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Hurry…Another Giveaway…3 Winners!

Contest is now Closed, thanks for all 554 of you who made it in before the deadline. Check Friday’s post for the winners! Good luck!

Hey everyone, I am so excited to be a part of this new network called MyBlogSpark. It’s a network where bloggers can get the scoop on new products to sample, prizes to give away and other offers. In part of the fun, I get to have more giveaways, Yeah!

Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment and tell me what you had for dinner last night. Even if it was a bowl of cold cereal, let’s hear it! Contest ends tomorrow, Oct 23 at midnight AZ, MST. Best of luck everyone!!

Here’s the Prize: 3 Winners Will Receive this “Basket of Indulgence”

  • A box of the new Turtle Chex Mix Bars that include pretzels and peanuts with chewy ingredients like caramel and chocolate. They have less than 150 calories per bar and provide at lease 8 grams of whole grain per serving.
  • Chocolate candles
  • Caramel lotion
  • Loofah
  • Hand Massager
  • Nail Brush
  • Spa Towel

Best of luck! 3 Winners will be announced Friday Morning!!

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552 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 51
    Karen says:

    We had chicken lasagna, garlic bread and salad. Great giveaway!

  2. 52
    Amber says:

    We ate spinach salad and fresh homemade wheat bread. The spinach salad was Paula Deen’s recipe with mushrooms, bacon (of course) hard boiled eggs and a homemade vinaigrette. Simple, but not too shabby.

  3. 53
    paige says:

    DH and I ate a locally owned Mexican restaurant and had chips/salsa, enchiladas, rice and beans. It was delicious and we left stuffed!
    Your giveawy looks fantabulous! Pick me!

  4. 54
    whit says:

    I had toast with cream cheese and strawberry’s. Awesome Giveaway!!!

  5. 55
    Heather says:

    considering that I started making peanut butter cookies at 5:30, we had leftover soup.

  6. 56
    Candi says:

    Our stove is out of commission for a while, so it was frozen microwave meals for us — Lean Cuisine chicken tuscan panini.

  7. 57
    Simply AnonyMom says:

    Last night was Spaghett squash with home made chunky veggie sauce. It is my favorite dinner.

    This looks great! Thank you for offering it!

  8. 58
    ALNK says:

    We had ribs, baked potatoes, deviled eggs, garden beans and milk! Yummy!

  9. 59
    Tanaya says:

    We had rotisserie chicken (from Costco…shhhh), green salad and mashed potatoes

  10. 60
    Cherise says:

    Chipotle Chili Chicken Tostadas – with black beans on the side. Love your site!

  11. 61
    Janssen says:

    Chicken tortellini casserole. Mmmm. Cheesy goodness.

  12. 62
    Alycat says:

    Lasagna, french bread, zucchini & green salad.

  13. 63
    Salsa Mama says:

    Oh, this is embarrassing! I had ramen with hotsauce. Let’s just chalk it up to being pregnant and it sounded sooooo good. 🙂

  14. 64
    Amanda says:

    When I got home from work there was a piece of frozen pizza left… so that was my dinner. I have to keep them on hand for the hubby

  15. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Chicken, broccoli, asparagus, and a big bowl of slow churned pumpkin ice cream!! I LOVE FALL!!

  16. 66
    Katrina says:

    We had gorditas for dinner last night. =) yum!

  17. 67
    Julie says:

    I had left-over chili….everyone else’s dinner sounds SO good though!

  18. 68
    Cassie H says:

    Chicken, broccoli, asparagus, and a big bowl of slow churned pumpkin ice cream!! I LOVE FALL!

  19. 69
    kamewh says:

    We just had a Take n Bake pizza 🙂

  20. 70
    Jenna says:

    We had “rafts”: over-easy egg on a piece of whole wheat toast with a slice of bacon on top. A favorite from when I was a kid! Plus I was feeling a little lazy last night 🙂

  21. 71
    briannechase says:

    I had a grilled tofu sandwich with tomato and red onion which was wonderful and then a bowl of mexican black bean soup. I indulged after dinner with some AMAZING chocolate fudge brownie wow cow yogurt (45 calories per 1/2 cup!) for dessert!

  22. 72
    Kerri says:

    We had tostada grande. I love your blog!

  23. 73
    Ashley says:

    Skillet Turkey Noodle Casserole

  24. 74
    Phill & Allie says:

    Broccoli Beef over Rice. A new recipe and it was delish!

  25. 75
    Allison says:

    Potato Soup and sausage. I enjoy reading your blog!

  26. 76
    sheena says:

    Reading all those comments to find the “post a comment” button sure made me hungry. So, i am not going to lie… i had Arby’s last night.

  27. 77
    Michelle says:

    We had chicken tacos, they were yummy.

  28. 78
    Nancy says:

    We had “breakfast for dinner”-veggie omelets and baked sweet potatoes. Of course, with ketchup on the side!

  29. 79
    The Mommy says:

    We had chicken lettuce wraps for dinner last night.

  30. 80
    Mom24 says:

    we had pizza.

  31. 81
    Valerie says:

    Left over Honey Lime Enchiladas. Mmmm!

  32. 82
    Morgan says:

    We had whole wheat penne pasta, topped with ground turkey and marinara sauce. Also an iceburg salad on the side. A great easy and fast comfort meal! 🙂

  33. 83
    Candise says:

    Alfredo…with lots of nutmeg. We have to do something to make it feel like fall here in the desert!

  34. 84
    Robin says:

    We had Pancake squares, which are baked in the oven because I am the #1 pancake burner in the world LOL!! And we had sausage, and NH maple syrup!! Nothin like it!!!

    This is lots of fun, Jenny!!

  35. 85
    Sarah says:

    My husband was at a dinner meeting and I lacked any enthusiasm for cooking for myself–thus I had a Lean Cuisine! Chicken Caesar bowl with some tomatoes added in.

  36. 86
    robin_titan says:

    i ate cereal but not just any cereal honey bunches of oats!! my favorite cereal : )

  37. 87
    C. says:

    Tragically, we didn’t eat dinner last night. Yikes!

  38. 88
    Andrea Gunnell says:

    Hi Jenny, I haven’t ever left a comment but I have made quite a few of your recipes and I have loved them all! Thank you so much for sharing them. In fact last night we had your hot dog mummies!!! I actually made my own breadsticks but we had fun making the mummies and eating them. Happy Halloween!!!

  39. 89
    Terri says:

    We had homemade soft tacos with fresh pico de gallo. Rice and refried black beans with lime and cilantro.

  40. 90
    the W* family says:

    We had what I call ‘fall casserole.’ Rice, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and ground turkey in a yummy sauce.

  41. 91
    Julie says:

    My boyfriend ate the leftover Vegetable Beef soup and I made homemade potato soup with onions and green peppers. We had corn bread and black bottom cupcakes to go with it.

  42. 92
    Stacy and Justin says:

    We had homemade soft tacos with all the fixings including pineapple(my favorite) and we used deer meat from the deer that my husband shot! Great giveaway, love all of it!

  43. 93
    Laura says:

    Steamed veggies, chicken and wild rice pilaf 🙂

  44. 94
    Evelyn and Art says:

    I made my favorite meal as a teenager last night. I still don’t make it as well as my Grandmother and it’s so simple! We had Chicken Casserole, you know the one with the Stove Top on top? It was yummy! Love your blog and I make a lot of your meals!

  45. 95
    koopermom says:

    Leftover Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas from PheMOMenon’s blog. Absolutley delicious. I think it’ll be dinner tonight too!!!!

  46. 96
    Jill says:

    Dinner FAIL! Leftover homemade mac-n-cheese that didnt work so well the first night, reheat in the oven (no microwave). After a couple bites, I gave up. The kids had cereal and fruit. Obligations last night left no time to make a real meal.

  47. 97
    Mason Madness says:

    After what I had for dinner last night I could use this prize 🙂

    Spinach salad with strawberries, chicken & Vinegar dressing.

  48. 98
    Tamera says:

    Your blog makeover looks great! Last night, ah we had Totino’s pizza!

  49. 99
    Colleen says:

    We had chicken enchiladas with homemade refried beans/rice.
    Fun giveaway!!! I love the idea of chocolate candles and caramel lotion….

  50. 100
    Lucy says:

    We had fillets of sole w/a drizzle of beurre blanc sauce on a bed of spinach, & a side of roasted acorn squash rings.. and no photo to put up.. : (

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