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Chili’s $50 Gift Card Giveaway and Review of New Menu Items!


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Timestamp: 2010-03-26 20:08:56 UTC

The good folks at Chili’s have offered to give 1 Picky Palate Reader a $50 Gift Card to dine at one of their restaurants!!  They also sent  my family so we could share our dining experience of Chili’s new menu items with all of you.  Here’s how our delicious night of eating went down……….

We started with a cup of their new Chicken Green Chili Soup.  Let me just say, my husband and I LOVED this,  so much I totally re-created it!!  See my recipe HERE.

I know, so naughty, but then we tried their new Loaded Beef Nachos.  Um….Incredible 🙂

The boys ordered off of the kids menu, but picked at our food too 🙂

For our main course, we shared the new Carribean Salad, Mini Chicken and Beef Tacos and the Steakhouse Sandwich.  We really enjoyed all of these plates, especially the Steakhouse Sandwich.  The horseradish dipping sauce was AWESOME!

It wouldn’t have been appropriate had we not ordered dessert, so we ordered their new Brownie Sunday, which was pretty much devoured 🙂  Thanks for a great dining experience Chili’s!!

Enter to Win the $50 Chili’s Gift Card:

1.  Leave a comment and tell us…..“Do you order the same type of thing when dining out or are you daring and try new things off of the menu?” I’m a “new menu item” kind of girl, but my hubby typically orders the same things!!  So, let’s hear it!

2.  For 3 additional entries follow me on Twitter HERE then post the following on your twitter page….  @pickypalate is giving away a $50 Chili’s Gift Card, come check it out…   (Leave 3 separate comments for this)

3.  For an additional entry become a fan of Picky Palate on Facebook HERE.  Leave a separate comment for this.

4.  For an additional entry join my site’s google friend connect under my “Foodie Friends”, right sidebar.  Leave a separate comment for this.

5.  Contest Ends Friday March 26th, 8am PST.  Gift Cards provided by Chili’s.


Good Luck!!

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  1. 201
  2. 202
  3. 203
  4. 204
    Kristin says:

    We love Chilli’s. I usually end up ordering the same thing although I wish I was the type that ordered something new every time. Maybe if I win I will try too.

  5. 205
    Ashley says:

    I’m a fan on facebook.

  6. 206
    Ashley says:

    I’m a follow in google friend connect.

  7. 207
    Jenn says:

    I ALWAYS try something new. Most of the time it works out, but there have been a few times I ended up wishing I had gone with something I had already “proven”.

  8. 208
    Angela says:

    Love Chili’s! At Chili’s we tend to order our favorites… depends
    on the restaurant whether we try new things!

  9. 209
    Kylee says:

    I’m usually going for the same kind of items when we dine out – usually things I don’t cook at home!

  10. 210
    Sarah says:

    I usually order something new unless there’s something I really like.

  11. 211
    Necia Munro says:

    Once I find something that I like, I tend to keep ordering it, although if the restraunt is close, I am more adventurous. When I am visiting family, I have to have my favorites, or I am likely disappointed when I leave.

  12. 212
    Jon says:

    I’m pretty adventurous. I like to try new places and new things. But sometimes you just gotta stick with what works.

  13. 213

    My husband always ventures out unlike me and 99% of the time what he gets is horrible. I am taking away his decision making from now on. Pick me, I love Chilis!

  14. 214
    Ashlie says:

    I became a fan on facebook.

  15. 215
    Tricia says:

    I try to sometimes order something new, and then I have the “Oh, I should have gotten the usual”

  16. 216
    Barb McLaughlin says:

    I usually order the same thing. Sometimes it changes when I’m on a diet! HA!!!

  17. 217
    Barb McLaughlin says:

    #2, I’m a fan on facebook

  18. 218
    Leah says:

    I love Chili’s. I am both. I ALWAYS get the Chicken Enchilada Soup. But I do try new things with my soup. Yum. I want some now.

  19. 219
    Davese Galla-Rini says:

    Little of both. Some resturants I order the exact same thing but then somtimes I venture out !!

  20. 220
    Michele K says:

    We usually order the same things. Dont even look at the menu. Then we would have to make a decision between what we know we love….and….ooooh that looks good!

  21. 221
    Marie says:

    I’m definitely a tried and true orderer. I wouldn’t want to ruin the experience with getting bad food:)

  22. 222

    I am usually daring and order something different, my husband usually orders the same thing.

  23. 223
    Buttercup says:

    My husband and I are pretty adventurous when we eat out – we always try out different things. But we do have our favourites from certain restaurants. Right now we when we go out we try the low calorie things on the menu to see if restaurants can make tasty things for those of us who are trying to be more health conscience.

  24. 224

    I’m a follower in google friend connect.

  25. 225
    Kim says:

    I usually get the same thing.

  26. 226
    Jessica Kuntz says:

    I love the salads at chilis and their little taco things are awesome too!

  27. 227
    Lauren Siano says:

    I usually order the same types of things, but if a new item looks really good, I will try it.

  28. 228
    Lauren Siano says:

    Tweeted about the contest here (1)

  29. 229
    Lauren Siano says:

    Tweeted about the contest here (2)

  30. 230
    Rachel J says:

    I try to try new things- but tend to get stuck often!! But I love Chili’s and their new menu looks amazing!

  31. 231
    Lauren Siano says:

    Tweeted about the contest here (3)

  32. 232
    Rachel J says:

    Follower on Twitter!

  33. 233
    Lauren Siano says:

    I am already a FB fan.

  34. 234
    Rachel J says:

    Follower on Facebooks!

  35. 235
    Lauren Siano says:

    We are Foodie Friends on Google Friend Connect.

  36. 236
    Rachel J says:

    And follower on Google Friend Connect.

  37. 237
    Carrie says:

    If I find something that I LOVE I stick with it. Otherwise, I try different things on a menu.

  38. 238

    It totally depends. At chain type restaurants, I generally get the same thing if I know I like it. At other restuarants, I try to get what ever the chef is featuring and have had some wonderful dishes I might not otherwise tried.

  39. 239
    Rebecca says:

    I’m boring. I order the same menu item usually.

  40. 240
    Megan says:

    Sometimes, I’ll try new things, or I’ll try something different until I find something I love. Once I find something I love, I usually stick with it.

  41. 241
    Megan says:

    I am a follower of your blog on google.

  42. 242

    Oh jeez! I need to win this! Personally I’m a “new” menu kinda girl, but because my boyfriend loves Chili’s so much we go often, I have some favorites on their lower calorie menu I always order.

  43. 243
    Freda Chadwick says:

    I almost always eat the same thing. But with your review of the new items – I think I need to try some of them!

  44. 244
    Freda Chadwick says:

    I became a fan on Facebook!

  45. 245
    DeDe Smith says:

    I definitely tend to find something that I like and then stick with it.

  46. 246
    DeDe Smith says:

    I became a fan on facebook

  47. 247
    Freda Chadwick says:

    And now a follower on google friends!

  48. 248
    DeDe Smith says:

    I twittered it @designzbydede

  49. 249
    DeDe Smith says:

    We are Foodie Friends on Google Friend Connect.

  50. 250
    Aly says:

    I’m a creature of habit. I almost always order the same thing!

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