Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Sharing my Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel today! We’ve been anxious to do this for a couple years, so excited.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Wow, this was our very first remodel of any kind. What an adventure. We moved into our Arizona home in 2013 after living in Southern California for 5 years. We rented the home first to make sure we enjoyed the area and home. Needless to say, we fell in love with our neighborhood, schools, church, neighbors and the home. We decided earlier this year we wanted to purchase the home and start some remodeling projects. The kitchen was our first project, can’t wait to share the before and after pictures with you! We’ve partnered with Frigidaire Gallery® this year, they brought in my new beautiful stainless steel appliances. Let’s take a look at the process.

Before Kitchen Re-Model

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Our home was built in 2000 and had the original cabinetry and appliances when we moved in. Certainly not horrible, just dated. I’m not an Oak Wood fan, so I was anxious to lighten things up. The island was pretty small with a high barstool area. We decided we wanted to demo the whole island and start new with a larger design. Looking forward to replacing the flooring later this year too!

After Kitchen Remodel

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

We are sure loving our new look! THESE are the stools I ordered.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

We had some crown molding work done on top of our existing cabinetry, painted the existing cabinets, and started fresh with a new island install. This was so exciting to see everything taking place. For the cabinets, we chose Dunn-Edwards Paint “Heather” and for the island we went with “Admiral Blue.” We were thrilled working with Timberline Cabinetry in Arizona on this project. They were great.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Here’s a before wide shot…

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

After. Talk about brightening the place up! I’ve always loved working in the kitchen, but this sure makes me love it even more. Northman Marble & Granite put in our Quartz Countertops. They were amazing to work with as well. The color is exactly what I was looking for! Information on the countertops: Sequel Quarts from Bedrosians and the color is Bianco Venatino.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Using my new Frigidaire Gallery® Double Wall Oven has been amazing. I have wanted a double oven ever since my love of cooking started. Talk about a dream! It has already saved me so much time.

Some of my favorite features so far are the quick preheat that takes just a few minutes, and the true convection option which circulates hot air throughout the oven for faster and more even baking. Really excited to test this out on my baking, cooking a whole chicken and our turkey dinner during the Holidays. I can steam clean the oven in 20 minutes and it’s chemical-free and odor-free. Plus the stainless steel is Smudge Proof™! Score! Needless to say I am going to be loving this double oven throughout every season. So exciting!

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

We went with the Frigidaire Gallery 36″ Electric Cooktop®. I love that there are 5 different areas where I can put my pots and pans. When I’m cooking for a big party this comes in handy, I’ve definitely put my cooktop to use, I’ve had all 5 burners going at once! There’s even a burner that I can adjust to the size of my pots. If it’s large, I can use the entire burner and if it’s smaller I can adjust the size. Love this feature. Having the ceramic glass cooktop, makes for an easy clean up. It’s been great to use!

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Before of our microwave area…

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel


Light, bright and a great new microwave with so many helpful features. Mine is the Frigidaire Gallery Over-The-Range Microwave with Convection.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

With the convection feature, I can bake and brown my favorite foods with just the touch of a button. There are ten preset options that I can set the heat from 100-450 degrees. With my boys and all of their friends over daily, we use this microwave about a dozen times per day. It’s been fun learning the new tricks my new microwave can do. Love the Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel too, makes cleaning so much easier.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Before shot of the refrigerator area…

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

My happy place 🙂 I am so anxious to pick out flooring. That is our next project. I’m thinking a nice medium gray wood tile.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

How dreamy is my new Frigidaire Gallery® French Door Refrigerator?

The Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel resists fingerprints and cleans easily. So incredibly necessary with all of the busy boys in my house. The adjustable interior storage with more than 100 ways to organize and customize is so helpful. The shelves can flip-up and slide-under to help me make room for tall or large items and the humidity-controlled crisper drawers can be configured any number of ways, either side-by-side or stacked on top of each other, so I can organize the refrigerator any way I want. Heaven knows I’m always moving things around with all of the things I’m cooking and baking, so helpful!

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Before of our island/dishwasher area. I can’t even tell you how anxious I was for the “after” of this area!

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Gorgeous new dishwasher that is so quiet you can’t even tell it’s running. This is the Frigidaire Gallery 24″ Built-In Dishwasher®. I love using it! I’ve learned this dishwasher provides 4 times more wash coverage for an excellent clean. With it’s Effortless™ Dry, I can put away my clean dishes in no time, beautifully dried. When I’ve got so many different things going on in my house of busy boys, it’s nice to know I can wash a full load of dishes in a quarter of the time. What a time saver.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

I knew I was going with a farm sink. My favorite! Went with THIS one. It’s huge. Pax kept asking if it was his new bathtub, ha! Went with THIS faucet.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

I also knew I wanted white subway tile as my backsplash. I’m obsessed with Chip and Joanna’s Fixer Upper which is when I realized how much I love the subway tile look. Now I just need to shiplap the rest of my walls! My husband talked me into installing under counter lights. I was not wanting to go through the hassle of having it installed, but I have to say I absolutely love it. Can’t see it in my photos, but it’s one of my favorite features.

I use THESE canisters. My little sign is from Letterfolk. It’s been so fun changing the quotes every week.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

Hope you’ve enjoyed a peek inside my kitchen remodel! We are working on picking out hardware for the cabinets and some pendants for over the island. Will share more of our progress soon!

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Frigidaire Gallery®. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Picky Palate possible.

Picky Palate Kitchen Remodel

22 Responses
  1. Allan

    Hi there

    Just curious to know how you like your quartz countertops from bedrosians after some time. We are looking at ordering that same quartz for our kitchen as well and are curious to know how it is holding up.


  2. Emily

    How do you like your Sequel quartz? Has it held up since you installed it? After TONS of searching around, I’m thinking about getting the Bianco Venatino for our new kitchen (in fact, googling BV is how I found your blog). We’ll also have white cabinets and a big island, and I’m looking for something on the brighter/whiter side rather than cream (we’ll have a blue tile backsplash). Can you see the grey veining, or does it really just look plain white when you see it? Who knew it was going to be so hard to pick counters!!! :/

  3. MissKrys

    we chose the Frigidaire Gallery line when we redid our kitchen (November of 2014) because i love the finish of the appliances and the small details like the mix of brushed and shiny stainless on the handles. They’ve been great and are truly live up to the promise of being smudge proof.

    I was the one that had to talk my BF into the under cabinet lighting – still one of the best features we added.

    PS. I love the idea of a grey wood tile floor – I think it would look great.

    Enjoy your new kitchen 🙂

    1. Jenny

      The finishes of the Frigidaire line is really great! I can’t believe I tried to talk my husband out of the under counter lights. It’s one of my favorite features too. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Colleen K.

    Congrats! The remodel looks fantastic – how excited you must be! (Love, love, love your cookbook by the way. It one of my very favorites – and I have a ton of them!)

  5. Jane Dutcher Pagel

    Love the kitchen remodel, it looks beautiful! I am sure you miss California, but we’re glad you are back in Arizona!

  6. Lisa

    Double ovens are the best thing ever. That was top of my list when we renovated 4 years ago and I still use them both often but it so great at holiday time. You’re going to love being in your “new” space. Looks lovely.

    1. Jenny

      Thanks Lisa! I have used the double ovens so much already in just a short time. So glad we went with it. I can imagine how great it will be during the holidays!

  7. Anne

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! I had quartz counters in my old place and I LOVED them! So easy to maintain.

  8. Sandi

    How Beautiful!! I love the farmhouse sinks and have wanted a refridgerator like that always so jealous! A wonderful area mow for a wonderful baker, i enjoy all your recipes 🙂

  9. averie @ averie cooks

    Congrats, Jenny! It’s gorgeous! I am going through a kitchen (and home) remodel right now and I can’t wait til I get to the point you’re at…done! I’m sure you’re so thrilled with the beautiful results!

  10. Carol Starnes

    It is beautiful. What great recipes we will be getting soon. I did the Summer Vegetable pasta this week and it was delicious.

    1. Jenny

      Thanks Carol! Looking forward to lots of cooking and baking coming up 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the Summer Vegetable Pasta!

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