Happy Friday to you!!  Today, I am talking a little about my daily Make Up routine, since some of you have requested this post 🙂

Let’s talk about pre-make up first.  I wish I could say that I use a really fancy face cleanser to wash my face but unfortunately I don’t.  I wash my face in the shower….eeek 🙂  I know, I am working on finding a great system.  I’ve been curious about the Chanel cleansing products.  It’s on my list to check out.

Right after I get out of the shower and I’ve dried my face, I use one drop of pure Argan Oil underneath my eyes.  I am not kidding this stuff works wonders.  It has been the best results I’ve ever actually witnessed work for reducing wrinkles under the eyes.  It’s not very expensive either.  I go up to the health store by my house and they carry it.  Any pure argan oil will do the trick.  Doesn’t have to be this exact brand.  After I use the argan oil under my eyes, I use the Oil of Olay Regenerist cream as my main moisturizer.  I’ve used this for YEARS.  I’ve tried other expensive moisturizers and I always come back to this one.  It’s the best drug store moisturizer around.  Note:  Some friends I know can get away with using argan oil all over their face as their moisturizer.  I tried it and it just didn’t work for me.  Too oily for my whole face.  I prefer it just under my eyes and my decollate 🙂

Up next, I apply Mac Studio Fix Concealer to various areas on my face.  Under my eyes, around my nose and mouth…and any other unfavorable spots 🙂  I just use my fingers for this, but you can definitely use the beauty blender.  Next, I apply my Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation with my beauty blender.  You have got to pick up a beauty blender.  Best $20 I’ve ever spent.  Seriously applies my foundation so smooth.  Love it.  I mix up my foundation a couple times a year, but I am really loving this one.  It’s light but still has nice coverage.

To apply my foundation I use the Beauty Blender.  It is like no other.  Smooths your foundation perfectly.  A must!


I don’t use this highlighter everyday mostly because it’s kind of expensive and I save it for “going out” days or nights, but it worth mentioning.  I find this at Sephora and I get #1, “Mister Meringue” the lightest one they have to use as a highlighter and concealer.  It really is beautiful.  Check it out, kind of fun to have as an option in your make up kit 🙂

Up next I use Mac’s Pink Swoon blush on the apples of my cheeks.  Sounds kind of weird, but I found this website that talks about exactly where you should put your blush.  Scroll down a few pics and you’ll see they have it circled 🙂  I use a brush similar to this for my blush.  Then it’s contouring time with my bronzer.  I LOVE Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer.  I’ve used it for a couple of years now.  The best part is that it smells like chocolate!  I won’t use anything else and I’ll be devastated if they stop selling it, lol!  I am not a brush snob.  I use some simple Sephora brand and Mac brushes for my brush and bronzer.

Moving on to the eyes.  I use Mac black pencil liner in Feline.  It’s a pencil, but goes on smooth.  It’s not waterproof, but I don’t really like wearing waterproof.  It stays on just fine throughout the day……unless you live in crazy humidity, then go with something more waterproof 🙂  I love this liner and have used it for quite a few years.

If there’s one product I really cannot live without it is without a doubt this Mac Eyebrow Pencil in Lingering.  It works for light or dark brows and fills your brows in just enough without looking clown-like.  A must find.


I’ve used this Archie’s Girls eyeshadow palette from Mac for a couple years now.  I love it.  I mostly use the 3rd from the left called caramel sundae.  You can’t purchase it from Mac anymore but I found it on Amazon.  It really is an awesome little palette.

I also LOVE my Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara.  It works the best for my lashes and it’s under $20 at the department store make-up counters.  Before I apply my mascara, I always curl my lashes.  Is that a thing from the past?  I thought everyone still curled their lashes, but maybe I’m wrong, lol!

I don’t do much lip these days, but I do put a few dabs of Clinique’s Pudgy Peony.  It’s a great moisturizing lip balm with great color.

Super lame selfie trying to show my fresh make up.  I typically don’t spend more than 10 minutes putting my face on.  No mama’s got time for that 🙂

That’s it for me!  I’d love to hear your favorite beauty/make-up products!  I’m always up for trying new things 🙂

Happy Friday, see you Monday with a new recipe!!

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