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Ziploc Favorites and Giveaway!


Contest is now closed.  Winner has been notified.

It’s safe to say that I use Ziploc products daily in our house. It has been such a pleasure partnering with Ziploc and the Insider 5 Fresh Over Project.  I love that American families everywhere are eating more fresh meals during the day. Be sure to check out the Ziploc Facebook page  for fun tips and even recipes from Rachael Ray!  There are so many great ways to eat fresh and Ziploc makes it a breeze.  I am going to highlight some of my favorite Ziploc products and why I love them!

We always have these Ziploc Snap and Seal Containers.  They are great for leftovers and my kids like to put their Lego pieces inside them too.  They come in all different sizes which are great.  We certainly keep a little of each size on hand at all times.  I love that you can hear the lid snap with just one push.





Another one of my favorites are these Ziploc Twist and Lock Containers.  These are so great because these babies are leak proof!  I love having these on hand when I make big batches of soup, so I can store the leftovers safely in these containers.  I also really enjoy storing my homemade salsas and salad dressings in these.





I don’t think my household could survive without these Ziploc sandwich bags.  Not only do I use these daily for my boys school lunches for sandwiches, crackers and or cookies.  I also use these for storing my make up, toothbrush and toothpaste when I travel….along with a zillion other things.  Love these.





My love is about equal for these Double Zipper Ziploc Freezer Bags.  I use it to freeze beef, chicken or pork.  I also freeze extra vegetables to use for another dinner as well.  When we buy in bulk, I like to store half of whatever we buy in these bags for the freezer.  These are also great to store household items for traveling.



Another favorite is these Ziploc Big Bags for obvious reasons.  I store the boys toys, ball, shoes and blankets in these convenient bags.  Very helpful for so many different things, especially for Spring Cleaning!







Here’s what’s included in the giveaway:

A cooking Wok

Garlic Press

Kitchen Utensils

Ziploc Perfect Portions

Ziploc Versa Glass

Assorted other products in a Baggu Bag valued at $130.00

Here’s How To Enter:

1.  Leave a comment here and tell us…“What Ziploc Product is your absolute favorite?”

2.  Contest ends Thursday May 17th 8am PST.  Winner will be chosen via and be notified by email.  Giveaway provided by Ziploc.


 *I have partnered with Ziploc® Brand and am being compensated for my posts. However, my opinions on the product are my own.



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635 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 151
    Haley W says:

    We LOVE the gallon size freezer bags! We have been putting freezer meals in them to prepare for our first baby who is due in June!!!

  2. 152
    Ellen says:

    Baggies, definitely! I use them for everything from traveling to leftovers.

  3. 153
    Ashley C says:

    Ziploc twist and lock containers are the best, I love reusuable items!

  4. 154
    dallimomma says:

    Ziploc quart freezer bags. I use about 80 or 90 of them at a time when I’m freezing corn from the garden.

  5. 155
    Marianne says:

    Wow!! I’d have to say the Ziplock freezer bags are used most often here. we prefer the ones that have the zip on them as I have RA and my Mom is 84 so these are easier for her to use also. The sandwich and the snack bags are used daily, they are great to hold my circular needles when I want to take a project along. I’ve used the Ziplock Snap and Seal since they were first introduced.. I haven’t seen the ones with the screw on lids, I’ll be looking for them they will be a great addition to our home! Thanks for the opportunity and for all that you do! (A little trivia, my Dad was one the group that invented plastics as we know them today, he was a chemist for Dow Chemical)

  6. 156
    kayleigh says:

    I like the snack bags!

  7. 157
    tracy s says:

    The gallon freezer bags are what we use most.

  8. 158
    Allison C says:

    I love the snack size ziplocks. I use them all of the time!

  9. 159
    Dani Motruk says:

    I can’t live without snack size baggies. They are perfect for all sorts of things!

  10. 160
    Kindra says:

    Couldn’t live without the sandwich bags, use them for everything!

  11. 161
    Lindsay says:

    snap and seal containers!

  12. 162
    Kristy says:

    I love using the snap and seal containers. Love the giveaway!

  13. 163

    definitely the gallon size freezer bags!

  14. 164
    Chelsea says:

    I love gallon size Ziploc bags. It helps with freezing meals!

  15. 165
    Julie Kaiser says:

    I have to buy in bulk, especially meat, to keep our grocery budget on track. Because of this, I have to freeze what I’m not using right away. Ziploc freezer vacuum seal bags are by far my favorite Ziploc product! They keep my food as fresh as possible, and keep me from throwing out wasted,freezer-burned product. All of which helps to keep a tight budget on track!

  16. 166
    Ava says:

    I love sandwich bags since they work great for snacks!

  17. 167
    Barb McLaughlin says:

    My favorite product is the gallon-sized freezer bag. It helps to prepare family dinners and freeze for later use.

  18. 168
    Sarah says:

    It’s so simple, but I love zip lock bags! They hold no matter what, and can hold anything from food to a wet swim suit!!

  19. 169
    Travis says:

    Definitely gallon size.

  20. 170
    Liam says:

    We love their snap and seal containers. Our fridge is stocked now with them lol

  21. 171
    Christy B. says:

    I love snack size Ziploc baggies! Perfect for storing single portions of fruit and vegies that the kids can easily grab for lunches.

  22. 172
    Kim says:

    I love the twist and lock containers! They make me more confident that my lunches won’t spill on my way to work!

  23. 173
    Kerr says:

    I like the small containers that are perfect for dipping sauce.

  24. 174
    lauren says:

    It would be a tossup between the freezer bags and the 3-cup containers – perfect for spaghetti sauce. 🙂

  25. 175
    Ilonat says:

    I love the Xl bags

  26. 176
    Karyn says:

    My absolute favorite Ziploc product is the Twist and Lock containers! I use them at school to store and organize all of my manipulatives (buttons, beans, etc.). They are so useful because I can see at a glance what is in them because they are clear and they stack on top of each other so they save tons of space! My kiddos can open the containers themselves which is a definite plus!

  27. 177
    Jennifer C says:

    Ziplock sandwich bags are hands down the most used in our house!

  28. 178
    Katie H. says:

    I couldn’t live without the freezer bags! I use them all of the time when we buy in bulk as well! 🙂

  29. 179
    Megan J says:

    Gallon-size freezer ziplock bags are the ones I use the most! Love them!

  30. 180
    Alyssa says:

    I have really been wanting to try the new perfect portion bags!

  31. 181
    Heather Hicks says:

    I love the gallon size slider bags with the zip seal. They’re perfect for marinating, storing, and for travel.

  32. 182
    Audrie says:

    It has to be the large ziploc bags. I’ve been marinating EVERYTHING in them since university. Tequila spicy shrimp… marinated them. Asian Sesame flank steak … marinated them. 5 Spice sweet sherry duck breast… marinated them! So easy to use and easy clean up.

  33. 183
    Rachel R. says:

    I love basic ziploc sandwich baggies. And also gallon size freezer bags – so versatile for everything!

  34. 184
    Rachel C. says:

    I can’t live without the Ziploc sandwich bags. Being a busy Mom of 4 and being on the go all the time I can put anything from snacks to organizing my mobile office, they are a real life savor.

  35. 185
    Angela says:

    their freezer bags!

  36. 186
    Avery K. says:

    I love the gallon freezer ziplocks!! They are the perfect size for freezing!

  37. 187
    Kasey J says:

    I like the steam fresh bags!! I love steamed veggies and the bags make it so easy!

  38. 188
    Vicki Sowards says:

    I love the freezer bags!! They are great when you travel. I put all of my hair products in them,,,Never have had a mess in the suitcase!!!

  39. 189
    Casey says:

    Ziplock Gallon Freezer Bags! I use them for everything, not just for freezing!

  40. 190
    Linda says:

    I use their 1 gallon bags all the time. LOVE Ziploc!

  41. 191
    Rachel F says:

    Ziplock Sandwich bags—use them for everything!

  42. 192
    Caity H. says:

    I really love all the ziploc products I use. From the sandwich baggies that carry my snacks to the big gallon bags that I can store leftovers, art supplies, pens, and makeup in. I even use them for my shampoos and stuff when traveling. I <3 Ziploc.

  43. 193
    Heather Bauerschlag says:

    Ziploc twist and lock, love them!

  44. 194
    Lindy says:

    Ziploc big bags (when I can find them) for storing seasonal items.

  45. 195
    Josephine says:

    Like a lot of posters here, it’s the zip-loc bags I can’t do without.

    Btw…who won the last giveaway??

  46. 196
    Darbi says:

    Ziploc Snap and Seal Containers!

  47. 197
    Holly says:

    I use ziploc sandwich bags on a daily basis to pack up the kids lunch, they are definitely a favorite!

  48. 198
    Alice says:

    Ziplock freezer bags are constantly being reached for in this house.

  49. 199
    lydia m says:

    my favorite ziploc is the twist and loc containers. I feel very confident to put liquids in those without worrying they will spill open.

  50. 200
    Tawny A says:

    With 2 kids I use Ziploc sandwich bags alll the time. Freezer bags also get used a lot around here.

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