My husband always tells me I need to be more personable on the blog, you know….chit chat about what’s going on, my favorite things, etc.

Let’s chat shall we?  The topics are totally random and not organized, so you are warned in advance.  I’ll try to post these a couple times a month!

Got a complete belly laugh over this ecard my sister texted me the other night.  Some of these cards are so obnoxious, but some crack me up completely.  Such as this one.  I have been having so much fun creating recipes with Girl Scout Cookies can’t wait to share THIS one and THIS one with you 🙂  You guys have the Vine app yet?  Thoughts?  I know it had some kinks at first, but it really is kind of fun to watch mini-6 second videos.  Haven’t decided if it will hold the test of time yet.

For Valentine’s Day weekend my husband and I went out with some friends and the girls insisted on seeing Safe Haven.  I did not read the book and no one warned me that I needed to bring tissue!  Loved loved loved the movie, but for heavens sake bring some kleenex.  Did you guys see it?!  Love Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel!  Speaking of Julianne Hough did you see that she has a shoe line out with Shoe Society?  She is adorable and has a great shoe style too.

So Southern California Schools declares this week to be “ski week” meaning half of the population heads to the mountains to enjoy some snow and skiing.  I find this so funny.  There was no such vacation like this in Arizona, lol!  We are excited to visit our family in AZ this week.  You can follow what we’re up to on Instagram and of course I’m sure I’ll make a couple Vine videos.

Did I tell you after 36 years I finally have to wear reading glasses?!  Not sure how I feel about it yet, but boy my computer screen is much clearer.

I completely admit that I have issues buying make-up.  For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you see my issues, lol!   Have you peeked at the new Mac Archie’s Girls line?  Absolutely adorable!

Cutest packaging and love the fun colors.

So over the weekend I tried out this.  I melted a large marshmallow on a graham half, spread a generous amount of Nutella on the other graham half, smashed them together and got this.  Pure heaven, do try it 🙂

Here’s my little muffin man and I last week from Instagram.  He is already 5 1/2 months old!  Seems like just yesterday I was praying he would get out of the hospital.  This little boy has brought so much joy to our family, so grateful for him!

Hope everyone has a great week! Stay tuned for some fun Girl Scout Cookie recipes this week and the beginning of next!!

Um…who watched Bachelor last night?  Can we please talk about that?!  Oh the drama, lol!