Contest is now closed.  Congrats to comment # 51, 265, 58, and 266!  I’ve sent you all an email.

Hi everyone!  I am in the VERY beginning stages of working with a wonderful cookbook agent to start the Picky Palate Cookbook process and I’d love some feedback from you guys! (did I mention I am so excited about this?!)

Since you guys are so important to Picky Palate, I would LOVE to know what you would like to see in my future cookbook!

Please leave a comment and tell me which of the following would be most appealing to you for the Picky Palate Cookbook:

1.  Dessert recipes only

2.  Quick and easy dinner recipes only

3.  Desserts, simple dinners, sides and appetizer recipes

4.  other ideas/feedback?

THANK YOU so much in advance for your feedback.  I am really excited about starting this cookbook journey!

Oh and as a thank you for helping me, I will be giving away 4 beautiful Better Homes and Garden Cookbooks to 4 Picky Palate readers.  I’ll have select 4 of you that are kind enough to leave a comment and you’ll receive this beautiful cookbook wrapped with a wooden spoon!  Makes a great gift 🙂

The giveaway portion of this post will end Friday November 5th.

Thanks again, looking forward to your feedback!

*cookbook giveaway courtesy of Better Home’s and Garden*