Memorial Day in San Diego!

We had such a fun day sight seeing in San Diego on Memorial Day! The weather could not have been more beautiful. We started off walking towards Seaport Village for lunch. How adorable is Seaport Village?! I hadn’t been there in years, there is nothing like walking around right by the water and feeling the sea breeze 🙂  Take a look at our trip through Seaport Village and the USS Midway Museum 🙂

The boys and I stopped for a quick pic before heading to lunch.

This picture is sooooo my boys! They are like this about 90% of the day 🙂

The back part of Seaport Village around the restaurants. I LOVE it here.

Waiting for lunch….

Some of us got Pizza from this cute pizza shop…..

and some of us got lunch at this yummy sandwich shop!

You know I had to take a picture of my sandwich before I ate it!! How good does it look?

Hubby’s sandwich….yum!

Grilled cheese for the little guy!

Pizza was devoured, now onto the drink 🙂

Yikes! I should have brought his toothbrush 🙂

I love this picture!

This is the cutest Fudge Shop, love their choice of colors!

I totally picked up some of these cute teaspoons, you’ll be seeing them in my photos soon 🙂

This balloon maker was incredible! He made the best balloons I have ever seen. Guess he’s been at Seaport for over 20 years! You must visit him if you go!

The crazy fire eater! Lol!

The boys loved this robot guy! He was actually really good.

It was time for the aircraft carrier museum!

I think they enjoyed themselves 🙂

On the upper deck, LOVED snapping pics up here!

My guys are so cute!

I think they could have looked at these airplanes all day!

I’m sure they’ll hate that I dress them in the same shirts sooner than later, so I’m taking advantage for as long as I can! I think it’s so cute 🙂

This statue was so awesome, it was ENORMOUS….hard to tell in the photo, but it was really incredible to see 🙂

Oh my, I was so excited when I saw the Fish Market Restaurant right next to the museum….this would be our dinner location! We had a gorgeous view of the water from our table. I had every intention of photographing my dinner, but my lighting was not very good and we were all STARVING 🙂

Love this picture….and his freckles 🙂

We had to steal the bread away from this little guy, he kept yelling “I love bread….and BUTTER!” He pretty much filled up on this 🙂  This was the lighting I had to work with at dinner. I kinda like it in this photo, but not so much for the food photos 🙂

Ice cream time!

Couldn’t help snapping all these pics of my cutie, love when they aren’t paying attention to the camera….which is most of the time 🙂


Thanks for sharing our little day trip!

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4 Responses
  1. Rachelle

    Sea Port Village is my favorite place to go here in SD (ok Balboa Park too). Even though we’ve been here 10 years, I still like to go there and play tourist. We once ate at a seafood place there (forget the name, may be the one you pictured) and I still dream of the fish & chips I had there.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit!

  2. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that my husband & son got to spend the night on the Midway on one of their Father-Son Indian Guide camping trips! It was quite an experience… they got to sleep in the same sleeping area (stacked bunks – 3 high and very little space between bunks)!

  3. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    So cute- love all of the photos of your little ones. I love Seaport Village! We go down there every once in a while, and the Fish Market is a great place to eat chowder and BREAD! Where did you get those darling little polo shirts that your sons are wearing? My guy would love that!

    1. Jenny

      Hi Lori,
      How fun that your hubby and son got to sleep at the museum! Bet that was so much fun for them!

      I found those polos at Target a few months ago! I love them 🙂

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