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La Grande Orange, Phoenix AZ

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I can NOT believe all the years I grew up in AZ and I had no idea La Grande Orange even existed!  I have to move away to CA to find out about it 🙂

I am telling you, if you live in AZ or plan to visit Phoenix, make sure you plan a day to visit.  Fun Fun Fun eating.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner items on the menu….I have tried a little of each and they are all delicious.


Click HERE to see the Grocery side Menu.  Click HERE to see the Pizzaria side Menu.  The photo above is a shot from the grocery side which has an adorable little shopping area too.

Here’s a shot of the Grocery side menu board.  So many goodies to choose from.


This is a shot from my phone of the Pizzaria side of the restaurant.  You can order on either side and come to this side to enjoy your meal.  There is also outdoor seating.


This gorgeous breakfast is the Croque Madame.  Buttered toast, layered with sliced ham, melted cheese and topped with a perfectly fried egg.  We devoured this one pretty quick 🙂


See?  Lol!

LGO is known for these “baked chicken wings” and I will add my seal of approval.  They were finger lickin’ delicious 🙂


No fountain drinks at the restaurant, you pick up a can in their refrigerated section of the grocery store 🙂


Pizza time!  We tried the Mother Earth (green and black olives, artichoke, roasted peppers, fennel onion,broccolini, tomatoes and mushrooms) and the Classic Margherita Pizza.  Thin crispy crust, flavorful toppings.

This Mother Earth Pizza was fantastic.

Get a load of this burger!!  Can we just agree that it is massive?!

The Green Chili Burger.

Couldn’t stop taking pictures of it.


…..It was perfect 🙂

Alright, time for the bakery.  All kinds of beautiful things to choose from.

Red Velvet Cake slice, yes please!

Mini Red Velvet Cupcake and a perfect little chocolate cake.

One of the highlights of our visit to LGO was meeting this beautiful English Lab that was there with his owner that was selling his pups!  This was the sweetest dog and he kept coming over as we were eating our desserts.  Little cutie pie!


The mini Red Velvet Cupcake.  To die for!

Here his is again.  Look at those sweet eyes?!

By far my favorite dessert we tried.  The Red Velvet Cake.  Layered with a sinful cream cheese frosting.  Love!

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie!  Loved this too.

My mom, our new buddy and me.

This was a very close 2nd.  Soft chocolate cake, vanilla cream inside and crisp chocolate shell on the outside.  Perfection.

It’s worth a visit friends 🙂  Have a great day!

La Grande Orange

4410 N. 40th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Hours: 6:30am-10pm Daily

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26 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 1

    I lived in Phoenix for 9 mos in 2009 and I guess it takes living in San Diego and reading your blog for me, too, to realize that this place exists. Never knew about it when I lived there!

  2. 2

    I’m headed to Phoenix in April. I’ll have to check it out.

  3. 3
    Sarah says:

    The food looks great, but that dog is adorable!!! 🙂

  4. 4
    omajanie says:

    All that great food and…. Diet Coke??????

  5. 5
    Kristen says:

    Oh boy do I wish I was in Phoenix right now. Everything looked divine! What a cute red velvet cupcake. I am goiong to have to borrow that sanding sugar technique. Adorable!

  6. 6
    Jen says:

    I am now considering moving to Phoenix.

    : ))

  7. 7
    Marti says:

    OMG I’ve lived in the valley for 11 years now and I’ve never heard of this place. The HB and I love to try new places we LOVE FOOD 🙂
    So glad you posted about.

  8. 8
    Jessi says:

    LGO is one of our favorites too! You just can’t go wrong with anything they make. I HIGHLY recommend their homemade English muffins, either for breakfast OR as your burger bun. They also sell them in six packs to take home. FANTASTIC!!

  9. 9
    Marina says:

    wow this looks so good. all that cheese on that burger mmmmmmmmm and that puppy!!!!!!! ahhh so adorable!!!

  10. 10

    LGO isn’t really a Phoenix site. It’s a Paradise Valley spot, so that’s why most Phoenecians don’t know it. But honestly, they have the best margherita pizza of anywhere. And Arleccino, the gelato place next door, is some deliciously authentic stuff (and also where my husband took me on our first date). Oh, why did I ever let that boy talk me into moving to Mesa?

  11. 11

    I’ve never been to Arizona. Now I want to go!

    Mom and you look like sisters.

  12. 12
    Jennifer says:

    Oh my word!!!!! Ca needs one of these!!!! :O) Yes, Diet Coke is acceptable with that meal… what would another choice be…? milk? blah! heheh!
    BTW It’s national Peanut Butter Day and I thought of you and your delish peanut butter desserts!
    Blessings always!

  13. 13

    This looks like an amazing find and I can’t believe all the choices on the menu! I would be tempted to go back day after day if I lived near to this place.

  14. 14
    Brittany C. says:

    My husband and I ate their the night he proposed!! Sadly we haven’t been back in 5.5 years, and we live in Gilbert. Pathetic, I know. This really makes me want to go back!

  15. 15
    Robin says:

    Would it be wrong to fly to AZ just to try this place? Looks amazing. Hopefully the dog is still there!

  16. 16
    Ashley Biddle says:

    Jenny.. I can’t believe I have been practically born & raised here and haven’t heard of LGO.. We are going this weekend. Thanks for sharing & I want one of those dogs! SOOOO SOOO SOOO cute!

  17. 17
    Laurie says:

    I want to move to Phoenix too!! All of that look so good! The lab was so adorable! That is your Mom??????? You look like sisters!! Good genes! Jenny, love your blog so much!

  18. 18
    laura says:

    Having just moved from Scottsdale to Palm Springs, CA, I’ve been going to LGO for years and it has been delicious every single time. Their burger is my all-time favorite, and any of the desserts by Tammie Coe are amazing. It is not in Paradise Valley, though, it is Phoenix, in what locals refer to as the Arcadia area. If you like LGO’s food, check out their other spots, such as Chelseas Kitchen in the Biltmore area of Phoenix.

    They also have restaurants in Pasadena and Santa Monica. Haven’t tried these yet but they are definitely on my to-do list 🙂

  19. 19
    Jenny says:

    Next time you go you have to try the MJ cookies!! I went out to school in AZ and now whenever I go back, I make sure I make a stop at LGO for these cookies! They are filled with chocolate goodness and now I will probably be dreaming about them in my sleep thinking about them right now.

  20. 20
    Debbie says:

    I live in Phoenix and this is one of my favorite places to visit and …eat! I’m surprised you got such great photos. Every time I take some they ask me to not take photos. I guess my camera is too big and obvious. But I still love this place and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Phoenix. Postino’s is also fun and has great food. (next door and same owners)

  21. 21
    Cheyenne Renard says:

    Wow you really have out done your self this place looks great The most important part is you and your family spending time together eating great food. Cheers i really love your blog and plan to get ur cookbook. I am from Newport Beach Ca and now i live in Henderson Nevada and i hear about fun places to eat now that im here boo hoo have to come home and eat . Bless you and your family Cheyenne

  22. 22
    Anne says:

    On my next trip to Phoenix, I am definitely going there! And your mom? Seriously…you look like sisters. I adore your blog, thanks for all the fabulous recipes and equally fabulous photographs. And thanks for taking us along on your travels.

  23. 23
    Christina says:

    The pizza & burgers are only available after 4:00 on weekdays. We went on a Monday for lunch. Bummer but some of the best food!!!

  24. 24

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