Chit Chat Third Edition

6621888c815d11e28a0c22000a9d0ded_7Can’t believe I’m on the third edition of my chit chat page, lol!

Let’s just dive right in shall we? As always, this is non-organized and jumps around from thought to thought, picture to picture.

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the White on Rice Couple’s White Event hosted by Thermador in Irvine, CA. It was so cool to see the whole group wearing white. I had light stripes for my top but I did have white pants! Have you heard Todd and Diane speak before? Those two are such a dynamic couple. I have heard them speak a number of times and I love it every single time. Their videos are so inspiring and motivating.

What a pleasure seeing so many of my blogging friends from Southern CA. This is a picture of Catherine of Weelicious, me and Lori of Recipe Girl. Love these women!




My good friend Shelby and I went and saw Wicked last week! Had the best night out with seats right by the stage. I was singing Wicked songs all week long. I just don’t get tired of this show! I’d see it again anytime. Favorite Broadway shows? I just love going to the theater and need some more recommendations.


When I was at Trader Joe’s a few days ago, I fell upon this beauty. I was more intrigued at first just to see what it tasted like, but oh baby after my first bite I was sold! If you have a Trader Joe’s in your neigborhood I highly recommend this naughty bar!

7217477a841511e2a55d22000a1fbcd5_7My baby boy Paxton turned 6 months this week! We have come so far with this little bugaboo. I’ll never forget those first few weeks of Pax’s life. It was without a doubt the most painful time of my life. Grateful Pax was a fighter and is now the sweetest happiest little baby. Can you tell we just love his to pieces?


Need a late night snack? Try adding a little peanut butter to the inside of a MEGA stuf Oreo 🙂  It’s ridiculous in the best way possible.


Loving this Kate Spade iPhone 5 case. Happy and Spring-y. After I posted this picture, I went and bought it. It’s even cuter in person!

J.Crew shoes

If money was no object I would get these heels from J. Crew! Aren’t they fabulous? I need a $1000 J.Crew Gift Card to magically appear on my desk, lol!


Next on my make-up list is going to be this Dior Lip Palette. I am usually drawn to lipstick and gloss, but I am loving the little brushes, pencil and colors here!


So, I broke down and picked up a bag of these bad boys. It’s kind of hard to find them, they seem to sell out quickly. I’m sad to say that I wasn’t a fan of these. Something was lacking and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Anyone else try them?

Ok Bachelor fans! Can we just talk about the Women Tell All this week? It was probably the most awkward TV I have ever watched in my life. I found myself cringing so many times. Tierra was a train wreck and AshLee was way out of line. I’ll stop there, but ooooeee, what a “dramatic” show, lol!

Until next time!

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33 Responses
  1. Nancy Freeman

    I saw your post with the Trader Joe’s PB&J candy bar and immediately called my older brother in L.A. and told him to buy one for me. then I saw your post about the Lay’s Chicken and Waffles chips and called my sister and told her to buy them for me along with the Cheesy Garlic Bread. Looks like I’ll have two packages of junk food coming my way in Germany! Thanks for letting me know about all these treats I’m missing out on here! LOL

  2. David

    Glad to see your little boy looks so good. We had twin boys (now 19 months old) in NCIU – not a good time at all…

  3. Renae

    I’ve seen about 15 broadway plays and my favorite – hands down – is Jersey Boys. Lion King is a family favorite – Mamma Mia is fun.

  4. Sadie

    I work for the company that creates and produces the flavorings for Frito-Lay products so I’ve tried them. I think the issue is that the syrup is the predominant flavor in the chip, and it’s got too much vanillin flavor. Like a heavily chemical vanilla. The chicken flavor that pokes through occasionally is too sulfury too. I think if they had played up the crispness of chicken and toned down the sweetness, they would have worked much better.

  5. I love everything about this post but mostly need to say, I NEED that TJ’s PB&J chocolate bar, I want to buy EVERY pair of J.Crew shoes ever, and Dior makeup is always the prettiest!

    Also, I LOVE your outfit for Wicked and Paxton is adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kristen M.

    I definitely have a Nordstrom trip planned with that Kate Spade case in mind.

    I am with you, I could see Wicked over and over again.

  7. Marty Jo

    “Les Miserables” is my favorite of all time…with “Phantom of the Opera” coming a close second!
    Just a tidbit…Les Miserables is coming back to Broadway in March of 2014!!!
    I’ll be there. I’m saving my money now!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. brooke

    Chicken and Waffle chips are AWFUL…. don’t know how they made it to the final 3. My kids won’t even eat them and they are chip fanatics!

    IF ONLY we had a Traders Joe’s….. hoping SOON here in Boise!!

  9. Carol

    I just love your little guy!! What a cute!!
    Those oreo cookies with peanut butter – wow!! I have to get some Oreos in the house

  10. Jessica

    Spamalot is a great show – hilarious! And one of my all time favorites is the Lion King. I’ve seen it three times and would see it 100 more. The costumes are amazing.

  11. Connie

    Oh, Wicked is one of my favorite Broadway shows too! I hope to see it in New York one day…sigh. Jekyll & Hyde looked amazing but the timing wasn’t right. Other shows I love are Jersey Boys, Chicago and Phantom of the Opera. And Young Frankenstein if the opportunity comes up, there’s always room for a little raunchy fun.

    Love the pics of your sweet baby boy, so adorable!

  12. Yes that PB & J bar is naughty! I love Wicked but Mary Poppins is my favorite. And I saw Nice Work if You Can Get It a few months ago and that was really fun too. Going to the theater is such a fun night out, out of the ordinary for me, which I love! And that phone case is so freaking cute, how can you not be happy when using it?!

    1. my sister and I were trying to decide who would be the next Bachelorette and I LOVE Des best, but I can’t imagine them choosing her with her family!! We’ll see!

  13. I just bought a new Kate Spade phone case too…LOVE the pretty bright colors! I’m intrigued by the chicken & waffles chips, but haven’t found them yet. Very intrigued! The PB&J bar is divine. Aaahhh…love pb&j anything!

    1. Isn’t the new Kate Spade stuff to die for? I was just in her shop yesterday and was ooing and ahhing over everything! …and yes, you must find the PB&J bar!

  14. Blair at

    We’re big fans of The Bachelor too, and that tell-all show was definitely painful to watch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I can’t believe I havent tried that PB & J bar from TJs. I actually have purposely not bought it b/c I know I’d inhale it in like 3 seconds. lol

    It was awesome seeing you last week, Jenny. You look amazing…and little Paxton is looking so BIG and strong and healthy and just so adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

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