NutriBullet Review

Sharing our Nutribullet Review today!  The As Seen on TV Nutribullet. Is it worth the money? Does it extract nutrition as it claims? I finally put this guy to the test after purchasing it a couple of months ago. Let’s see what I came up with.

Nutribullet Review

Nutribullet Review

NUTRIBULLET, 600 watt motor:  So, the cost of this, though, I’d rather skip this subject as I paid more than I should have, in total was $169.66. Yes, it adds up fast from a $119 starting point. And yes, you can buy it cheaper from Target, Amazon, or other retailers for around $99. Also, Target sold a bigger bag to take your nutriblasts on the road–which I probably hit the “no” button when NutriBullet sold me the accessories. Here’s what I paid for mine directly from NutriBullet’s website:

NutriBullet ReviewSee our After Workout Protein Shake using the NutriBullet too! Follow Picky Palate on Instagram for daily recipe inspiration.

Unpacking the NutriBullet

Nutribullet ReviewIt was quite easy to remove the bullet from the box of which was packed well.

Nutribullet ReviewIt comes with a couple of blades and cups.

Nutribullet Review-2

Nutribullet Review-6The NutriBullet is nice and compact looking. Sleek and slender. It’s small. Very small. The big popular blenders on the block deal with watts in the +1000 range. This guy works at 600. That’s probably the reason there is now a NutriBullet Pro 900 [watts]. Take a look at their blog here. Although I have not tested the 900, it looks like the biggest drawbacks are for the lack of milling blade for the new version. People like using the milling blade to grind seeds. If you dislike seedy drinks, the milling blade is important. I made a cucumber, cantaloupe, blackberry, and grape juice, or I should say smoothie–I’m not quite sure what to call it–and the blackberry seeds were pretty much untouched. No nutrition extraction here. So, if you don’t mind added steps, throw in the milling blade for any of the seeds first, then add the other ingredients with the extraction blade (see pictured blades below).

How To Use The NutriBullet

Nutribullet Review-7I do like how the cup you extract with is the same cup you drink from. Saves slightly on the dishes front. Simply screw on the blade……

Nutribullet Review-8Flip over, match the tabs into the notches, push down and twist.

Nutribullet Review-9One advantage of the NutriBullet over the bigger blenders is that it’s so un-intimidating to pull out of the cabinet that I find myself blending more often. Yes, laziness gets in the way of blending for me.

Nutribullet Review-10With only 600 watts, this machine is not that loud. Much quieter than the Blendtec we normally use. But, yet not as powerful either.

Nutribullet Review-11Other than the weak motor, my biggest gripe about the NutriBullet is how small it is. Many of you may know, Jenny and I have 3 children. Although it’s a battle to get them to drink “dad’s drinks”, I like to make plenty of juice for days ahead. The NutriBullet is really a personal extractor. As shown above, I have 1 cup of kale and 1 apple, and I’m nearly to the max line.

Nutribullet Review-12While the “max line” is for the maximum amount of liquid, you can see after kale, 1 apple, some blackberries and ice, the cup is just about full. To get more of a juice consistency, fill the cup to the max line with your liquid of choice. This personal blend made 2 cups of extracted nutrition for me.

If you don’t mind buying the Deluxe upgrade kit, you can prepare three or so cups of the same drink, one by one, make the juice in an assembly line kind of way. And by the way, the crew at NutriBullet refer to juicing as nutrition extraction, so you’ll read me interchanging these terms in this review.

Nutribullet Review-13Nice quiet motor, however the consistency of the fruit and veggies is not as cut down as in the Blendtec or Vitamix.

Nutribullet Review-14Let the Bullet run for a time to get the contents extracted as best as possible.

NutriBullet Review

Nutribullet Review-15Here’s one of my favorite after work out drinks. It uses almond or peanut butter, almond milk and other goodies. We’ll have the recipe on the site later. Big problem #3-The almond butter sticks to the bottom–when you’re filling the cup–however, now the top when you are mixing the drink, as you flip it over. There is a way to kind of fix this though…..add your peanut butter at the end so it sinks into the milk.

Nutribullet Review-16This is showing the stuck almond butter. Sometimes a manual shake of the cup can also clean the sides so all the ingredients get incorporated.

How To Use The NutriBullet

Nutribullet Review-17Above you see the insulator bag, or Blast Off Bag. When we lived in oh-so-fun California, I took this bag to the beach with a veggie/fruit juice that I made. I had it ocean side from 11am to 3:30pm. At 1pm I drank it, and it was cold enough to drink. I’d say it did it’s job, but don’t think it will hold up in the now-AZ sun for long.

I’m nitpicking here, but another problem I have is the lid set up that you see pictured above. I constantly shake by drinks so the ingredients don’t separate and the design of their lid makes it easy to spill on your shirt as I did the other night. They need a lid design more like a protein shaker cup. The problem lies when you unscrew the lid there is drink stick in the underside of the lid that spills out on your body. I pay attention to detail and this is one detail they missed.

Nutribullet Review-18Here is a bag of flax seeds that I milled with the milling blade. I’ve been using this ground flax seed in just about anything I can think of.

Nutribullet Review-20Ground flax seed.

Nutribullet Review-21On the left is the milling blade, and on the right is the extracting blade.

Final Thoughts on the NutriBullet

CONCLUSION:  I’ve been using the NutriBullet for a couple of months now. I’ve mostly been making a vegetable drink–recipe to come soon–in it and the best part is how simple it is to take out of the cabinet and use. The price is less than compared to other blenders but there are limitations. I consider this a personal blender. If you buy the extra cups that helps if you’re a daily juice extractor technician so you’re not rushing to clean a dirty cup when you want juice now. And don’t plan on making a big portion to refrigerate for later as I do with my Blendtec. For me, this personal blender is worth it at the $100 price area but not the $169 that I paid.

CONCERNING CLEANING:  Yes it is easy to clean but they could improve the cleaning process by removing the 4 internal ridges of the cup. These ridges create space for ingredients to stick to. It was quite annoying to spend the extra time removing almond butter.

CONCERNING THE POWER:  Yes, it seems under powered, but it is a small blender. Carrots and nuts were generally demolished if I ran it for some time–it did the job for me. Little seeds could use a spin in the milling blade first.

Final Thoughts Continued

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT:  1) Remove 4 ridges on interior of the cups,   2) More power,   3) Have an option for an even bigger cup,   4) Have a lid and handle option in the same component. Currently, there’s a lid and a separate handle with drinking rim; it basically covers the screw ridges on the cup. I found if I used the handle I needed a lid so I can shake the ingredients once they separate. The lid and handle won’t work at the same time. 5) Redesign the lid so you don’t wear part of the drink as you unscrew it or screw it back on.

WHAT WORKED:   Ease of use,   Easy to clean but needs improvement,   Low cost,   Personal blender,   The cup you blend in is the cup you drink from,   Removes the “laziness” excuse of getting the blender out,   Quiet

WHAT DIDN’T WORK:  Too small,   Not powerful enough,   See Needs Improvement above.

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55 Responses
  1. I’m very disappointed. I have had my nutribullet for a little over a year but it has been used fewer than 20 times. Today, it will no longer work. My son and daughter in law have experienced the same thing. Too expensive for it to be worn out already

  2. People who get on here and post garbage that has nothing whatsoever to do with the NutriBullet are extremely rude and annoying. Go play somewhere else.
    I have used both the 600 and 900. The 600 was nothing but trouble. Not worth the time or money. The 900 has been a dream and helps me stay on track with daily nutrition. I have never had a spill-over or a tangled band with the 900 because I follow the rules. I would definitely recommend. I think there is now a 1000 Nutri bullet and that is what I will get when my daily use finally kills the 900.

  3. I had a Bullet (good for baby food ) and switched to my Nutri Ninja which comes with a super powerful motor, that cuts through whole almonds and sunflower seeds with no problem at all…and this is while using only their serving container to mix my individual protein shakes. You don’t even have to use the actual large blender for shakes…just whip it up right in the container you will drink from if you only want single servings. They include three sizes of these containers.
    Of course their super powerful blender can easily serve your family in one prep.
    They even throw in a food processor and free shipping (and prep booklets).
    I noticed that they still have their program on tv showing how to use their equipment. I can say from experience that you will not be disappointed if you give the Ninja IQ a try. I now prepare protein shakes daily for better health. I am 72. and feel pretty good since starting on my shakes.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review. I have been using the Nutribullet 600 for a good while and absolutely love it but totally agree with your comment about the cup being too small. Am now toying with the idea of getting an RX so that I can also make soup.

  5. I’ve had a really good experience using the NutriBullet Pro 900, I use it every day. I especially like that you can prep a bunch of individual portions in advance with the single serve containers. I just wake up, blend and go.

  6. Pam

    Loved my 600 watt Nutri Bullet for the six months it worked. Made smoothies for myself every morning. No one else used it. My smoothies were spinach, banana, yogurt, water and ice. Apparently the motor has now burned itself out. Won’t turn on at all. Get a higher watt motor to make it last longer.

  7. Hi

    Our family has used the nutribullet for approximately 2 1/2 years now. During that time, we have experimented with a variety of nutribullet recipes etc. I like it because its quick to make a delicious and healthy smoothie.

    One of the main things to keep in mind when using the nutribullet, make sure you don’t fill past the max fill line, otherwise you might have the container leak abit. Otherwise, enjoy it and experiment.

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  9. The reason you don’t want to go above the line with water OR fruits and veggies is…. the rubber ring will come off and get tangled in blades! Happened to me 3 times! I creep up a little above line now and then with spinach leaves, but not very much! It is quite misleading. You get this big container and a littler container and the blue max line is exactly the same height on both! So in the big one, you still can’t put any more in, so you have this TALL half empty plastic container! I have learned to just accept the limits of space and keep it at the line. If I don’t I ruined 3. So I am careful now. But I do love the smoothies! yummmmm

  10. To the person who says that a Nutri-Bullet is better than a Vita-Mix – NOT Possible! They simply aren’t in the same league. Vita-Mix and BlendTec are heads above in terms of horsepower. However, I am thrilled to read this article and the associated comments as I have considered a Nutri-Bullet for travel and for blending while at work. Also, I’m always touting the benefits of smoothies and now I can let people now that there is a less expensive, yet viable, option if they don’t feel that they can afford, or are willing, to invest in a higher-end blender. Great article!

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  17. Arlene

    Users and manufacturers:
    I have been pleased with results: Making smoothies from frozen fruit, egg whites, milled flaxseed, and matcha tea all in one recipe before working out.
    Two problems: 1. I cannot unscrew blades from cup. It is so stuck that i i find the nutri bullet useless. I have not used the mixture remains locked in cup. I have spent the last week Calling the pst time phone number for help, yet, am ALWAYS put on hold waiting much too long for attention. Now. I will push button as if I am wanting to place an order. 2. I am Complaining that I cannot adequately clean the gasket where I think food remains. there needs to be a remedy for these concerns. Especially for attention from users calling for help as well.

  18. Cindi

    You can actually pack the cup all the way to the top with the ingredients, just do no go higher than the MAX line with liquids. Also, you can get a fuller extraction if you do it for about 15 seconds, then PULSE it a dozen times, then (let the motor cool a moment) and run for another 20-30 seconds. Even small strawberry seeds get chopped up!! You don’t need to use ice cubes if you use frozen fruit or frozen kale. 😉

  19. Abby

    Boy you hit every nail right on the head here… I have one and found the same problems, they now have a more powerful one.. but not going there. This is handy to make quick juices.. if I want more for days, I just pull out my juicer even tho it’s a lot more work. Thanks for such a great review !!

  20. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Many thanks, However I am having
    difficulties with your RSS. I don’t know why I cannot join it.
    Is there anybody else getting similar RSS problems?
    Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond?

  21. Ani

    Great review, glad I found this! I couldn’t figure out why everything was coming out pulpy and horrible because I followed the instructions in the book and didn’t see the max line etched on the cup! The way they show it on the ads they fill it to the top but you actually can’t do that. It makes no sense?! Gonna give it another go based on this. Thanks!

  22. N

    Rubber ring around blade came off again yesterday twice. Does anyone know how to stop that from happening? It’s only a couple months old; I have had 3 nutribullet machines in 2 months. The rubber ring comes off on all of them. Any suggestions from anyone, how do I prevent this?? Thanks.

  23. Paul in London

    Great review, thanks. Still don’t know whether to go for the 900 but your review suggests it might be worth it. That said, you generally seem happy with the 600. I’d be buying it for my use only so don’t need lots of capacity.

  24. N

    One comment, I DO LOVE my nutribullet, get lots of nutrition now, but I just don’t go over the line with the food stuff, or just barely over line. Most of the recipes in the book, especially the 6 recipes on the quick start guide card, will all go over the max line and cause the rubber ring to come off and tangle in the blades. Like eg “Immune Booster”… apple, banana, orange, 1 cup pineapple, handful of blueberries and 2 handfuls of spring greens. TOO much, way over the max line. I wrote Nutribullet complaining the recipes are misleading, they said fruits vary in size. But I do love it and have one every day.

  25. Theresa Smahlik

    I love my nutrition bullet too but my only concern is it doesn’t chop up my ice or frozen bananas well at all:-( I agree it needs a tad bit bigger cup, I put in the biggest cup, 1c water, 1c kale, 1c spinach (greens and water blended first), 1/2 banana, 1/2c blueberries or mixed berries, 2scoops do vanilla protein powder! It’s yummy!

  26. Maribel

    Let’s make something very clear. I don’t work for the Nutribullet Company and No-one is paying me to write this review; having said that….I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY NUTRIBULLET!!!!
    I USED TO NEVER REALLY EAT FRUITS AND VEGGIES AND NOW I HAVE SMOOTHIE EVERY MORNING. THAT IS MY BREAKFAST AND I DON’T EAT UNTIL LUNCH AND IT GIVES ME A LOT OF ENERGY DURING THE DAY. MY SISTER GAVE ME THE DEVICE FOR CHRISTMAS AND SO FAR IT HAS BEEN THE BEST GIFT I GOT FOR MY HEALTH. I totally recommend it 110% !!! I know they just came out with PRO-900 but the old one works for me. I am sure I will get the new one later on. Good Luck!! Trust me!! You won’t be sorry you got it.

  27. Tamara

    I have just purchased the nutri-bullet & used it for the first time. I was really undecided about which juicer / blender to get however think this one is perfect for me at the price, size & convenience. I also only use it for myself so only takes a few mins to whip up x 2 cups worth. Its so neat & quick to use…. so different from your average juicer (cleaning too). From what Ive heard it is also better to consume veg juices immediately rather than store for later, as the vitamin quality reduces so I like that I am able to quickly make a cup as I need it. I also like as it keeps the pulp / fibre rather than extracting this like a standard juicer, as this is really good for you too.

    1. mike

      thanks for the review. If anyone uses this I would make sure you drink it asap. Juicers all say the nutrients dissipate after a few minutes.

      Jenny the pics are great. What kind of camera did you use (sorry off subject.)
      Thanks again for the review!


  28. Felicia

    Hello, I was wondering if you would recommend the nutribullet to a beginner in the art of smoothie making? Thank you!

  29. Carolyn Beard

    Good Grief

    I am so glad i read about this machine. I sure don’t want to pay that much for it.

    It looks big and not that small on TV.

    It’s always a trick.

    Thank you for being there.


  30. Got my nutribullet a couple of months ago, very happy with it. Easy to wash and to store. Only thing that bothers is a rubber ring inside the blade part always falling out, and the drinking cup does not fit in a car cup holder. Otherwise, perfect for healthy smoothies , very powerful.

  31. jaxson

    Well, they must have listened to your suggestions because the new 900 has almost what you asked for. Im very impressed with it and couldn’t be happier !!

  32. Lori

    Thanks for the review!

    I have to say though, I can understand if the kids won’t drink picture #13….that looks disgusting!

  33. Jean

    The max line is for liquids. Fruits and veggies can go above that line. Fill with fruits and veggies first, then fill liquid to the max line.

      1. N

        No, the max line is for fruits and veggies too! It says it in the book someplace. I saw it. I tried going above the line with fruits and veggies and at the line with water….and then 3 nutribullets in a row the rubber ring came off, cuz it’s too full, and got tangled in the blades. You have to keep the water AND the food down at the max line. The food can go a tad above line, maybe inch at most, don’t go anymore, maybe less than inch, unless you want the rubber ring around the blade to come off. Bummer…..

        1. Dawn

          Yes you a quite right N, the guide and recipe book that was included in the Nutribullet 600 watt kit UK version clearly states mostley from page 42 at the bottom and onwords do not fill fruit & Veggies above MAX Line. I don’t understand why this is such a big issues throughout the guidelines. Why can you not fill Water / liquids and solids past this line? Some say it will damage the product could that really be the case…? I really want to go past this line but worried also they is another theory that you lose all the goodness out of the drink if you use too much water / liquids..?

          1. N

            The reason you don’t want to go above the line with water OR fruits and veggies is…. the rubber ring will come off and get tangled in blades! Happened to me 3 times! I creep up a little above line now and then with spinach leaves, but not very much! It is quite misleading. You get this big container and a littler container and the blue max line is exactly the same height on both! So in the big one, you still can’t put any more in, so you have this TALL half empty plastic container! I have learned to just accept the limits of space and keep it at the line. If I don’t I ruined 3. So I am careful now. But I do love the smoothies! yummmmm

  34. Emily

    We have the Nutribullet and Vitamix and I definitely agree it’s nice as a personal blender. I love using it to make my three year old his own smoothie instead of using the big Vitamix. I noticed on your review you said they needed a cup with a handle… Ours came with a cup that has a built on handle ans the lid goes on it. We got ours for Christmas so I’m not sure where my mother in law got it, but they do make one. And I have to agree they NEED a lid with a flip top to take drinks on the go, shake, and enjoy!

  35. Michele

    Last week NutriBullet came out with the NutriBullet Pro which is 900 watts (50% more powerful) and holds a full liter.

  36. I used the Magic Bullet for awhile, very similar product, if not just different branding. I agree with the ridges inside the cups, if not thoroughly washing, there will be fiber left there. Ugh. I have now upgraded to a bigger, more powerful blender, but using the Bullet definitely got me started on making smoothies

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