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Happy Friday to you! Another Chit Chat Edition today :)

Chit Chat

Flour was flying in the kitchen earlier this week with all of the cookies I was making!  Had a fun cookie exchange with some of the ladies in my church Tuesday night.

I made dozens of my Perfect M and M Cookies and Brown Butter Soft Batch Style Gingersnaps.  2 of my absolute favorite cookies.  I highly recommend them for your upcoming parties or cookie exchanges.

I used my friend Amanda’s fun decorating ideas from her post HERE.

I know Thanksgiving is coming up sooooo soon.  I’ve got to remind you, my all-time favorite Stuffing recipe is HERE.  I will be make a double batch for my family.  It is AMAZING :)  Definitely going to try to get as much cooking and baking that I can on Wednesday night.  I could use a good workout Thursday morning before all of the eating festivities begin, lol!  We literally have a Thanksgiving lunch with my family then dinner with my husband’s family.  Hope I can pace myself!

Chit Chat

So, I’ve had my tree up for over a week now!  It was a little early, but for some reason I couldn’t wait to have it up this year.  I went with a red and white candy-ish theme.  Glad we get to enjoy it a few extra weeks :)

Don’t know what’s overcome me…I’ve even started my Christmas shopping.   I am usually queen of procrastination.  It’s kind of a nice change.

Speaking of shopping, I’ve added these Leopard Print Tieks to my list.  If Santa had no budget, these would be on my list too.

How fun are these PJ’s?  Obsessed with polka dots.  PJ Salvage has some really cute prints in their Flannel Pajamas.  The milk and cookies and cake party ones are sooooo fun.

Chit Chat

Trying to explain to my 2 year old Pax that the chocolate chip cookie ornament is NOT to eat is obviously not working.  He tries to eat it daily.

Chit Chat

How fun are these foodie gifts from Minted?  Personalized wrapping paper, sweet framed art and customized kitchen tags.  You can literally include one of your favorite recipes on the wrapping paper.  Looooove these!

I’ve been using Minted for my Christmas Cards for years.  Some of my favorite Christmas Card designs this year:  This one, this one, this one, this one, and this one :)  It all kind of depends on what picture you use right?

Chit Chat

Here’s an outtake of our family photos for Christmas cards this year.  I didn’t end up choosing this one…not sure why I left my pointer finger out while holding my husband’s hand.  Charlie’s Angels?  Brady wasn’t smiling that great either.

Pax would not have smiled if his life depended on it….for the entire photo shoot, looked kind of like a little deer in headlights in all of our pictures, stinker!

I’ll share the photo I ended up using in an upcoming chit chat post.

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Have a great weekend!  See you Monday with a new recipe!

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Happy Friday to you! A little chit chat today :)

Chit Chat

So happy to be back from my crazy travel schedule last week.  I went from Nashville for the Pillsbury Bake-Off to New York City for a Fisher Nuts event with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli back to back.  Both were great, but was I ever glad to get home to my boys!

There really is just something about NYC this is so exciting.  As crazy as Time Square is, I LOVE walking through the streets.  It’s nuts, but amazing.

Chit Chat

How hilariously perfect is this Sprinkles Swatch Watch?!  I found it in Times Square.  Kinda couldn’t pass it up, lol!

LOVE Sephora this time of year because they have all of their gift sets of fun make-up, perfume, brushes.  Can’t resist….Happy early Christmas to me, lol!

The weather is finally cooling off in Arizona….and by cooling off I mean the highs are in the 80’s.  It’s so wonderful, lol!  The mornings and nights are in the 60’s.  What a dream :)  My point was, I finally get to wear my booties and scarves, yay!!  Next on my list are THESE simple perfect Sam Edelman ones.

My favorite track pants are on sale right now!  I wear these every week.  Gotta check them out!

Chit Chat

Love getting my boys in the kitchen with me.  Last Sunday we all made lasagna together.  A messy blast :)  Pax just danced around the kitchen with us.

Chit Chat

Took the boys to see Big Hero 6 this week.  Oh my gosh, you’ve got to take the kids to see it.  We loved it so much.  The boys want to go again with Dad :)

Chit Chat

Have you voted for a 1 million dollar recipe yet?!

Chit Chat

Are you undecided?  Might I suggest these delicious Peanutty Pie Crust Clusters by Beth Royals.  I had the pleasure of sampling these in Nashville last week!  Beth and I were in the 2004 Pillsbury Bake-Off together, she is the sweetest ever and I love her creative recipe.  Best of luck Beth!  Go VOTE!


Oh and I can’t even believe I am going to admit this….we put up our Christmas Tree last night.  I really wanted to enjoy the tree as long as I could this year :)  I’m crazy, I know.  Pictures to come, lol!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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The Pillsbury Bake-Off

Chit Chat Thirty Eighth Edition The Pillsbury Bake Off

Nov 7, 2014 | Tags:

So excited to share my trip to The Pillsbury Bake-Off in Nashville!

Insert live honkey tonk country music blaring in the background for these adorable contestants….Nashville is awesome!  People were dancing and cheering this group on as they took their “Grand March” before starting the competition.
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chit chat

Chit Chat Thirty Eighth Edition

Oct 24, 2014 | Tags:

Happy Friday to you! A little chit chat today!

Halloween is coming, yay!  Lots of chili and dressing up next weekend.  Can NOT wait :)  Need a GOOD chili recipe for your parties?  Try THIS ONETHIS ONE, THIS ONE and THIS ONE.  Some of my favorites :)

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Newport Beach Vacation

Chit Chat Thirty Seventh Edition Newport Beach Vacation

Oct 17, 2014 | Tags: ,

Happy Friday to you!  Sharing my Newport Beach Vacation with you today, beach, sunshine, donuts, boardwalk bike rides and Disneyland :)

Lots to catch up on this week!  I’m missing the beach already!

Talk about feeling so lucky last week.  I got to spend time in one of my favorite places with my family for Fall Break…Newport Beach, CA and of course Disneyland.  We just moved less than a year ago from this beautiful place.  Hard to believe it’s been almost a year!

We found this cottage like beach house on with the most perfect location.  We were right on the sand with views of the ocean all around us. I would wake up early with Pax and walk out to the sand to watch the early morning surfers.  Doesn’t get better than that.
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Chit Chat

Chit Chat Thirty Sixth Edition

Oct 3, 2014 | Tags:

Happy Friday to you!  Let’s chit chat, so much has been going on the last couple weeks!

First off it’s Fall Break here in AZ.  The boys get a whole week off of school and that can only mean one thing…..we’re headed back to the beach.  I’ve been looking forward to this vacation for months.  Can’t wait for the salty air and sandy toes this week.  We’re hitting up Disneyland too.  We’ve had withdrawals since moving to AZ late last year, lol!
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Sister Retreat Four Seasons Scottsdale Arizona

Sister Retreat Four Seasons Scottsdale AZ

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So grateful for my sister retreat Four Seasons Scottsdale AZ last weekend. Sunshine, good food and total relaxation.

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Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Sep 4, 2014 | Tags: ,

Thrilled to share the fun we had at Universal Studios Orlando Florida for the Family Forward event!

Last week we took off for the long Labor Day weekend with 2 of our 3 boys (Pax stayed home with grandma) to Orlando!  The boys got to sit in the pilot chairs.  We were off to a great start!

The boys were over the moon to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios.  I could not get over how realistic everything looked!  Literally was like walking through the movie.  Love this dragon sitting on top of Gringotts Bank :)
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