We are overjoyed to present our Tito’s Tacos Review.  Never have I tasted a more perfectly moist, flavorful, and easy-for-the-teeth-to-bite-into shredded beef than at Tito’s Tacos–and many of mexican restaurants we have been to.

Here at Tito’s, price is their game and volume is their name.  Their prices are right so this is a place to bring the family.  Tacos are $2+ and even below $2 if you hold the cheese.

Their order style is unique as you get your own personal cashier and chef, so-to-speak.  You line up outside in 3 lines or so, or you can go inside to order in the same manner.  A Tito’s Taco engineer takes your order and makes your food.  They then return to present the food and take your CASH.  They are cash only so come prepared.  However, suppose you’re an act now think later type of person, you can use their ATM machine–with an additional charge of course.

Tito’s Tacos does have an online ordering system for orders over $75, so if you’re planning a work lunch this is a great place to order from.

 Three or so lines form here to place your order.  You order, wait, pay and receive all from one Tito’s employees.

They have a small outdoor eating area with 3 of these tables.  There is additional indoor seating and another outside patio in the back.


 Their chips are thin, crispy and delightful.

It’s funny how some restaurants will not be afforded our visit if their salsa isn’t up to par.  Are we the only folks that do that?  We usually clean out Tito’s tub of salsa.  It’s a thin-mild salsa, which is just right.  Even Jenny who loves a kick to her salsa enjoys this.

The tostada is straight forward.  I enjoyed it but I won’t order again because that means I order 2 less tacos.  I’d rather eat tacos.

 They serve their food in boxes as shown above.  Makes it easy to transport.

The $4+ Beef and bean burrito.  You can tell by the picture alone they wrap the beef and bean awesomeness with an authentic, good quality tortilla.

 Here it is….the one you should order.  Did we already say to not leave without ordering a taco?

Do yourself a favor and top your taco with lots of salsa!

 We recommend the spanish rice; it’s a basic, full of flavor rice dish.  The tamale was fine, but I’d rather order a taco.

LOCATION (Suburb of LA):

11222 Washington Place
Culver City, CA 90230
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OUR BILL: $20.60 for 2 adults and 2 children