Technically it’s 11:25pm, so I am 35 minutes early for posting this, but tomorrow is crazy for me, so sorry for cheating by a few minutes!

This month’s Daring Baker’s Challenge was hosted by Mary from The Bread Chick. She chose a lovely French Bread Recipe where you can find HERE. We could choose to make our bread into a number of different ways, like one big loaf, little loaves, round, oval, you name it, we had all sorts of options.

I chose the giant big oval loaf, literally! It turned out much larger than I expected it to. It was almost comical pulling out of the oven because it was so big, but overall, it looked pretty decent considering I’m certainly no bread baker!!

It was nice to slice into this monster loaf, it started to look like “normal” bread. Who doesn’t like a few giant pads of butter to go along with their giant French Bread??!!

A little bread with your butter?

We could also top our bread with whatever we wanted, so after I photographed the “big loaf” I decided to go back to my childhood days in the lunchroom cafeteria. I soooo remember ordering the French Bread Pizza Boat. So, at 10:00pm I was making my pizza boat.

Long live the Pizza Boat!

This was a great challenge. I think I had most fun with the pizza boat, check out other Daring Bakers to see what they did with their French Bread! And who knows, you might be ready for next month’s challenge!! Bonsoir!