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Breakfast and Brunch

Glazed Peanut Butter, Banana and Blackberry Muffins…


Good Wednesday everyone! We are enjoying a nice couple days in AZ this week while my boys are on Spring Break. It’s always nice to be back home. My hubby also got his braces off yesterday. Woo Hoo! He looks great.

Here is a great little muffin that has so many incredible tastes going on. The peanut butter and banana combination is an obvious favorite and the blackberries give them that slight peanut butter and jelly flavor. The kids devoured these. I used cute little silicone heart shaped molds I found at William Sonoma a couple years ago on clearance for a buck (love when I find great deals), but any cupcake pan will work just as nice. Hope you all enjoy, don’t forget the glaze!

Glazed Peanut Butter, Banana and Blackberry Muffins

1/2 Cup white whole wheat flour
1/2 Cup all purpose flour
1/2 Cup vanilla almond granola
1/4 Cup granulated sugar
1/4 Cup packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 mashed banana
1/2 Cup creamy peanut butter
1 Cup buttermilk
2 Tablespoons melted butter
6 oz fresh blackberries, halved

1 1/2 Cups powdered sugar
3-4 Tablespoons heavy cream

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place both flours, granola, sugars, baking powder, baking soda and salt into a large bowl. In a separate bowl mix the banana, peanut butter, buttermilk and butter until smooth. Add dry ingredients into wet ingredients until just combined. Slowly stir in halved blackberries. Spoon batter into greased cupcake cups filled 3/4 way full. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean from center. Let cool completely. Whisk powdered sugar and heavy cream until smooth. Dip each muffin top into glaze and let dry.


Have a great week! We are off to the Dinosaur Museum today with the kids, see you all soon with a breakfast recipe you won’t want to miss!

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32 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 1
    Elyse says:

    Yay for braces off! That’s always a great feeling! And these muffins, well, they look fabulous. I love your addition of blackberries. I’m sure they added a great depth of flavor–not to mention extra moistness. Delicious!

  2. 2
    Allie says:

    These sounds delicious and so full of yummy flavors as always!

  3. 3
    Katherine Aucoin says:

    What a great celebration treat fpr getting braces off!

  4. 4
    Maria says:

    Love the glaze. These muffins have it all! Yahoo for no more braces!

  5. 5
    Mary says:

    Gorgeous looking muffins, Jenny. I’ll bet they were delicious.

  6. 6
    RecipeGirl says:

    Mmmm! Those flavors sound great together. I had braces as an adult too and felt soooo good when I got them off. Time to eat some sticky things!!

  7. 7
    Steph (I am Bee) says:

    ooh those look you yummy! i love that you combined blackberries with peanut butter.

  8. 8
    Zesty Cook says:

    Jenny, This look amazing! Great Job – stumbled!

  9. 9
    Patsyk says:

    They look irresistable!

  10. 10
    Leslie says:

    The look so very yummy! Have fun wuth the dinos!

  11. 11
    Sara says:

    Oh my…YUM!!!

  12. 12
    Bob says:

    Ooooo, those look good! Blackberries are the bomb.

  13. 13
    Helene says:

    Good for you that your braces are off.

    Love the look of your muffins.

  14. 14
    carol says:

    These look wonderful Jenny…will have to hold this until the blackberries hit the grocery store in a month or so….YUM!

  15. 15
    Katrina says:

    You are so cruel to me, Jenny! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love all your banana creations!
    Send my congrats to the hub about getting braces off from a fellow 5-year brace wearer (ages 14-19)–uuggh! But I love my smile now.

  16. 16
    HoneyB says:

    Love the heart shape and the sound really yummy!!

  17. 17
    Kerstin says:

    Oh yum – what a fantastic flavor combination! And another super cute pan – love it!

  18. 18
    Dawn says:

    ohhh dear. I wish I didn’t click on this one.
    I’m being good, and here are these bad boys. LOL

  19. 19
    Bunny says:

    Now that’s interesting you put the blackberries in to make it taste like jam, Great idea Jenny!!

  20. 20
    Lynda says:

    What a great idea and they look delicious! I love all of these flavors!

  21. 21
    Deborah says:

    I would have never thought of that combination of flavors, but I see how it could be like pb&j. Very creative!

  22. 22
    ConversationsWithACupcake says:

    All of these clever pans! I’m so glad my birthday is around the corner…I know exactly what to ask for!

  23. 23
    Kellie H says:

    I saw peanut butter and had to see what was up! Those look yum-e! I like the pans you use too

  24. 24
    Clumbsy Cookie says:

    Great take on the pb&j!!! They are lovely!

  25. 25
    Nutritious is Delicious says:

    OHHHHH MYY! This recipe just went into the “make in 3 weeks when you go home and actually have an oven/kitchen” folder on my computer! YUM!

  26. 26
    Lisa B. says:

    These look delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  27. 27
    CookiePie says:

    WOW – those look amazing!!!

  28. 28
    Natalie says:

    Oh man! These look great! The flavor combination sounds interesting, and tasty! Yet another recipe has been printed and taped to the fridge.

  29. 29
    The Inexperienced Foodie says:

    everything looks great you are a great photographer

  30. 30
    Alisa - Frugal Foodie says:

    OMG those look so amazing! What a great flavor combination.

  31. 31
    Claire says:

    I made a mixed berry version of this last night and it is oh, so good! Definitely can taste the peanut butter and it’s remarkably moist. Yum! I baked it in 8X8 pans and used a tulip cookie cutter to make tulip shaped bars…so springy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. 32
    Jennifer says:

    Hi! Just found this through Foodily, and I have a question about the granola. Is it dried granola that you call for, to add a crunch? Or are you talking about a dried mix (where I could use old fashioned oats + vanilla/ almond extract instead)? Thanks!

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