Big Move…. and Wolfgang Puck!

Goodbye AZ Desert…..

Hello CA Beaches!

Well, I’ve been avoiding this conversation for a while now, because I kept thinking it wasn’t really going to happen, but whether I like it or not, we are officially leaving our home in AZ for a new job opportunity in Newport Beach CA for my husband. I will talk more about it soon, but as you can imagine, things are a bit crazy right now, so please forgive me if things are just a little slower than usual on Picky Palate! I should be full speed ahead right after the New Year. How crazy that it’s just right around the corner! Yikes!

I’ll be featuring some of my previous favorite recipes from when I first started my blog. It should be fun until I get settled.

For now, get a load of this coolest opportunity I got to do this morning…… Beware it’s lengthy.

I was on a phone call with Wolfgang Puck!

I got an exciting email a couple days ago for a chance to join in on a conference call with Wolfgang Puck! Holly over at Phe-mom-enon referred me, thanks a million Holly, I owe you big time! Mandy from Gourmet Mom on the Go was also on the line as well as some other PR people. It was so beyond cool, here are some of the topics he talked about and a short video of his Sam’s Club “Taste of Sam’s Promotion.”

Before I got my paper and pen Wolfgang was talking about serving finger foods at your holiday parties and I was still in awe that he was really on the phone, so not much to share here.

There was a question about Brining a turkey: Wolfgang loves this method and loves his recipe that can be found at He said people have told him his brine recipe has changed the way they cook a turkey. He also said beware of brining the breasts for more than 3-4 hours, they soak in the brine quickly. Wolfgang also commented that he prefers cooking small turkeys over the large ones.

Here was my question: What places or things are your best source of inspiration for your recipes? Wolfgang commented that cooking is like painting and that he has changed his cooking style a couple of times already. I like that he said that Inspiration is everywhere. If you have passion and love about your cooking, you will be successful. He said he got much of his inspiration from traveling to different countries and studing their cuisine. We all laughed about how we are going to tell our husband’s we need to travel out of the country to be a successful! He talked a lot about the different restaurants he owns and the different type of cuisine found in each one. He also said that he finds it difficult to make menu’s for inexpensive foods because he likes quality ingredients.

Wolfgang talked some about his children and he’s got quite a few with a young one that is 2 years old. A question was asked about what type of meals can be made for children around the holidays? Wolfgang commented that he doesn’t make specific children food and grown up food. He has his children eat grown up food at their young ages! I thought that was awesome! Guess we can all learn a thing or two about that. He mentioned that he doesn’t give his kids sugar that often and takes them to the grocery stores and farmer’s markets with him. He has them help in the kitchen often and made a good point that you shouldn’t have to hide the vegetables with the kids, just slowly get them used to them and eventually they’ll enjoy them!

This was such a treat to be able to talk on the phone with Wolfgang. I didn’t think I’d actually be able to speak with him. He was so down to earth and fun to talk to with such food knowledge. I am even a bigger fan than I already was. This weekend at Sam’s Club they will be sampling Wolfgang’s food, go check it out, I know I will!

Check out this video of Wolfgang’s Sam’s Club Promotion!

Have a Great weekend everyone!! Not only am I trying to get the house ready to move, I’m taking my pilates boards this weekend too! Heaven help me! Coming up are some great cookies for those holiday plates!!

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54 Responses
  1. j & j dish it out

    We live in Arizona and vacation to Newport Beach every summer. I’m really jealous of you right now but it’s bitter sweet because I’m loving this Arizona weather right now. Love your blog!

  2. Satisfying my Sweet Tooth

    You will love Newport! That is where we lived and had my first daughter before we moved to Utah. I’m totally jealous! How fun! You will have to go to Wolfgang’s restaurant there at Fashion Island. Congratulations on the new adventure. Can’t wait to hear all the exciting details.

  3. Clumbsy Cookie

    WOW! That’s a big change Jenny! Hope all goes well dear! And thatnks for sharing the Wolfgang Puck conversation, how fun was that?!

  4. Patsyk

    Good luck on your move! What a fun place to be relocating!

    Loved what you shared from your call with Wolfgang! Great comments on serving kids the same food and keeping them involved in cooking from a young age.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  5. Libby

    WOW!! I can’t believe you talked with Wolfgang Puck. That’s big time girlie. Good luck with your move. We are totally envious!Hey, we need all of your new info. It would be so much fun to meet up with you next summer when we visit the beach. Of course it doesn’t seem to happen here when we are just a few miles apart, but we’ll have to make it happen in Cali. I’m excited for you!

  6. Laurie

    Wolfgang Puck!!! Amazing. I’m sending my picky son to live with him…

    Good luck on your move! California is a pretty cool place to be going.

    Looking forward to catching up on your old posts.

  7. Liz

    Good luck with the move. It’s beautiful out there — awesome beaches, lots of farmer’s markets, and amazing restaurants. Get those boxes unpacked so you can keep on cooking!

  8. Dawn

    Very exciting! You will love love love Newport Beach. The people there are the best, so nice, laid back, friendly. It really is a great area to live and raise children. Expensive though, but I think well worth it. I hope, in a few years to be moving back to cali too.
    How exciting!!

  9. Mom to Princesses

    You’re coming to my neck of the woods. Good luck on getting everything ready for your relocation.
    The call with Wolfgang Puck – wow, there are no words. How exciting!

  10. Kristen

    Crazy times ahead for you! At least you are moving to a pretty cool place ๐Ÿ™‚
    Speaking of cool, congrats on the call. What a treat!

  11. PheMom

    You are so welcome! Look at it this way Jenny, you are moving to Wolfgang’s neighborhood (sort of) now and can take him up on visiting one of his fabulous restaurants! Good luck on the move! Honestly, I was so awed I just didn’t know what to say. You and Mandy were great!

  12. Proud Italian Cook

    Wow Jenny, exciting news for you going on. I’m sure you have mixed feelings though. At least it’s beautiful with water and beaches.
    Have fun and enjoy your new adventure! Lucky you with Wolf!!!

  13. Mary Ann

    Wow- you have got alot on your plate! Moving is hard enough, but during the holidays would be even more exciting. How cool that you actually talked to Wolfgang Puck! Good luck with everything!

  14. Live.Love.Eat

    Wow, congrats on your new move. How exciting!!! And cool beaners about Wolfgang. Good luck with everything and we’ll be here!

  15. Emily

    Jenny good luck on your move! Wow Cali will be quite a change from AZ but I am sure that you and your family will love it!

    How fun that you got to talk to Wolfgang Puck! He is incredible and I LOVE how he cooks one meal for adults and kids alike! That is a goal in my house! (We’ll see if it happens!) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  16. The Bertone's

    I wish you the best of luck! I know how you feel, we just packed up and moved our family of 5 from Maine to Florida! Talk about crazy!

    That is so cool that you got to talk to Wolfgang Puck! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. My Sweet & Saucy

    I am so excited for you to move to CA!!!! Good luck with your pilates boards…my friend is an instructor in Costa Mesa…no wonder you keep so fit with all of your cooking!

  18. Barbara

    Jenny, just start out with the thought you are going to like your new town. It will become home to you faster than you can imagine. I’m speaking from experience so I know how you feel. Besides that you won’t be that far away from AZ.
    Boy, what a great thing to talk to Wolfgang Puck on the phone.

  19. ConversationsWithACupcake

    Oh, Jenny. Newport Beach {sigh. sigh. sigh.} My second home. All of my family is there. You will Love it. Love it. LOOOOOVE it.

    As soon as possible, be sure to dine at: Haute Cakes & Suzie Cakes. Grab frozen yogurt at America's Cup. Try the Blackened Tofu taco's at Mother's Market. And keep a lookout for a cute, blonde mom of 3 boys. That's my sis. I'd love to get you two in touch with each other. She's such a doll.

    Good, good luck with the move! Say hello to Balboa for us!

  20. Katherine Aucoin

    You are living in some crazy times. How wonderful about your phone call with Wolfgang Puck! Good luck with your move and your new opportunity.

  21. RecipeGirl

    Yay! So exciting. You’ll get to meet all kinds of bloggers who blog out of SoCal… and if you find yourself taking a drive down to San Diego… LET ME KNOW! I’ll meet you for lunch or have you over for cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best of luck to you on the big move.

    Exciting stuff about Wolfgang! I completely agree with all that he said about kids. Let them eat what’s for dinner and don’t hide the veggies! I very rarely make a separate dinner for my son than what we’re eating. He’ll even eat sushi!

  22. HoneyB

    Wow! So much going on in your life – which explains why I’ve been wondering where you are! Good luck and can’t wait to hear more ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have left you an award on my blog when you get a chance to take a breath! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Meredith

    A big lurking fan here. We were just out there for a Disney trip and spent a day on the beach in Newport Beach. You are some lucky ducks!!!

    Oh, and my kids regularly ask for picky palate recipes. My 7 year old daughter reads my blog and their links and loves clicking on your button! They say you are awesome!

  24. Lauren

    Welcome to California! While most people are moving to AZ, you’re coming to CA! Yay! Orange County is great…not exactly how it’s portrayed on tv.
    Wishing you the best of luck with your move.
    And…how cool that you got to talk to Wolfgang!

  25. PaniniKathy

    A big warm (although not quite as warm as AZ!) welcome to Southern California, Jenny! You and your family will love living in Newport Beach. Best of luck with the move and all – I know how hectic that can be. Once you’re settled, maybe in the new year, we can pull together a little OC/San Diego food blogger get together and you can meet some folks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Anonymous

    Newport Beach is SO beautiful! I went to school at UCI in the next city over, and I loved Balboa Island and Fashion Island–two totally different places! Have a good move!

  27. carol

    Oh my Jenny-a move during the holidays….talk about adding to the stress pile…and a Pilates board to boot? Good grief girl, how do you do it?
    I’m sure it’s all so exciting for all of you….and in many ways sad too. A new adventure for sure.
    How COOL that you got to talk to Wolfgang Puck on the phone-I always learned so much from his Food Network show….nice to hear he’s as down to earth as he appears to be on TV.
    Will be thinking of you in all your chaos!!

  28. Bunny

    Jenny this move sounds like it’s already in progress! You certainly have your hands full girl! But i wish you and your family much luck and love with your move. How fantastic is that that you got to talk to Wolfgang Puck, you go girl!!!

  29. The Food Librarian

    Wow! What a busy time for you! Welcome to Southern California – Newport Beach is just beautiful! Good luck with your exams too!

  30. snozzberries

    I’ve loved your blog!!And have made some tasty stuff…my family thanks you!!!! And welcome to SO.Cal!!!! Hopefully you’ll love it!!! Newport is awesome!!!!Beautiful and has tons of fun lil shops!!!

  31. Nikki

    Congradulations to you and your family. Things will get crazy and maybe sad. but all said and done it is a great opportunity for you and your family. I am glad you will still remember us bloggers that need your recipes.

  32. Amanda

    Good luck with the move! We’re making our own move from UT to WA in about a month. So much for decorating for Christmas this year. Thank goodness my kids are still very young!

    What a neat conversation with Wolfgang Puck. I’m sure being in Cali will only extend your opportunities to network with your cooking. I’ll look forward to reading all about it.

  33. Kari

    Good Luck on your big move! But, since you will be in the LA area, my brother is the Executive Chef at XIV a new restaurant with Michael Mina in West Hollywood. It is very swanky, check it out at or, and let me know if you ever decide to go. I just love your blog, I make recipes from it all the time. Actually, I stopped by this afternoon to get the oreo chocolate chip cookie recipe, one of my favs!

    Oh, and super cool conversation with Wolfgang, my brother has met him numerous times, they both opened restaurants at the same time at the MGM Detroit last year.

  34. Culinarywannabe

    What a busy gal you are! And all around the holidays, like they weren’t crazy enough on their own. I’m sure you will luv Newport!

  35. priscilla

    that must be so exciting! i love california beaches and i was actually born there but moved when i was 6. now Jenny, your husband can make SURE you get to ride supreme scream!:)

  36. Meg

    What an amazing experience and thanks for sharing some of it with us! Good luck with your move and the Pilates boards.

  37. Aggie

    Best of luck with your move! Sad, but exciting right?

    That is awesome about Wolfgang Puck! WOW!! Have a great holiday week!

  38. Denissa

    Wow, how crazy! You are going to be one busy gal! Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looking forward to more amazing cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

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