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Chili’s $50 Gift Card Giveaway and Review of New Menu Items!


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Timestamp: 2010-03-26 20:08:56 UTC

The good folks at Chili’s have offered to give 1 Picky Palate Reader a $50 Gift Card to dine at one of their restaurants!!  They also sent  my family so we could share our dining experience of Chili’s new menu items with all of you.  Here’s how our delicious night of eating went down……….

We started with a cup of their new Chicken Green Chili Soup.  Let me just say, my husband and I LOVED this,  so much I totally re-created it!!  See my recipe HERE.

I know, so naughty, but then we tried their new Loaded Beef Nachos.  Um….Incredible 🙂

The boys ordered off of the kids menu, but picked at our food too 🙂

For our main course, we shared the new Carribean Salad, Mini Chicken and Beef Tacos and the Steakhouse Sandwich.  We really enjoyed all of these plates, especially the Steakhouse Sandwich.  The horseradish dipping sauce was AWESOME!

It wouldn’t have been appropriate had we not ordered dessert, so we ordered their new Brownie Sunday, which was pretty much devoured 🙂  Thanks for a great dining experience Chili’s!!

Enter to Win the $50 Chili’s Gift Card:

1.  Leave a comment and tell us…..“Do you order the same type of thing when dining out or are you daring and try new things off of the menu?” I’m a “new menu item” kind of girl, but my hubby typically orders the same things!!  So, let’s hear it!

2.  For 3 additional entries follow me on Twitter HERE then post the following on your twitter page….  @pickypalate is giving away a $50 Chili’s Gift Card, come check it out…   (Leave 3 separate comments for this)

3.  For an additional entry become a fan of Picky Palate on Facebook HERE.  Leave a separate comment for this.

4.  For an additional entry join my site’s google friend connect under my “Foodie Friends”, right sidebar.  Leave a separate comment for this.

5.  Contest Ends Friday March 26th, 8am PST.  Gift Cards provided by Chili’s.


Good Luck!!

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  1. 51
    Nancy Turk says:

    Depends on my mood – sometimes I go for the “tried and true” and other times I go for something totally new and different.

  2. 52
    Holly says:

    We both order the same thing every time. It might be boring, but it’s very convenient. 🙂

  3. 53

    I like to try new things, only If the restaurant is a good one.

  4. 54
    jessica says:

    I try to be adventurous and order something that is the nightly special or something I wouldn’t make at home. Although I find my self sometimes with a burger, and that is neither adventurous or undomesticated.

  5. 55
    Kelli says:

    I tend to stick to the same genera but will try different things!

  6. 56

    I am a fan and still love Chili’s. Hope I win.

  7. 57
    Nikki says:

    I almost always get the same things, or similar.

  8. 58
    James Vanderhoof says:

    I like to try new things. So does my wife. Thanks for the opportunity and contest!

  9. 59
    Nikki says:

    Facebook fan

  10. 60
    gina says:

    I’m a new item kind of gal…unless the dish is SOOOO good that I can’t bear to try something else. Like Chile’s Quesadilla Explosion salad. So, So, So good!

  11. 61
  12. 62
  13. 63
    gina says:

    Tweeted #3…and did I thank you for the opportunity?

  14. 64
    Beckey says:

    I always order the same thing at almost every restaurant. I don’t dare try new things especially if they are expensive because if I don’t like it…I won’t finish it…then that’s a lot of money wasted! LOL My hubby pretty much does the same thing. We’re lame I guess!

  15. 65
    gina says:

    Now Connected….Thank you!

  16. 66
    Beckey says:

    I follow you now on twitter and posted about your blog post

  17. 67
    Kathy/IL says:

    I’m usually a “same thing” kind of gal, but at Chili’s, there’s too many good things to get into a rut like that. 😉

  18. 68
    Beckey says:

    2nd comment for following you on twitter

  19. 69
    Kathy/IL says:

    FB friend. 😉

  20. 70
    Beckey says:

    3rd comment for following you on twitter

  21. 71
    Kathy/IL says:

    Foodie friend, too! 😉

  22. 72
    Jennie says:

    I tend to find something I like and stick to it. Occasionally I will try something new, but don’t branch out often enough. My husband will try anything! He loves all kinds of foods!

  23. 73
    Beckey says:

    I am a fan on facebook now!

  24. 74
    brit says:

    I always order something new, because I get bored very very easily.

  25. 75
    Heather G says:

    If I’m buying..same thing..if someone else is buying..I try something I’ve never had. 🙂 That way I don’t feel like I’ve wasted MY money if I don’t like it!

  26. 76
    Leigh says:

    YUM!! Carribean Salad and the Steakhouse Sandwich- BOTH lookk so good!!
    I rotate between 3 different things! There is NO soup in the world like their Chicken Tortilla!!! Love it!

  27. 77
    Susan says:

    I like to try new things…but I always have a couple of staple items to fall back on!

  28. 78
    Tiffany says:

    There are only a couple places I order the same thing but I typically am adventurous. My husband on the other hand, has a favorite everywhere and that is all he gets.

  29. 79
    megan H says:

    I’m a new menu item gal!

  30. 80
    Anna says:

    I pretty much order the same thing every time. Unless it is a special occasion or someone else is paying! haha! 🙂

  31. 81
    Erin says:

    I LOVE trying new things off the menu!

  32. 82
    Jennifer Larsen says:

    I am a new item girl at chili’s but i usually order the same thing at other restaurants. chilis has changed their menu a lot lately so i am trying to find that thing that i absolutely love.

  33. 83
    Erin says:

    Facebook fan!

  34. 84
    Debbi says:

    I’m sorta in between. I like to try new things but have gotten way too many items that I just don’t like and have been dissappointed. So I don’t get TOO adventurous.

  35. 85
    Debbi says:

    I am a follower! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  36. 86
    Brandee says:

    I usually stay with the same few “safe” dishes when we go out. Why change a good thing!!

  37. 87
    Cyndi says:

    Oh it depends for me…some days i want something new, but if I’ve gotten something really good, I’ll go back for it again!

  38. 88
    Cyndi says:

    I thought I was already following you on twitter, I was wrong, but I am now!!!

  39. 89
    Cyndi says:

    Facebook fan!

  40. 90
    Hillary says:

    I usually order the same thing. But sometimes I’m daring and try something new! It just depends on my mood.

  41. 91
    Kimberly says:

    I go to Chili’s all of the time! I would love to win this! Anyway, I always order the same thing at each place I go. I’m kind of “picky”…hence why I like reading your blog! 😉

  42. 92
    Kimberly says:

    I am a FaceBook Fan.

  43. 93

    Most of the time I eat the same thing but I do venture off and order new things. I have tried several of their new items.

  44. 94
  45. 95
    Cyndi says:

    Tweet #2
    and thanks!!!!

  46. 96
    Alyson says:

    I always get the same thing. Especially at Chili’s. I love their molten chocolate cake!!!

  47. 97
    Ashley says:

    same thing every time1 I like what I like

  48. 98
    Alyson says:

    Fscebook fan.

  49. 99
    A Busy Nest says:

    When I go out I always order something I wouldn’t normally cook at home.

  50. 100
    nichole says:

    Yum I love Chilis its on of our fav places to go. we never really order the same thing when we go all though my husband is a burger and steak guy and i tend to lean to the chicken last time we went we had there flat bread philly cheese and it was amazing!

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