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Free Cake Mixes And Frosting For A Year Giveaway!

Hey everybody, hope you are all having a great weekend. Hurry quick, you’ve got until Saturday night, this is an AWESOME giveaway check it out…

Naturally Nora has developed her own line of All-Natural Baking Mixes. Let me tell you first hand they are FANTASTIC and have a very homemade taste. My family is enjoying trying each and every flavor. Check out Nora’s website to see all of her great products.

Nora is graciously offering one lucky Picky Palate reader a YEAR’S supply of her cake mixes and frostings. That’s 12 mixes and 12 frostings in a mixed variety. How fun huh?

To enter, leave a comment and tell us all what cake mix and frosting you’d want to try first from Nora’s website. They are all so yummy, but I am craving more of the classic chocolate with chocolate frosting, it was so good!

Contest ends Saturday night, the 14th at midnight PST. Winner will be announced Sunday Morning.

Good luck everyone, you will love these cake mixes and frostings. Nora has a terrific line of products! See you all Sunday morning for the winner!

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  1. 151
    Kimberly says:

    I’d love to try the cookie cake mix with the chocolate frosting for my moms group’s bake sale coming up. It would make some really cute cupcakes for all the kids who buy from our table.

  2. 152
    Becky says:

    These look so cute! I would love to try the cookie cookie cake mix with chocolate frosting!

  3. 153
    mrsblocko says:

    i think the stars cake and frosting would be a big hit at our house.

  4. 154
    sarah says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to try Cookie Cookie with Cheerful Chocolate frosting. YUM!

  5. 155
    Mel says:

    Nothing better than chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

  6. 156
    Susan says:

    I would love to try the cookie cookie mix…YUM!!!

  7. 157
    Katie says:

    Alot’a Dots please! We like the “Waxball” cakes in my house (confetti). They trump any birthday cake from any store.

  8. 158
    Watson Family says:

    The cookie cookie with Vanilla frosting looks so yummy! My 2 yr old would LOVE it! I will have to try these out. Thanks for the give-away!

  9. 159
    Sara says:

    Wow! Her products look great. I’d want to try Alota dots with vanilla frosting. Yum!

  10. 160
    cathy says:

    I’m going for the Alot’a Dots to start. Fun!

  11. 161
    Kameron says:

    My favorite combo is the simple one: sunny yellow cake with cheerful chocolate frosting. Yum yum!

  12. 162
    Amy says:

    Ooohh….the Cookie Cookie with Vanilla frosting sounds delish!

  13. 163
    Mandy says:

    I would like to try the surprising stars. I know my daughter would love that!!

  14. 164
    sam and brittney says:

    Alota dots looks right up my alley! YUM!! I love cake!

  15. 165
    Sherry says:

    Mmmm. They all look amazing!! I am most tempted by the cookie cookie cake with vanilla frosting. Yum!

    Thanks for posting the link to these cake mixes. I have been following a dairy & soy free diet because my 8 month old breastfed baby is allergic. I am so excited to find cake mixes without dairy & soy! 🙂

  16. 166
    farah says:

    I want to try the stars cake and stars frosting, it looks fab!!!!

  17. 167
    Amanda says:

    Those are really cute. I think since my sons birthday is coming up I would make the Alot’a dots cake what a cute name

  18. 168
    JenHunsaker says:

    We can’t get enough chocolate in this house, so the cheerful chocolate would be our fave.

  19. 169
    cold cocoa says:

    I’d have to go with the chocolate-chocolate too. Mmm….a win-win combo!

  20. 170
    Tiff says:

    I would have the Cookie Cookie cake mix with the Surprising Stars frosting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. 171
    Erica Williams says:

    Cookie Cookie with Cheerful Chocolate frosting! Mmmmm…We love cake! What a fun giveaway.

  22. 172
    Leslie says:

    I just drooled on my keyboard!!!!
    Cheerful Chocolate Cake mix and Cheerful Chocolate frosting would be my fist stop cause if it aint chocolate whats the point!!!
    What a Fabulous Giveaway!!!

  23. 173
    Shabby Sites says:

    I think the surprising stars cake mix and frosting look yummy!!

  24. 174
    Jen says:

    I would love to try the cheerful chocolate with cheerful chocolate frosting. What can I say, I love chocolate!

  25. 175
    mikeamanda says:

    I’m prett boring, I like Sunny Yellow. But that’s what we all like the best!

  26. 176
    Grant and Katie + Audrie says:

    Ooooh I am all about the natural food items! These look so scrumptious! I would have to try the Alot’a Dots with the Alot’s Dots frosting for my big kid of a husband! That’s the kind of cake he wants for his birthday every year! 🙂
    What a wonderful giveaway!!! THANX!!!

  27. 177
    Emily says:

    I think I would go with the Cookie Cookie cake and Alota Dots frosting! Love the idea of not having to make it from scratch to avoid the bad stuff! Thanks!

    adamandem at yahoo dot com

  28. 178
    Megan Miley and Chris says:

    oOOo I would want to try the Alot’a dots. Mostly because the name makes me happy. But also because who doesn’t like the sprinkle cakes??? I suggest no one… The cookie cookie one looks good too… heck they all look good!

  29. 179
    Carrie says:

    Yummy! I can’t wait to try the “cookie cookie”! I’ve never seen a cookie cake mix before! I love it!! With vanilla frosting and mini chocolate chips… I am drooling!

  30. 180
    Kristianna says:

    They all look great, but I think the stars one would bring a real smile to my kids.

  31. 181
    Melody says:

    My kids would love Alot’a Dots. YUM! Hoe I win!

  32. 182
    brandee williams says:

    I would love to try the Cookie Cookie with chocolate frosting

  33. 183
    Life on Pelican Street says:

    I definitely have to try the Alot’a Dots cake mix with the Alot’a Dots frosting! How fun!!

  34. 184
    Morgan says:

    What a GREAT giveaway! I am seriously craving the chocolate cake and chocolate frosting BUT the cookie cookie cake sounds wonderful!

  35. 185
    Brindi says:

    Just reading the name “Cheerful Chocolate” made me happier. I can’t imagine what would happen if I ate it!

  36. 186
    MRMD_GRL says:

    Cookie Cookie soounds bomb!!!

    Love the all natural, fantabulous idea Nora!

  37. 187
    nicole says:

    What fun names for the cakes and frostings! I would try the Sunny yellow cake with the chocolate frosting. Yum!

  38. 188
    Anna says:

    Cookie Cookie with Cheerful Chocolate!

  39. 189
    mathistown says:

    They all look great, but I have always loved the store bought version of “Alota Dots”, so that would be fun to try!

  40. 190
    claire says:

    no doubts here- the sunny yellow cake with alotta dots frosting! i’m such a fan of funfetti cakes. it’s really quite sick. 🙂

  41. 191
    Nina says:

    I would love to try the surprising stars cake and frosting!! sooo yummy!!

  42. 192
    Andrew's Mom says:

    The Cheerful Chocolate!

  43. 193
    J-me says:

    Sunshine Yellow with Chocolate frosting!

  44. 194
    Jenny says:

    Cookie Cookie with chocolate frosting sounds yummy!

  45. 195
    Miss Theresa says:

    Cheerful Chocolate all the way. Of course, surprising stars would be fab too!

  46. 196
    HaleighLynn says:

    Alot’a dots for both the frosting and the cake mix! My girls would love it!!

  47. 197
    Nikki says:

    Surprising Stars cake and frosting look awesome!

  48. 198
    michelle says:

    I would really like to try the Surprising Stars cake mix and frosting!!

  49. 199
    Jared and Katie Organ says:

    Ummm…all of them on one plate please!

  50. 200
    Anonymous says:

    Cookie Cookie with Extraordinary vanilla!

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