Blendtec Designer Series Giveaway

Contest is now over. Congratulations to Sharon, entry #1963 who has won the giveaway. Thanks for participating.

I’ve got a great giveaway for you this weekend! One Picky Palate reader will win Blendtec’s new Designer Series Total Blender with Wildside Jar plus Twister Jar retails over $600 🙂

Blendtec is pleased to introduce the all-new Total Blender Designer Series™. It has been engineered to bring a whole new level of beauty and functionality to the high-end blender category, without compromising the famous power and efficiency of our Total Blender Classic Series™.

The Designer Series will complement your kitchen. The sleek shape, vibrant interface and tasteful hues will beautify your home.

The touch area has illuminated, easy to read, universal icons that enable effortless selection of our signature blend cycles. These cycles are optimized to deliver great blends with a single touch.

The revolutionary new slider interface gives you absolute control over your blender’s speed. Precise touch sensors give you every bit of control you deserve. Touch anywhere on the slider to jump right to any speed, and slide your finger up and down to fine tune your blend.

Blendtec’s expert engineering team invented a revolutionary new air-flow design that keeps the blender cooler. A cooler motor means longer life.

For a great video and more information on the Designer series see


Blendtec’s new Twister Jar is also included in the Giveaway which is great for making Nut Butters, Hummus, Baby Food, Dips, Thick Shakes, Dressings and more! Best of all, it’s compatible with all Blendtec Home Blenders.

To see a great video and more information on the Twister Jar click HERE.

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us…”What’s your favorite recipe to make in a blender?” Smoothies, Milkshakes, Dressings? Let’s hear it 🙂

For Additional Entries:

2. Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, Pinterest and subscribe to Picky Palate via email. (3 separate comments for these)

3. Tweet and or Facebook the following: Enter to win the Blendtec Designer Series Total Blender @pickypalate this weekend!

4. Join Picky Palate and Blendtec on Facebook.


Contest ends Sunday July 8th 8pm PST. Open to US Residents only. Winner will be chosen by and will be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond.

Giveaway provided by Blendtec.


Good Luck!!

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2,690 Responses
  1. Actually, I have never owned a blender, so I can’t tell you what my favorite recipe IS — however, my family and I have been craving fruit smoothies lately — so I think that’s the first thing that I’d try!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Jen C.

    Banana & Kale Smoothies! I can feel ok about that slice of pizza at lunch knowing that I got all those yummy vitamins at breakfast. 🙂

  3. Sara C

    I love making smoothies with a blender. Mine died a horrid death, not too long ago, and I desperately need another.

  4. My favorite blender recipe is a classic fruit smoothie! I make one every morning in my old, should-buy-a-new-one, er, I mean, “trusty” blender. Strawberries, one banana, blueberries, greek yogurt, some ice cube and the highest setting on my machine! Tastes like morning!!

  5. Lisa

    My daughter loves to make a smoothie every morning and has been using our old blender so much that isn’t working so great! We could really use a new more powerful one!!!

  6. CarmenPurvis

    Love green smoothies – blend anything green and add fruit with some raw honey. Makes a great meal. Just started juicing and doing smoothies. I would love to try Blentec.

  7. Susan

    Blenders get lots of use at our house! Everything from frosty slushies and boat drinks to sauces and gravies! This one would be perfect!!!!

  8. My favorite thing to make in a blender is a milkshake!! But, when I’m trying to be healthy, I’ll make a fruit smoothie instead. 🙂

  9. Diana

    I don’t own a blender but I’d like to start trying some smoothies so this would be awesome to win!!

  10. Sarah

    I keep it simple in the blender – classic chocolate milkshake! (Although hopefully soon I’ll be making baby food as well…)

  11. Melissa K. Jones

    I love making a Asian soy/ginger dipping sauce in my blender. We use it chicken or steak. Super yummy…Melissa

  12. Corey

    I like making a salad dressing with almonds, Braggs, oil, nutritional yeast, and water. So yummy!!

  13. Elizabeth Miller

    I ABSOUTELY LOVE making soup in a blender. Right now I use a small handheld blender which doesn’t always work the greatest so a new blender would rock! 🙂

  14. Karen

    I love to use my blender to make smoothies – but it is old & tired & we would LOVE a Blendec!!

  15. Vanessa M.

    My favorite thing to make in the blender is margaritas! I also make a banana chocolate tofu smoothie that is pretty good in my blender. 🙂

  16. Debbie

    I use my blender To purée tomatoes and green chilies to make my Mexican casserole! I also use it to make sorbets.

  17. Cynthia Hale

    I love to make whole wheat pancakes with my blendtec! I love that I can throw the wheat berries in whole. So easy, and them I don’t have to get the wheat grinder out. My runner daughter makes protein shakes after her runs

  18. Leslie

    My favorite blended recipe is a White Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shake. 1c Water, 2 packets splenda, one scoop whey protein, 1/2c fat free cottage cheese, 1 tbsp sugar free white chocolate jello pudding mix, 5 strawberries, 5 ice cubes: blend.

  19. Tracey E.

    My favorite blender recipe is for a green smoothie. I use 2 cups fresh kale, 1 cup fresh spinach, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 5 strawberries, 1 gala apple, 1 banana, 1 tbs golden flax,or 1 tbs chia seeds. Add ice and more almond milk for desired consistency. YUM!

  20. Terri Baumgartner

    I joined Blendtec on Facebook. I am already a huge fan of Picky Palate on Facebook 🙂

  21. Allison C

    I like to make Butternut Squash soup in my blender, but it takes many batches to do so since my current Target special blender is cheap and tiny.

  22. Amy

    1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 a banana, handful of strawberries, handful of kale, splash of o.j.–yum!

  23. Jaime Crosby

    I love making smoothies with my blender. It helps my boys get their fruits and veggies in each day and they love them!

  24. I love making smoothies… But I also love how it can fix lumpy icing and make pizza sauce from fresh tomatoes all in seconds!

  25. Kerri

    I’ve been dying for one of these blenders! I love a really healthy smoothie. I’ve never had a blender powerful enough that would allow me to throw in some kale or other greens, but I hope to one day.

  26. Stacy Wood

    If I owned a Blendtec Blender, we would make all the Green Shakes/Smoothies you could imagine!!

  27. Linnette

    I love making all kinds of different smoothies. So easy to change up ingredients so it never gets old!

  28. Maria Malaveci

    I have never owned a blender. I have been in love with the Blendtec for awhile, and would absolutely love to own one. I would love to make Hummus in the blender!


  29. kristen b

    I would love to have a blender that is capable of making smoothies – mine jams with regular ice cubes!

  30. Weezie

    I love making avocado-tomatillo salsa in my current blender, but the motor has burned out and I could really use a new one… 😉

  31. Gretchen Fatula

    When I have leftover asparagus (roasted with Parmesan cheese), or any veggie for that matter, I puree them in my blender for a quick fresh soup.

  32. Margaret

    I actually don’t own a blender (yes, you read that correctly), but I LOVE smoothies, so that would be the first thing I would make!

  33. Jen

    I LOVE to make milkshakes of all kinds in my blender, but we go one step further and make our homemade blizzard treats with oreos, m&ms or just about any type of candy.

  34. Strawberry-banana-spinach smoothies. The iron from the spinach needs the vitamin C from the strawberries to absorb correctly! I want to make smoothie pops, too.

  35. Margaret

    Gotta love your twitter feed – seeing all the food you eat or make inspired me to start cooking for myself!

  36. Lynde F

    Strawberry Daiquiri’s with fresh strawberries & lots of ice, rum, & lime juice!
    & my children would vote for milkshakes!!
    We haven’t owned a blender in years & the drink dispenser on this one is SO cool!

  37. Instead of using chili powder in my chili recipe, I use dried chiles to make my own chili paste in the blender. It is a little more work but so much better!

  38. Kirstie

    My favorite recipe in a blender is frozen watermelon slushies! You freeze cubes of watermelon and then blend with sprite and strawberries…MMM!

  39. Jen M

    I’ve never had a blender, but there are so many times when I read recipes that call for one! I’m trying to lose weight, so a blender would help with breakfast smoothies.

  40. Heidi F.

    I love to make green smoothies in my blender, although it doesn’t blend them as smooth as I’d like. This blender would make them so much better!

  41. I make a common morning smoothie with banana, milk, spinach, some protein powder, coffee grinds, chocolate milk powder and a little bit of PB…delicious

  42. Lindsey

    Definitely dressings and sauces. I don’t have a food processor, so this is perfect when you need to need to “drizzle in oil while the machine is running”

  43. Missie

    I would use the blender to make smoothies and milkshakes.
    I also get your emails and follow you on facebook.
    Now I follow you on pinterest! Also just liked blendtec

  44. Ann

    We love to make smoothies – any and every type of fruit gets thrown into the blender with some yogurt and almond milk!

  45. Laura S.

    I am in desperate need of a new blender. If mine wasn’t broken, I’d be making a watermelon slushy drink – 1 cup frozen watermelon, 1 frozen banana, 1 tbsp honey, 1/3 cup water (may vary). Mmm, it sounds so refreshing!

  46. Angie McLaren

    My eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning when I saw this beauty blender:) Mine has finally decided to pack it in after providing me with the best mixed berry fruit smoothies (almost) every morning for the past 12 years!! I don’t usually enter contests due to not so good luck, but knew I just had to give it a shot for this thing of beauty:) Good luck to all!

  47. Patti Beane

    My favorite blender recipes are those “impossible” Bisquick pies – they make their own crusts!

  48. Lara

    I make smoothies every day in my food processor so, I would LOVE to make them in a blender instead. 🙂

  49. Carissa Zimmer

    We love making green smoothies but don’t actually make them often as our blender isn’t ideal to make a “good” one. I have been in awe of the Blendtec brand. I tested the awesomeness that it produces at a product display once and wished wished wished wished I had the money to purchase one. Amazing products!

  50. Amy

    My family has been without a blender for over a year now since our last one broke…however, when we had one, our favorite thing to make was fruit smoothies using frozen fruit, various juices, and ice!

  51. I love to use my blender for savory things, like soup, sweet things, like milkshakes, and grown up things, like daiquiris 🙂

  52. Erin

    I make a smoothie almost every day in my blender. I would loooove to have a blendtec!
    Fave Recipe:
    1 banana
    1/2 avocado
    1/4 c. blueberries
    2/3 c. raspberries
    tons of baby spinach
    2 oz. Gogi Berries
    2/3 c. ice
    2 scoops hemp protein
    A bit of local honey to taste
    lastly, fill with Coconut Water until to reaches about 2 cups. (Add more if needed)

  53. Amber

    My husband and I are getting ourselves and our family on the track to healthier living and there is little we like better then a yummy smoothie!

  54. We’re big on smoothies in our house. I like to soak some naked oats for a little while, toss in a whole avocado, frozen blueberries, yogurt and cranberry juice and blend it all up for a great morning treat!

  55. Smoothies are hands down my favorite things to make in a blender. I love using fresh fruit and juice and blending them into a delicious drink 🙂

  56. Katie

    I love your recipes! I attempt to use my old blender to make fruit or green smoothies and gazpacho.

  57. Lisa N

    A few months ago I would have said baby food, but my baby has out grown that so now I love making smoothies and Pesto in my blender (but not together).

  58. Jacey

    I will make tons and tons of smoothies! I am 3 weeks pregnant and that is all I crave!!! I also love making chocolate oreo shakes, and nutter butter shakes! Crap I’m totally going to have to get in the car and get one now! This blender would save me some serious money for the next 6 months of my pregnancy plus all the years to come!

  59. robin

    This would be perfect, I have been making smoothies in my blender but lately the blender has been overheating.

  60. Brandy

    I make smoothies, but I also make bread! Simple bread recipe ingredients, but allow yeast to proof and the dough to rise right in the blender!

  61. My favorite recipe to make in the blender is regular (garbanzo bean) hummus OR black bean hummus. The whole family loves it and is the perfect go to snack.

  62. Janel

    I love to make smoothies for my daughter…with some spinach thrown in that she can’t taste!


  63. Melissa

    Definitely smoothies and milkshakes! I love making green smoothies with spinach…freaks my kids out yet they still drink them!

  64. Crystal

    I love making smoothies and milkshakes, although my current blender isn’t really powerful enough to make milkshakes!

  65. Alexis

    I use my blender all the time…which is probably why it’s on it’s “last leg”! I make smoothies for the kids and salad dressings. My favorite thing to make is salsa with veggies from our garden.

  66. Kelly

    I have a blendtec and love it! My favorite is fruit and greek yogurt smoothies. 1/2 cup of greek yogurt, 1 cup ice, 3 cups of fruit (strawberry, blueberry, red grapes, and banana) Yum!

  67. Rusty *Sarah*

    I already follow you on Facebook. I think everyone enjoys making smoothies on their blender. I don’t own a blender at this time. Hope to in the near future. Every time I go to the fair, I watch the Blendtec demonstrations and drool.

  68. Tasha Phillips

    Smoothies and shakes…especially now with 100+ degree weather! Am so ready for a cold front to sweep through, and a win! LOL

  69. I am completely addicted to “shamrock shake” protein/yogurt smoothies. I originally saw the recipe on Pinterest and now these shakes are my daily breakfast.

  70. lauren

    i have to go with a fruit smoothie, of any kind. strawberry banana is my favorite. i also like spicing up protein shakes my blending them with fruit. would love to have the total blender! (i am currently blender-less)

  71. nicole

    Oh wow! I have never heard of this, but OH MY GOSH, I love it!
    I love making smoothies and yummy malts in a blender!
    Would love this! Thanks so much!

  72. Kim K

    Smoothies! Also, I always use a blender to make the graham cracker crust for my cheesecake. My current blender has been broken for half a year, so it’s been that long since I’ve made cheesecake!

  73. Terry

    Nothing fancy here! My all time favorite thing to make in the blender is an old fashioned chocolate malt! But, alas, my blender died yesterday.

  74. cheryl b

    I use a blender every morning for my smoothie. This is my breakfast of choice. I use a protein powder, juice or fat free milk or sometimes coffee, a serving of fruit & ice cubes. And sometimes I add some yogurt, wheat bran or some king of nut butter. This sustains me and keeps me from being hungry until lunch. Blending ice cubes is hard on a blender, I have replaced mine twice this year, so this would b a welcomed gift.

  75. beth g

    i love to make butternut squash and apple soup in the blender. and frozen fruit smoothies, but my current blender can’t quite handle the frozen chunks. i would LOVE to win this blendtec!

  76. Wendy O.

    I make smoothies in our blender… and I’m pretty sure that’s the ONLY thing I’ve made in our blender. Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies. Yum!

  77. First of all….WILL IT BLEND? So…my favorite recipe is cell phone margaritas.

    Really though…margaritas are marvelous, and I wish I could make them more often, but my blender is not the best with ice. This would be marvelous.

  78. Brenda

    My recipe is, banana, grapes, strawberries and apricot. Makes a great fruitie smoothie for breakfast. Thanks!

  79. Katie

    I love making dips in my little bullet, but it doesnt have the power of a blender, so this would be great! I have also gotten into making fruit smoothies lately!

  80. TraciB

    Smoothies, shakes, dressings, pancake & waffle batter, soups, sauces whatever needs a whirl, that’s what I’ll use it for! Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Melissa Mandella

    I love to make fresh fruit smoothies. I have an old blender I got when I got married, 12 years ago, so time for an upgrade!

  82. Nate

    I make a killer bourbon BBQ sauce, and I always run it through the blender at the end to purée the last of the onions.

  83. I love to blend up frozen mixed berries, a little but of orange juice and some ice. Makes a great sorbet type treat or you can even add in your favorite liquor and make a lower calorie frozen mixed drink!

  84. Victoria

    My favorite thing to make in the blender are smoothies. No one is ever to young or old for smoothies..

  85. Dawn K

    My friend has one and demonstrating it’s power by producing shaved ice for snow cones. After seeing this, my husband surprised me with my own. I’ve made 50 or more of my own mocha iced blended drinks. For the first time, I really am making something exactly like I can get at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Plus from time to time I’ll spot one of those blendtec’s at the local juice place and smile with delight. Yes those are great machines! The pitcher of mine is well used. I’ll love the new designed model.I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. Plus it can heat up puree’s for soup, or hot chocolate.

  86. Heather j.

    This is awesome! My blender just died and I could really use this. My favorite s a banana oatmeal smoothie that I like to have for breakfast.

  87. Abby F

    I love making peanut butter and banana smoothies. I use powdered peanut butter (PB2) so it’s much easier to measure and way less fat!

  88. My mom raves about her Blendtec ALL the time! She makes green smoothies for herself and fruit smoothies for my dad (he refuses to eat the crazy greens that she does). She said she was going to buy me one for my birthday .. but it would be awesome to win one instead! hint. hint!

  89. Caity

    Raw Vegan Peach Pie Smoothie
    •2 cups of fresh or frozen peaches
    •2 cups coconut water or filtered water
    •2 cups ice (if using fresh peaches)
    •¼ cup raw cashews (soaked)
    •¼ cup chopped pitted dates
    •1 chopped dried apricot (optional *see note in post)
    •1 tsp non alcoholic natural vanilla extract
    •pinch of Celtic sea salt

    1.Place all of your ingredients in your blender (I use a Vitamix) and puree until smooth and creamy.
    2.Tweak flavours to taste depending on the quality of your peaches (see note in post)
    3.Serves 2.

  90. Bella

    Hi there! I know it’s boring and nothing all too fun, but it is gooood! I LOVE to make chocolate malts at home – I love extra malt in my malt 🙂

  91. chris bennett

    My favorite milkshake is a chocolate malt topped with some whipped cream and a cherry, of course!!!

  92. ileana

    Great giveaway! I’ve been hearing so many good things about the blendtec! We love to make dressings, smoothies and soup at our house. Thanks!

  93. Lisa A

    The best think to create in the blender is pesto with basil and walnuts instead of the usual pinenuts.

  94. Mona

    A cool, creamy smoothie with an oatmeal boost is my go to pre-workout breakfast. Whips up in under minute in a blender!

  95. Dawn K

    I subscribe to your picky palate after your Disneyland trip photo’s and hope I’ll be the winner. I actually also used my blendtec to grind up flour. It scratched up the pitcher, but did a great job of making it a fine flour.

  96. Windy P.

    I love smoothies. They’re so great for sneaking in your greens and not even tasting them. 🙂

  97. Naomi D.

    I don’t have the greatest blender (so this would be great) but I do make alfredo sauce in my blender now, as well as broccoli cheese soup.

  98. Lisa

    Strawberry-banana smoothies! Our current blender is so poor, that it takes about 10 minutes to get all the frozen fruit and ice blended together, though!

  99. angimcb

    My favorite thing to make is protein smoothies because my oldest doesn’t like to eat breakfast but loves to make and drink these.

  100. Cheryl Hopkins

    I love making dressings! My kids love making smoothies. My hubby loves making vanilla milkshakes.

  101. Maurine L

    I love to make green smoothies! My kids love them and it is the only way I can get my 2 year old to eat spinach 🙂

  102. Pat W.

    Oh, I loved to make smoothies until our blender died, haven’t had a chance to replace it yet, but this would do the trick!

  103. MMMM Homemade roasted tomatillo sauce for enchiladas…or peanut butter banana smoothies YUM…or fruit smoothies with healthy handfuls of spinach or kale!

  104. Stephanie

    We love making smoothies and milkshakes in our cheapie blender…would be nice to have something with some power. 🙂

  105. Marrisha

    I love to make fruit smoothies and different milkshakes in the blender, perfect for hot summer weather!

  106. Amy

    I ready follow you on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Wow, I kind of feel like a stalker now 😉

  107. Catherine

    I’m following Picky Palate via email. I love PICKY PALATE!!! 🙂 And I’d love to win a Blendtec too! 🙂

  108. Eldora Phillips

    Love this new blender. My favorite thing to make is diet drinks and salsa also.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  109. Stacy P.

    Just sold my blender at a garage sale – I need one! Homemade carrot or tomato soup are my favorite recipes.

  110. Katherine

    Norwegian pancakes! The batter has to be super thin, so my mom and grandma have always used a blender to mix everything together! Delicious

  111. Rebekah Eyler

    My son and I love making banana smoothies. We just use bananas, ice, milk, and either pineapple chunks, berries, or orange juice.
    The smoothie packs in the produce aisle for banana or chocolate banana are also yummy.

  112. Kristy

    8oz white grape raspberry juice, 8oz vanilla yogurt, and 8-10 oz frozen fruit of your choice. Yummy smoothies for the summer!

  113. Trista Bytheway

    Definitely smoothies! Although my repertoire will definitely increase with a Blendtec.

  114. Becky

    Green Monster Smoothies! I make them in my little “Oster” blender and it takes forever to get them the right consistency 🙂

  115. Tenille Tsujimoto

    Currently I have a 9mth old so my favorite items to make in the blender are baby food! I have pureed Beef Casserole, All kinds of veggies and fruits, soups… you name it I have probably made it for my little one!

  116. Cara Hancock

    LOVE Green Smoothies and I also blend up my waffle and pancake recipes in my blender. I have gone through 3 blenders and would LOVE a blend-tec!!

  117. Chatelaine

    Ohh awesome giveaway! I make smoothies every morning. Husband says my old Oster blender is too loud…….

  118. Jennifer C.

    I just bought a new blender and within a week I shattered the glass on the granite counter. Ugh! I am using a mason jar as a replacement and love it. My favorite, right now, low calorie alternatives to popular frozen coffee!

  119. Well after seeing a demo for Vitamix, I would say this strawberry-lime ice cream stuff but I haven’t actually made it! 🙂 I would love a high-end blender like this & would have a ton of fun making stuff!

  120. Stacy Stevens

    Smoothies! My daughter is obsessed with smoothies right now. I’ve been needing to replace my broken blender for a while now. 🙂