It’s Friday! Yay, welcome to another edition of my chit chat page, just a little bit of what’s been going on in the Picky Palate house ūüôā

Can I just say that there is no way that my Pax is a year old already. ¬†How does 365 days go by in the blink of an eye?! ¬†One year ago today I was sobbing endlessly praying Pax would get to come home from the NICCU. ¬†If you haven’t read what happened when Pax was born, you can do so HERE.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am grateful to have this little boy in our home!! ¬†Love you Pax, now slow down the growing up ok?

School is back in session for my big boys.  We had the best summer.  I am so grateful to be their mom.  They fight like crazy but I know deep down they really love each other.

¬†I get so giddy when I see these bad boys at Target!! ¬†Can’t wait to start my Fall baking!

My friend Catherine has a new cookbook, Weelicious Lunches.  Catherine is amazing and has the absolute best lunch ideas for the kids.  This is a must get.  Be sure to pick up your copy ASAP.  I have been using it since the boys got back to school.  So helpful!

So excited for my friend Kathy of Panini Happy. ¬†Her cookbook The Ultimate Panini Press is out and it is fabulous. ¬†I am a sucker for any panini. ¬†You get more than 200 recipes in Kathy’s book! Pick up your copy today!

A couple of Sundays ago, the boys and I decided we wanted to make some fun cookies.  I used my Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and substituted Nutella for the Oreos.  I highly recommend you try this.  They were sinfully delicious!

Pax got to meet Cinderella last week at Ariel’s Grotto, a fun lunch spot in Disney’s California Adventure. His face was so funny meeting the princesses, he was not amused…at all, lol! ¬†Another shot of my boys and I playing at Disney over the summer. ¬†Hope they always remember our Disney adventures ūüôā

This is week two of our fitness challenge. ¬†If you haven’t read about what we’re doing, you can click HERE. ¬†I am so proud of myself, I never thought I would be able to limit my sweets the way I have been. I am down 4.5 pounds since last week. ¬†Check out these healthy chicken veggie bowls my husband and I prepared so we have lunches to grab that are totally ready eat. ¬†It’s been so great.

I thought I’d leave you with Pax enjoying his first ever birthday cake. ¬†He entertained us all as he enjoyed his first real taste of sugar, lol! ¬†Go get em’ Pax!