Meeting Rocco DiSpirito

I had the amazing opportunity of Meeting Rocco DiSpirito, an incredibly talented celebrity chef! Check out my experience drinking, eating and laughing it up with an all-star chef and my blogger friends!

The Entrance to the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles
Photo via Pat

Meeting Rocco DiSpirito

Our last activity with Bertolli was a quaint meet and greet with none other than Rocco DiSpirito. Our limo drove us to the beautiful Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel where we would meet Rocco for a “small bites” dinner at the gorgeous Culina Restaurant. What a beautiful place it was. Everything was just perfect there. Take a peek at our time with Rocco 🙂  Thanks Bertolli!

The Big White Culina Restaurant Sign
Photo by Pat

The Bertolli Trip Women Lined Up In Front of the Culina Sign
One last group shot before meeting Rocco 🙂  Photo via Shelisa

Our Tablescape at Culina Restaurant in LA
Our fun place settings. Photo via Briana.

Rocco DiSpirito Laughing and Looking Off to the Side
Love this one of Rocco. He was so much fun to chat with! Photo via Pat.

The Server Holding a Bottle of Wine While Shelisa Takes a Photo of Her Full Glass
Our lesson on fine wine 🙂  I don’t drink, but you better believe I ate!! Photo via Pat.

Two Clear Bowls with Real Pressed Flowers Inside Them
We were all ooing and ahhing over these gorgeous flower bowls. They were all real flowers and were just beautiful! My photo 🙂

Rocco DiSpirito Sitting at a Table with Six Food Bloggers
Mandy and I were literally right in front of Rocco during dinner. Yes, we were totally staring! Lol!

Brittney Smiling and Looking Over Rocco DiSpirito's ShoulderOh my gosh, I love this picture of Brittney! Photo via Amanda

Rocco DiSpirito Leaning Against a Wall in the Culina Restaurant

Into the Heart of Italy Playing on a TV in Culina

We watched the 4th video of “Into the Heart of Italy” before it was even posted online 🙂 Photo via Pat.

The Bertolli Small Bites Dinner Menu
Our fabulous “small bites”  dinner menu 🙂  Photo via Shelisa

A Waitress Pouring Fancy Bottled Water into my Cup
I had to snap a picture of the fancy water we were poured 🙂

A Plate of Involitini De Manzo Made by Chef Victor
Before I took a bite, you better believe I had to get a good shot of this work of art!! Involitini De Manzo=Pure heaven!! Thank you Chef Victor!

Baby Artichokes on an Off White Plate with a Fork
Oh man this was good too! I snapped this photo of Caponata Di Carciofi….baby artichokes, this was really good too 🙂

Risotto and Mozzarella in a Small Serving Dish
This was probably my favorite! Suppli Al Telefono….. Risotto and mozzarella? Incredible!

Chef Victor Casanova Holding a Square of Kobe Beef and SmilingHere is Chef Victor Casanova, he is incredible! Rocco asked if he’d bring out the slab of Kobe beef to show us. That square of beef is worth a small fortune! Photo via Amanda.

A Slab of Kobe Beef on a Fancy White Plate Being Held by Chef Victor

A Slab of Kobe Beef on a Plate at Our Table
Kobe beef in all it’s glory 🙂

Rocco DiSpirito Smiling While Flipping Through His Cookbook
After we ate dinner, we all got in line to have Rocco sign our cookbooks. Photo via Pat

Jenny and Rocco Dispirito Smiling for the Camera at CulinaI jumped in first 🙂

Rocco DiSpirito Signing My Copy of His CookbookHmmmm, I don’t even remember what we talked about!

Jenny Laughing While Rocco DiSpirito Signs Her CookbookI think I just laughed alot 🙂

Amanda and Rocco Hugging at Culina RestaurantAmanda… go girl!!

Mandy and Rocco Smiling While he Signs her Cookbook
Cute Mandy and Rocco 🙂

Brittney and Rocco Dispirito Posing Together for a Photo
Brittney with Rocco.

Sarah and Rocco Looking at Rocco's Cookbook as He Signs It
Sarah and Rocco 🙂  Photo via Pat

Shelisa and Rocco Posing Together With Big Grins on Their Faces
How adorable is this?!! Yes, I snapped this one of Shelisa and Rocco 🙂  Love it!


Rocco DiSpirito's Now Eat This Cookbook on a Table
Photo via Pat

Congrats to entry #26 Allie who was chosen as the winner from to win a signed copy of Rocco’s new book. I’ve sent you an email Allie 🙂

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