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Family Time with McDonald’s Family Getaway

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One of my favorite parts of the trip with McDonald’s was that they invited the whole family. My husband wasn’t able to come so I brought my mom, brother and my 2 boys. We had the best time spending time together. The boys hadn’t been on an airplane since they were babies, so the fun started right away at the airport 🙂

First was hanging out in the hotel room. This is such a treat for my boys. Jumping on the bed, watching all the tv they want….you throw in some Happy Meal toys and they have died and gone to heaven!

The welcome dinner was great. We started with some snacks and get to know you games then went outside for a beautiful dinner. The boys were immediately drawn to the sweet ladies making balloons. They got balloon swords, hats and anything else they could think of. The kids staff was great, there were always fun games and activities for the kids to play. Ronald McDonald could not have been more cool, he chatted with each and every one of the kids. By the last day, he practically knew all the kids names. How cool?! Love him 🙂

The family Scavenger hunt around the hotel was a blast. The kids took their adorable “Chicago” lunch pails and list of things to find then we all ventured out to find our treasures. The kids had the best time looking through every nook and cranny of the hotel for things 🙂 They received a warm McDonald’s blanket that they Love!

Cooking with the kids in the McDonald’s Kitchens was a real treat. We worked together to make delicious fruit smoothies and fruit kebabs along with the chefs. My boys and little brother thought this was awesome!

Thank you to the McDonald’s team who made all of these family time activities possible.

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As part of the “Family Time. Happy Time.” campaign McDonald’s® and Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) have developed the “Make Family Time Happy Time” online widget application (see my right sidebar). The “Make Family Time Happy Time” widget encourages moms to join other moms in the Family Time conversation and share “happy” tips for quality family time.

Through the widget you can pledge minutes or hours of activities with your family in celebration of what matters most – spending time together. We also invite you to join the conversation and share your favorite family activities with other families through the widget. You can then share the widget with your friends and family through Twitter, Facebook, and email. In addition, as part of this campaign, McDonald’s will donate 1 penny to RMHC® for every minute of time you pledge to spend with your family up to 1,000,000 minutes. Minutes and pennies are tiny amounts that, when added up over time, can make a big impact, so start pledging your family time!


To enter the giveaway “Go pledge family time on McDonald’s “Make Family Time Happy Time” widget and let us know what you pledged in the comment section for a chance to win!” For official rules click HERE.

The Prize includes:

  • A Smile tote bag
  • 1 set of 6-8 Happy Meal Toys
  • $25 McDonald’s Arch Card
  • McDonald’s Character Vintage T-Shirt
  • Pen Buddy Notebook
  • EOS Organic Lip Balm Multi Pack
  • 16 oz Stainless McDonald’s Tumbler
  • Just Giveaway Card…For any charity of Reader’s Choice

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41 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 1
    Mami2jcn says:

    I pledged 90 minutes for a family movie night.

  2. 2
    Courtney says:

    I pledged 30 minutes to build a fort and play in it with my daughter.

  3. 3
    Rebekah says:

    i pledged 60 minutes of doing whatever my kids wanted to do!!

  4. 4

    I pledged 60 mins to have a picnic with my family 🙂 every excited to do it, my son loves being outside

  5. 5
    Jamie says:

    I pledged 30 minutes of story time!

  6. 6
    Hannah P. says:

    I pledged 60 minutes of swimming with my kids!

  7. 7
    Stacy says:

    I pledged 40 minutes to take a (Mommy and Me) dance class with my daughter. The class is really 45 minutes long, but that wasn’t an option.

  8. 8

    I pledged 2 hours to a family movie night, but we’re also going to visit a Ronald McDonald house.

  9. 9
    karolyn says:

    I pledged 30 minutes of family swim time!

  10. 10
    debp says:

    I pledged 120 minutes for a family movie night.

  11. 11
    Vanessa says:

    I pledge to give 100% of my time and energy to my first grade class. I don’t have kids of my own yet. However, I do have a 1yr.old niece and I pledge to give her story time each time we visit. Children are a blessing!!

  12. 12
    Staci A says:

    I pledged 90 minutes to play board games. It’s one of our favorite ways to spend family time!

  13. 13
    Sandra says:

    we pledged more time to helping the local food banks.

  14. 14
    marybeth i says:

    to make jewelry with my girls 🙂

  15. 15
    Tami Vollenweider says:

    I pledged 90 minutes to eat fruits and vegatables with family!

  16. 16
    Jenn Ciniello says:

    I pledged time to play board games, every week we try to do family game night. My husband and I love reconnecting with our kids and each other and having fun doing it.

  17. 17
    BrendaLea says:

    I pledge to create art with polymer clay for 60 minutes with the boys,

  18. 18
    Carolyn G says:

    I pledged 60 minutes to collect and donate clothes.

  19. 19
    Kelly Killingbeck says:

    I pledged 15 minutes to read with the kids during the day, not just at bedtime.

  20. 20

    I pledged 120 minutes for a family movie night and football in the park

  21. 21
    Nancy says:

    I used the widget and pledged 120 minutes to collect and donate clothes to charity.

  22. 22
    Paula Hawkins says:

    I pledge to swim for at least a hour with my son:)

  23. 23



  24. 24
    Denise D says:

    I pledged 120 minutes to harvest and freeze our garden vegetables with the family and I shared widget on facebook

  25. 25
    nan lara says:

    i pledged 60 minutes to make a scrapbook
    nannypanpan at

  26. 26
    Charlette N says:

    I pledged 120 minutes for a family movie night also cooking a nice dinner too 🙂

  27. 27
    Beth says:

    I pledged 60 minutes to go swimming with my family!

  28. 28
    Melinda says:

    I pledged to spent 30 minutes donating my unused clothing to charity

  29. 29
    Blue Girl says:

    I pledge 60 min volunteering

  30. 30
    Linda says:

    i pledged to collect clothes/items for donation

    Artisticbaker @ gmail dot com

  31. 31
    Shopping Chick says:

    My family prepares meals for families in need! I pledge to do this more!

  32. 32
    sean says:

    I pledge to donate money to help families in need

  33. 33
    Jessie C. says:

    I helped families in need by pledging 120 mins to take photos of nature w/ my family.

  34. 34
    Eve says:

    I pledged to build a fort with my family for 40 minutes!!

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  35. 35
    Dee says:

    I pledged 120 minutes for a trip to the museum with my family – should be great and we plan on getting in some education fun and lunch at the museum cafe 🙂

  36. 36
    Tonya says:

    I pledged 60 minutes of arts and crafts with my girls…they will love it!

  37. 37
    Amy V says:

    I pledged 2 hours to clean up my local park with my family.

    avennett AT verizon DOT net

  38. 38
    PauleyD says:

    I pledged to spend more time, at least 2 hours, with my family on the weekend.

  39. 39
    Debra Ford says:

    I pledge 30 minutes to play board games with my family and 30 minutes every night for story time.

  40. 40
    Mary Jacobowitz says:

    I pledge to read 20 minutes daily with my family.

  41. 41
    Brittany Albert says:

    I pledged 90 minutes to have a family movie afternoon/night.

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