Happy Friday everyone! Nice to have the weekend here!

I created this recipe for a little project I’m working on, that I’ll write about later and what a hit these were with my family. Fresh, cool and delicious for the summer!

I have been crazy for this Farmer’s Market in Mesa lately. I walk out with bags and bags of fresh produce for pennies, it’s awesome! If anyone is in Mesa, go to that Superstition market on Greenfield and Main, I love it! I bought 2 packages of strawberries for a whopping $1! Now who can pass that up!

And how cute are these little glasses. I was at Walmart and snatched them up. They were only 2 bucks. I think I’ll always be a bargain shopper!

I assure you the whole family will love this treat. Great for breakfast or just a midday snack. Hope you all enjoy!

Honeyed Strawberry Shortcake Yogurt Parfaits

4.5 oz package shortcakes, 4 count, cut into cubes
16 oz reduced fat vanilla yogurt
1 Cup chopped fresh stawberries
8 teaspoons honey
1 package Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey Crunchy Granola Bars (2 in package), crushed

1. Place an even layer of shortcake into 4 little parfait glasses. Top evenly with a couple spoonfuls of yogurt, then about ¼ Cup strawberries. Drizzle each cup with 1 teaspoon honey then top with a Tablespoon of crushed granola bar. Repeat this layering one more time and serve.


Happy Birthday to my cutest Mom, you don’t look a day over 35! Here’s Granna, my sister, me and “Mona” at Rigatoni’s for her Birthday Lunch yesterday. These women are the best, I am grateful everday for them! Happy Birthday Cutie, had so much fun yesterday!

Have a Great Weekend everyone!! Anyone else going to take the kids to see Wall-E?