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How To Make Perfect M&M Cookies

Learn How To Make Perfect M&M Cookies! These are the best M&M chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had and I simply can’t wait to share them with you!
m&m Cookies

The Best M&M Cookies

Are you ready for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe? I’ve been making these M and M cookies for years now and they are ALWAYS a hit. In fact, I’m making a batch today for some neighbor gifts!

So, what defines a perfect cookie to you? It’s quite different for everyone I imagine. For me, the cookie has to be soft but crispy around the edges with just the right texture. Also, they must not be flat. This cookie that I’ve developed has all of those things which is why this post is called How To Make Perfect M&M Cookies 🙂

Wanna know the secret to creating the lovely texture and shape to these M&M cookies?!!

Secret Ingredient To The Best M&M Cookies!

M&M Cookies

Here’s the secret. I added 3 tablespoons of instant vanilla pudding powder to my dough. You’ll get perfectly fluffy, chewy and bakery style cookies every time.

Perfect M&M Cookie Recipe


Butter and sugars please!

M&M Cookies

Egg and vanilla.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Flour, salt and baking soda please 🙂

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Magical ingredient, the vanilla pudding mix.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Give a nice stir and get ready to add the fun stuff.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh yah! Lately I’ve been using Mini Chocolate Chips for my cookies. Regular size works too, whatever floats your boat. I do recommend using the mini M and M’s though. They can be tricky to find. These were bought at Walmart and Frys in Mesa, AZ.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

For the love of chocolate chips.

M and M Cookies

Be still my mini M and M heart.

M and M Cookies

Yes please!

M and M Cookies

My kind of dough.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do not press the cookie dough before baking. Leave just like this. UPDATE:  If your cookies don’t flatten after baking as my photo shows below, try pressing the cookie dough to about a 1/2″ thickness before you bake.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is how they’ll come out. Perfect! Enjoy friends!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tips For Making The Best M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies

*Don’t alter the recipe, use all ingredients as listed.

*Let cookies cool completely before storing in containers. This will keep their crispness

*Store leftover cookies in an airtight container for 3 days room temperature.

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How To Make Perfect M&M Cookies
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
12 mins
Total Time
22 mins

Learn How To Make Perfect M&M Cookies! These are the best M&M chocolate chip cookies I've ever had and I simply can't wait to share them with you!

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: best chocolate chip cookie recipe, easy chocolate chip cookie recipe, homemade chocolate chip cookies, homemade chocolate chip cookies recipe, m and m cookie recipe, m and m cookies, perfect chocolate chip cookies, soft chocolate chip cookie recipe, the best chocolate chip cookies
Servings: 24 cookies
Calories: 81 kcal
Author: Jenny
  • 1 stick unsalted butter softened
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1-1/2 cups all purpose Gold Medal Flour
  • 3 tablespoons Instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 3/4 cup mini chocolate chips
  • 1 or 1-1/2 cups Mini M and M's
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. and line a large baking sheet with a silpat liner or parchment paper.
  2. In a large mixing bowl cream your butter and sugars until well combined. Add your egg and vanilla mixing to combine. Add your flour, pudding mix, baking soda and salt, stirring to combine. Add chips and m and m's stirring to combine.
  3. With a medium cookie scoop, place dough 1 inch apart from each other. Bake for 10-12 minutes until cooked through. Let cool on cookie sheet for 10 minutes before transferring to cooling rack. Enjoy!
Nutrition Facts
How To Make Perfect M&M Cookies
Amount Per Serving
Calories 81 Calories from Fat 9
% Daily Value*
Fat 1g2%
Cholesterol 7mg2%
Sodium 91mg4%
Potassium 11mg0%
Carbohydrates 16g5%
Sugar 13g14%
Vitamin A 25IU1%
Calcium 11mg1%
Iron 0.3mg2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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m&m cookies



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  1. 1
    Deon says:

    The pudding! Who would have thought? I am totally pinning this recipe and whipping up a batch for my weekend crowd who will sooooo love me (love you) for these! Thanks!


  2. 2

    Jenny they are indeed perfect! Pudding mix is amazing stuff. It keeps everything so soft, moist, tender, and can do no wrong. I love it in banana bread and no matter how hard I try to use other things in it’s place, nothing quite gives me the results that it does. I love these cookies of yours. Pinned!

  3. 3
    marla says:

    Looking good! I’ll have some for breakfast please!

  4. 4

    Beautiful cookies! I also like adding instant pudding into cookie dough…so many flavor options! I normally find the Mini M&M’s in the candy aisle, at my local Wal-Mart- they are so cute and fun to bake with!

  5. 5

    Thank you so much for sharing this secret ingredient Jenny!
    My cookies are usually less good looking than yours.

  6. 6

    I need to try the pudding mix trick! On the lookout for Ghirardelli Mini’s- haven’t spotted those yet!

  7. 7

    Wow! My cookies never come out quite this perfect looking!

  8. 8
    Tieghan says:

    Pudding mix! That is crazy! I am going to the store to buy some today! What a clever idea. These cookies look sooooo good!

  9. 9

    Jenny! These TOTALLY look so perfectly soft! I LOVE pudding in cookies – they’re like the best kept secret ever. Sometimes I don’t even like to tell people I used it 😉 these look amazing!! I NEED to find those Ghiradelli mini’s!!

  10. 10
    Mary says:

    Jenny, these are my favorite all time cookies! I have been messing with a recipe I have, but it just wasn’t turning out how I wanted it to. You found the secret! Thanks, I cant wait to give these a try!!!

  11. 11
    Maria says:

    I love making pudding cookies! So soft!

  12. 12

    these look perfect indeed! I love them, must make them!

  13. 13

    Yes, yes, yes! Such a great classic!

  14. 14
    carrian says:

    Love pudding cookies! These look amazing and I had no idea that Ghirardelli has minis!!

  15. 15

    I’m not sure what it is, but m & m cookies always look and sound so amazing! The colorful m&ms make the cookies so much better than just normal chocolate chips. and pudding cookies, great choice. I can’t wait to try these out!

  16. 16

    Love the pudding mix trick! My kiddos will go crazy for these M&M cookies!

  17. 17

    They are … GORGEOUS ! Unfortunately, in France, I don’t think I would find your magical ingredient ! 🙁
    But they look yummy !

    • 17.1
      Tara says:

      If you don’t have pudding mix you can try what always works for me. I have a great recipe that doesn’t always come that perfect consistency. So, I decided to try ingredients that my mother had used and I had turned my nose up at. Instead of butter I use half margarine and half shortening. I know there are purists who cringe at such ingredients, but seriously…it’s cookies. The enormous amount of sugar and fat in it already makes it a proceed with caution food. All I know is that my cookies always come out perfectly crunchy, chewy and delicious!

      • 17.1.1
        Bora says:

        Cringing purist here- the butter is also the flavor- Margarine & Shortening do nothing to contribute to flavor not to mention that Margarine is full of trans-fats and so bad for you.

  18. 18

    These are just too cute, Jenny!!! The mini chips and candies make them just precious!!!

  19. 19
    Gaby says:

    omg. JELLO!! No way. That is such a cool trick and one that I’ve never tried before! All over this for this weekend.

  20. 20

    They do look perfect and very enticing! And if I made them i would have m and m’s left over. What’s a girl to do?

  21. 21

    Talk about a lightbulb moment!! How had I never heard this secret before! I’m stocking up on pudding mix this week.

  22. 22
    Lori says:

    Wow those do look perfect! I wish I could reach in the monitor and grab one!

    Too bad my oven is broken….I would be baking these tonight otherwise!

  23. 23

    Jenny I think all of your cookies look petty darn perfect anyway:)

  24. 24


  25. 25
    Joan B says:

    Must try these this weekend! I noticed you were stirring by spoon and not mixer. I think this makes a difference in cookies but not sure why. What is your opinion or theory regarding this?

    • 25.1
      Jenny says:

      You know what Joan, I honestly make cookies both ways. Not sure I’ve seen a major difference between the two in my experience.

  26. 26
    Missy says:

    Thank you for posting! I’ve been waiting for this!!

  27. 27

    You can’t go wrong with m&m cookies! I need to try using pudding in cookies like this!

  28. 28

    I recently put pudding in my chocolate chip cookies…it makes a world of difference!!

  29. 29

    OH MY these look amazing!!! We’ll be making these soon for sure.

  30. 30
    Suzi says:

    Do you think you could use chocolate puddin mix? Or would you have
    To adjust the sugar? I oy have chocolate pudding mix right now.

    • 30.1
      Jenny says:

      Not sure about the chocolate pudding mix. Might just make them a bit darker. It’s worth a shot 🙂

      • 30.1.1
        Kelly says:

        Did use the chocolate pudding (only cuz I didn’t have vanilla ). Yes it made them darker but OMG!! Everyone LOVED them this way. I always make m&m chip cookies at Christmas. And this were a wonderful change from the norm. Thanks for sharing your pudding secret.

  31. 31

    This is my favorite cookie ever, ever, ever – and you just made it look even more appealing! Saving these to try soon, thanks Jenny!

  32. 32

    I love pudding mix in cookies! I bet it makes these cookies fabulous!

  33. 33

    OMG! PUDDING! I so have to try these today!

  34. 34

    I love the mini chocolate chips! I just bought a bag and made the mistake of telling my husband I bought them… I dont have them anymore =/ Now let’s hope I can find them again (and hide them from the hubs LOL!!) I havent ever put in the instant pudding into my cookies. I really need to try this 🙂 These cookies look beautiful as ever!

  35. 35
    Diana says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! As much as I’m afraid to bake a batch of the babies (for fear of devouring then all myself), they just look too irresistible to pass up! You described my favorite cookie texture, so vanilla pudding mix is going on my shopping list! 🙂

  36. 36
    Christina @ Oven Advebtures says:

    I’m a total cookie freak. As soon as I saw these I knew I had to make them. My ingredients are coming to room temp right now.

  37. 37

    These look freakishly delicious! I’ll have to try using pudding mix sometime.

  38. 38
    [email protected] bitsy paper says:

    Pudding chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. I have used the pudding recipe with M&Ms too but I also use the whole package. I’m totally trying it like you made them. I can’t wait! I have a new bag of M&Ms ready to be used and a brand new box of pudding. So glad I saw your post. Yummy!

  39. 39
    Michelle says:

    So I NEED to make these like NOW, but all I have is the Sugar Free/Fat Free Instant Pudding Mix…will you still get the same results? I just don’t want to run to the store right now.

  40. 40
    xLoveHappyx says:

    fluffy and chewy? oh man, gotta go get something sweet now!

  41. 41

    These look so good! I love using mini chips and M&Ms in cookies…more in every bite! Pinning these for sure (:

  42. 42
    Leah says:

    I only have sugar free pudding mix right now-would it work?

  43. 43

    Pudding in cookies really is the best. These do look perfect, Jenny!

  44. 44
    Anne says:

    Baked these this afternoon. They are delicious, though mine ran and were very thin…not as thick and beautiful as yours. I’m sure I measured the ingredients correctly…any thoughts?

  45. 45

    omg! they look amazing!! i want two dozen 🙂

  46. 46

    I need to make these immediately!! They definitely do look absolutely perfect! 🙂

  47. 47

    Oh I think these are going to be another class favorite! Thank you!

  48. 48
    Eloise says:

    looks awesome! where did you find those mini mms?

  49. 49
    Eloise says:

    have you experimented with different flavored pudding?

  50. 50
    Debbie says:

    Just made these and they were delicious! I followed the recipe exactly. My only question is should the dough ingredients be doubled? Or the chocolate halved? My dough would hardly stay together with all the chocolate. Also, my baked cookies look like they have double the chocolate that yours have?

    • 50.1
      Jenny says:

      Hi Debbie, I made mine exactly how the recipe is stated, you could certainly reduce your chocolate chips next time 🙂 xoxo

      • 50.1.1
        Kristin says:

        My batter was very crumbly too?? I had to form it into balls and pack it to stay together. Hmmmmm.

          Megan says:

          I still had a LOT of chips at the bottom of the bowl that wouldn’t combine with the dough because there was so much chocolate. And it did appear that it had way more than your picture after they were baked. If I make these again I will half the amount of chocolate. And not as soft as I expected. Tasty recipe otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

            amy a says:

            Supper yummy, but my dough was crumbly too 🙁

            Kay says:

            yes mine were crumbly too-they are in the oven right now..hope they turn out well still…

            Kaytlin says:

            So I have made these cookies twice now. The first time the batter was super crumbly and they didn’t spread at all! They were like little ball cookies. I did some research and found out that crumbly batter and no spreading was a sign of too much flour (I used about 1- 1 1/4 cup). I also didn’t put near as many chocolate chips and M&M’s. They turned out SO much better. Also, I found that mixing the flour a little at a time helps (I hand mixed mine as well). Hopefully this helps some of you!

    • 50.2
      Jenny says:

      I found that the chip/M&M to flour ration was WAY too high and it wouldn’t mix. So I whipped up an additional batch of dough with no chips/M&Ms and mixed that in, and it was STILL a lot of chocolate! Much better though. THANKS!

  51. 51
    Michelle says:

    I just made these and mine spread out flat. I followed the recipe exactly, made sure my butter was not too soft and chilled the dough for an hour. Is there anything else I could have done to achieve the fluffy texture yours show in the picture? Maybe add more flour? This is the first PP recipe that hasn’t worked out for me, thanks for all the great recipes you share with us!

    • 51.1
      Jenny says:

      Hi Michelle, I’m sorry to hear these were flat. I’ve made these a few times now and they have been fluffy each time. I’m stumped! Wish I could be in the kitchen with you so we could figure it out! xoxo

      • 51.1.1
        Michelle says:

        Thanks Jenny! They tasted really good, just not pretty like yours. I will increase the flour next time, that might help. : )

          nancy k says:

          Just read your comment. It could be that the temp in your oven is off or is flucuating during baking. I noticed silimar problems a while back and learned later that the problem was with my oven. The ignitor needed to be replaced.

    • 51.2
      Megan says:

      Did you put dry pudding mix? Or prepared pudding?

  52. 52
    Renee says:

    Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy!!!!! I wish I was eating these right now.

  53. 53
  54. 54

    I loooove the look of these!! Yum!

  55. 55

    […] Oh, and there is a secret ingredient to make your cookies thick and tender every time…it’s pudding mix! Just a few tablespoons makes a world of difference. My friend Jenny gives a perfect example here! […]

  56. 56

    Oh, Jenny-girl, these sounds fantastic. Love the M&M’s but I’m an M&M freak, anyway! ha!

  57. 57

    Love that you use pudding mix in these beauties! I add it to everything sweet that goes in the oven 🙂

  58. 58
    Nellie says:

    I just had to make these because I adore all things mini M&M’s. Well, mine did not come out as pretty as yours but they sure as heck did taste delicious and my 5 year old daughter agrees!

    Thanks for this recipe – so much fun to make, so cheerfully colorful and fabulously delicious!

  59. 59
    Thesha says:

    These look like little bits of heaven! The kids and I will be making these this weekend!

  60. 60
    Eloise says:

    I had the same problem as debbie. 🙁 wonder what went wrong.
    Thankful that I didnt have to throw away, they tasted great!

  61. 61
    Megan says:

    Ah, they look so good! I love the mini chocolate chips! Do you think I could replace the jello mix with cornstarch? I’ve heard that the jello mix contains cornstarch which is what does the trick…

  62. 62
    Trooppetrie says:

    I just made these for our church and family, can I post them on my blog and link back to you

  63. 63
    Justine Green says:

    Jenny, my cookies taste great, but they didn’t stick together. They are crumbly. I followed the recipe to T. Should I increase wet ingredients?

    • 63.1
      Nancy Karnoski says:

      I had the same problem. I am really disappointed. There doesn’t seem to be enough liquid ingredients in this recipe. I looked at the Toll House cookie recipe, and it has 2 eggs. This only has one.

  64. 64
    Amy says:

    Made them and they taste great! However, Jenny sure has a high sugar tolerance…a little too sweet for me. I would probably reduce the sugar and chocolate chips a bit! They felt a bit too salty as well, but we barely use salt in anything so that could be my family!

  65. 65

    Beautiful pictures, mouth watering, in fact;) I love good plump cookie!

  66. 66
    Karin says:

    Do you have a cookie scooper that you recommend?

  67. 67
    Jeph says:

    I’m with Debbie – I just put these in the oven and while the raw dough tastes great, I’m wondering how they’ll bake up. The chocolate chip + mini M&M to dough ratio seems off. There’s so much filler stuff that the dough was hardly visible, and I worry about structural integrity. Granted, I like my choc chip recipes with a lighter hand on the choc chips, but this actually seems overwhelmed. Assuming they taste as good as your pictures look, I’ll just dial down the addins next time.

  68. 68
    Holly says:

    These turned out perfect. Although my cookies didn’t seem to spread as much. I used a medium scoop and yours seem much bigger. I will definitely be making these again so I think I will try withy large scoop. Thanks for the fabulous recipe!!!!

  69. 69
    Anne says:

    I made these tonight. They are chocolate heaven. However, mine spread more than yours did. They are thin and chewy with crispy edges. No complaints. But the finished product is not thick. I followed recipe to letter. Any suggestions to why? Thanks though. They are chocolatey and yummy.

    • 69.1
      Anne says:

      I think I know why they spread after going back. I took this to mean 1&1/2 cups butter- “1 stick/1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened”

      I put too much butter in. You meant only one stick didn’t you? Now I know for next time.

      • 69.1.1
        Justine G. says:

        Anne, I think you solved my problem. I’m comment 63! My cookie dough didn’t stick together at all and when baked, they stayed in the scoop shape. I may have misread the amount of butter. I only added one stick…

          nancy k says:

          You read the recipe correctly…It is one stick which is 1/2 cup . I am not sure why you had the dryness problem but for the amount of flour and sugar the recipe calls for, the one stick should be enough.

          Karen M. says:

          Mine stayed in the scoop shape, too! Did I mix the butter,sugar, egg mixture too long?

  70. 70

    I saw these on IG… they do look absolutely perfect! 🙂

  71. 71

    […] immediately made me realize I had struck gold. Once I got past the image I read the title of this post, “How to make perfect M&M cookies” and given the fact that her cookies looked so […]

  72. 72
    nancy k says:

    These cookies look yummy.Thanks for sharing. I love using mini chips too but often can’t find the mini M&M’s so I have taken to smashing the regular size M&M’s before adding to the batter. The look isn’t as pretty but it eliminates the cracking that happens with the larger ones. I also like the idea of adding just 3 TLBs of pudding instead of the whole package.

  73. 73
    Nancy Jo says:

    Hi there Jenny 🙂 I love your cookbook and your recipe posts!!! I have a favor/request to ask…is there anyway to include in your email subject line what recipe is inside? I find myself going back thru several to find a recipe I am looking for. If so that would be great in my “saved recipes” from you!! Thanks so much!! NJ

  74. 74
    Tasha says:

    In the process of making, my batter doesn’t seem very moist at all. Is that normal? And there is no way I am getting 2 dozen cookies out of it

    • 74.1
      Jenny says:

      Hmmmm, I definitely got 2 dozen cookies with my recipe. Is your cookie scoop huge? If your dough seems too dry you can add a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil to help 🙂

  75. 75
    DD says:

    Hi Jenny, question? Could you freeze the dough exactly how it is with all the add ins. These look super yummy & M&M cookies are my favorite!

  76. 76
    Theone says:

    These were amazing! My son loved them. The only thing I did was add two eggs instead of one. My dough wasn’t sticking with just one egg. Great recipe!!

  77. 77
    Mommypage says:

    Your M & M cookies are so pretty! Chocolate chips and M & Ms is a delicious combination. Your picture makes the cookies look amazing!

  78. 78
    Krystal says:

    I’ve been waiting for a recipe to try with my leftover mini M&Ms and vanilla pudding mix! They taste great! Lots of chocolate, which I love!

  79. 79

    THese look amazing! I feel like I just gained 5 pounds. Can’t wait to bake these. I prefer using the mini chips!

  80. 80
    Natalie G says:

    I made a double batch of this recipe yesterday substituting Trader Joe’s Gluten Free All Purpose Flour (I am gluten intolerant) for regular flour and they were outstanding! They did turn out a little flatter than your photos but maybe that was due to the GF flour. Anyway, they were so delicious and no one could tell they were GF. I am sure the addition of the pudding mix was the reason. Thanks for a great recipe!

  81. 81
    minnersmom says:

    I knew something about this batter sounded like it was going to be awesome with addition of the instant vanilla pudding mix – and it was! I didn’t make these exact cookies as I had no mini M&Ms but I used chocolate chips and Kraft Caramel nuggets – and WOW! They are unreal! I have only so-so luck with regular/original chocolate chip cookie dough so this will now be my go-to dough for any kind of chocolate chip or ‘fun add-in’ cookie. AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!

  82. 82

    […] week Jenny Flake over at The Picky Palate had a recipe up for making the perfect M & M cookies. From her pictures you can see that they do indeed look to be absolutely perfect! When I saw them […]

  83. 83
    Trisha says:

    Your cookies look awesome! Do you think it would be ok to double this recipe?

  84. 84
    Trisha says:

    Do you think this recipe would double ok?

  85. 85
    Lorna says:

    I used one of your old chocolate chip cookie recipes. Then I added 6 Tablespoons of the vanilla pudding powder along with the bag of mini M&M’s and mini chocolate chips. This recipe looks like it is cut in half so I doubled the vanilla pudding ingredient to the old chocolate chip recipe. The dough was perfect and they look and taste phenomenal!

  86. 86
    Jody says:

    I had an opened box of pudding in my cupboard from when I made your green velvet donuts so I made these yesterday…Very easy and yummy! I love that they don’t get flat like my cookies usually do :-)Great texture, and it really was a very simple recipe. Thanks Jenny!

  87. 87
    Sara says:

    So… Just made these today. I live in Colorado so the altitude may make a difference. The dough was VERY dry and it was hard to get all of the M&M’s to stick in the dough. I did not add the chocolate chips (thank goodness otherwise there would not have been enough dough to hold all of the chocolatey goodness). My suggestion would be to add 1 -2 tsp water or maybe another egg? Thoughts?

  88. 88

    […] figured it’d be a great day to stay indoors and try out some new recipes! These cookies from Picky Palate are amazing, and the M&M’s can easily be substituted for something of your preference. […]

  89. 89
    Beth says:

    To those that were having difficulty getting “pretty” cookies — I was having the same problem until I decided to chill my dough in the fridge. Once chilled, they came out exactly as Jenny’s looked! They held their shape better on the pan when cold…. hope this helps!

  90. 90

    I bookmarked this. My husband LOVES M&M cookies, this might be great for his birthday!

  91. 91

    Oh my! These do look perfect and we love the exact same cookie – fluffy, chewy and a little crispy! Thanks for sharing – I will definitely be adding pudding mix to future cookies!!

  92. 92
    Heather says:

    I made these this past weekend with my 3 year old, she had a blast and she really enjoyed them! They turned out beautiful and delishious thank you for sharing your recipe. (Note we used regular sizedd m&m’s)

  93. 93

    Your cookies do look absolutely perfect! Yum!!

  94. 94
    Rieneke says:

    Just made these and although they don’t look nearly as pretty as yours, they sure taste great! Thanks

  95. 95
    Sibylle says:

    So fun for children! How many cookies do you get out of the recipe? Thank you!

  96. 96
    Sibylle says:

    How many cookies do you get out of this recipe?
    Thank you!!

  97. 97
    Ashley says:

    I made these and I have to say this is one of the FIRST Pinterest recipes that has EVER turned out! Thanks, I was happy I didn’t make them and then have disappointing cookies.

  98. 98
    Aubrey says:

    Best M&M cookie recipe! We loved it! The amount to chocolate and M&Ms seemed like a lot to me, so I reduced the choc chips to 1/3 cup and M&Ms down to 1 cup and they turned out great.

  99. 99
    Gina says:

    These are amazing! Thanks for the recipe. I used 1 c. of m&m’s and 3/4 c. chocolate chips.

  100. 100

    […] That recipe can be found here: Perfect M&M cookies […]

  101. 101

    […] slightly adapted Perfect M&M Cookies recipe from Picky Palate. It uses pudding mix. Have you tried adding pudding to your cookie dough? It makes them incredibly […]

  102. 102
    Kimberly S. says:

    I made these last night with carmel bits and chocolate chips and they are absolutely the best cookies. Thank you so much for the recipe. I will be using this over and over. My kiddo loved them too!

  103. 103

    Gorgeous!! I always include chocolate chips with my M&M cookies as well 🙂 Definitely going to have to try these, I am a sucker for anything with M&M’s.

  104. 104
    Sharon says:

    I made these but the dough came out dry and crumbly. I followed all the steps correctly and I don’t know what happened. Any ideas what caused it?

  105. 105
    jessica says:

    Is it 1 stick of butter that equals 1/2 acup or 1 stick plus 1/2 cup?

  106. 106
    Margaret says:

    These cookies are PERFECT! This is the cookie recipe I’ve been waiting for. Thanks so much for the recipe! It’s definitely a keeper =)

  107. 107
    jeanette says:

    I made these this morning and they were just perfect. I made sure my butter was softened so cookie dough would not be too thick. Loved them!

  108. 108
    Manda says:

    These cookies are so, so amazing!! I’ve made them 3 times already and everyone loves them. I want to add pudding mix to everything now! 🙂

  109. 109
    Natasha says:

    These look delicious! Being in England, I’ll be using smarties instead of M and Ms. However, I know that us Brits don’t have pudding. I do know that custard powder is sometimes used in biscuits (cookies for you!). We don’t have ‘pudding’ powder, do you have any idea whether custard powder would work, perhaps not quite as well but would it do? Thanks!

  110. 110
    Abby says:

    So the butter is one full stick plus a half cup?

    • 110.1
      Vanessa says:

      It is only 1 stick of butter which equals to 1/2 cup. That is why she put 1 stick/1/2 cup. Hope that makes sense 🙂

  111. 111
    Clover says:

    My daughter and I made these for her bake sale at school, they turned out great. Doubled the recipe, but not the amount of chocolate, and it was perfect. Basically 3/4 cup mini choc chips, and 1 bag of mini m&m’s was plenty of chocolate. Thanks for a yummy cookie recipe.

  112. 112

    […] the chance to try a new cookie recipe. After scrolling Pinterest for some fresh ideas, the “How to Make Perfect M&M Cookies” recipe caught my eye. Turns out, they are the perfect cookies! Everyone that tried them […]

  113. 113
    Hannah says:

    These were so soft and delicious! There was a lot of chocolate but I just mixed it in with my hands and it turned out great. Everyone couldn’t keep their hands off them.

  114. 114
    Georgia says:

    I made these tonight and they were so delicious! I am in Utah, so my dough was NOT crumbly, as per the directions. In fact, I had to add about 3T of flour. But it was delicious!

  115. 115
    Christy Bergeron says:

    I made these cookies last night for my daugher’s poetry party at school today. I hestitated sending them to school this morning becuase I wanted to eat all of them myself. What a great recipe! Thanks for sharing! Christy

  116. 116
    Cristina Cabrera says:

    Delicious! Thank you for share your Secret with us. I love your blog. Best regards from Sao Paulo, Brasil. Cristina

  117. 117
    maria says:

    Can the perfect m and m cookies be made with a mixer? They look so delicious !

  118. 118
    Thea says:

    I’ve made these two times in the past three days. They really are PERFECT! This will now be my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe.

  119. 119

    […] I have to scan the recipe and photographs to see what might justify the usage of that label.  Picky Palate  claims that using instant vanilla pudding mix creates chewy, bakery-style cookies.  I was […]

  120. 120
    Leanna says:

    Hi Jenny! These look great! Do you think they would taste good if i put reeses pieces instead of m&ms?


  121. 121
    HijabiMommy says:

    Hello Jenny! Love your website.

    I made these yesterday and I have to tell you they are out of this world! So delicious and the texture is amazing.

    I followed your exact recipe and didn’t have a single problem. I made them side-by-side with Nestle Tollhouse cookies and yours came out beautiful compare to theirs! They kept their shape while the Tollhouse one’s kinda spread all over the place. Good job!

    These are going to be my go-to recipe!

    Thanks a bunch!

  122. 122
    Rani15md says:

    I just made these and they turned out fabulous!! Thanks for the great recipe!!

  123. 123
    Charro M. says:

    Thanks for the recipe! I made them and they were absolutely amazing! 🙂

  124. 124
    Lynne says:

    I made these and they’re delish! Too many M & Ms for me – next time will use only 1 cup mini MMs.

  125. 125
    Kathryn says:

    I made this dough, added a tablespoon of cinnamon, used cinnamon chips instead of the mini-chips and M&Ms, and sprinkled the tops with cinnamon sugar. So good!

  126. 126
    Karen says:

    I made these today and they were the best cookies ever.

  127. 127
    Natasha says:

    These cookies are amazing!! I can’t stop baking them and they disappear in a day or two. If your dough ends up crumbly its a possibility you are scooping the flour instead of spooning it loosely into the measuring cup. This causes the flour to pack down and ends up putting too much flour in the dough. If this isn’t the problem then I would suggest putting a couple tablespoons less flour.

  128. 128
    Vanessa says:

    I have made these cookies like 10 times! I am in love with this recipe. I cannot get enough of them. Def. my favorite cookie recipe :))) Thank you!

  129. 129
    Adriana says:

    Mine did not flatten out! What did I do wrong:(

  130. 130
    Laura says:

    I made these cookies today and they are absolutely delicious! The perfect cookie texture and lots of chocolate! Yum! I found this recipe on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!!

  131. 131

    […] Recipe adapted from Picky-Palate […]

  132. 132
    Dani says:

    Can you use the dough to make a cookie cake?

  133. 133
    melanie says:

    Just made these, mine were a little plumper than your final product and I had to bake them for 20 minutes, but they turned out AMAZING!!!! It did seem like the dough could have used more wet ingredients, I had a tough time getting the chips and m&ms to mix in, but again I dont care because they were the drop cookie I have ever made!!!

  134. 134
    College Cook says:

    Wow, these are perfect! Thanks for the recipe.

  135. 135
    Dee says:

    I made these last night, I am probably not like most people but I felt like these had way too many chocolate chips and m&m’s in them. I couldn’t get them all to mix into my cookie dough. I taste way more chocolate that cookie. I will defiantly cut back next time I make them.

  136. 136
    Michelle says:

    Great taste, but too many chocolate chips and M&Ms….couldn’t mix them all into the dough. Mine didn’t flatten out either like pictured – they kept the shape of the cookie scoop.

  137. 137
    Lauren Chesani says:

    Hey! I am about to attempt to make a batch of these cookies. My dad went to the store and accidentally bought cook-and-serve pudding instead of instant pudding. Will that completely mess up the recipe?

    Thank you! (:

  138. 138
    Rachel says:

    Hi. I live in Idaho and have trouble baking cookies-they are puffy when they go in the oven but flat as can be when they come out. Is there a high altitude version??

  139. 139
    Jacq says:

    Great recipe, thank you for sharing. I made the cookies last night and they turned out fabulous, I brought 2 into work to indulge in later on. Only changes I made were omitting the chocolate chips and I added a splash of milk because my dough was not sticking. I cooked them for 11 minutes and they came out beautiful. Enjoy! 🙂

  140. 140

    Hello there my children fellow member! I must point out that this article is awesome, good written you need to include almost all important infos. I must appearance extra content like this .

  141. 141
    Cynthia says:

    I’ve made this twice and they taste awesome, but the batter has turned out kind of dry. The first time I thought maybe I overmeasured flour. This time I’m not sure what I did! Any suggestions? I cream the room temp butter for 5 min and it looks great after egg and vanilla, but by the time I add dry ingredients, it’s pretty tough. Yummy, but tough.

  142. 142
    Veronica says:

    Look amazing! Could you please indicate the total weight (in grams please) of 1 stick and 1/2 cup of butter? Thanks a lot!

  143. 143
    Angela says:

    I’ve tried making these twice, and they are delicious.. But they don’t flatten out like yours do. Is there something that I am doing wrong??

  144. 144
    tina says:

    Second time making them. They are great. I double the mix but not the chips and Ms. And they are just right.

  145. 145
    Olivia says:

    I had really high hopes for these cookies. However when I put these in the over, to my disappointment, the cookies stayed in their round balls. They didn’t look like cookies. Just like round blobs. I then had to press down the burning cookies with my hands.

  146. 146

    […] When you hear the words “cafeteria” and “cookies” in the same sentence, most of us would probably cringe in fear.  When my sisters brought me this Pinterest pin begging for me to make them these “cafeteria cookies”, as they were calling them (they look like the cookies the school sells at lunch), I was skeptical.  But after a lot of reassurance from my sisters insisting if the cookies tasted anything like the ones they could buy from their school the recipe would be a keeper, I decided to go ahead and try it out. Luckily I had all the ingredients in my pantry, making the allure of the recipe even more inviting.  You can find the original pin and recipe here. […]

  147. 147
    Brittany says:

    I wad wondering how much butter do I use is it 1/2 c or 1 1/2 cups

  148. 148
    Kate says:

    I just made these and I’m not sure what I did different, but they did not turn out all that great. The dough was very crumbly and didn’t flatten out after baking. The final cookie is pretty, but a bit dry.

  149. 149
    Stacy says:

    Going to the store NOW!!!! these cookies look soooooo GOOD!!!! I love anything sweet and I just woke up with the idea to make these cookies, started researching recipies and I fell in love with this one!! Think i want to add some white chocolate chips as well!!!!

  150. 150
    megan says:

    Tried these and mt cookies came out super flat!

  151. 151
    Lesa Lung says:

    I made these yesterday and I am amking them again today. Wow! They are awesome!

  152. 152
    Krin says:

    What am I doing wrong!? I’ve made these cookies twice and neither time did they turn out like yours! This first time they were too dry and the second time they are small and not as pretty. Help please!

  153. 153
    Missy says:

    I just made these with a few modifications. (Didn’t have all the required ingredients on hand, but just HAD to try the pudding thing.) I used turbinado sugar, instead of brown … chocolate pudding, instead of vanilla and Almond Joy pieces, instead of chocolate chips and M&MS. Oh my gosh, so yummy. I am a pudding convert! The chocolate pudding was a total success … made the cookies a pretty light brown color and added a nice chocolate undertone. I only plopped three Almond Joy pieces on each cookie, after scooping them on the tray, so the added chocolate pudding flavor was probably needed. Crispy edges with chewy centers. So yummy, will make again (with proper ingreds)!

  154. 154
  155. 155

    […] Adapted From: Picky Palate […]

  156. 156
    Yovani says:

    What can i use instead of eggs? My mother is vegan and i really wanted to make them for her.

    • 156.1
      Jenny says:

      Yovani, sorry for the late reply. We have not tested this recipe without eggs so we can’t be much help. I just googled an egg substitute and found suggestions so I would say try that. Good luck! 🙂

  157. 157

    […] orginal recipe comes from Picky Palate, I changed the recipe a little bit, adjusting it what I had, and it came up perfectly! The cookies […]

  158. 158
    Lottice says:

    Does your pudding trick work on other cookie recipes?

  159. 159

    looks amazing…and they are delicious

  160. 160
    Kara says:

    1stick of unsalted butter, correct? These look amazing! Can’t wait to try them 🙂 thanks

  161. 161
    Jenn says:

    I didn’t have vanilla pudding on hand since I grabbed white chocolate on accident. Wow. I’m glad I did! White chocolate gave it a different flavor than I was expecting; dare I say, a better one! White chocolate m&m cookies will be happening again, for sure.

  162. 162
    Kara says:

    Just a question about your recipe. I live in a very humid state. Would I need to add pudding to make them nmoist, or do you think the air would have an effect on them? We moved here only a week ago, so the humidity thing is new for me. Is it humid or dry where you live?


  163. 163
    Esther says:

    For the 1 – 1 1/2 cups of mini m and ‘s is that 2cups and a half??

  164. 164
    Jillian says:

    I just made these and they were delicious! I just put in 1 cup of M&Ms and placed a few on top of each scoop of dough on the baking tray. Crispy edges, soft middles – PERFECT (as the name suggests) Thanks for the recipe! I’m thankful for a thick tasty cookie that does not require chill time.

  165. 165

    […] my baking buddy came across this recipe from Picky Palate and I’m not going to lie, they were really good.  I’ve always […]

  166. 166

    […] Have I convinced you how perfect these cookies are yet? Seriously my new favorite! This recipe is inspired by Picky Palate. […]

  167. 167

    […] forgot to snap a photo of the finished product, and now they are all gone! I used this recipe from Picky Palate blog, and I definitely encourage you to try them yourself! I love using both mini chocolate chips and […]

  168. 168
    Jackie says:

    Just made these…perfect! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I would have never thought to add pudding mix to a cookie recipe!

  169. 169
    nadda says:

    My daughter and I just made these together. We bought an M&M cookie at the mall yesterday and I saw this pinned today so I was inspired to try. SUCCESS! My daughter declares they are better than the ones at the mall, and I must agree! Thank you you sharing! This is my new go-to cookie recipe for sure!

  170. 170

    […] recipe is adapted from Picky Palate. She is totally right- these are the perfect M&M […]

  171. 171
    Lindsay says:

    I do have to say that I was skeptical that these would be perfect…but you are SO RIGHT! I just blogged about making these. Everyone in my family has loved them so far! I just used less m&m’s and chocolate chips- but you made a great recipe!

  172. 172
    Kallie says:

    What is the reason for using kosher salt? What is the difference and will the cookies come out differently if I just use table salt?

    • 172.1
      Jenny says:

      Kallie, sorry for the late reply. If you use regular salt you will need to use less quantity. I don’t know how much less exactly.

  173. 173

    […] week Jenny Flake over at The Picky Palate had a recipe up for making the perfect M & M cookies. From her pictures you can see that they do indeed look to be absolutely perfect! When I saw them […]

  174. 174
    Kerani says:

    These looked yummy. But failed for me. The were really puffy and I followed the recipe word for word. Maybe its because of the high altitude!!

  175. 175
    Lisa says:

    Loved this recipe! I have made them several times. I found that the cookies were extra chewy if I made the dough and put it in the fridge for a while or even until the next day.

  176. 176

    […] made these cookies for many years and lost the recipe.  I ran across this recipe from Picky Palate on pinterest and it looked similar to the recipe I used to use so I had […]

  177. 177

    […] title of this recipe is Perfect M&M Cookies. I did not create that title, but I could not agree with it more. When I imagine how M&M cookies […]

  178. 178
    Annemarie says:

    I am not a fan of chocolate chip cookies. But my husband and I have been craving somthing sweet before bed. We have tried ice cream and fro yogurt but nothing is just right. I found this the otger day and it looked so good I tried it tonight. I am in love with these cookies. My husband loves them too.just the pefect sweet treat before bed. I am wondering if you can use the secret ingredent in other cookie recipes? Mmmm so good.

  179. 179
    Monica says:

    These are delicious cookies, but I will definitely add another egg or some milk next time. My batter was super crumbly. And then I would cut the chocolate to maybe 1/2 cup chocolate chips and 1 cup m & m’s. I had leftover chocolate in the bottom of my bowl too. Which was delicious to eat but didn’t help my batter stick together any better. Definitely will make again though! Great flavor!

  180. 180
    valerie says:

    I’ve made the cookies a few times now and everyone who tries them says they are the best cookies they’ve ever eaten. Thanks for the great recipe!

  181. 181
    Angelica says:

    I have made these about 8 times now, and they come out perfectly EVERY time. This is the BEST cookie recipe out there!

  182. 182
    Brit says:

    This was my first Picky Palate recipe ever, and it was a success! I used peanut butter chips instead of chocolate chips, and I highly recommend that 🙂 Delicious!

  183. 183
    Sarah says:

    Wow – those look amazing! I’ll have to give them a try sometime, my kids would love them I’m sure!

  184. 184

    […] found THIS recipe online and they are amazing!!!! Kudos Picky […]

  185. 185
    Anna M says:

    I am a long time baking blog reader, but never think to comment on things I’ve tried. I just had to say that these are amazing! They turned out perfectly! I chilled the dough in the freezer for a bit as I was impatient… They are thick and soft and beautiful.

    The pudding mix is a very rare find in Ireland but I happened upon it in a shop in Dublin. It is super pricey here, but I’m converted. I am going to stock up pronto while I can!

    Thanks for a recipe I will use again and again 🙂

  186. 186
    Andrea says:

    I made these cookies and I followed the recipe exactly, they were perfect! My only problem was that the cookies didn’t flatten when they baked and they stayed as little mounds when they came out of the oven and as they cooled off. Any way I could maybe fix this? Still delicious either way and everyone loved them!

  187. 187
    Pamela says:

    These cookies are beautiful to look at! They have a rich taste that we all love. We searched for mini M&Ms in WA state but couldn’t find any so we settled for regular size. Our dough was crumbly and wouldn’t stay together unless we packed them. The packing made them lose the amazing chewiness that we all love in a good cookie. The next time we will reduce the chocolate and see if that helps. Thank you for sharing!

    • 187.1
      Andrea says:

      I made these in WA state as well but I ended up finding the mini m&m’s in the candy dispensers at WinCo! I also resorted to buying the tubes at Fred Meyer when I needed a little extra.

  188. 188
    Heather says:

    Can’t wait to try these! Can you freeze/refrigerate this dough? If so, up to how long? I need them for next Friday but I’d like to go ahead and make the dough now while I have time!

  189. 189
    Tayler says:

    I just made these cookies and they were amazing! I used peanut butter mnm’s just because I was feeling the peanut butter vibes… but they turned out so good!! Definitely going to make these again really soon!!!! 🙂

  190. 190
    Ray says:

    Super easy came out perfect, I doubled the recipe because between the guys in my house and the neighbors they would be gone in 15 mins. I also chilled the dough for 15 mins!

  191. 191
    Jessica says:

    These are so yummy…already made them twice and I just found the recipe last week. My boys and husband loved them. The first time I made them they were perfect…exactly like the picture! The second time they seemed to run a bit and seemed thinner-still yummy but not as fluffy? Any ideas why? My only thought was the 1st time I had the dough in the fridge.

  192. 192
    KayleneP says:

    Have just found this recipe via Pinterest and I must say your cookies look divine! Will be giving this recipe a try soon!

  193. 193
    Rhonda says:

    This was a very good recipe. I didnt have instant vanilla pudding but had the cook and serve and it turned out great.
    I do agree with some of the other post about the batter being very dry but they still turned out really good.
    Thanks for sharing this one!

  194. 194
    Claire Mendenhall says:

    I found this recipe on Pinterest and have made them 3 times in the last month!!!! Love them!!!

  195. 195
    mikaella says:

    Hi there!

    I just made this. They melted and now are just one really big retangular cookie. I followed your recipe to the letter. It tastes ok, but they are reaaaaaally greasy. I just ate one and my hand got all shiny… I put the exact same amount of everything, and the only thing different was that my M&M’s are the normal size, not minis. 🙁
    It actually is the second time I tried the recipe. The first one I didn’t have the pudding mix, so I wasn’t surprised when they ended up all melted, but were not greasy, and tasted good.. This time I used the mix (dry, not prepared) and followed the recipe. I thought I’d finally make cookies that looked like cookies 🙁 (Mine always have something wrong…maybe the cookie god isn’t fond of me)

  196. 196
    Sydny says:

    Thank you for the recipe!
    they tasted DELISH!!

    One issue, mine did not seem to flatten out and expand.
    So, on my second batch in the oven I flatted them with a spatula before baking.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

  197. 197
    Jenn says:

    My dough came out crumbly added an extra egg and turned out great! Thank you!!!

  198. 198
    Michelle Whitman says:

    I am looking forward to making these cookies! Have you ever made the dough and then frozen it? I am wondering if the cookies will be as good if the dough is frozen ahead of time. I love to keep home-made cookie dough balls in my freezer 🙂

  199. 199
    Sal says:

    mine did not flatten on. The were just mounds

  200. 200
    Kryssi says:

    SO, I don’t have butter but can i use margarine? I also have the pudding mix. If I can use margarine can I still use the pudding mix?

  201. 201

    […] from Picky Palate […]

  202. 202
    Debbie says:

    We are making these this weekend for my daughters wedding that is a month away. Will these keep if we freeze them?

  203. 203
    Nea says:

    Hey! These look SO delicious, and I want to make them. I was wondering where you live? I’m in Utah, so I typically have to alter things for high altitude. What altitude are you at? I want them to be perfect like yours. :o)

  204. 204

    […] are amazing. Perhaps the best I have made yet. And very, very easy to prepare. I found the recipe here. The secret ingredient is Jello vanilla pudding mix. Who would’ve thought! It really improves […]

  205. 205
    JAMES R. says:

    I just finished making these & they are to die for!!!

    Now I know how to spoil my wife when I want something…. 8 D

  206. 206
    Dinah says:

    I just made these again tonight, my family LOVES them. My picky son declares that they’re the “best cookies in the world” every time. I usually double the batch and just put the whole packet of pudding in. LOVE this recipe! My cookies look just like your pictures, I like to make them small too. I make two trays and save the rest of the dough for later in the week.

  207. 207
    Rebecca says:

    LOVE these cookies, thank you for sharing. What type of pan do you have? Ive been looking and just cant find it anywhere…

    • 207.1
      Jenny says:

      Hi Rebecca, In the directions area of the recipe above, click on “large baking sheet” and it takes you to a link in Amazon. That’s the pan I used. We get a small cut from that link. You don’t have to buy it there but it’s an option if you prefer using Amazon. Good luck!! 🙂

  208. 208

    […] from The Picky Palate google_ad_client = "pub-7435570016343368"; google_ad_width = 250; google_ad_height = 250; […]

  209. 209
    Christina says:

    These cookies had me at first sight! They just looked so perfectly delicious that I had to give them a try. I made a double-batch so we could take some to my daughter’s soccer game and have some left at home. So glad I did! These turned out beautifully AND they were tasty too! Such a simple ingredient sure turned these in to fool-proof cookies!

  210. 210
    Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the tip! It’s so wonderful of you to share your secrets with the world.

  211. 211
  212. 212

    […] Mini M&M & Chocolate Chip Cookies: […]

  213. 213
    Amber says:

    My cookies did not flatten out like yours, they stayed rounded up like mounds and the dough was a little crumbly. Any suggestions why?

    • 213.1
      Jenny says:

      Press the dough down before you bake it. If your dough is crumbly you can add a couple of tablespoons of oil or butter. Hope this helps.

  214. 214
    Janelle C. says:

    Hubs found the mini M&Ms at Target for me!

  215. 215
    katrina dehaven says:

    These are pretty dang tasty. My kids love them fresh out of the oven. Was just wondering if you have ever tried making these with browned butter? Some of my fave cookies and frosting use that and it just makes it even better! Thanks for your amazing recipes! Not a single one has disappointed yet!!!

  216. 216

    Cannot wait to make these! Thanks for sharing!

  217. 217

    […] (recipe adapted from Picky Palate) […]

  218. 218
    DinT says:

    Made these today and they were great! Had no problems with being crumbly but it was a firm dough. Would definitely make these again and probably would even make a double batch!

  219. 219
    Chelsea says:

    I made these tonight and they were amazing! They have the best texture of any chip cookie I have ever made. Must be the pudding! I had sugar free instant vanilla and it was perfect. Also, I only had frozen butter and decided to make these spur of the moment so I used margarine. I don’t ever bake with margarine but they were actually delicious. I also used regular size m&ms and chocolate chips (but less–maybe 1 cup m&ms and 1/2 cup chips) and mixed them in using the kitchen aid instead of by hand and it broke the m&ms into smaller pieces which was perfect. Thanks for the great recipe!!

  220. 220
    Annie says:

    I followed this recipe to a T and the turned out as pucks! Very disappointed.

  221. 221

    […] ShortbreadM&M CookiesOatmeal ToffeeSoft SnickerdoodlesChoco-PB-Nutella (I subbed in some nutella for half of the […]

  222. 222
    Amy says:

    not sure what I did wrong, but I would love some feedback–mine did come come out as flat and thin as yours, and it seemed like WAY too much chips/m&m even more so than shown in your photo, but I followed the recipe exactly. They still TASTED amazing, just didn’t look as nice as yours, and also I was left with a good amount of un-useable cookie dough because it was 90% chocolate chips and just crumbles of dough.
    I would really like to perfect them because the flavor was amazing
    Any ideas?

    • 222.1
      Jenny says:

      Hi Amy, I prefer to use a lot of chips, but feel free to cut back on the chips. If your dough is crumbly, you can add a couple of tablespoons of oil or butter. Hope this helps. 🙂

  223. 223

    Yum! M&Ms are one of my favorite, if not my favorite, candies! They look mouth-wateringly good!

  224. 224
    Leah says:

    I just made this recipe, without the chocolate chips and only the M&Ms. I also reduced the sugar a bit. They turned out great!

  225. 225

    […] up we have Perfect M and M Cookies from  The pudding adds a great […]

  226. 226
    Angela says:

    I didn’t have vanilla pudding so I used butterscotch and it was an amazing substitute. Also I’m not an expert innthe kitchen so I over cooked the first batch. dont be fooled if the cookies don’t look done, they probably are! I used an ice cream scoop and it took the full 11 minutes. Great recipe! Yummy!

  227. 227
    Kathryn Reed says:

    I followed this recipe just as it’s written. My dough came out all crumbly and dry. I did mix with my Kitchen Aid mixer and looking back through your pictures it appears that you hand mixed all the ingrediants with just a spoon?? Maybe this was my problem. Please help because these look and sound amazing! I will try again. Thank you!

    • 227.1
      Jenny says:

      Hi Kathryn, I’m not sure if hand mixing vs kitchen aid would make a difference but if your dough is crumbly, add 1-2 tablespoons of oil or butter. Hope this works!

  228. 228

    […] Perfect M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies […]

  229. 229

    can you use a white chocolate pudding mix

  230. 230
    michelle says:

    Can you use regular pudding instead of instant?

  231. 231
    Lacey McClure says:

    Do these cookies or the dough freeze well? Just wondering for my Christmas baking?

    • 231.1
      Jenny says:

      Sorry we’re late to respond. I’m sure freezing would work as they have with other cookies I’ve made but I did not try it out on these. 🙂

  232. 232
    Brenda says:

    I just baked these cookies and they turned out GREAT!

  233. 233
    Madi says:

    Hello I have been looking for a M&M cookie recipe and came across yours. They look great but I’m having a problem my cookies wont flatten like yours in the picture. Mine just rise and stay like that. They look like little biscuits not cookies. I dont know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve made these 3 different times carefully following each step and still they come out weird. Please help

    • 233.1
      Jenny says:

      Hi Madi, I did not flatten mine, however you may need to press the cookie dough down to about 1/2″ thick before you bake. Hope this helps. 🙂

  234. 234

    […] They are a staple. M & M Christmas cookies have been a favorite of my family’s for years, especially Zack’s. Christmas would not be the same for him if they were not around. The green and red Christmas colors of the M & M’s add holiday charm to a classic recipe. This recipe was adapted from Picky Palate. […]

  235. 235
    Cheryl says:

    Mixed it up exactly as shown, the cookie dough was crumbly and not smooth like a normal cookie dough so added another egg. Fixed it!

  236. 236
    mandy says:

    These cookies were extremely dry. I added almost a 1/4 cup of oil just to get the m&ms and cc to stick in the dough. After adding the oil it helped a lot

  237. 237
    Brittany says:

    I made these today, and they came out pretty good. I had the same problem with my dough being SUPER crumbly, though, and the amount of chocolate chips and M&Ms was way too high. I had to fish pieces of dough out of the chocolate to try to scrape together a cookie at the end. When I checked them in the oven at 10 minutes, they hadn’t spread at all. I am at a high altitude, but usually that doesn’t affect cookies. I cranked it up and cooked them for about 5 more minutes, and they spread then. It made them kind of crunchy, though. I can kind of taste the kosher salt, too.

    Besides all that, they are tasty! So next time, I think less flour and chocolate, regular salt, sift the dry ingredients first, and use my stand mixer instead of hand mixing. Hopefully then they’ll be perfect.

  238. 238
    Katie says:

    Just made my second batch of these tonight. They turned out beautifully as they did the first time. I absolutely love the recipe. They satisfy the super sweet tooth. For people having problems with the batter – I followed the recipe exactly and didn’t have any issues. I suggest adding in the flour little by little. I think that helps with the dough maintaining a good consistency.

  239. 239
    Jessica says:

    Do you think this would work also with a gluten free flour mix?

  240. 240
    Meg says:

    Made these last night for a church event & I had so many people ask for the recipe! I made another batch this morning! For one batch, I used a gracious 1/4 of a cup of mini chocolate chips & 1/4 cup of mini M&M’s. I think the dough would fall apart if you added more. I also only use 1 cup (& a tiny bit more. 1/8 of a cup, maybe) of flour. The texture was perfect.

  241. 241

    I featured this recipe on my website! I basically just linked back up to you because your cookies look soooo good I didn’t want anyone to miss the chance to see them and feel the need to bake them immediately! 🙂

  242. 242
    Kristina says:

    I used this recipe for my holiday M&M cookies this year, and just had to come back to say thanks! The pudding really did the trick. The cookies were so good and stayed soft.

  243. 243

    […] How To Make The Perfect M and M Cookies […]

  244. 244
    Amber B says:

    Could I just add all m and m’s instead of m and m’s and chocolate chips?

  245. 245
    Jess says:

    How would this work with a gluten free flour blend?

  246. 246
    Laurie says:

    Will it work with regular m&ms ?

  247. 247
    Lauren says:

    Did anyone else have trouble keeping the dough together? Possibly to many m & m and chocolate chips?

  248. 248
    Glenda says:

    I always go back to this recipe whenever I feel like whipping up something quick. These are so simple to bake and fuss free. My friends love it! Sending love from singapore xx

  249. 249

    […] by the Pinterest craze over Picky Palate’s “perfect m&m cookies,” I decided to make a batch with my little one. We didn’t follow her recipe, however. […]

  250. 250
    Melissa says:

    Do you think these would turn out the same if I used the cook and serve vanilla pudding? That is the type I already have on hand.

  251. 251
    yvonne williams says:

    can you please tell me how much is half a stick of butter,in weight thank you

  252. 252
  253. 253

    […] made Picky Palate’s M&M cookies for favors. I wrapped them in a cellophane bag and sealed them with a piece of washi […]

  254. 254
    Renee says:

    I made these cookies and they turned out pretty good. I didn’t have the mini chocolate chips (the directions said I could use the larger ones) and I think that is what made the difference it it being a pretty good cookies and a really good cookie. The larger chips took up too much space in the batter. I will definitely make them again with the mini chips.

  255. 255
  256. 256

    Oh yum! M&M’s are my favorite… I can’t wait to make this recipe for a good snack, thank you! I hope to read other recipes with M&M’s on this blog 🙂

  257. 257
    Jeri says:

    Just made these today and they are delicious. I baked one cookie to test if I would need to flatten (which I did). I had to laugh though. I went back and looked at the recipe a few minutes ago and realized I forgot the brown sugar AND they still tasted great. Go figure.

  258. 258
  259. 259
    Meri says:

    Love these cookies!! This is my go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies now after many attempts to find the right one! I use all chocolate chips, no m and m’ s.

  260. 260

    […] original recipe comes from, her recipe for How to make Perfect M and M Cookies. I have made this recipe quite a few times in […]

  261. 261
    Kristen says:

    I made these this morning and they turned out fantastic
    but I only put in 1-1/4 cup of flour instead of 1-1/2. And it only
    Made 1 dozen good size cookies. But they were fabulous!

  262. 262
    Angela says:

    You can never go wrong with Mini choc chips and Mini M&M’s… yum! I featured this recipe on my blog today, I’d love for you to stop by and check it out 🙂

  263. 263
    Elizabeth says:

    I just made these. My husband especially loved them! I found both the mini m&ms and mini ghiradelli choc chips at my super target for anyone having a hard time trying to locate them. Also, I’m in denver, so baked goods are pretty tricky here. Sometimes they’re great, other times it’s a disaster. I halved the baking soda and they did just fine. Mine also didn’t spread really, so after the first batch, I pressed them down. My dough was like that of a few other commenters. Really dry and crumbly, more like a pie crust dough than cookie. I added a few splashes of milk until I got a similar consistency to your pictures, but I’m thinking next time, I’ll add a bit more if I need to and hopefully the dough will spread better. I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I really appreciate when someone in high altitude has tried a recipe and can give feedback, so I thought I’d help. Thanks for the recipe! I’ll be making these again!

  264. 264
    Kelly Harris says:

    These are hands-down the best cookies I’ve ever made…which has been more that once! Everyone that has tried them has asked for the recipe! I have sent many people to your blog. You are definitely my favorite food blogger! I’m actually getting ready to enter my first cooking contest – Pillsbury’s Annual 47th Bake-Off. Please wish me luck! I see you one this contest in the past. Congratulations! Any words of wisdom? Thanks Jenny! Have a blessed day!

  265. 265
    Saira says:

    I love, love, love,……….. love your m & m cookies. They look so picture perfect & beautiful. My problem is whenever I make CCC they turn out to be thick & don’t spread much. I have to flatten them myself afterwards that I hate to do. I like my cookies coming out of the oven like yours. I guess I might be packing too much flour or something like that. I still have to try your recipe & I almost have everything except mini m & m’s. Our Bulkbarn carries them so I’ll get some. Another question does type of chocolate & brand of butter matters or it’s okay to use any. I have Kirkland’s semi sweet chips (60 % cocoa)& Everyday Market butter. I normally bake with salted butter so will it work the same in your recipe or it’s okay to use what you recommend. I’ll appreciate your reply.

  266. 266
    Saira says:

    I love these cookies

  267. 267
    Saira says:

    Just wanted to know if I can use SALTED butter instead. It’s just because I love baking with SALTED butter, otherwise no problem. Another thing I have a fear if my cookies turn out like balls or blobs (I have this problem, my cookies always turn out thick, blobs of dough, which I hate) Any ideas what is causing my CCC always turn like that. Does less amount of chocolate chips & m & m’s matter? Because some blogs state that there has to be some kind of ratio to dough. Thanks for any feedback ASAP.

  268. 268

    […] Funfetti Cookies from Two Peas & Their Pod Skookies from High Heels & Grills  M&M Cookies from The Picky Palate Twixerdoodles from Me!! OK… that ends our cookie walk! I sure […]

  269. 269
    Jill says:

    Is it just 1 stick of butter or 1 and 1/2 stick?

  270. 270

    […] is amazing stuff guys!  Not only does Picky Palate share with you an awesome recipe for M&M cookies but she also teaches you how to create that […]

  271. 271

    […] never tried to make m&m cookies, but I want to try.  Because they’re […]

  272. 272
    megan says:

    Please answer! For the butter do you mean 1 and 1/2 cup of butter? I am a little confused on the wording there.

  273. 273
    Michele says:

    Oh em gee! These look sinful and perfect!

  274. 274
    Hyacinth says:

    What would the equivalent in the UK be please? Does anyone know. I was thinking Angel Delight? What do you think?

  275. 275
    Lauren says:

    Thank you SO much for my go-to cookie recipe. Made some minor changes: I do 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon soda, use sweet cream butter, omit the salt, and press down on the cookie dough balls. They turn out to be the perfect soft & chewy cookie. It’s so easy to change up – I’ve done chocolate chip/toffee cookies, double chocolate cookies, and white chocolate chip cinnamon walnut cookies using this as the base recipe and all have turned out AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  276. 276
    Virginia says:

    So the PERFECT cookie has yet one more processed ingredient in it? And really…you thought the world needed another M&M chocolate cookie…or maybe really you thought Pinterest did.

    • 276.1
      erica says:

      or maybe you thought you needed internet fame? do you go to every blog and do this? Every baker is different. maybe you shouldn’t be looking up M&M cookie recipes if it’s an issue for you to see

  277. 277
    Andrea says:

    Quick question is it just 1/2 cup butter or 1 1/2?

  278. 278
    Mary kennedy says:

    I was unsure of these because the dough was so crumbly. So, I added a splash of water to the dough so that it would hold together. I will try again, very tasty and tender cookie.

  279. 279
    joy says:

    I tried these and they didn’t come out right. Almost like something was missing from the recipe.

  280. 280
    Aiza Jasmi says:

    Hi! Im thinking of baking some today. If I were to omit the pudding mixture, will be it crunchy? My sons love crunchy cookies

  281. 281
    Kate says:

    can you use sugar free instant pudding?

  282. 282
    Giancarla says:

    I tried these and they are truly delicious.

  283. 283
    Pam says:

    These are so yummy and the perfect amount for a get-together with friends! My son loves to make them with me. We made some last night for an event that was canceled ….in hopes of not eating all of them at once (thought I certainly could!), I wondered if you’ve ever frozen them?

  284. 284
    erica says:

    hi! i was wondering if you could tell me which steps are mixed with a mixer, and which are mixed with a spoon? And if a hand mixer would suffice? sometimes those steps aren’t always clear and my dough NEVER looks like that! 😛 it’s always creamy and thick, like pudding–I guess you could say. Thanks in advance!

  285. 285

    These were so delicious! Thanks for a great recipe. I would love to post this recipe on my website, is that something you would be okay with? Obviously giving you props! Thanks again, I am such a fan!

  286. 286
    Tracey says:

    Super Awesome Cookie! This is going to be seriously dangerous for my healthy diet plan!

  287. 287
    Jaime says:

    Can this dough be made and then frozen?

  288. 288
    Katherine says:

    I used a Tablespoon sized cookie scoop but my cookies look small compared to yours and they didn’t flatten. What size scoop did you use? Love the recipe and they taste divine.

  289. 289
    Jenny says:

    Jenny,would it turn out the same or somewhat better if I chill the dough? I’ve never tried chilling the dough so I’m not sure (:

  290. 290
    Julie says:

    I came across this recipe today and whipped them up immediately with my sons. I have never heard of putting pudding mix into the batter but I am a total convert! These are the best MM cookies I have ever had. I will never skip the pudding again!

  291. 291
    Chat web says:

    I was excited to discover this website. I want to to thank
    you for ones time for this particularly fantastic
    read!! I definitely liked every bit of it and i also have
    you book-marked to see new information in your web site.

  292. 292

    Hello! I can’t wait to try these amazing looking cookies! I would like to clarify however the amount of butter used, do you use 1 stick only or 1&1/2 sticks? Thanks for sharing the pudding idea, I have never tried that & am very excited to bake these up!

  293. 293
    Sarah says:

    Any recommendations for high altitude? I’m having trouble finding a good cookie recipe that always turns out. I live in Flagstaff, AZ (7000 ft)

  294. 294
    Catina Unruh says:

    I’ve made these cookies 3 times and they are the BEST! However I did cut the m&ms down to just 1/2 cup and I used the normal sized m&ms and gave them a rough chop (my store was out of the mini)and I used the cheesecake flavored pudding mix since I already had some in the pantry. These are perfect! Thank you for the amazing recipe!!

  295. 295
    Katey says:

    These were indeed delicious! Thanks for the great recipe!

  296. 296
    Savannah says:

    Have you ever used this recipe to make cookie cake? If so, what are the instructions?

  297. 297
    Nicole says:

    does 1 stick equal the prepackaged sticks like 1/2 cup? Or like a full 2 cup stick?

  298. 298
    Nancy says:

    I made these last night and just like some of the comments read…the dough was crumbly. But I went ahead and made the first batch and was so pleased! Just stick with the recipe…. But I really think the pudding is genius!

  299. 299
    Taylor says:

    i just tried these and my dough was so powdery! I followed the recipe to a t and even was short a little flour! I’m not sure what could have gone wrong, but my dough would not stay together! Suggestions?

  300. 300
    Monica says:

    This is my favourite cookie recipe. Took me a long time to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Thanks so much!

  301. 301
    Jillian says:

    I made this cookies tonight and I followed your recipe to a T and they came out terrible. They didn’t spread and are very very far from soft.
    When you say “one stick of butter” I’m assuming that’s 1/2 cup of butter, correct?

  302. 302
    Anna says:

    Great recipe! I made it today (doubled the recipe) and it turned out exactly as you said. Very chewy–great milk cookies! Thanks so much (:

  303. 303

    I get pleasure from, result in I discovered exactly what I used to be taking a look for.
    You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a great day. Bye

  304. 304

    bardzo nietypowe miejsce, napewno chętnie odwiedze Cię tu nie raz, bardzo ciekawie piszesz twojego bloga – jest faktycznie bardzo atrakcyjni

  305. 305
    Lane says:

    Just made these, they are deliciously soft !

  306. 306
    Jo says:

    I’m in Australia and the BUTTER here comes in all different sizes. Can you let me know in GRAMS how much butter is needed for this recipe? Thanks so much

  307. 307
    Teresa says:

    I would have never thought about pudding mix in the cookies. These look so good and I will be making this recipe very soon. Pinning for later 🙂

  308. 308
    Jordan says:

    I remembered seeing this recipe today at the store when I passed by the aisle with pudding. I grabbed it and gave these a shot. I now have one happy husband thanks to you! Delicious! Thank you for an easy and tasty recipe.

  309. 309
    Natalie says:

    After reading comments about crumbly dough and too much chocolate, I was hesitant to try these cookies, but I’m so glad I did. I made theme exactly as the recipe states, and they came out perfectly! I did use my Kitchenaid instead mixing by hand, but everything else was the same. The whole family declared them a hit!

  310. 310
    Jessica says:

    I love these cookies and so does everyone that tries them!! I’m always getting requests to make them. My one question is, have you ever tried or have a recipe for making these into a cookie cake?

  311. 311
    Bryce says:

    Has anyone actually made these? I see a lot of ‘these look great’ comments but man.. Horrible results when I tried. Brutal. Paper thin. Ah well on to the next recipe!

    • 311.1
      Estelle Stone says:

      Yes, I had the same results! Paper thin. I think there needed to be more flour and some baking POWDER in there to make it rise. I am tired of finding great looking recipes only to find out that they are inconsistent. 🙁

  312. 312
    Rachel says:

    Can you freeze these if you don’t want to make them all at once?

  313. 313
    Sylwia says:

    Cookies looks amazing 🙂 I want to make them for my little daughter but I am not sure if your measures are british or american (guess american but I am not sure). I am from Poland and I want to convert measures to understandable for me 🙂 Thank you very much for help

  314. 314
    Raquel says:

    These cookies are so good! Thanks for sharing this recipe along with your secret. These cookies taste like they came from a bakery and not overly sweet.

  315. 315
    Estelle Stone says:


    The batter in these cookies was delicious, however, my cookies came out extremely flat. 🙁

    Was there supposed to be baking POWDER in them? I wonder if that is why they did not rise?

    Thank you!

  316. 316
    Confused says:

    Why would you do that?! Really. I’d like to know. Do you have an alternative?

  317. 317
    Aimee says:

    I made these yesterday and recieved so many compliments. That was my first time using instant vanilla pudding mix and i will continue doing so. The cookies were chewy and perfect! The only thing is although i LOVE chocolate, i found the chocolate chip and m&m ratio to be a bit much. Next time i will use 1/2c for both. Other than that, thanks for this recipe!!

  318. 318
    Christine says:

    I just made these cookies and they didn’t come out big and flat like yours. I did the same size balls. I even tried pressing them down a bit and it still did nothing. Have any idea on how to get them to be flatter?

  319. 319
    Kelly says:

    I made these tonight and they were AMAZING! Thanks for posting!

  320. 320
    Amy says:

    Made these this weekend but the dough turned out very thick! Had to add a splash of milk and they were still thick and didn’t spread much during baking. They still tasted incredible though!

  321. 321
    Brittney B says:

    I’ve made this cookie recipe a few times and it normally turn out different every time. They taste great though. My only complaint is they turn out flat, what am I doing wrong?

  322. 322
    Laura Wright says:

    Have you had success freezing the dough and baking from frozen? If so, does the baking time change? Thanks.

  323. 323
    Debbi says:

    Hello! These cookies are so cute! Can they be frozen after baking?

  324. 324
    Debbi says:

    I made these cookies this afternoon. They turned out beautiful. I did make one change because of previous posts. I reduced my mini m&m’s to 3/4Cup. I baked them for 10 minutes and let them cool on the baking sheet for 10 minutes. They are delicious…thank you!

  325. 325
    Jessica says:

    I’ve made these twice now (in the last week) once with 1.5 cups of mini m&ms and once with just 1 cup. One and a half cups was definitely too many and 1 is the perfect amount. I found my mini m&ms from Target. Aside from that, these have for sure become my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe from here on out. My niece doesn’t even like chocolate and she’s obsessed with these. They’re SO good. Perfect in every way. I don’t know how the pudding mix makes a difference but it really does, you should make them ASAP!

  326. 326
    Monica says:

    Will these work with Gluten free flour, do you know??

  327. 327
    PandoraFlora says:

    Really cute this M&M cookies that you are making, and it does not look too hard to make at all!! I would like to receive it as my birthday gift :p, for me these hand-making cookies are way more adorable than store ones. Thanks for the reciept!


  328. 328
    Nancy Insley says:

    Some of the best cookies I have made.. my husband absolutely loved them 🙂

  329. 329
    Joni says:

    Can u use salted butter instead of unsalted

  330. 330
    Julia says:


    I can not say enough good things about these cookies.

    I’ve made them for bake sales, class presentations, family parties, and friends and family. They are absolutely delicious, and I make them at least once a week!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe!!

  331. 331
    Ali says:

    I love these but… the texture is sorta weird. After just a little bit theyes go pure crunchy. That’s not quite the right word. To hard maybe. They are perfectly baked at the beginning! Any suggestions on what I can add to keep them softer?

  332. 332
    Dana Kelley says:

    Can this dough be frozen for future baking? Or would you bake the cookies and then freeze them?

  333. 333
    Carrie says:

    Can these be frozen raw to cook later?

  334. 334
    Nancy says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Your recipes are DELICIOUS and I LOVE your blog. My go to cookie recipe is your “Perfect M&M Cookies”. Can this recipe be doubled? Also, would I be able to freeze the scoops of dough to bake at a later time? Thanks!

  335. 335
    Mary says:

    This is so good! I made this today and took them to neighbors and they were a huge hit! Thanks for the great recipe to share!

  336. 336
    Myrna says:

    I followed recipe , as stated, without adding the chocolate bits. I also chilled the dough for 15 min, and after placing the balls onto the cookie sheet, I added 2-3 more m&m’s on the top of each. THese cookies came out just as pictured and definitely NOT FLAT. They look amazing! I must try the vanilla pudding secret next time I bake chocolate chip cookies. Made these cookies for a baby shower, to go along with 5 other different kinds, and I know these will be the first to go…..thank you for such a great recipe…..

  337. 337
    Tara says:

    This is a great recipe but i just dont have pudding mix…is the measurements and recipe still good to go if i just subtract the puddibg mix? I want to make these so bad

  338. 338
    Cindi says:

    I LOVED this recipe. They came out perfect. The recipe and directions were spot on. My new go to cookie recipe for chocolate chip and m&m cookies. Thank you

  339. 339
    Cindi says:

    Awesome recipe perfect as written.

  340. 340
    Heather says:

    I followed your recipe why did they come out flat! Taste great but not thick like a normal cookie!

  341. 341
    Jen says:

    For some reason it was very dry. only added 1c of the flour and had to add a tablespoon of water or so. I reread the recipe few times to make sure wasn’t missing anythin. hey the husband and kids will still eat them. no loss here

  342. 342
    Zeina says:

    Perfect 🙂 took a picture but didn’t know how to post it 🙁 thanks u!

  343. 343
    Nicole Hammond says:

    This recipe is very similar to one I pinned off Pinteres a few years ago!! It’s soooooo amazingly good!!! Secret ingredient is the same (pudding)! I use 3/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 white sugar, instead of half and half. I also form very large scoops, press down with more m&ms on top, and refrigerate dough balls for at least 2 hours!! Then I bake for about 11 minutes! Oh, and I always add 1 overflowing teaspoon of good vanilla!!

  344. 344
    Saadia says:

    Do you HAVE to add the vanilla pudding mix?

  345. 345
    Laurel says:

    I make tons of chocolate chip cookies. This is BY FAR the best recipe I’ve ever made. Perfect dough (which I do eat, despite the raw eggs) and perfect cookies. Genius recipe. Thank you!!

  346. 346
    Camila says:

    Hey! I really want to know if instead of purpose flour i can use regular flour? because in the country i live there is none of that

  347. 347
    George says:

    Best cookies I’ve ever made… thanks for that recipe… it’s fool proof !!!!

  348. 348
    Jade L says:

    These are STILL my favorite “go-to” for Christmas baking!! Love them!

  349. 349
    Linn says:

    This recipe was interesting so I tried it! The ratio of ingredients made for a crumbly dough ? Not sure what the amount for butter and eggs -flour was though out. But anyway .. I used the recipe again , cause I wanted to try the pudding mix idea. I re-did it and changed the amount of eggs, flour, butter to resemble a more realistic cookie dough and it worked great ! Also added baking powder !

  350. 350
    Nicole says:

    Wowwww!!! I have used this recipe probably 10 times since I saw it here, and it’s wonderful, amazing, and delicious! Although…. this is the first time I’ve realized that I should have been using the powder of vanilla pudding, and not actual vanilla pudding…? I’ve been putting in the already made pudding every time!
    Can’t wait to make it correctly this time.. great recipe 🙂

  351. 351
    Diane says:

    I did not have vanilla pudding but I did have Lion Brand custard powder- worked perfectly. Great recipe!

  352. 352
    Lauren says:

    I made this dough as the recipe was written before reading reviews. That was a mistake (especially since I was trying to bake with my 2 year old haha) My dough was WAY too crumbly like others said, way too many chocolate chips/m&Ms. So I made another batch of just the dough and this time used only 1 cup of flour. (So for a double recipe I ended up using 2.5 cups flour .) Came out perfect like the photo. I would definitely make these again but not without the changes.

  353. 353
    Michele Victor says:

    Do these freeze well? I’m baking ahead for Christmas but Im afraid to make these in case the colors bleed when they thaw. Hoping you know!

  354. 354
    Karen W says:

    What size scoop did you use?

  355. 355
    Natalie says:

    I love how colorful these cookies are! Looks delicious!

  356. 356
    Dana says:

    I made your cookies yesterday and the dough was very crumbly and the cookies did not flatten out like yours. I’m not sure what I did wrong they tasted wonderful but I was going to try and make them again this weekend. Is there any helpful hints you may can help me with these? Thank you so much.

  357. 357
    Rimmy says:

    thanks for the recipe im going to use mint M&Ms ….I couldn’t find a recipe for using the mint ones that wasn’t a chocolate cookie 🙂

  358. 358
    Cherie Hughes says:

    Is there anything special I can do to stop the dye in the M and M’s from spreading?

    • 358.1
      Jenny says:

      I haven’t had any trouble with the color spreading, perhaps add them in once the dough is formed and barely combine them. See if that helps.

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