Daring Bakers, Ready to Party!

This was a nice challenge this month. I’m always up for making a beautiful cake! Our challenge this month was to make the “Perfect Party Cake” Courtesy of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking from My Home to Yours. This was a very simple yet elegant cake that can be done in so many ways. As long as we baked the cake and made the frosting, everything else was free game. I chose a blueberry theme, which was phenomenal! I also chose to press chopped white chocolate onto the sides of my cake.

I’m not one for taking pictures of each and every step, but I had to snap a photo of this beautiful lemon sugar. Not only was it so beautiful, but it smelled so good, like a dream! So here’s my one step by step photo!

Here’s the beautiful blueberry top of my cake. I used frozen blueberries and they held up very nicely. By the time we cut into the cake, they had softened.

Here’s the inside layers. I spread a blueberry fruit spread then the frosting over that. It was really good. I love the blue color.

Our Hostess this month, Morven, over at Food Art and Random thoughts, challenged us all to make this delicious cake. Please check out her blog to get the complete recipe. Be sure to check out all of the other Daring Baker’s Party Cakes!

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55 Responses
  1. Dee

    I would love to make this beautiful cake, but the link doesn’t bring me to the recipe. Can you help me out? Thanks!

  2. Tammy

    Well done! Each of the components look great and complement each other so well. It also looks amazing!

  3. LillyB

    Your cake is beautiful and looks so yummy! What did you use the lemon sugar for? It was pretty too! Was it for tea? Or did you use it in the recipe?? Sorry if I missed this!

  4. Jaime

    beautiful cake! your layers look so perfect…. i am still learning how to perfect layer cakes! i love the blueberry top and white chocolate outside

  5. Kameron

    How very very yummy!! I’ve been addicted to blueberries lately, and lemon is one of my most favorite flavors (and scents, actually), *plus* white chocolate is heavenly, so this cake is most likely PERFECT! I’ll have to find a reason to try it ASAP…

  6. Sheltie Girl

    You did a fabulous job on your cake! I used white chocolate in the frosting and it was fabulous. I love your white chocolate decorations on the side.

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  7. Passionate baker...& beyond

    Beautiful colour, beautiful texture … a cake to die for! It’s PERFECT Jenny! I love the way it looks, blueberries & all; WOW…wish I could have had a bite too! It’s fabulous!!

  8. Jenny

    Thanks again for everyone’s nice comments.

    Stephanie come to think about it, I couldn’t find my 9 inch pans the morning I baked it, so I used my 8 inch pans. No wonder mine looks taller! I forgot I used those!

  9. Stephanie

    Jenny, did you bake two 9″ rounds to get these tall layers? I have checked out all of the other Daring Bakers and your cake is by far the tallest. Thanks!

  10. Birdie

    The cake looks great! I am a big blueberry fan too.

    I finally got mine up, I got a little mixed up on the dates

  11. Dave

    Your cake looks great! I was thinking of going with blueberries, but the fresh raspberries just looked so good to me. After looking at your pictures, I’m going to have to try a blueberry cake in the future. Nice touch with the white chocolate.

    I love how tall your cake looks. Mine didn’t turn out like that, even though it still tasted good.

  12. rvan

    ok, so I checked out many other daring bakers cakes yesterday and i have to say yours’ was the most beautiful one! and I looked at about 30 of them hoping to find one that even compared to yours’….and nothing. You are the “daring baker”!!

  13. Catherine Wilkinson

    oh, babycakes! This is amazing!
    White chocolate and blueberries…match made in heaven.
    Where did this cake go, Jenny?
    Did you give it away, or did the boys have at it??

  14. Julie

    Hi Jenny,

    What a big beautiful blueberry cake–great flavor idea along with the white chocolate! I love seeing all of the different DB creations. YUM!

  15. Cinnamonda

    Lovely cake, Jenny! I, too, loved the smell of the lemon sugar. 🙂 And thank you so much for visiting my blog.


  16. Suzana

    Your cake turned out so lovely and charming. I love the blueberries on top and the perfect layers! Great job!

  17. Kim A

    That looks like an award winning cake! Thanks again for the 27 layer cake you brought tonight! You’re the best 😀

  18. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Hooray for blueberries and lemon sugar! Jenny this is such a classic the way you’ve done it. I would love to try this one!

  19. Tracy

    Ack! I almost forgot to post!

    Yours turned out great. My son’s favorite fruit is blueberries but I did strawberries.

    Gotta go finish my post!

  20. The Baker & The Curry Maker

    Oh yeah! Blueberries and white chocolate! Great idea. I went the traditional route, but am looking forward to trying something else next time. Well done, it looks gorgeous.

  21. StickyGooeyCreamyChewy

    That’s a beautiful cake! Blueberry and lemon is such a great combination. Well done!

  22. Karen

    Beautiful cake! I agree, blueberries are amazing on this cake. Very clever to use white chocolate to decorate, wish I had thought of that! Well done!

  23. Emiline

    BEAUTIFUL! Yours is the first I’ve seen that uses blueberries.
    I bet the white chocolate and blueberry was delicious.

    I checked out your sister’s clothes. They are cute! My sister is starting a website, where she sells pet clothing.

  24. A. Grace

    blueberries + white chocolate = quite possibly the best combination of all time.

    your cake is stunning! 🙂

  25. Proud Italian Cook

    Amazing Jenny! Your combination of flavors, blueberries, white chocolate, does sound “phenomenal!” and it looks pretty too!

  26. Claire

    BLUEBERRY…what a fantastic idea! I just love blueberries and the white chocolate addition (I was trying to figure out what that was!) is perfect. This makes me want to try this cake again.

  27. Jenny

    Hi Everyone,
    I forgot to mention I pressed white chocolate on the outside. Thanks for all the nice comments!

  28. PheMom

    Very pretty. I love all the blueberries. I absolutely loved rubbing the sugar too, but I did orange. Great cake!

  29. Patsyk

    My new oven didn’t come in time for me to participate this month, so I am living vicariously through everyone else who made the cake! Yours looks fantastic!

  30. Kristen

    Beautiful cake! I love the beautiful bluberries on top and the picture of the lemon sugar…amazing. What did you use on the sides of your cake?

  31. Karen

    That’s a big beauty of a cake, Jenny. The layers look nice and puffy, and I bet that the blueberries pair up nicely with the lemony cake. Nice work!

    Also see that you’re on Blogher now. Yippee!

  32. Karen

    What a big, beauty of a cake! Your layers look nice and puffed. I can just taste how good the blueberries pair with the lemon flavors.

    And I just noticed you’re now on Blogher. Yippee!

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