Q and A

1.  How do you not weigh 500 pounds with all the cooking and baking you do?

Laughing inside…You haven’t seen me in person :)  I try to exercise 3-5 times a week and while I sample all of my recipes, I give most of my baked goods to hubby’s co-workers and our neighbors.

2. Do you take your own photography?  What kind of camera do you use?

Yes, I take all of my own photography.  I use the Canon 7D camera and use the 24-70mm lens and the 100mm macro.

3.  Will you review my product and host a giveaway for me?

Email me and let me know what kind of product you would like me to review.  I only review a product if I try it myself and it pertains to my readers.  I generally will only review your product if you offer a giveaway to my readers :)

4.  Can I post your recipe on my blog and use your photographs?

Please read over my Terms Page.  I work very hard at what I do, I appreciate an email to ask first.

5.  Was that you I saw competing on Food Network?

Sure was :)  For a few years, I had a blast competing in cooking contests of all kinds and some were even shown on Food Network (Build a Better Burger, Ultimate Recipe Showdown and The Pillsbury Bake-Off).  Check out some of my favorite cooking wins HERE.

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Welcome to Picky Palate, my online kitchen! You'll usually find me with a cookie in one hand and a salad in the other. It's all about the balance :) The recipes you'll see are my creations. The Picky Palate Cookbook is now available. Enjoy!





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