Hi Everyone! What a crazy week here in New York. The last couple days have been really exciting. I promise to talk all about this first trip as soon as I can, and no I’m not a secret agent!!

New York is definitely a whole ‘nother world. My sister and I were cracking up in all of our cab rides, they are ruthless and everyone honks like it’s going out of style. We were sure the driver was going to run something or someone over. Talk about shopping central, why is it so fun to shop on vacation? I am so bummed that we didn’t make it to Levain Bakery, I gotta get one of those cookies, maybe later this week.

As soon as I fly home tonight, I fly out again Wednesday to NYC to do something really exciting with Pillsbury that I will talk about later too. I look forward to getting back to everyday life with my family and blogging later this week, but for now I get to experience more of NYC!

Here are a couple pictures we’ve been snapping of our adventures here.

Friday night we were able to go see Legally Blonde at Palace Theater in Time Square, this Lion King Picture just turned out better. It was a fun show to see despite the the hour long wait for our taxi, having to eat Sbarro’s pizza for dinner, the pouring rain that night AND the zipper on my skirt breaking wide open. I don’t sound bitter do I?

This Toys R Us on Time Square was incredible. My boys would have run a muck here!

My sister is so good to me! She is did my hair and make-up everyday even when it meant waking up at 5am to help me. Thanks sis!!

Loved this cute bakery at Chelsea Market. Great shops and places to eat in the market. It was nothing like I pictured it to be.

Our hotel was walking distance from Canal Street, we had to go get our knock off’s!

A girl can never have too many bags right? My husband is going to kill me when he sees all the crap I bought! We couldn’t leave NY without experiencing the secret vans and hidden rooms full of bags and wallets, could we?! So bizzar.

Loved Time Square

Have a great week! See you all soon!!