Even with with the outcome of the show not in my favor Sunday night, I will say that being on the show was the experience of a lifetime. Being in NYC and in the Food Network Studios is such a prize in itself and I’ll never forget it. Guy Fierri is exactly how he is on tv, so cool and down to earth.

All in all, both of my recipes turned out great while cooking on the show. My doughnuts are so much fun. I put a lot of TLC into creating that recipe and will treasure it for years to come. Do give them a try sometime. The peaches are a beautiful dessert as well, simple and delicious with only a few ingredients. It was great to hear comments from the judges, they only showed a few seconds of it on the show, but they spent a good 10 plus minutes talking with each of us. I was happy with what they said about both of my recipes.

Thanks for all of your thoughtful emails, comments and facebook notes. You all are wonderful. Are you ready to give the show a try this year? We’ve got just a couple weeks left to enter I highly recommend the experience to every one, you’ll have an amazing time! Check out Foodnetwork.com for all the details.

Hope you’ll all enjoy some pics and links for my recipes from the show.

Click HERE for my recipe, “Caramelized Roasted Banana Bread Doughnuts”


Click HERE for my recipe, “Sweet Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Bean Mascarpone and Walnut Sugar”

Click HERE to see the FN Dish “Dessert” After show Video

See ya’ll soon! More comfort food coming right up!