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Feta Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Burger Sliders

Good Thursday to you! The week is flying isn’t it? I didn’t plan on sharing this recipe, and certainly didn’t plan on photographing it, but after having these babies for lunch with my hubby, I knew I had to snap some pictures and share it with you!

A few years ago when I was enjoying cooking competitions, I competed in the Build A Better Burger Competition. Ever since that event, I have been in love with making fun burgers of all kinds. The burger I competed with in 2004 actually had feta and sun dried tomatoes in it, which is one of my favorite combinations now!

This turkey burger has minimal ingredients with massive flavor. My husband was all compliments while inhaling his sliders, and he has no problem telling me his honest opinion! I found these adorable mini hamburger buns at Trader Joes and seriously love them! I mean, they really are cute and are the exact shape of regular hamburger buns. Of course you can always use dinner rolls if you can’t seem to find this product πŸ™‚

Hope you all enjoy my little sliders.

Here they are, mini hamburger buns. Maybe I’ve missed them in the past, but I don’t remember seeing these at Trader Joe’s before. Glad they have them.

I cooked these burgers right on the stove top in a large skillet. Was just too lazy to fire up the grill. By all means, grill them if you’d rather.

If you are a feta fan, beware…you could quite possibly eat many of these πŸ™‚

Feta Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Burger Sliders

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 lb ground turkey

1/2 Cup crumbled feta cheese

1/4 Cup sun-dried tomatoes, jarred in olive oil

1/2 Cup fresh baby spinach leaves, chopped

Pinch of Kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper and Lawry’s Garlic Salt with Parsley

Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise

1 Cup mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons sun-dried tomatoes, packed in olive oil, drained

Baby hamburger buns or dinner rolls, split and warmed

2 Cups fresh baby spinach leaves

1. Heat oil into a large skillet over medium heat. Place turkey, feta, sun dried tomato, spinach and seasonings into a mixing bowl. Mix until just combined. Form 1/4 Cup little patty’s and place onto a cookie sheet. Once all are formed, place batches in hot skillet. Cook for 3-4 minutes per side or until golden brown and cooked through.

2. Place mayonnaise and tomatoes into a bowl; mix to combine. Spread over insides of warm rolls. Layer bottom roll with spinach and the burger. Close with top roll and eat πŸ™‚

Makes about 12 little sliders


Have a great weekend!! See you all soon πŸ™‚

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  1. 1
    MaryMoh says:

    I love to cook with turkey mince. This is one I should try with the feta cheese….mmmm…loos very delicious.

  2. 2

    I’ve never seen those slider buns at TJ’s. These burgers sound awesome!

  3. 3
    Lauren says:

    YUM! Those burgers sound amazing, the feta and sun-dried tomatoes sounds like a great combination!

  4. 4
    Meghan says:

    Wow, these look so delicious! Turkey burgers are my favorite and I love those little buns you’ve found! Definitely need to look for them at TJs. Sun-dried tomatos and feta are such a great combination.

  5. 5
    zestycook says:

    These look wicked. I am making these… guaranteed!

  6. 6
    Maria says:

    I don’t eat burgers, but I am in love with those mini buns:) Too cute!

  7. 7
    carrian says:

    love the minis. These look delicious!

  8. 8
    Sara says:

    Those buns are adorable! And the flavors in these sounds delicious.

  9. 9
    beth says:

    Good balancing! They sound so yummy I love feta and sun dried tomato

    • 9.1
      Jenny says:

      Seriously, this was one of the most difficult photo shoots yet! Those babies did not want to stay put!! AT least I got a few good shots πŸ™‚

  10. 10
    Michele says:

    Mmm, I have feta and ground turkey in my freezer I need to use up. This will be great. Thanks for sharing!

  11. 11
    Amanda says:

    This might be the most delicious looking recipe I have ever seen!!
    Cant wait to make them!

  12. 12

    Hey!! Not Fair! My trader joes doesn’t have those mini buns! Nonetheless, they look DELISH! Feta & I are best of friends πŸ™‚

  13. 13

    These look so yummy!! I can’t wait to try them!

  14. 14
    Bob says:

    First off, those look wicked good. I love turkey burgers. But I haven’t seen those mini buns at TJs either, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for them though.

  15. 15
    Kerstin says:

    These look so cute and tasty! Have you stopped entering contests? I hope not because your recipes are always so inspiring!

  16. 16
    Barbie says:

    Do you also get your sun dried tomatoes at TJ’s?

  17. 17
    Jamie says:

    First, I love that Build a Better Burger contest. I always watch it on tv when I run across it. These sliders are too cute. I’m actually making sloppy joe sliders tonight. We have similar buns at my store but it’s the first time trying them. I am definitely going to make these burgers. The sun-dried tomato and feta combo are great.

  18. 18

    Those look so delicious, I am totally going to have to make these… when Hubby is in the mood for something new.

  19. 19
    Talita says:

    Haha! How cute these little burgers look! Perfect for who is on a diet!

  20. 20
    Simply Life says:

    oooh those look so good!

  21. 21
    Kimm Geria says:

    These look delish. Will have to try. Trader Joes also has the premade sliders made up in their fresh meat area. We did these for one of our functions for the kids. Can’t wait to try this I love feta.

  22. 22
    megan says:

    I’ve never seen these little buns either but I’ll be looking. I’ve never had feta on a burger and now I feel like Ii’ve been missing out. I’ll have to try these little sliders!

  23. 23

    These sound absolutely delicious! I love the combo of flavors. Great pics with your new camera by the way!

  24. 24
    Vanessa says:

    Feta & sun dried tomtatoes? Mmm sounds yummy!

  25. 25
    Cari Snell says:

    These look perfect for the kids! I would love to feature your recipe with full links and credit back to you on my site if you are keen!
    Please let me know!

  26. 26

    Oh goodness, everything about these looks delicious! I don’t remember ever seeing these little buns at TJ’s either, but I definitely will look when I go back.

  27. 27

    Oh yum- these are calling my name. Are they good without the buns and mayo too by chance? I don’t know if I can skip that though, sounds delish! Thanks for sharing your great recipes!

  28. 28
    nicole says:

    I made these tonight and they were just as delicious at they look! Thanks for posting the recipe. My family and I can’t wait to eat them again next week.

    PS- my TJ’s had these buns, but I bought the last two packages. I think they sell quickly!

  29. 29
    Ashley says:

    These are just adorable!! Great photos πŸ™‚

  30. 30

    These sliders look both delicious and cute! I’ve never seen ham buns that size – I’ll have to look for them at TJ. Love all the ingredients (had me at feta!).

  31. 31
    Nicole-Lynn says:

    Oh my goodness these look amaazing! Thanks!

  32. 32

    Those sliders look awesome. I love feta cheese and sundried tomatoes. Yum. I have not seen those mini hamburger buns at my local TJs. I wonder if they’re only available in CA. Humph!!

  33. 33
    Kelly says:

    This is definitely on my to-make list this weekend! I’ll take pictures and share! LoL

  34. 34
    Lexi says:

    I don’t even like hamburgers or turkey… but these look so yummy, I want to eat them all! I’m making these as one of my mini apps for my dinner party this week!

  35. 35
    Camee Faulk says:

    I made these burgers a few nights ago and they were DELICIOUS! The only bummer was that I couldn’t find mini hamburger buns anywhere! I am going to make them for my friend’s bridal shower in a few weeks because they were SO delicious and cute! THANKS!

  36. 36
    Megan says:

    Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes! I made these sliders and they were a hit! I think I’ll try them on Hawaiian mini buns next time! πŸ™‚

  37. 37
    juliann says:

    I loved these burgers. I used my grill pan to cook them to save on the fat, and also put the spinach, feta and tomatoes through my mini chopper before adding them to the turkey. I also added some spinach to the mayo mixture. Great recipe, glad you decided to post it

  38. 38

    I made these the other night and they were fantastic. I chopped up the spinach until it was pretty small .. and it added incredible moisture to the turkey (ground turkey can be dry). My kids ate two sliders each (love those slider rolls)!

  39. 39
    Kathryn says:

    That burger looks amazing! You should submit the recipe to the Recipe4Living Juiciest Burger Contest here!

  40. 40

    i enjoy attending bridal showers coz there are lots of pretty ladies and it is enjoyable too`;*

  41. 41

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  42. 42
    Sabina says:

    So glad I found you – I made these sliders tonight and they were just awesome!! I am following you on Twitter and have bookmark this blog!!


  43. 43

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  45. 45

    I saw your little sliders on PW and wanted to tell you your photography is stunning, absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I’ve never seen the little slider rolls. I will definitely keep my eye out for them.

  46. 46
    Erin A. says:

    These look and sound amazing! I followed this recipe over from PW and cannot wait to try them. I’m a fairly new blogger and I loooove cooking and well anything food related so I am so very inspired by people like you, RecipeGirl and PW….

  47. 47

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  48. 48
    Belinda says:

    Delicious! Just made them and instead of garlic salt used minced garlic and they are lip-smacking great!

  49. 49

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  50. 50

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  51. 51
    Erin A. says:

    Made these last night and OMG they were soooo delicious! I made these and my own creation…Cheese Stuffed Bacon Turkey Burger Sliders…Posting them tomorrow on my blog! Served Baked Sweet Potato Fries with garlic, fresh rosemary, salt, olive oil and so on with them. (also posted on my blog) SO GOOD!!!! Thank you for the recipe and the inspiration!

  52. 52
    Maria says:

    These are soooooo yummy!

  53. 53
    Erin A. says:

    These were SO good. I made them earlier this week and they were scrumptious! I plan to feature them on my blog and link to you if that’s alright. I also made my own version that night, cheese stuffed, turkey burger sliders with bacon and avocado dressing/spread. Posted that this morning on the blog, so I plan to do yours on another day so it gets equal “face time”!

    Delicious. Thanks for the recipe and the inspiration!

  54. 54
    Steph says:

    Hmmmm, could turkey mince be subsituted with chicken mince or beef mince. It’s difficult to get turkey mince in Australia. Thanks!

  55. 55
    honeydew72 says:

    I have made them twice now and they are DELICIOUS!!!! To cut a little calories I used reduced fat feta and made sure I had ground turkey breast and they were very moist and wonderful morsels of goodness!! The nearest Trader Joe’s is an hour and a half away, so I used whole wheat dinner rolls once and Hawaiian bread dinner rolls…yummy! Thank you for this tasty recipe!

  56. 56

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  57. 57

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  58. 58
    carrie says:

    I wonder how these would turn out as regular sized burgers. We have about a lb of ground turkey ready to use…and this sounds AWESOME, I think I am going to try this!

    (my friend linked me to your oreo-stuffed chocolate cookie recipe and now I can’t stop bookmarking your other recipes. It all sounds so good!!)

  59. 59

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  60. 60
    Adrienne K says:

    Loved this recipe, thank you! I adapted it a bit – I added basil, about equal to the spinach- and added a basil leaf to the buns, too. My husband and three boys (7, 10 & 13,) gobbled them down! Thanks again!

  61. 61

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  62. 62
    Mel Falcon says:

    You really make it appear so easy together with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be actually one thing which I think I would by no means understand. It seems too complicated and very large for me. I’m having a look forward to your subsequent publish, I will try to get the hold of it!

  63. 63

    I was suggested this blog by way of my cousin. I am now not positive whether this put up is written by means of him as no one else recognise such unique about my trouble. You are amazing! Thank you!

  64. 64
    DesertPA says:

    Could you subsitute basil for spinach? if so what ammounts

  65. 65

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  66. 66
    Wright says:

    Its like you read my thoughts! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the ebook in it or something. I feel that you just can do with a few p.c. to drive the message home a little bit, however instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

  67. 67
    Vaish P. says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m a huge fan of your blog! I recreated these burgers and made a post on my blog about them. You can find it here:
    It’d be awesome if you had any tips or advice to make these better!

  68. 68

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  69. 69

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  70. 70
    carteles says:

    Nice blog here! Also your web site loads up fast! What host are you using?
    Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as
    yours lol

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