Can’t believe I’m on the third edition of my chit chat page, lol!

Let’s just dive right in shall we?  As always, this is non-organized and jumps around from thought to thought, picture to picture.

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the White on Rice Couple’s White Event hosted by Thermador in Irvine, CA.  It was so cool to see the whole group wearing white.  I had light stripes for my top but I did have white pants!  Have you heard Todd and Diane speak before?  Those two are such a dynamic couple.  I have heard them speak a number of times and I love it every single time.  Their videos are so inspiring and motivating.

What a pleasure seeing so many of my blogging friends from Southern CA.  This is a picture of Catherine of Weelicious, me and Lori of Recipe Girl.  Love these women!



My good friend Shelby and I went and saw Wicked last week!  Had the best night out with seats right by the stage.  I was singing Wicked songs all week long.  I just don’t get tired of this show!  I’d see it again anytime.  Favorite Broadway shows?  I just love going to the theater and need some more recommendations.

When I was at Trader Joe’s a few days ago, I fell upon this beauty.  I was more intrigued at first just to see what it tasted like, but oh baby after my first bite I was sold!  If you have a Trader Joe’s in your neigborhood I highly recommend this naughty bar!

My baby boy Paxton turned 6 months this week!  We have come so far with this little bugaboo.  I’ll never forget those first few weeks of Pax’s life.  It was without a doubt the most painful time of my life.  Grateful Pax was a fighter and is now the sweetest happiest little baby.  Can you tell we just love his to pieces?

Need a late night snack?  Try adding a little peanut butter to the inside of a MEGA stuf Oreo 🙂  It’s ridiculous in the best way possible.

Loving this Kate Spade iPhone 5 case.  Happy and Spring-y.  After I posted this picture, I went and bought it.  It’s even cuter in person!

If money was no object I would get these heels from J. Crew!  Aren’t they fabulous?  I need a $1000 J.Crew Gift Card to magically appear on my desk, lol!

Next on my make-up list is going to be this Dior Lip Palette.  I am usually drawn to lipstick and gloss, but I am loving the little brushes, pencil and colors here!

So, I broke down and picked up a bag of these bad boys.  It’s kind of hard to find them, they seem to sell out quickly.  I’m sad to say that I wasn’t a fan of these.  Something was lacking and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Anyone else try them?

Ok Bachelor fans!  Can we just talk about the Women Tell All this week?  It was probably the most awkward TV I have ever watched in my life.  I found myself cringing so many times.  Tierra was a train wreck and AshLee was way out of line.  I’ll stop there, but ooooeee, what a “dramatic” show, lol!

Until next time!