Thanks to Noor from Ya Salam Cooking for the nice blog award. I got the nicest email from her, thank you so much! She has an awesome blog, do check it out!

I’d love to pass this award on to 5 great blogs that I really enjoy, so here goes…

1. Melody from My sweet and Saucy is an amazingly talented pastry chef that I am in awe of! She can also cook. Her blog is always fun, upbeat and has great photos.

2. Steph from Stephanies Kitchen always cooks and bakes recipes that are right up my alley. I wish we were neighbors, we would probably just eat all day long! Her blog is beautiful and packed with great tried and true recipes!

3. Jenna from Jeena’s Kitchen has the best step by step photos of each and every meal she posts about. I love it. She is so detailed and cooks delicious food!

4. Lore from Culinarity has pictures that will make your mouth water. Each and every post looks good enough to lick right off the screen!

5. Clumbsy Cookie has a fantastic blog, she is a talented pastry chef and always has delicious food to drool over.

Have a great week everyone!!