Bertolli Trip, Arrival at Thompson Beverly Hills and Breakfast at Griddler Cafe

Bertolli really went above and beyond last week. I truly can’t say enough about it. I feel so lucky to have been a part of the “Into the Heart of LA” Blog Event. I don’t even know where to start so I am taking you to my first night at the gorgeous Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel 🙂

I arrived at 7:00pm and checked into this cool room pictured above, picture taken by the talented Pat. I was so excited to meet my blogging buddy Amanda from Her and her guest Jenny were right across the hall, we were running around like college girls 🙂  Shortly after I arrived I also met Brittney who won the trip from Briana of She is hysterical and sweet talked a very large security man into getting us into a swanky, very LA party on the rooftop of the hotel. It was a premier party for a new show coming out called Haute and Bothered. We walked around for a few minutes, trying to act like we were “supposed” to be there, took some photos at a complimentary photo booth, then took off back to our rooms…we were starving. The cast seems really sweet. Little youngsters, I’d guess 17.

Jenny, Amanda and Me….ok, we are geeks!

Once we got back to our rooms, we put our pj’s on as fast as we could, got on the phone to room service and ordered practically their entire menu! There were 5 of us eating dinner, you’ve got to see all of this food. The guy looked at us all like we were crazy as he brought in plate after plate! Take a peek at our Pajama Party/Room Service Dinner Extravaganza 🙂

Amanda loved the cute little ketchup bottles 🙂  Thanks for taking all of our room service pics Amanda!

We ordered a ton of sushi….

Couldn’t resist the Parmesan Truffle Flavored Popcorn….

or The Kobe Beef Sliders…..

The Chicken Club…..

Lobster Tacos (these were incredible)….

LOVED the Tomato Basil Grilled Cheese….

Penne Bolognese

Here’s half of us, what pigs we were that night! Me, Amanda and her guest Jenny.

So, after we ate until we busted, my guest arrived, Mandy from Gourmet Mom on the Go! I LOVE her, we had so much fun. She brought us all the cutest necklaces, chocolates and a ton of other sweet gifts. We stayed up and chatted then went to sleep anticipating our big day in the morning…..

We all gathered in the lobby at 8:30am to meet for breakfast. Here’s where most of us met officially, what a wonderful group of women! Picture by Briana.

Part of the group:  Brittney, Amanda, Jaclyn from Bertolli, Jenny, Me, Mandy and Shelisa.

What a fun surprise to see a massive stretch limo that would be our ride for the day. Typical of all of us bloggers snapping pictures 🙂  Picture by Pat.

YES, a limo! I don’t think I’ve been in a limo since my high school prom!! It was awesome 🙂 Picture by Amanda.

Mandy and I 🙂

One half of the limo:  Jenny, Brittney, Amanda, Mandy and Me

Mandy and I

Ahh, finally arrived to our breakfast stop…The Griddle Cafe, seriously YUM!

Woo Hoo, breakfast time!

Half the table ooing and ahhing over how massive our plates were. Ridiculous amounts of food at Griddle Cafe! Shelisa and I shared some raspberry lemon curd pancakes and a chicken cobb omelet. It was fantastic. 2 thumbs up for sure.

Their pancake selection was amazing. Just about anything you could possibly imagine as a topping was an option in your pancake 🙂  The left one is Amanda’s Strudel Pancake and the right is Shelisa’s Raspberry Lemon…Mmmm!

The size of Brittney’s French Toast was probably the biggest slices of bread I’ve ever seen. The right is my oh so yummy Chicken Cobb Omelet.

Note:  I received the trip courtesy of Bertolli Frozen Meals (all-expenses paid covering transportation, hotel and meals) and my opinions are independent of the paid or sponsored relationship.”


Stay tuned….up next is our trip to the LA Farmer’s Market!

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7 Responses
  1. It was such a wonderful day! It was so nice to meet you and all the other ladies. Have you made anything from Rocco’s cookbook as yet?

    1. HI Pat,
      I haven’t made anything from Rocco’s book yet. I definitely want to though, hopefully soon! How cool that we got to meet him huh?!!

  2. Love it, Jenny!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was so wonderful to finally meet you in L.A. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great picture of you in front of The Griddle Cafe! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see the rest!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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