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My Chunky Chicken Enchilada Soup is perfect for busy weeknights when time is short. If you’ve got about 20 minutes, you are good to go!
Chunky Chicken Enchilada Soup

It’s so nice having quick and simple dinner recipes that you can count on when you life is busy busy.  I whipped up this ultra flavorful soup using some of my favorite Old El Paso products in literally minutes.  We love having Mexican style meals on a weekly basis if not more, so this was a real treat to bring to the dinner table.  Hearty with lots of vegetables, it does not disappoint!

Enjoy :)
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Healthier Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthier Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jan 19, 2015 | Cookies, Skinny Palate | Tags: ,

My Healthier Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies make the perfect afternoon snack with less guilt than your typical cookie!

For the last couple weeks I’ve been perfecting this “healthier” chocolate chip cookie.  I’ve been looking for just the right texture but less of the “bad stuff” in everyday cookies that I love so much.

After tweaking my recipe a half dozen times I finally got it right!  Buttery crisp around the edges yet soft and fabulous in the center.
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Butterscotch Chip Banana Bread

Butterscotch Chip Banana Bread

Jan 16, 2015 | Breakfast/Brunch, Desserts | Tags: , , ,

My Butterscotch Chip Banana Bread makes the perfect snack any time of the day. Sweet and delicious!  You can even use your bananas that aren’t quite black yet.  Worked just fine!

I shared this picture of Pax helping me make this banana bread on Instagram the other night and got quite a few requests to share the recipe. I wasn’t planning on it, but what the heck, here ya go! I don’t have a ton of photos for it, but trust me, it’s a killer recipe! Enjoy!
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Teriyaki Chicken Quinoa Power Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken Quinoa Power Bowl

Jan 14, 2015 | Chicken, Dinner, Skinny Palate, Sponsored | Tags: , ,

My Teriyaki Chicken Quinoa Power Bowl is the perfect weekday lunch or dinner for feeling great!

I love having new simple lunch and dinner ideas that are not only beautiful but completely delicious as well.  This power packed bowl does not disappoint!  I’ve packed it with so many of my favorite healthy ingredients together and drizzle just a touch of teriyaki sauce.  This meal will keep you going for hours.  Simple and healthy, love it!
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Spicy Honey Chicken Vegetable Rice Bowls

Spicy Honey Chicken Vegetable Rice Bowls-Meal Prep

Jan 12, 2015 | Dinner, Skinny Palate | Tags: , , , ,

My Spicy Honey Chicken Vegetable Rice Bowls are perfect for preparing ahead for lunch and dinners to grab in the fridge when you need them!

My husband and I love getting in the kitchen and preparing meals like this one in advance so we have healthy lunch and or dinner options in the refrigerator ready for heating up.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to just grab the container, heat it up and have a quick healthy meal in minutes.

One of my favorites is this spicy honey chicken with roasted vegetables and brown rice.  It is so simple, but very flavorful and filling.

Give yourself a good hour and a half or so and you’ll have lots of food prepared for the week.  Be sure to check out my Grilled Chicken Veggie Bowls too.

Hope you enjoy!
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Apple Spice Carrot Muffins

Apple Spice Carrot Muffins

Jan 7, 2015 | Breakfast/Brunch, Skinny Palate | Tags: , ,

My Apple Spice Carrot Muffins are the perfect after school or morning snack.

How’s everyone doing with their New Year’s Resolutions?!  It’s always nice to start the New Year off right with some healthier recipe options.  I’m all about moderation and balance.  I don’t like to cut anything completely out of my diet because it seems that it’s those things I want the most.  My goals this year are focusing on eating more greens, fruits and grains.   I’m also starting yoga again this year!  Before we moved from California I was practicing at a studio I loved almost everyday.  I miss it so much.  Looking forward to more of that goodness in my life.  Those are just a few of my goals, looking forward to making more throughout the year.
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Parmesan BLT Whole Wheat Pasta

Parmesan BLT Whole Wheat Pasta

Jan 5, 2015 | Dinner, Skinny Palate | Tags: , , , ,

My Parmesan BLT Whole Wheat Pasta makes a great weeknight dinner with everyone’s favorite….BACON!

Happy New Year everyone!  It was so nice to take a little time off the past few weeks for Christmas break with my family.  It’s also nice being back in the kitchen creating some “healthier” recipes for you this month!  Notice I said “healthier.”  I am certainly not a health food blogger, but I am looking forward to some better options and starting this new year off right!
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10 Healthy Recipes

10 Healthy Recipes for a New Year

Jan 2, 2015 | Uncategorized

Thrilled to share my favorite 10 Healthy Recipes for a New Year with you today. It’s so hard to believe it’s January 2015!  Happy Happy New Year to you.

It’s always a great time to start fresh, make resolutions and strive to make better goals.

I know I won’t be sticking to a strict diet, but I like to make sure I eat my greens and exercise everyday that I can.  Mama is no way going to give up my chocolate and cookies.  I’d die.  Ha!

Hope you enjoy some healthy recipes to keep you on track this month.  I’ll be sharing healthy meals for the entire month of January.  Don’t worry, they won’t lack flavor!

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