Hi Everyone,

Francie, from Ramblings of a Frantic Home Cook let me know that she just tagged me, so I thought I’d play along. She’s got a great blog, check it out. I’ve enjoyed reading fun facts about other bloggers, so let’s hope I can make mine somewhat interesting.

5 things about myself

1. I met my husband when I was 16 and knew I would marry him. I was at a homecoming dance with my very first date and remember seeing Cullen from a distance, at that moment, I knew I had to have him. I always get what I want! LOL, totally kidding.

2. Had a horrible akward stage growing up and cringe every time I see my “mullet” haircut during my chubby pre- teen stage. Thanks Mona. I can’t imagine asking for that haircut!

3. I had rotten teeth as a kid, silver front caps and all. Somehow, I still turned out to be a dental hygienist!

4. I have a horrible phobia of flying kites. Won’t do it. It totally freaks me out!

5. Wish I could remember more about living in Greece when I was about 4. We lived there for 6 months while my dad was in the army. Slight memories of children eating fish eyeballs, that’s about it. Oh and the rose flower flavored ice cream, ickkk!

I am tagging 4 of my contesting buddies…

1. Catherine from The Dish is hilarious, fun and a wonderfully talented cook! I love her blog.

2. Camilla from Enlightened Cooking has a beautiful new food blog that I have been enjoying. She is one of the most talented recipe contesters and cookbook writers there is!

3. Karen from Family Style Food has a terrific blog. Her and I have been to so many of the same cook-offs over the years. It’s been fun getting know Karen and her adorable family.

4. Birdie from the Saucy Bird is a newbie to recipe contesting and has a new blog as well. I love her recipes!