Honey and Orange Creamsicle Slushie

How To Make a Slushie today! This 5 ingredient slushie is the perfect refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Easy to make and even easier to gulp down!

how to make a slushie

Slushie Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good slushie, refreshing drink in the summer? I know the boys and I do. Did I mention this one is good for you too? Win win, yay!

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How To Make A Slushie

  1. Place Orange Juice into blender along with almond milk, honey, vanilla and ice cubes. Blend for about 15 seconds or until ice is blended into small pieces.

  2. Pour slushie into individual glasses and serve cold.

how to make a slushie

I love the simplicity of this recipe, just add your juice and almond milk to the blender.

how to make a slushie

Continue adding vanilla, honey and ice cubes.

how to make a slushie

Give the blender a good 15 seconds or until ice cubes and in tiny pieces.

how to make a slushie

Pour your icy drink into some glasses and get ready for a treat!

how to make a slushie

So excited for you to try this one!

how to make a slushie

Add a fun paper straw and enjoy! Perfect for summer and makes the perfect refreshing treat.

how to make a slushie

Honey and Orange Creamsicle Slushie

This 5 ingredient Honey and Orange Creamsicle Slushy is the perfect refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Easy to make and even easier to gulp down!
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Servings: 8 glasses
Calories: 59kcal
Author: Jenny
Cost: 8
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  • Blender


  • 4-5 tbsp honey
  • 1 1/2 cups orange juice Simply Orange with Banana Juice
  • 1 cup almond milk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 4 cups ice cubes


  • Place Simply Orange with Banana Juice into blender along with almond milk, honey, vanilla and ice cubes. Blend for about 15 seconds or until ice is blended into small pieces.
  • Pour slushy into individual glasses and serve cold.


Calories: 59kcal | Carbohydrates: 14g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 42mg | Potassium: 98mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 13g | Vitamin A: 95IU | Vitamin C: 23.3mg | Calcium: 43mg | Iron: 0.1mg
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498 Responses
  1. I love Simply juices so much, and had not heard they had a banana mix now! Can’t wait to find it at the grocery. I’ll also be trying this slushie recipe. I adore smoothies and slushes, so thanks for that.

    Flavors I like together? Lemon and raspberry and lemon and blackberry… lemon just seems to go well with berries all the way around. So the simply lemonade with raspberry is awesome! But blackberry would be interesting too!

  2. Aimee

    I have been obsessed with peach and mangosteen green tea lately. I don’t really know what a mangosteen is but it’s good with peach.

  3. Cassidy

    I would love to see blackberry and lavender and lemonade. I know that’s three, but I recently had the best lemonade with that and I think it would make a great slushie!

  4. Stephanie H.

    “What are two flavors you love to blend or would like to see blended together?”

    I love the strawberry-banana combo, but I really would love something with peach.

  5. Crystal

    Great recipe!! I make strawberries and spinach shake in the morning. In the afternoon, I love trying different recipes. I’d love to see strawberry and chocolate.

  6. Rebecca

    It sounds simple, but I’ve actually never blended strawberries and bananas and i feel like it would be delicious!

  7. Sarah

    Strawberry and mango is one of my favorite combinations. I’d love to see other things that go well with mango 🙂

  8. Gina

    Mint and chocolate is the best♥
    I really love caramel and bananas or apples too!!
    there are just so many unlimited choices to chose from!

  9. Nancy

    Since its summer I’ve been thinking about how to make a key lime pie smoothie with graham cracker pieces on top.

  10. Tiphanie

    There are so many flavors I like blended together, but the one I do most often is strawberry and banana. I also like watermelon and lime; peach and pineapple.

  11. Laurie

    I LOVE Simply Lemonade–it’s just the closest to the real thing and I’ve tried them all. I’m thinking a slushy with lemonade and iced tea.

  12. Lisa

    I, myself, have never understood the popularity of the the orange- vanilla combo!
    I’d like strawberry- rhubarb or mango with strawberry (or raspberry).

  13. Rebecca

    Well I love orange cream anything!
    But I also love the flavors of orange juice and pineapple together!
    Really big fan of yours…love your blog….constantly sharing your recipes and blog! I just really enjoy your take on life. I also follow you on facebook as well.
    Ok…that’s it! have a great week 🙂
    Florida hugs,

  14. Michele Furry

    Actually, this recipe is close to what I like. I love the creamy type things — with milk or cream added to conventional fruit flavors — Strawberry cream, Orange Cream, etc.

  15. Joy Bailey

    Banana & peanut butter is my favorite combination. Another one I love is Mango & Pineapple…..so refreshing!

  16. Caitlyn

    I love doing strawberry and banana, or banana and chocolate!! great smoothies/slushies every time!

  17. Caley

    My favorite flavors to blend are coconut and pineapple, but really anything and pineapple is a winner in my book!

  18. Martha R

    Blueberries with brown sugar! (I often serve over vanilla bean ice cream….amazing) so, I’m guessing a shake would be delish!

  19. I love the combination of orange juice and vanilla yogurt (preferably Liberte brand)~ much like your orange juice and almond milk combo. Thank you!

  20. Natalie V

    Your recipe sounds delicious–thanks for sharing! I love orange juice with bananas (or strawberries)

  21. I love the combination of orange and ginger together. 🙂 Refreshing and slightly spicy at the same time. And this Honey and Orange Cremsicle Slushy sounds delicious too.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  22. Jennifer Bontrager

    I think I will go with raspberry and chocolate. Sounds really good to me! I already like you on facebook and I like simply orange.

  23. Annie

    My favorite flavor is a protein drink where you use 1/2 cup or little more of blueberries
    Scoop of your protein, I use soy, vanilla flavor
    Big scoop of peanut butter
    Cup and a half of Vanilla Almond Milk.
    Blend well and DNJOY!
    It is DELICIOUS detox and healthy.
    I also tried this yummy orange cream drink. It is very fresh and yummy!
    It is also made with my favorite Orange juice! ( :

  24. Dawn

    My favorite flavors are orange/vanilla, so I can’t wait to try this slushy! I also love lemon/blueberry & would love to try an icy in those flavors.

  25. Rory W

    I’d have to go with chocolate and peanut butter as well! There’s not many combinations in the world that are better than that! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Jen M

    I love coconut and lime in the summer, but peanut butter and chocolate in the winter when cold drinks are too cold.

  27. Mary Beth Elderton

    Hubz has been mixing mango juice with orange juice lately–very yummy. I think orange and raspberry sounds good,too.

  28. Sherri

    Some of our favorites are pineapple and mango, chocolate and peanut butter and strawberry and lime.

  29. Charlette

    My new fav is banana and mandarin orange. I make a smoothie with them, add light vanilla greek yogurt and almonds oh my soooo good! Freeze the rest and it is a great trade for that ice cream attack that we all have!!!

  30. Melissa

    Do you work for Simply Orange? Because in the third paragraph you said “our not-from-concentrate orange juice.” In the rest of the paragraph, you used their to make it sound like you wrote it. Clearly they asked you to put that paragraph in your post! I know it must be hard to say no to compensation, but bloggers across the board need to tone it down with the sponsored posts. It’s a big turn-off to readers. Trust me, your posts are always much better to read when they don’t include a long intro or disclaimer about the company. There’s just always something a little bit fake about sponsored posts.

  31. Meredith

    I love blending banana and peanut butter together to make smoothies! This smoothie sounds great though!

  32. Kassi

    I love strawberry and banana mixed together. Also, cherry and lime. So refreshing and delicious during the hot summer months!

  33. I love melon and blueberries mixed together. I think cantaloupe, cassaba melon, and blueberries mixed in a smoothie would be delicious!

  34. Dawn Kasarda

    Mango and Peach I just combined yesterday, I think this might be excellent to mix with the orange and banana this week. Im a fan of yours on Facebook and a subscriber. HOwever this strawberry basil I think I might try. I wonder what proportions are ideal. Must get some strawberries today and try.

  35. Kristen rodriguez

    Pomegranate would taste yummy! Pineapple would be refreshing. I love the Simply Raspberry Lemonade!!

  36. R.B.

    U love blending orange juice with pomegranate and a little seltzer water with blended ice. Super refreshing in the summer!

  37. Windy Phillips

    I love cherry and lime or strawberry and lemon! They’re so refreshing in the summertime.

  38. Juli

    I blend spinach and blueberries in my morning smoothie – I get in my greens and it’s still sweet and delicious.

  39. I follow Picky Palate on Facebook, and my two favorite flavors to blend are chocolate and peanut butter. You just can’t ever go wrong with that. But if I have to make it fruity and healthy… coconut and banana.

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