion Fit.  Stay tuned next Friday for a giveaway to go shopping on Albion Fit’s website.  Yippee!!


How totally cute are all of these goodies from PJ Salvage?!  I am dying over the doughnut printed products.  I’ve got to get my hands on them!  I have these Doughnut PJ Pants and LOVE them!

Sam and Libby Sandals from Target

Every summer Target has the cutest sandals!!  I had these last summer in a neon yellow and am dying over THESE metallic ones.  Had to have them and have been wearing them all week.  So comfortable and adorable.  Best part…..$24.99.  Thank you Target :)

These are the days JCrew

My favorite tee right now from Jcrew.  Cutest fit and fun print.  I got the black one too…apparently Reese Witherspoon has the same taste, lol!  Love her :)

Also can’t live without these basic v-neck tee’s from Nordstrom’s Brass Plum section.  Softest tees ever and lots of colors.  2 for $28.  I’ve totally stocked up for summer!

Beauty Mark Girls

The cutest Beauty Mark Girls teamed up with Olive Lane for these cute Tees!  Totally ordered one.  Under $20 and adorable for sumer!

LOVING my friend Shelly’s pencil skirts for summer too.  I practically live in them.  Check out her fun Etsy store.

Finally started using the beauty blender thanks to my sister.  It’s fabulous for blending your foundation.  Got mine at Sephora.  I highly recommend one!

After months of wanting the Tory Burch perfume, I finally picked up a small bottle at Sephora last week.  It’s so fabulous!!

That’s it for me this week!

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday with a new recipe!

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The Importance of Family Meal Time

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What is your meal time like at your house?  Calm and cool or pure chaos?

I am positive that it looks different for every family.  For some, it happens on a regular basis and for some, they are lucky if they sit together for meals at all.

We definitely fall somewhere in the middle.  I’ve always known that family meal time is important.  My family wasn’t perfect at sitting down together growing up, but I have good memories of the times we did.  I have a wonderful French grandmother who made meal time so much fun growing up.  She was exuberant and had such a love for food that it rubbed off on everyone enjoying a meal with her.  No one ever went hungry at her house.  In fact, you were so full you could hardly move :)

What is it that keeps us from sitting down together? ……busy with the kids, school, homework, sports, other activities and everyday life.  We are all guilty of it!

The struggles we face are trying to get everyone to sit down together at the same time.  Between sports and homework I have yet to find a time that sticks.  I think being flexible from day to day will help.  I also want to work on having my boys help set up the table and help with the clean up.  Some extra bonding time is always good right?

I am making a goal this year to be better at making meal time a priority.  I know how important it is and that’s a good enough reason for me!  I want my kids to remember the times we sit and talk together during the week and not being so busy that it never happened.

Family Dinner Time

Currently, our family meal time is very simple and I mean simple.  The picture above was actually  me “trying” lol!  I put some rosemary sprigs from our bush outside in a vase and set the table a little nicer than usual.  The boys said, “Wow Mom, what’s the occasion?”  If I’m being honest, I’ve got no problem using paper products.  We actually use plastic cups from Costco on a regular basis.  This is what works for us.  I think we all need to be ok if things are not always perfect.  I want to focus more on the connections and conversations we have at the table than what type of placemats I have.

Some of the things that we do well are definitely having home cooked meals on a fairly regular basis.  Since I write a food blog, that one is pretty easy, there’s always food around :)  I also love the conversations we have at the table.  Aside from our daily conversations and discussions about school, as often as we remember, we like to ask the boys “What’s one thing you did today that helped someone or what’s one thing you can do tomorrow to help someone?”  This way, if the boys didn’t help anyone, they can think about what they can do the next day.

Dr. William Doherty, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Barilla, has studied the importance of family dinner time for years and brought up a good discussion that having the kids help clean up was very important.  I was happy to hear this!  He also brought up really good points that having regular family dinner helps your kids do better in school, improves behavior and provides a safe home feeling.  I am thrilled to be partnering with Barilla and Share The Table Family Project.  I love that Barilla promotes and supports families to share more meaningful meals together.  This is so important to my family as well.

I love that Barilla is helping support those in need with this program as well.  For every post using #ShareTheTable, Barilla will help provide the monetary equivalent of tem meals to Feeding America, up to one million meals!

Family Dinner Time

This is exactly how our table looks.  Messy and happy, lol!  Our 18 month old loves to throw is food and make a giant mess.  We all sit together and get a good laugh watching Pax eat.

I am excited to make family meal time an even bigger priority this year.  I think letting go of having to do things perfect will be a good step for me.  As long as we are all together and enjoying our meal is good enough :)  We will also have “family clean up” time as Dr. William Doherty has recommended.  Yay!

What are your struggles with family meal time?  Do you have any successes to share with the rest of us?  Would love to hear it!

Be sure to help raise money for Feeding America by posting #ShareTheTable on your social media pages!

Share The Table

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Barilla, however, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards Barilla or their products.

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Chit Chat Twenty Fifth Edition

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Chit Chat Twenty Second Edition

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