Picky Palate Givaway!

Hi Everyone, out of appreciation for everyone’s great comments and emails I’m excited to have my very first Picky Palate Givaway! I’m no Oprah, but I’m giving away 3 separate prizes, here’s what you do…

Since, I have a terrible sweet tooth, I thought it’d be fun to hear what everyone else’s “sweetest” weakness is. Maybe I won’t feel so bad about mine! So, post a comment (one comment per person) with your favorite treat that you just can’t resist. Make sure your email is there so I can contact you if you are chosen as a winner.

Hurry, you’ve got until Monday the 23rd at midnight, then I’ll randomly pick 3 winners and post the outcome Tuesday morning. Can’t wait to hear about all your favorite indulgences!

I’ll go first……I can never resist a good Dark Dark Chocolate bar or the gooey pizza cookie with lots of vanilla bean ice cream. Good Luck Everyone!Prize #1

2 All Clad Oval Bakers

These are great little bakers. I love them for mac and cheese, roasting potatoes/veggis, you name it, they are awesome!
Prize #2
The Chocolate Deck by Lori Longbotham, 50 great looking picture/recipe cards of fabulous chocolate recipes
Ice Cream and Sorbets cookbook by Lou Siebert Pappas, great for summer!
Cute Popcorn Boxes

Prize 3
A church cookbook that I helped put together over a 2 year period that turned out great. I love all the family friendly recipes it has inside.

Thermador Taste of America 50th Anniversary Cookbook. I was lucky enough to have one of my recipes published in this gorgeous cookbook. It has some of the most beautiful photography I’ve seen. I hold this book near and dear. You’ll love it!

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515 Responses
  1. una donna dolce

    My guilty pleasures include cotton candy and marshmallow… and of course I’m a sucker for any type of ice cream

  2. Prudy

    Hey Jenny-fun give away! I’m itching to do one myself…when I have something to give away.
    Secret guilty pleasure…hmm….lately I’ve developed a hankering for miniature sized Nestle Crunch Crisp candy bars. They remind me of the English candy “Lion Bars” that I used to buy daily when I lived in Israel. YUM!

  3. Amber and Co.

    De-lurking because this sounds like so much fun. I love crispy and chewy semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake with ganache frosting, and chocolate fondu. Yummy! Email: ber_99 @ hotmail.com. Thanks!

  4. erinwillis

    Texas sheetcake!! You know you always have to make sure the rows are even, so you cut off a little bit more, and more, and more….

    And I could eat almost a whole recipe’s worth of emergency cookies. They are no bakes, minus the peanut butter add coconut and then I freeze them. SOOO good.

    erinwillis3girls at gmail

  5. jtdavid1

    Wow, what a great generous idea! My can’t resist treat is my MIL’s peanut butter ritz coookies. She mixes marshmallow creme and peanut butter and makes a sandwich with ritz crackers. She then dunks the whole thing in melted dark chockolate. I know they sound strange, but they are like a peanutty, salty s’more. YUM!!

  6. Poulsen Family

    Wow, I just found your blog through someones link and have been spending a lot of time drooling over the recipes. I love a cold cone of rocky road ice cream in the summer and warm brownies in the winter. I’m going to have to try those peanut butter cup cheesecake bars though…it might be my newest guilty pleasure!

  7. Terri

    I should just say my guilty pleasure is sugar in general — but I love brownies! Any kind of brownies!

  8. Hillary

    Wow to only choose one is so hard. Kit Kat Caramel bars…S’more brownies…a good soft chewy cookie. I made your cookie dough brownie cups last week with the intention of sending them with my husband to a church thing, but they were so good that I had to swap a majority of them out with some chocolate chip cookies. They were too good. I am excited to try your recipes. We have a dinner group here in our area with 3 other families. We rotate making the main dish for dinner Monday -Thursday. We have it all planned out on a calendar for four months at a time. We have almost been doing it for 2 years now. It is so nice knowing that dinner will show up at your door 3 nights a week. I plan on using a lot of your recipes for our next four months. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  9. rvan

    i CANNOT, REPEAT CANNOT, resist a good gooey caramel corn recipe! I have such a great recipes that is so heavenly, it’s like angels dancing on my tongue! It’s the perfect combo of salty and sweet and gooeyiness I get tears just thinking about it. I know food shouldn’t make me so happy but caramel corn does..I have to go now, my eyes are watering along with my mouth and I can’t see the key board!!! randivan@msn.com

  10. Bonnie

    My GUILTY pleasure is Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and if I don’t have one around I will often grab a spoonful of peanut butter and a handful of chocolate chips. Desperate, I know!

  11. Jacob & Noelle

    My “sweetness weekness” is goofey, hot, not-fully cooked, fudgy, chocolatey brownies. Mmmhmm. And topped with homemade vanilla ice with chocolate syrup and nuts. I’m craving it now!

  12. WF

    What fun giveaways. I have been reading your blog for a while and love the ideas! My favorite sweet treat is a scoop of Nutella on a bite of banana. I could finish an entire bunch of bananas this way!

  13. Amy

    Brownies! Brownies were always my weakness. So rich and chocolately and gooey, expecially when homemade. And they can be as low-key as a pair of jeans or classed up to suit anything. Like adding caramel with cashews and chocolate chips, or dashing in cinnamon and macademia nuts with a white chocolate glaze…
    Brownies are so versatile, and how can you go wrong with all that chocolate?

  14. Erika

    It is so hard to narrow it down to one! I am a sucker for cheesecake, any kind! But lately I have been eating caramels nonstop! The kind you buy individually wrapped. I bought them for cooking and eat them straight from the bag!

  15. Matt and Vanessa

    This was a hard one. I have a major sweet tooth; especailly when it comes to treats I grew up with like my grandma’s lemon bars and bakeless cookies or my mom’s homemade caramels. However since I have to pick just one, I decided on homemade fudge. We only make it once a year and it is filled with super yumminess.

  16. kimchad143

    Lately I have been making all different kinds of trifles. My favorites have been with lots of fresh fruit and all sorts of different puddings. My favorite puddings have been…cheesecake, vanilla, banana cream and chocolate. I also prefer pound cake to the angel food, but I also tried it with brownies. Delicious! I have made 3 different types of trifles in the last month in a half. They have become my new all time favorite desserts.

  17. Candi

    Oh how hard! It all depends on what’s in front of me, but this is what’s on my mind at the moment: trail mix (nuts and chocolate), cheesecake, Cold Stone ice cream — those top the list right now.
    candi.nicholls at gmail dot com

  18. Jen & Daz

    Wow…how do you just pick one??? I have so many!!! I love anything chocolate, but love Cadbury milk chocolate bars, anything minty and a good cheese cake…oh the list could go on and on…there are so many things. I have a huge sweet tooth!

  19. Laurie

    My guilty pleasure is BYU Brownies. I found the recipe online a few years ago. The mint and chocolate together are so good.
    I love your blog!

  20. kristi mcdaniel

    I’m not really sure what my guilty pleasure is for always. Right now, I love the DQ Waffle Crisp Blizzards. Any other time, I absolutely cannot resist a dessert with cream cheese in it.

    myraggdyann at yahoo dot com

  21. Emiline

    Wow! Geeze, those are some pretty good prizes. Thanks for doing this.

    It’s really hard to pick a favorite sweet of mine.

    I think my favorite would be, a brownie topped with hot fudge, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and toasted pecans.

  22. the cummard family

    nothing can quite do it for me like a soft warm pizzokie, alamode. of course each bite is pure heaven. and my mouth is watering, as i type this. dang it!

  23. Megan

    I think my biggest summer-time sweet weakness would have to be smores! Mmmm, melted chocolate and gooey marshmallows…what could be better?

  24. Janet

    I have a huge sweet tooth, but one of my favorite things right now are the caramel hershey’s kisses. Sooo good!

  25. Fly Baby in OKC

    I don’t eat them too often…but an occassional Peanut Butter Hot Fudge and Banana Sundae is awesome, salty and sweet…and healthy, too with the fresh fruit, right? :o) Maybe I should get them more often…


  26. Suzanne

    Such fun! My guilty pleasure is MMs — so simple and I can pop them in my mouth when the kids aren’t looking. Decadent goodness and easy to palm!

  27. Julie

    Mmmmmm… I could eat an entire pan of brownies with white chocolate chips. But I definitely have a special place in my heart for chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn’t? And of course any sort of brownie fudge ice cream is usually stocked in the freezer for a late night chocolate craving… like right now!

  28. Pamela S

    Hi I hate to say this but my weakness is candy corn!! I “buy it for my grandchildren” because they like it,but half of the time they never get it. I also cannot resist choc chip cookies or pecan tassies.


  29. Krissy

    Jenny, I’m smiling from ear to ear because this is the funnest idea. Thanks! My sweet-tooth weakness is creamy homemade caramels. Oh my heck I made some for Christmas 2 years ago and practically gained double my body weight because I couldn’t keep my hands out of them, my intentions were to share with ALL my neighbors on gift plates but only a select few were able to taste them because there weren’t many left to share. SOOOOOO my weakness!!! πŸ˜€

  30. Kevin and Katrina

    It’s gotta be something chocolate for me! I love that darn Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie, think about it often (just tasted it for the first time in April–so good–all the copy cats are good, but there’s still just something about the fresh Levain ones!) Also LOVE a good Molten Lava Cake and cookie dough ice cream is da bomb!

  31. K2cole

    Great Idea – I love to try your recipes they are less scary somehow!! My favorite are homemade bon-bons – made with oreos (something else I can’t resist) cream cheese and chocolate!! Use mint oreos and they are even better!!

  32. Candee & Weston

    I really can’t resist your pictures of all your sweets. It makes me want to make them all, but I hurry and look at another blog before the temptation gets any worse.

    Thanks for sharing your talent and blog with us up here in Idaho. I heard of your blog from word of mouth. Good luck with all your contests you enter.

    Candee wcflamm@msn.com

  33. Anonymous

    My lifelong favorite craving has only been cured at Baskin Robins. They have a flavor called Daquiri Ice. Yummy! It is tart, sweet, and refreshing all in one bite! I have yet to find a comparable flavor elsewhere. So, for 35 years now, I have treated to Baskin Robins. However, they did recently alter the recipe. πŸ™ I don’t understand why they don’t just make a seperate flavor. So, my first love is not what it once was, but is still on my list!

  34. Angie

    I’m so excited to enter this contest! I have to tell you … my husband loves your recipes and he is a very tough cookie to crack! πŸ™‚

    My biggest weakness (I have a horrible sweet tooth as well) is chocolate peanut butter ice cream! So good! I need to see about making a copy cat recipe of this at home.

    Thank you Jenny!

  35. Kade & Kendal's Mom

    Anything with carmel. (That would be chocolates, brownies, Milk Duds, ice cream…you name it!) YUM!
    Love your website!

  36. The Forrester Family

    I can never pass up a soft – only soft – cookie. I’m a fanatic for a soft baked cookie. Hard and crumbly, no thank you. Moist and soft – you know the kind – Mmmmmm. Boy all this talk about cookies…makes me want a tall glass of milk to go with them.

  37. Doris

    Another De-Lurker – love reading your blog and have tried several of your recipes – yum!
    My current favorite treat are Trader Joe’s chocolate covered Edemames – so addictive:)

  38. JenW

    i am completely in love with cookies, of all shapes and sizes and anything that relates to key lime pie is amazing…myhedwig@gmail (dot) com

  39. BKicklighter

    Brownies with ice cream . . . Yuummm. Or chocolate chip ice cream. . . The mixture of chocolate with vanilla ice cream. Could live off the stuff.

  40. Megan

    where to begin . . . I LOVE oatmeal cookie dough – salmonella and all. And mint chocolate chip ice cream, although I’m picky about the types of chocolate chips used (don’t like them to be waxy) and the ice cream shouldn’t be too minty. Oh, and peanut butter cookies with reeces cups in the middle. okay, I guess I’ll stop here.

  41. Lucy

    I can’t resist homemade chocolate chip cookies or “fresh” chocolate chip ice cream. (by fresh I mean a new, unopened carton–not that I eat the whole thing! ) I’ve tried several of your recipes and they’ve all been great!I drool over your peanut butter recipes but one of my kids has a peanut allergy so I can’t make any of them. So instead I try to inhale your great pictures!! cioelucy@yahoo.com

  42. Twin Happiness

    Guilty Pleasure/Indulgence? Hands down, no hesitation: a 2 inch by 2inch by 1 inch fudge brownie. Not too warm and absolutely no crusts, nuts, or frosting. Oh, be still me heart…AND stomach! =) Count me in!

  43. Matt and Amanda

    My biggest sweet weakness is definitely brownies in ice cream. . .it all started at Cold Stone, and now Dreyers/Breyers/store brands are all putting brownies in ice cream! Make it stop!

  44. Phill & Allie

    I love this! I think before I even had teeth as a baby, I had a sweet tooth. Sad, I know! Anything with sugar I LOVE! Ice cream, smoothies, and slushies are probably my fav. Especially now in the hot hot sun. But if it’s sweet, I will eat it until I am sick πŸ™ Talk about no control! Email is meiners@wirelessbeehive.com

  45. Derick & Becky

    Gotta be plain old rice crispy treats but made with Albertsons mini marshmellows! Don’t know why, but those make or break them! My latest obsession is the Oreo Truffles from Bakerella! email- neckybewman@hotmail.com

  46. Sherri

    My most guilty pleasure is cookie dough!! But not just any cookie dough I have THE BEST oatmeal cookie recipe and the dough is UNBELIEVABLE!! A very close 2nd is a nice cold Diet Coke!!

  47. Alison

    My favorite ‘splurge’ treat is a pazookie… (is that the same as your gooey cookie with vanilla bean icecream???)!!



  48. Blair

    I love all sweets. I am partial to well made dark chocolate. I loved baked apples with cinnamon (red hots too?)… I think breakfast and dessert are interchangeable.

  49. Chelli

    It all depends on my mood at the moment….right now I love the rainbow chip canned frosting on top of graham crackers…but I can never say no to gooey brownies! Yum!

  50. quitecontrary1977

    2 days ago i ate a jar of fudge ice cream topper without ice cream! would have kept on if not for the apalled look on my hubby’s face!

  51. Lisa P.

    My favorite summer treat had been anything and everything Rhubarb!! We had a crisp on Father’s Day that was to die for.

  52. Kyle

    As far as baked goods…I’m with you on the pizza cookie! But I also can’t resist chewy sweet tarts…I love them!!

  53. Christina RDH

    Thanks Jen!
    My favorite treat is a buttery brown sugary hot apple crisp with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Another fave is Tirimusu(spelling?) I love to eat it any time I can (spare a few thousand calories, that is).


  54. Jade

    White Chocolate Moose Shiver with Heath from TCBY. Oh my gosh I could eat it everyday of the year and still never tire. I dream about it at night.

  55. the4moyers

    I’m a subscriber to your blog, only just now “de-lurking” to comment. I have to say my favorite sweet treat is a Starbucks Grande Mocha Frappaccino. I honestly could have one everyday and not get tired of them. I am always a little sad when I finish one. Does that mean I’m addicted? :O) Great giveaways!! Thanks so much for offering them!

  56. Sara

    Mmmm, my biggest sweet weakness at the moment would have to be Ici ice cream, a local ice cream shop near where I live in Berkeley, CA. No matter how full I am from dinner, there’s always room. πŸ™‚

  57. Diane

    Mmm! How much fun is this? I have been following your blog for about 3 weeks and you’ve inspired me to try new things. And it has been fun! My current (it changes you know)indulgence is to take a square of really dark chocolate and use that to scoop some peanut butter right out of the jar. Quick, easy, no dishes! Yummy. Thanks for the fun try. ddhamill@yahoo.com

  58. Jenny J.

    Warm brownies, anything with peanut butter and chocolate. Your blog is so great. My family has loved everything that I’ve tried from it.

  59. Chelsea

    Growing up my dad always took his mom (our grandma) and us out to eat at Hometown Buffet….yowser. The one thing I remember scarfing every single time was their chocolate cobbler. It made all those trips to that awful Buffet bearable.

    So I have not had that chocolate cobbler since my Grandma passed. Then lo and behold, I was recipe searching and came across Bakeorbreak.com. A beautiful picture of chocolate cobbler staring RIGHT AT ME! I can’t wait to make it. Check out the website, it truly looks heavenly! and it can only surpass the buffet version, right!?


  60. Lily

    A nice fat slice of cheesecake when I really want to indulge, and when I want something sweet but a little lighter…hazelnut chocolate gelato!

  61. Lorie

    I have always ALWAYS had a weakness for hot fudge sundaes. Hot fudge and Whipped Cream is about the best combination in the world.

    Now I have a SERIOUS addiction to ganache! (again, chocolate and cream…you really cannot go wrong). I drizzle it on German Pancakes, I frost brownies with it…I eat it out of a bowl! The possibilities are limitless!!

  62. Kim A

    Wow, are you kidding that I’m comment,or should I say ENTRY number 75! Can family members be eligible you little snitch! My guilty pleasure lately has been your dang peanut butter chocolate cream cheese oreo brownies…thanks alot!!

  63. Gina Lee

    What a fun idea Jenny! Right now, it’s your banana peanut butter cookies. I can eat 10 of them and not even realize it!
    My husband is on a business trip right now. I sent him a care package and threw a few of them in there for him. The day he received the package, I received a text from him saying “Send More Cookies”.
    I really do love all the recipes I’ve tried of yours! You really have a talent for creating the perfect recipe! Thanks for sharing.
    Oh, and I also LOVE homemade caramel corn, Dove milk chocolate, and Stephen’s Gourmet Candy Cane Hot Cocoa.
    Gina – gigimcgary@yahoo.com

  64. linda

    Cupcakes are my favorite but I’m thinking your peanut butter cup cheesecake bars are my new weakness!

  65. heidikins

    I’m a sucker for batter of any kind, brownie, cake, even cookie dough. I’ll “make” a sugary dessert, lick the bowl clean, and then give away the actual dessert. Mmmmm, I just love all that uncooked goodness!


  66. lindsey

    i absolutely love blackberry bread pudding.

    the recipe i have calls for 18 eggs..that is right 18!! and i use croissants. it is too die for. i got the recipe off of take home chef.

    sorry i have never left a comment before, but i absolutely love your site and have used several of your recipes!!

    linzegarrett (at) gmail (dot) com

  67. Ricci

    I love your blog. My favorite restraunt dessert is Olive Garden White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. When I am at home its the Duncan Hines Caramel Moulten single cakes. Love them!! My email is jimmymotto@cox.net

  68. Brenda

    A simple chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (with a tall glass of milk), homemade chocolate chip cookies or brownies with vanilla ice cream and any dessert with custard. Love custard! πŸ™‚

    email: bren_au@hotmail.com

  69. Genie

    Two big soft ginger cookies with cream cheese frosting in the middle – a ginger oreo! If it’s really hot, I have to have Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio ice cream. Yum!

  70. Linda

    Malted Moo Crunch ice cream from our local New England ice cream stand…I swear I could eat my weight in it. Yum!

  71. shedrofsky@aol.com

    Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies and Hersheys chocolate bars…also frozen milky ways!

  72. Brooke

    I can not resisist a chocolate chip cookie. If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life, it would be chocolate chip cookies. The only thing better? Chocolate chip cookie DOUGH πŸ™‚

  73. Mom24

    Warm chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven ALWAYS call my name. Creme Brulee would be the fru-fru dessert that gets me.

  74. The Black Hole

    Oh this is fun!!! I have so many favorite guilty pleasures, so it’s really difficult for me to choose just one… but, I have never been able to resist cheesecake. Yum.

  75. Kelsey

    Hi I found your blog a while back and love looking at your yummy food. I’ve gotta try some of your recipes. I can’t pass up a rice crispy treat! I guess I just love the sweet gooeyness!

  76. Aimee

    Somehow, I stumbled upon your blog, and I am so glad I did. Your food ideas are incredible! Those Banana Peanut Butter Cup Cookies – Yum!! But, truth be told, I can never pass up a nice slice of pumpkin pie with homemade whip cream on top!

  77. Susan

    what an awesome giveaway! i’d have to say my guilty pleasures are french fries and brownies, not necessarily at the same time. πŸ˜‰ something salty and something sweet.

  78. KarenDV

    I love combinations of sweet and salty, but my sweet-only downfall is Edy’s mint chip ice cream with Oreos chunks.

  79. Brooke

    I wish this treat was something I could make, but I heart Sour Patch Kids. It’s how people at work bribe me to do a favor for them — I’ll never say no.

  80. Jori

    I have tried out several of your recipes. They are delish! You are one talented mama!:) Ummm my favorite treat is The cookie cookie sundae at ben & jerrys.

  81. Shelby

    I have many, many weaknesses, but #1 would have to be a crispy and chewy home made chocolate chip cookie. Or 10.

  82. Alissa

    my favorite is easily skittles. like little sugar bombs exploding in your mouth…

    but if i’m being perfectly honest, i can NEVER resist anything sweet… sweet tooth is an understatement.

  83. RobynE

    Oreos and Rice Krispy treats. I’m always like “just one more, can’t hurt. Well, maybe another one. Hmm, if I have one more I can even that out…”

  84. Toad

    My guilty pleasures fluctuate from season to season to season but almost always include choclate in some form or another. Lately I have been enjoying fresh ontario stamberries with lightly sweetened vanilla whipped cream accompanied by a shot of espresso. Yum!
    Thanly you inculding me in your contest. My e-mail address is tammy.sutherland@gmail.com

  85. Anonymous

    I love recipe blogs. Recently on Steph’s Kitchen I found Twisted Peanut Butter Cups. That has not helped the diet at all- what a fabulous guilty pleasure! This weekend I’ll be trying your Peanut Butter Whopper Cookies for my husband who LOVES Whoppers. Thanks for the great idea!

  86. Dottie K.

    Wow I enjoy your blog and looking at all the recipes. My guilty pleasure would be a chocolate. Anything chocolate! Thanks for a chance at some awesome giveaways. πŸ™‚

  87. Barbara Bakes

    Wow Jenny look how many people love your blog! A Schmidt’s chocolate eclair – they’re heavenly.

  88. Melissa Howard

    I haven’t meet a sweet I didn’t like… but I definitely can’t resist anything with the peanut butter, honey, banana and chocolate combined. As a mom of 3 under 4 years old, sometimes all I have time for is a spoon of peanut butter, with a chunk of banana, drizzled with honey and toped with those yummy Ghirardelli chips!!


  89. Emily

    Ice cream. I always have to have some in my house, even. I eat a pretty healthy diet all the time, but I regularly destroy it with ice cream.

  90. Monica

    hum…There are so many to choose from! Today my sweet tooth is craving cinnamon rolls. Tomorrow may be something different but I can NEVER turn down something homemade with chocolate in it!

  91. Sarah

    I would probably classify myself more in the salty than sweet loving category, but there is one exception. My favorite restaurant in SC is Saltus. They had a flourless chocolate cake that I swear I dreamt about, it was that good. With a little fresh whipped cream, I always had room for that dessert. Unfortunately they aren’t serving that anymore and I am desperately trying to find a replacement! πŸ™

  92. Anonymous

    I would have to say werthers candies I always carry them on me..and tootsie pops..love them!! Love you blog, keep up the good work..looking forward to more yummy recipes from you.

  93. Carlee Hoopes

    I can’t choose just one! I’m afraid I just can’t pass up ice cream, cotton candy, or chocolate silk pie. I’m pretty much obsessed with these 3 things!

  94. The Queen of Quite a Lot

    I’m really not a picky sweet tooth person–I like it all. But my biggest weakness by far is ice cream. I love it in the morning. I love it in the afternoon. I love it at night. I like it plain or with a ton of stuff mixed in. I like it just in a bowl or made into a sundae. If I’m doing a quickie, I love it best on a sugar cone. We always have several ice cream choices in the house. I prefer the rich Oberweis ice cream or Haagen Dazs or Ben and Jerry’s, but won’t turn down Edy’s or Breyers. In fact when I was pregnant with my son, I got addicted to a Breyer’s flavor and would eat that several times a day because it was one of the few things I could keep down.

  95. Liz

    I can’t go a day without something chocolate/peanut butter…even if it’s just the M&Ms. I now am also addicted to your Levain Choc. Chip Cookies.
    Oh, I could go on forever on the “sweet subject”!

  96. Jennifer

    I love a good fudgy brownie, and I’m addicted to hot tamales. Your blog is great, I love to look at your recipes.

  97. LeAnne

    I haven’t commented in forever…I am still a fan of many of your recipes.

    My favorite sweet indulgence has to be a warm gooey chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce. That sounds so good right now…do I have a brownie mix?!?

  98. Crazy Lady

    Ice cream you scream, we all scream for ice cream. But even more for chocolate gelato and pinkberry πŸ™‚

    Count me in!

  99. Tina

    I love love brownie ice cream. Vanilla ice cream with swirls of chocolate and chucks of chewy brownie. So good!

  100. Alison

    I love your blog too. Thank you for all the great recipes! My favorite sweet is anything peanut-butter and chocolate. Mmmmm!

  101. Kelly

    Oh wow. I don’t know if I can pick just one sweet guilty pleasure. haha

    – soft, warm chocolate chip cookies
    – chocolate cake with a fudge layer and chocolate icing
    – homemade choc chip cookie dough ice cream
    – cake batter ice cream

    ahhh!! the list goes on and on!

  102. Jolene

    I have a big sweet tooth. But if I had to pick just one things, I would say Ice Cream. I have a bowl every night, unless there is something else sweet to eat.
    joleneschooley at gmail dot com

  103. Cheryl

    Another de-lurker here! My guilty pleasure is chocolate chip cookies , warm from the oven when they’re still gooey and a little underdone. Then here’s what I do with them: take two cookies, turn one downside up and spread with raw cookie dough, then top with the other still warm from the oven cookie, squish together and eat with a big glass of milk…mmmmmm! Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!

  104. Brooke

    I have a serious sweet tooth – it’s so hard to choose a favorite. But I guess I’d have to say chocolate chip cookies and homemade oreo cookies.
    -Brooke in Dallas

  105. RecipeGirl

    It’s amazing how many people come-a-flocking when you’re giving free stuff away, isn’t it?? Well, I’m a devoted comment giver so I’m not just here for the free stuff πŸ™‚ But since I’m here, I’ll share my favorite indulgences: cheesecake of any kind, brownie-hot butterscotch sundaes, and snickerdoodles. Oh yeah…and red licorice ropes!

  106. Becky

    I love all desserts, but my newest favorite is a frozen key lime pie. I also love homemade oreo cookies, and caramel/nut brownies. I’ve made several of your treats, and I love them all!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!


  107. Cheryl

    That’s a hard one, but if I had to pick just one it would probably be something chocolate, Hershey’s perfectly chocolate cake, warm chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate brownies with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  108. Brittany

    Homemade chocolate trifle and berry cobblers. Totally different and equally deadly for me! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love your blog.

  109. Angie

    A lace pecan cookie,Whipped cream, fresh raspberries and drizzled with homemade carmel sauce! Heavenly!

  110. Kirstynn Evans

    Hey there! How fun! I am in love with giveaways!!! The prizes look super. The Church Cookbook has to be the best one though. I tell ya, the classics are in there! Relief Society Women know how to COOK!

    Ok, sweet guilty pleasures… there are soooooo many, but I have to say that my favorite is Scotcheroos. Rice Crispies, Peanut Butter, with Butterschotch and Chocolate on top! Soooo yummy!

  111. Rachel

    I LOVE a cake cone at Baskin Robbins filled with 2 scoops: mint chocolate chip and orange sherbet. I know it sounds like a weird combination… but it works together REALLY WELL! YUMMMM!

  112. Seetha Bhagvat

    First time commenter here – Tiramisu is my absolute favorite indulgence. One spoonful is never enough. I buy myself a big slice from this little italian bakery in Austin every weekend. I am almost scared of going that way now, now that I am vegan.

  113. Kelsey

    I love your website! You are amazing. You make me think I could actually cook something πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  114. The Hills

    my favorite treat is a fresh raspberries and roasted almonds nielson’s concrete. but i make my own version when they don’t have fresh berries. yummy! and then of course there is my daily trips to QT for my dr pepper. i wish i could do without, but i indulge everyday!

  115. The Dopp Family

    Hmmm, I swear I just added a comment, but it must not have posted. I’ll try again. My favorite is any kind of cheesecake. Right now, a Pomegranate Banana Cheesecake.
    Thanks Jenny.


  116. Mary

    I absolutely love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. We have this recipe that has a glaze drizzled on top. If those are in my house – they literally call my name!

  117. Kelli

    How fun! I have to say, it is impossible for me to resist cheesecake. Impossible. Also, this is a little weird, but I can’t ever resist those little chocolate no-bake cookies. They’re so chewy and delicious!

  118. Nash

    I’m so glad you are doing this.
    You are getting right up there with pioneer woman, look how many comments you have.

    My favorite is the pizza cookie for indulgence.
    I also LOVE cadbury mini eggs.

  119. Nash

    I’m so glad you are doing this.
    You are getting right up there with pioneer woman, look how many comments you have.

    My favorite is the pizza cookie for indulgence.
    I also LOVE cadbury mini eggs.

  120. Emily

    I would have to say Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. I totally get your addiction to peanutbutter, one of the many reasons I love this site! Shhhh, but don’t tell anyone, I am a dietitian and I might lose business.


  121. Mandy

    I’m so glad my sister told me about your blog! I love it – I have two picky eaters of my own. My favorite sweet treat, particularly during Arizona’s summers, are root beer floats with the ice cream scooped in small bits so the root beer gets really creamy and slightly frozen.

    anwhite29 at gmail dot com

  122. Jenson Family

    I love peach cobbler preferably made in a dutch oven with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is the perfect treat when camping!

  123. J.

    I absolutely love your blog! I always find the best recipes here!

    My sweet tooth requires a fix from Coldstone Creamery and only Birthday Cake Remix will do! I also love the Little Chippers from Paradise Bakery, any flavor will do πŸ˜‰

  124. Salsa Mama

    I LOVE a good flan. And the dark chocolate bar works for me, too. I love this blog! Thanks for all your great recipes! πŸ™‚

  125. Crandell Fam

    I have so many…but if I had to choose, I would say the pizookie from Oregano’s that is half chocolate chip, half peanut butter with yummy vanilla ice cream on top. YUM!!!

  126. Brooke

    What a fun giveaway. Can I only have one guilty pleasure? πŸ™‚ My biggest is anything with peanut butter and chocolate. I repeat ANYTHING!

  127. Naomi

    My girlfriend Kehau makes a delicious chocolate chiffon cake with a layer of chocolate pudding topped with a whipped cream frosting, all made from scratch! It is delicious! She always makes this cake for special occasions, good thing for me or I’d be in trouble!

    Sorry! Forgot my email address:

  128. Deanne

    How fun! My favorite would be
    German chocolate cake or anything
    with coconut ( Yum! Yum! ) I love
    your site and all the wonderful

  129. The Zoo Keeper

    your blog is so fun…I cannot pass up any dessert really….but peanut butter and chocolate have to take the top…I am also a sucker for hot brownie with ice cream,covered in homeade fugde sauce……yummmmm

  130. Miriam

    I love anything sweet but could never turn down a thick piece of triple decker Schwarzwaldkirschetorte.

  131. Amanda

    Honestly, my guilty pleasure depends on the moment. Sometimes, I will DIE for a scoop of Lemon Chiffon Custard. Other times, I would give my right arm for a slice of that amazingly chocolate tier cake from Costco. But, usually, I crave anything with chocolate and peanut butter. If I could get it here, I would also crave the Tiramisu chocolates I used to have on my mission in Eastern Europe. YUM!

    sympatichna at hotmail dot com

  132. Kimberly

    I am also de-lurking. I’ve been by your site a time or two now.
    I love to eat FAIR FOOD! The state fair is the best place in the world to get greasy, sugary, indulgences. Tiger Ears, Cotton candy, cheesecake on a stick, gyros, corn dogs, etc. Too good to be true! The other thing I LOVE to eat is called Triple chocolate brownie mousse trifle. It is to die for!

  133. Tia J

    off I have to say I love your blog and that church cookbook. I use it all the time I love it!!
    Ok guilty pleasure I could live off any kind of candy and baked goods. And sad to say I kind of do. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I really love ice cream before I go to bed.

  134. Stacey

    ATK Thicky and Chewey Chocolate Chip Cookies. LOVE them! My DH and I can finish off an entire batch in 24 hours. πŸ™‚

  135. Lisa

    What a nice thing to do! I have 2 things depending on the time of year. Summer…ice cream sundae, extra whipped cream, extra caramel and extra nuts. Winter….pastries from a good Italian bakery.

  136. Bennance

    I love homemade chocolate pudding. For some reason, I can use portion control on other sweets, but not on pudding!

    Your blog is wonderful and I’ve made several of your recipes for my kids. They really liked the peanut butter cup-marshmallow banana sandwiches! Thanks for such great food ideas.

  137. Lindsey and Chris

    chocolate chip cookie dough…in ice cream, out of a spoon,cooked and made into cookies. Any way…I LOVE IT!

  138. Roberts Family Ramblings

    These are definitely a guilty pleasure!! You truly can’t eat just one. This is the first recipe that my mother in law gave me after we were married. Rather than just tell you about them, thought I would share the recipe. YUM!! πŸ™‚


    Hello Dollies




  139. Jill

    the darkest chocolate gelato I can find and choc chip cookie dough by the spoonful! Thanks for THE BEST food blog out there. My family loves you-they always ask “is this from Picky Palate?”

  140. Jordan & Arian

    I laughed when I saw your first prize. I was thinking that my ultimate indulgence is exactly what you had pictured there. Brownies with Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream and some chocolate syrup and chopped up walnuts. YUM! Oh, and my email is airjordan04@cox.net

  141. Suzanne

    Hi Jenny!
    What a fun idea! It looks like all of your blog readers are coming out to comment on this one!
    I adore a good chocolate layer cake with lots of delisious frosting served with raspberry sauce….. Yum!

  142. Jill jillmacdaz@Hotmail.com

    First, I would like to say thank you so much I love trying all your fablous recipes. I will have to say my guilty pleasure would have to be a warm snickerdoodle cookie with vanilla ice cream on top!!!

  143. Deborah

    What an awesome giveaway!! I have way too many guilty pleasures, but my all time favorite would have to be ice cream. Any flavor, any time – love it!!

  144. Jen

    Ice cream is my biggest temptation. I’ve loved it ever since I can remember and I simply can’t resist it. Also anything chocolate and caramel. twinsej at gmail dot com

  145. Joe and Melissa Vega

    pizookie from oregnaos, such a guilty pleasure. I also love anything with cream cheese or peanut butter. your recipes are amazing!

  146. erinn

    I’m a sucker for cake… any kind really but especially chocolate or carrot! What a fun giveaway. I am so glad I found your blog, I love new recipes, especially when there is a picture to go along with it!

    my e-mail incase I win is… errand84@yahoo.com

  147. smlaw

    Today we made a take on indoor smores. Graham Crackers with chocolate frosting(or mixed with vanilla) and mini-marshmallows. It was delicious, especially with a glass of milk.

  148. Sheri

    I love all your wonderful recipes. My guilty pleasures are anything with milk chocolate and peanut butter. Love the peanut butter perfection at cold stone. robsheri at msn dot com.

  149. Clumbsy Cookie

    Oh Jenny this is such a cool idea, so nice of you. Hope you’re having fun reading everybody’s comments.
    My favourite treat I think it is hazelnut gelatto with crushed white chocolate “filipinos” biscuits (chocolate biscuits covered in white chocolate). Oh give me a bowl of that and I’m a happy girl!

  150. Ashlee

    My sweetest weakness is anything that is warm and chocolatey. Especailly brownies with toffee chips on them covered with vanilla icecream and caramel! Yum! I know what we’re having for dessert!

  151. Tearz

    I can not resist the taste of freshly picked strawberries that have been sitting in the fridge with sugar, poured over breyers slow churned vanilla ice cream. Throw in a warm shortcake scone and right there is my heaven!!!! Love your site (so does my family!) Thanks for all you post!

  152. Homie

    We are living back East right now and there is a grocery store called Wegmans that is just up the street and I love to go there. They have this Ice Cream there that is just the generic Wegmans brand and it is called Chocolate Nutty Cone!! Holy Cow….What could be better than the creamiest chocolate ice cream with chocolate flavored coated peanuts and chocolate coated waffle cone pieces(my favorite part) swirled with chocolate sauce! To die for!! I could easily finish a whole carton myself!!(and sometimes I have to eat it fast because my husband will come dig out all the dark chocolate covered waffle cone pieces!!!, and then it just isn’t the same!)


  153. BrookZ

    i totally cant resist a hot cherry crisp with good vanilla ice cream! or a molten chocolate cake! mmmm….

  154. Jason

    3 guilty pleasures – could enjoy anytime

    Wegmans Fresh baked bread with salted butter


  155. Jennifer

    mmmm tiramisu. I can be full to the point where I’m about the throw up, but I will still eat a piece ALL. BY. MYSELF.

  156. Stephanie

    Talk about awesome prizes!

    I love the chocolate cake from Macaroni Grill with Chocolate Ganache!

  157. sarahjohn

    I am a secret blog stalker of yours. I Love to cook and I’m from Gilbert AZ. My favorite anytime guilty pleasure is cold stone creamery ice cream. Sweet cream with reese’s, caramel and chocolate! Oh, so good all the time!!

  158. Amy

    Wow! I would have to say that my guilty pleasures are…Nutella (right from the jar), cotton candy, fire roasted marshmallows, dark chocolate from See’s Candies, Texas sheet cake, Oatmeal Cake, cookies n cream icecream with hot caramel…wow…I guess I can go on and on! I had no idea I had so many! knobbyknee at hotmail dot com

  159. Kristen

    Easy…Sweet Cakes Sugar Cookies.

    I don’t comment a lot on your blog but believe me, I have some really good church cookbooks and I very rarely use them anymore! I just come here! πŸ™‚

    Thanks! 2goodgirlz@cox.net

  160. Jen V

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars – I found the recipe in my Ina Garten cookbook. My kids request them all the time – but I have to admit I make them for myself!

  161. kimhilder

    Cheesecake! I love my raspberry cheesecake brownie bars (I created this recipe for the Pillsbury Bake-Off, it didn’t get chosen, but it’s soooo good!) I also love peanut butter/chocolate cheesecake that I’ve made a couple of times on really special occasions. These two are to die for and oh so good! My ward used the same cover for our ward cookbook last year! Funny!

  162. Kyle and Melissa

    Oh, where to even begin….I have to have peanut M&M’s on tap and homemade pistachio Ice Cream. Simply to die for!!

  163. Nat

    Guilty pleasure-peanut butter. I love peanut butter bars and peanut butter on Nilla Waffers. Oh so great!

  164. Kelli

    A friend of mine just emailed me your blog. I am going to love your sight. My pleasure is anything and everything. the older I get the more I can consume. Its bad. I even bought a 6 pack of those ice cream cupcakes by phillyswirl and didnt tell my family and ate them all by my self. They are my latest addiction. cake, ice cream and frosing. YUMMY

  165. s

    fruit tart!

    (and, because it’s impossible to pick just one, chocolate oatmeal cookies!)

    (any anything with peanut butter is also SWELL)

    but final answer is fruit tart πŸ™‚

    email: strongverbs@gmail.com

    P.S. Your blog is fantastic, and your kids are adorable!

  166. JudyHArms@aol.com

    I am not a major sweets person but when I do get an urge, I really crave a molten chocolate cake with chocolate chip mint ice cream. Now to be really honest, if I need a quick fix, I will dip a pretzel in melted chocolate. I love all the posts to this!!

  167. Kitchen Queen

    Hand-made Cayenne Dark Chocolate Truffle.
    I love this blog Jenny, great job!
    I have tried many of your yummy treats and they could all be my faves!!

  168. Anonymous

    I love anything chocolate! My favorite as of late is candy bar brownies; after making your favorite brownie mix add 3 chopped up candybars before baking. Snickers and Reese’s are great! Email:jtmartindale@fairpoint.net

  169. Claire

    Look what a giveaway does to your comments! πŸ™‚ Reeses peanut butter cup is one. A strawberry pie or strawberry shortcake is another of mine. I’m opposite of you…I can resist the chocolate!

  170. Geegsy

    Man, I have a LOT of guilty pleasures! Any kind of chocolate (except dark chocolate), anything with caramel in it–even just a plain caramel square is good too!

    Lately with the heat we’ve been having here, I’m hooked on snow cones. I like the ones that you can buy at the little stands that are set up around town. Something about the sugary syrup they use just makes them the BEST!

    BUT, put anything sweet in front of me and you won’t see me pushing it away! That is for sure!


  171. Nate and Stacia

    I’m just not sure it matters to me-I LOVE it all! Thanks for all your incredible recipes!
    Fun giveaway!

  172. Stacia

    I love quesadillas made with chocolate chips and a little poweder sugar on top. YUM. Or Nutella out of the jar, that’s why I don’t buy it:)

  173. Lindi

    I LOVE your sight….one(I have many) of my SWEET pleasures is crumbled vanilla waffers and chocolate sauce over vanilla ice cream!!
    lindi underscore jones at hotmail

  174. natalie

    my guilty pleasures include ben & jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream (none of that low fat stuff!), some chocolate molten lava cake, cream puffs/eclairs…oh boy the list could go on and on! πŸ™‚

  175. Suzanne

    What fun!!! I can’t say no to an Italian cookie I make called a Pizzette. The combination of chocolate, toasted almonds, orange and lemon with bits of chocolate mixed in is too good to be true:-)

  176. Amy

    Jenny…My total guilty pleasure is Ice Cream Sandwhich Cake….Layer a 9×13 with I.C. sandwhiches , top with a layer of cool whip, drizzle with carmel topping & chocolate syrup then top that with chopped snickers, repeat with the same layering order and place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes so everything can come together!!! It is the eaisest dessert ever on the planet and really who doesnt love I.C. sandwhiches and cool whip :):)

  177. Emily

    Love your website!!

    My weakness is fresh baked chocolate chip cookies cut into small pieces and sprinkled over Blue Bell cookie dough ice cream with caramel topping and cool whip. Only the biggest bowl in the house will do when I allow myself to indulge in this guilty pleasure. Deadly but oh so good!!


  178. Amy

    I love anything sweet. However my guiltiest pleasure is the “skookie” from Streamers in Gilbert,AZ. It’s a white chocolate/macadamia nut cookie (slightly undercooked) with coconut ice cream, and white chocolate drizzled over the top. It come sizzling hot in a skillet, and is the most delisious treat EVER!


  179. Heather B

    My favorite sweet indulgence is a warm strawberry shortcake. It uses fresh, whole strawberries that are baked until just soft and juicy then topped with a sugared buttermilk biscuit. To top it off, yummy rich heavy cream is poured over it. So delicious!

  180. Heather

    I love ice cream and chocolate-extreme chocolate, noting is too rich for me, um, have you tried graham crackers and frosting? So good! Cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies… I like anything and everything, I never say no to dessert.

  181. Mags

    hmmmmm…. My new favorite thing is a dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie with a peanut butter center, but I’m seriously considering putting a caramel center in it somehow. Any ideas on how to make it work?

  182. Life Is Beautiful

    My biggest sweet tooth obsession is kissing my sweet babies cheeks!!! I know it is not chocolate, but to me it tastes even better and is the sweetest thing:) P.S. I could also always eat a fudge Chocolate cake with homemade Frosting!!! brittanyh@gmail.com

  183. Maggie < maggieengland@excite.com >

    I have absolutely loved reading your blog, and thank you for the latest Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Bars recipe. They look so delicious!
    I would say there are two sweets I can’t get enough of…one is store bought, the other is homemade: Ben & Jerry’s “Cinnamon Buns” ice cream and Turtle Cake. Yummy!

  184. How It All Began...

    My grandpa created his own version of carmel popcorn. It is to die for! It’s full of sugar and butter and that’s what makes me smile. Oh, now I’ve started thinking about it, I think I’m in trouble. πŸ™‚

  185. Tucker Family

    I love, love, love anything peanut butter. It really is a guilty pleasure because we have a peanut allergy, so I only get it when my dd is not around.

  186. CrabbyMom

    What a fun contest! I love your blog too, I’ve made sevreral of your recipes and have drools at a lot too! If I wasn’t diabetic I would be trying more of the ooey gooey nummies that you post. I do endulge in some occasionally though. My favorite would be cheesecake. When I want to treat myself to something, I’ll have cheesecake. Of couse lately, the Skinny Cow Skinny Dippers have been my indulgence. Certainly not as good as cheesecake but they do the job. Thanks again for so many wonderful recipes and photos. πŸ™‚

  187. kaatee

    I’ve often wanted to comment on your wonderful blog and this gives me a great opportunity! Like you, I am a peanut butter and chocolate fan, though my all time favorite treat is brigaderos (Brazilian fudge balls). They are so easy and so delicious. They taste like a chewy fudge brownie (recipe is so easy too, 3 T. cocoa, 1 can sweetened condensed milk and 1/4 cup of butter. Mix all together and cook over medium heat until thickened. Cool (I put in frig until cool) and form into balls–roll in powdered sugar or little chocolate candies–PURE YUMMINESS!).


  188. Likes Chocolate

    I am a dessert girl. In fact, I could eat dessert for breakfast lunch and dinner. Who need nutrition when you can have dessert. My guilty pleasure is brownies. I just found my new favorite it is called a Road Slide brownie with chucks of brownie on top of the brownie covered with pecans and carmel. Delish!

  189. Anonymous

    It’s so funny that the mention of winning something brings so many responses…at least your site is being read

  190. LOLiTA

    My guilty pleasure is homemade brownines (while they’re still warm) with a scoop of vanilla icecream on top. Mmmm….

    Email: spanish.curlz AT gmail DOT com

  191. The Buckleys

    What a fun contest! I am addicted to your website and thank you for making my family’s dinners more tasty! BTW- I work with your sister, Kim, in our Ward’s YW. She is a ton of fun!

    Okay, my guilty pleasure is any kind of cheesecake! I love, love, love cheesecake! Regular New York cheesecake with a dollop of blueberries, pumpkin cheesecake, key lime cheesecake, coconut cheesecake, and the list goes on and on and on. I think it’s a little piece of heaven here on earth.

  192. Anthony, Valerie & Tate

    My guilty please would be homemade carmels that bring back memories from childhood. Strawberry shortcake with yummy homemade whipped cream. And Creme Brulee is a huge weakness! YUM πŸ™‚ I am off to the kitchen! avhuynh@gmail.com

  193. Megan

    I can not resist anything with cream cheese in it! Cheese cakes or bars of any variety. Cup cakes or cakes with cream cheese centers or frosting. Some of my favorite sauces for fish, chicken, noodles have cream cheese in them too! And I’m a sucker for any dip with cream cheese… ok now I’m hungry.
    meg_robbins @ hotmail .com

  194. Shannon

    My guity pleasure is SKOR cake or in my extended family, “Better than sex cake”. Rich chocolate cake you have poked holes in, pour Mrs. Richardson’s Butterscotch-carmel and sweetened condensed milk mixed together over entire cake, top with cool whip. then take 4 skor bars and crush and sprinkle over cake. Put in to fridge at least 1 hour before you eat so cake can absorb carmel goodness. SO YUMMY.

  195. the mama monster

    scool lunch peanut butter bars! i could eat them all day. and a local popsicle from paces dairy. so yummy!

  196. Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun

    I never win anything but I’ll give it a shot anyway! My favorite sweet treat is anything CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate layers, chocolate cake, or a good gooey chocolate brownie!

  197. trinettegrace

    Okay here we go, WONKA has a new candy called Giant Chewy Nerds. Chewy jelly bean center with a bumpy, crunchy nerds shell. Sounds strange, but I’m hooked. You might think I’m a little kid, but I’m going on 34 years of age. Candy makes me feel young!

  198. Laura

    I would have to say one of my favorite sweet thing to eat is chocolate chip cookies warm right out of the oven. πŸ™‚

  199. little miss bean

    i know it comes with summer finally being here, but my biggest guilty pleasure is a s’more, with extra crispy/burnt marshmallows.

  200. Circus Ringleader

    My (and my daughter’s) favoite dessert (which if they are in the house I will eat a whole pan and did so many times when I was pregnant) is brownies. I like the Betty Crocker plain old fashioned brownies, not nuts or anything fancy. Circusringleader@sbcglobal.net

  201. Tiffany

    Wow, i found your website a while back and absolutley love it, your recipes are great and the pictures make me want to make them all ASAP. This is a great giveaway, and I am all about sweets some of my favorites are popcorn(carmel), cinnamon rolls, and pretty much anything with homebaked goodness in it!

  202. Playful Professional

    I absolutely love Rocky Road ice cream. I’ve got the double churned kind in my fridge right now. YuM!!!

  203. Diana & Scott

    My favorite are roasted marshmallows (marshmallows in any shape or form, actually) and DARK chocolate. Mmm, I’m salivating just thinking about it.
    Thanks for a great giveaway and the yummiest recipes ever.

    ~ Diana (hardydiana@gmail.com)

  204. Shelly

    The one thing I can never resist is Molten. There was a restaurant that served it here a few years ago and they tried to expand by opening another location and went under because of management issues BUT the molten was amazing. I love chocolate. Molten is a light spongy cake that when you slip your spoon through the top layer it becomes hot melted “molteny” lava underneath. It is topped with mint ice cream with a huge layer of whip topping on top of that and then drizzled with chocolate. It is amazing. Here is the recipe.
    6 oz bittersweet chocolate
    10 T. butter
    1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
    1/2 cup flour
    3 whole eggs
    3 egg yolks

    Melt chocolate and butter at 50% power in the microwave. In a different bowl beat eggs and yolks together until lightened. Alternate adding the sugar and the flour and the eggs to the chocolate/butter mixture. Butter 6 (7oz) custard cups and place on a cookie sheet. Spoon mixture into the cups equally and bake at 425 for 12 minutes. Remove from oven and top with scoops of mint ice cream then top with a generous amount of spray whip topping. Then drizzle with chocolate sauce. This comment is from Shelly jim@ida.net

  205. Tahmina

    Hi Jenny,

    My “sweetest” weaknesses?

    1) Ooey, gooey, falling apart brownies… any type.

    2) Key Lime Pie

    3) Soft, melt-in-your mouth cookies

    4) Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts

    5) Frosting

    6) My kids’ kisses

    What a great contest. Have fun with this!


  206. runninggrandma

    I know this sounds crazy but I can’t resis the orange marshmellow ‘circus’ peanuts. I told you! Also anything mint chocolate

  207. Aaron Tunell

    I love oatmeal cookies, and any kind of pudding. I made homemade butterscotch pudding the other day for Father’s Day, and it was to die for. I ate way more than my share πŸ™‚


  208. Christie

    I’ve had good luck with all of your recipes that I’ve tried – thanks!

    My fave: Just simple warm homemade chocolate chip cookies with icy cold milk.

  209. Karen Mack

    Hi Jenny,

    Up until now I’ve been a silent reader thanks to the link from Tracy @ Rah Cha Chow but those cookbooks look to good to keep silent any longer! :o) It’s been a while since we met on the bus to the airport after the PBO of 2006. I love your blog by the way!
    Where to start…anything with peanut butter especially peanut butter pie will do it for me. I also LOVE strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream. Tues is strawberry picking day here since school is done tomorrow! You know what I’ll be making this week!
    Karen Mack

  210. Leigh Anne

    My number one guilty pleasure is a warm chocolate cookie! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the top and I am in heaven! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!!

  211. Brandi Watkins

    I’m on a total lemon kick! Lemon bars, lemon zest cookies, you name it, if it’s lemony, I love it!!

  212. Aleasha

    My husband and I LOVE cookies… so why not combine them, right? Our newest fav is to make Ghirardelli ultimate double chocolate cookies and then make either regular chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies. you take the PB or reg. chocolate chip cookie dough and put it all around the Ghirardelli dough. YUMM-Y! great give away.

    aleashamsmith at gmail

  213. Kyle, Ashley & Gage

    We love the homemade version of Peanut-Buster Parfaits: Haagen Dazs Ice cream, homemade dark chocolate fudge sauce and salty spanish peanuts. Yum!
    Another fav is chewy chocolate, white chocolate cookies. Just like Paradise. And they are great with PB chips too.
    Love your blog!


  214. The Bahens

    I can’t resist key lime pie or creme brulee. Even if I’m stuffed to the gills, if it is on the menu, I have to order it after dinner.

  215. Jill

    My favorite is chocolate chip cookies!!! I can’t get enough of them. I make batches and freeze them so I can always make fresh cookies any time. Plus, not baking them all at once keeps me from eating them all at once!
    jillalsup at gmail

  216. Melanie C.

    I have a hard time resisting a perfectly bakes chocolate chip cookie!! I also love anything with peanute butter and chocolate! Your prizes look so fun!!

  217. kkicks

    Ever been to 21 Choices in Pasadena? The yummiest flavor they make is animal cookie……..Mothers animal cookies, cookie dough, and sprinkles, frozen and soft served through their machine! DELICIOUS! Definitely a must try if your ever in Pasadena!:)

  218. melanie

    It’s hard to narrow my guilty pleasure but if I have to ‘narrow’ it down, it would be almost anything with yeast! Cinnamon rolls, homemade bread, breadsticks…you name it, I love breads and yeast.

    Also love your blog, anything I’ve tried has been great!

  219. Liora

    I LOVE anything chocolate – and actually lately my guilty pleasure has been your Oreo truffles!! Divine!!

  220. The Gorrells

    My indulgence… Butterscotch squares from See’s candy! They are the most amazing chocolate I have ever eaten. While I was pregnant I at so much and it is probably why I gained so much weight! I’m not kidding, I lost 41 pounds in the first week after I had my daughter. Mostly water weight but still it couldn’t have helped! 379 comments Including me! That is a whole lot of comments to read! I say good luck to you!-itsmemeganlee at yahoo

  221. mrsbumblebee

    As simply and child-like they are, I can not resist homemade rice-krispy treats. There is just something about them, I can’t ever stop eating them!
    Great giveaway!!
    wahine021 at gmail dot com

  222. Ashley

    I am not sure there is much better than a big piece of texas chocolate sheet cake with a tall glass of milk…mmmm! cashleym(at)gmail(dot)com

  223. Bree

    I love your site but have never commented…now’s as good a time as any! πŸ™‚ I don’t know if I can pick just ONE sweet treat…as long as it has chocolate, I’m happy!…and a little ice cream on the side doesn’t hurt! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great giveaway! bree927 at yahoo dot com.

  224. tarable

    Once I get my crew all down at night and I have a little time to myself, I love to make pie crust pockets. I mix up a half recipe of pie dough, roll it out, sprinkle with white & brown sugar and some cinnamon, fold over like a quesadilla, and bake. Delicious!

  225. Melody

    I have a serious weakness for donuts…especially chocolate and maple bars. Love your blog!



  226. momof3crazykids

    Mine is M&M’s or Dove milk chocolate with caramel. I’m a sucker for milk chocolate.
    The prizes look great. I actually have the ward cookbook given to me by my best cousin Shannon. I loovvee it!

  227. Amiee

    HUGE chocolate chip cookies with semi-sweet chocolate chips, for sure!!! And they HAVE to be CHEWY–or forget it! Also love love love french fries. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Mmmm. a dot erickson at century 21 dot com

  228. laurelg1

    I grew up loving a good chocolate chip cookie, crisp outside, chewy inside…and sugar cookies with sprinkles. I have since had to cut down on sugars, but I can break for a rice krispy treat from time to time. Love brownies too. For a treat though, I will have a piece of good dark chocolate.

  229. Kuckie

    There is nothing in the world like Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip ice cream!!! It’s made right here in Ohio and Oprah featured it as one of her favorite things. There is a Graeter’s right down the street from my office, and I give myself a little pat on the back everytime I can manage to drive by without stopping!

    Thanks Jenny!

  230. Allison

    my guilty pleasure is usually anything with chocolate, but inparticular just a plain ole hershey bar!

  231. Melissa

    OK i LOVE cinnamon bears and brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce. I would eat this everyday if i thought it was even remotely healthy.

  232. Anonymous

    Love your blog! I’ve made quite a few of your recipes. Like many here, I love the peanut butter and chocolate combination. However, my favorite is anything that has coconut in it. I love coconut with chocolate and I especially love it in my drink. Put coconut rum in any drink and I will probably like it. πŸ™‚



  233. Anonymous

    My favorite thing that I cannot pass up is Chocolate Chip Cookies!
    tcmgarvey at hot mail dot com

  234. Tart Reform

    I love many home baked goodies (peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips is a biggie) but I am always looking for a fix on my chocolate frosty addiction. Oh Wendy’s, how you hook me!


  235. SweetTooth

    My definite weakness is a waffle cone bowl with Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream *with real vanilla bean specks lol* and caramel fudge topping and plenty of sprinkles!! znw2 at mac dot com

  236. The Jones Family

    my sweetest treat are oreo balls. the recipe is from kraft foods. i think you posted the recipe with a nutty butter twist as well. absolutely delish. i bring them everywhere. ericab2001@yahoo.com

  237. Josh and Katy

    One of my favorite “guilty pleasures” is a cool, creamy lemon pudding pie, especially during the summer! Here is the recipe if you want to give it a whirl:

    1 graham cracker crust
    1 (8 oz) package cream cheese
    1 cup powdered sugar
    1 (16 oz.) container cool whip (split)
    1 box lemon pudding (cook or instant both work) prepared according to package directions

    Whip together the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and half of the cool whip (reserve the other half). Spread in the bottom of the graham cracker crust. Prepare the pudding and spread that on top of the cream cheese layer. Put pie in fridge to set. Top with remaining cool whip before serving. Yum!

    My husband usually gets one piece of this, the night I serve it. If he is lucky, there MIGHT be one piece left when he comes home from work the next day! You can also make this a chocolate pie, just substitute an oreo crust and chocolate pudding for the graham cracker crust and lemon pudding. Hope you like it as much as I do!

  238. KarenH


    Mmmm, I’d have to say brownies. Fudgy, chewy brownies!

    I just found your blog last week but there are MANY of your recipes I want to try.

  239. Janae

    My favorite are cookies called Coated Cookie Drops, but we like to call them moose poop! They’re an oreo and cream cheese mixture, then coated in white or milk chocolate to look like a truffle. They taste divine!

  240. Rhonda

    One of my guilty pleasures is a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with a hot chocolate sauce and then a nice amount of kahlua. Crumble some vanilla wafers on top and dig in. Yummy!!

  241. White Family

    I love Junior Mints straight from the freezer! I also keep a bag of cookie dough in the fridge for a quick snack any old time. πŸ™‚
    p.s. We just had your lasagna ciabattas and we LOVED them!! Thanks for the great food ideas!

  242. suzof7

    My weakness is cake. Rum cake is my absolute favorite, a specialty from the local bakery. It is a light brown, almost the color of spice cake but with the delicate flavor of rum instead of spices, and it’s layered and frosted with heavenly pastry cream, covered with chocolate cake crumbs and chocolate shavings.

    But nearly any cake will do, unfortunately. What a wonderful giveaway – thank you! I lurk in my google reader, you have such pretty pictures and terrific recipes!

  243. The Swensons

    My guilty pleasure is buttery movie popcorn, with butter in the middle so that when you get past the top layer there’s still plenty of butter left for the bottom kernels. I can’t go to the movies without a bag of movie popcorn beside me.


  244. Chrissy

    I have quite a few guilty pleasures so I will narrow it down to just these: anything chocolate, especially milk chocolate, gooey brownies and lately it has been blondies too!!!!

  245. Michaiah

    Hi Jenny – I love your blog (especially the fact that you take pictures of the food you make)! My guilty pleasures? I cannot resist gooey butter bars, or the chocolate pudding cake my mom made when I was growing up!


  246. Meredith

    UUUUUMMMMM! A Good ole’ Brownie Sundae: Gooey Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Caramel and a sprinkle of nuts! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  247. Hilary

    Mrs. Fields semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies…..I can not pass one without buying 3 or 4 and they are gone before I get back to my car!

  248. Tara LaRue

    Mine are Cling-ons. Crispix and Golden Grahams cereal coated with a gooey butter/peanut butter/marshmallow delight, tossed with salted peanuts and peanut butter M&Ms. Oh the joy…

  249. katskitchen

    Wow, 422 comments already! What are the chances of me winning one of the three…hey, I guess you never know!

    I love a warm chocolate brownie or cookie with a nice scoop of good vanila icecream on top, Yum!


  250. Spencer and Menolly

    Like many of us…I am just in love with desserts! Especially if chocolate is included. But my ultimate weakness is toffee. I have an easy toffee recipe that you sprinkle almonds, choc chips, white choc, malt powder, and milk choc on it before it cools. Yummy! When I make a batch it calls to me from the fridge and I constantly sneak pieces all day until it makes me sick, but I just can’t stop myself. It is a disease…

  251. Along this path

    My guilty pleasure is homemade apple pie! I always ask for an apple pie on my birthday instead of cake. It’s even better with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


    mistyhall02 at yahoo.com

  252. Ainsley

    Well as I have a dessert obsession I would have to choose cherry cobbler with a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. My mouth is watering! Love the website by the way.

  253. Jacque

    i’m in complete and total love with ben & jerry’s chunky monkey ice cream. oh, and i can never pass the dove dark chocolates in the store without taking some home. my 2 1/2 year old son even woke up recently saying, “cohen eat chocolate”. wonder who he gets that from???

  254. Cam and Bri

    I think that I could eat snickers candy bars all day long. But, then I would be huge! Oh how I love them. I also love anything with cream cheese and chocolate.

  255. Kaime Smethurst

    I ABSOLUTELY love any combination of Peanut butter and chocolate. Yes, those are my favorite so those brownies you have made in the past gets made about every week. They are amazing!

  256. Linda

    Hi! and thanks for hosting such a fun give-away!

    I HAVE to have chocolate every single day. My favorite guilty pleasure is vanilla ice cream with melted peanut butter, hot fudge and whipped cream on top. Anything w/ PB and chocolate is a slam dunk for me! Thanks!!

    Email: lindadirksen at hotmail dot com

  257. Melissa

    What’s not to love with Sweets? With me if there is sugar in it I’ll eat it & usually love it! I love homemade thick hot fudge, piled onto top of ice cream with banana’s and nuts on top! Yum! And of course no cals, right?

  258. Amy

    Love your blog!! All of your recipes that I have tried have been wonderful!!

    I love most everything sweet, but I could eat an entire batch of chewy homemade carmel corn in one sitting.


  259. Allison

    My guilty pleasure is….oh man..do I really have to chose just one? I would say WARM chocolate chip cookies!

  260. Colin's Mom

    OMG do I really have to narrow it down to one?! Girl, I have to have a dessert every night or I feel like my world is coming to an end. I prefer anything baked, i.e. cookies, bars, cakes, pies. Right now, I’m really big on black and white cookies!

  261. Lorrie

    With my sweet tooth usually anything chocolate will do but my absolute favorite has no chocolate whatsoever. It’s called Ivory Torte. It’s made with a jellyroll crust and the custard-like filling inside is so light and fluffy I could eat the whole cake myself. To make it even better it’s topped with fresh raspberries. It really is to die for!

    Lorrie (lg1@quarles.com)

  262. Cat

    With my love for eating warm cookies and ice cream, my all time favorite is the Skookie. They are fun to get at restaurants, but it’s so much fun to make them at home! I have two cast irons that are skookie skillets. The possiblities are huge by combining any soft cookie recipe, ice cream, syrups and toppings. Don’t you like it when warmth meets cold and the vanilla bean ice cream starts to melt? I do! Thanks for putting on something fun and the prizes are fantastic to say the least.

  263. Shelley

    Anything BAKED! Cookies, Cakes, Pies,…oh my weakness!! Wish I could say it was carrots, or brocolli,…isn’t just simple NOT! πŸ˜‰

  264. Natasha

    My guilty pleasure is ice-cream hands down. I absolutely love a chocolate ice cream with warm, gooey marshmallow topping. And becasue it has been so hot lately I have been putting sugar on strawberries, letting them sit in the refrigerator for a while and then eating them with whipped cream on top πŸ™‚ Great, now I’m drooling at work πŸ˜›

  265. Rachel

    My guilty pleasure has got to be….ice cream after the kids are in bed for the night! AAHHH! Quietness and ice cream with my hubby…divine! Love your blog…your recipes have been wonderfully inspiring!


  266. levenhuis

    My newest guilty pleasure is Reese’s Pieces candy. I also love a great Key Lime Pie. By the way I love your website. I can’t wait to see what you post each week and check daily so I don’t miss anything.

  267. Sadie

    I can never ever resist homemade sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting… And a close second would be carmel brownies… basically anything with carmel. I’m starting to drool as I write this.

  268. Heather

    Pretty much anything chocolate!!! And with marshmallows. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    heather (at) bretcline (dot) come

  269. Steele's

    I know this may sound weird, but I can never pass up a cow tail candy. I don’t know if it is the great price or the sweet treat that is more enticing. Just gotta have it!

  270. Cheramie

    i love your blog, every recipe i’ve tried has turned out so yummy. my favorite sweets are chocolate truffles, so smooth and creamy! cheramie.smith at gmail

  271. Grandma Hall

    I love chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate cookies, anything chocolate. Like to bake a chocolate raspbery pie, it’s the best!

  272. Bryant & Steph

    First of all I bet you never expected this many comments–I am #469!! My “sweetest weakness” is Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with Chocolate Praline Pecan Sauce and to top off the indulgence add a warm brownie with a little more of that amazing sauce! Thank you for such an inspiring blog…my family thanks you even more πŸ˜‰ My email address is momofcutekids[at]gmail[dot]com

  273. tammy

    Holy cow, look how many comments you have!

    I can’t resist Texas sheetcake or Cheesecake Factory’s peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake. In fact, instead of flowers, I told my hubby to just have a cheesecake delivered to me from now on!

  274. Allison P.

    Just about any homemade cookie that doesn’t have nuts in it. I simply can’t resist a good nutless cookie.

  275. keri and taylor

    My weaknesses include hot tamales (the candy), ice cream, chocolate covered caramel apples, and chocolate covered cinnamon bears…oh and I love the really Kettle Corn.

  276. Snell Family

    So many guilty pleasures. I love cheesecake and donuts. Really almost anything with lots of sugar that’s not good for you. (email mesnell at gmail)

  277. Grammy

    I’d have to say my guilty pleasures are many, but chocolate is always a must and I’m a real sucker for ice cream.

  278. annes

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Sheesh, where to start on the guilty pleasures!? Undercooked homemade brownies with vanilla ice cream. Fudge (brown sugar, not chocolate). New York style cheesecake! Jelly or boston cream doughnuts from the bakery. Basically, anything with sugar πŸ™‚

  279. Colleen

    hi. wow there are so many to choose from. my favorite would have to be macintosh toffee from canada. i live in the states but have gone to canada for two weeks a year sense i was two. their candy is so good. so it would have to be the toffee (which is like a really good carmel), sweetmaries (which are like babyruths, only better) or eatmore, which the states doesn’t have anything to compare it to. it is a delious candybar of peanuts mixed in a chocolate carmel heaven. yum! plus the name of the candybar tells you to eat more. so that is always a good thing. right? but of coarse all treats are always welcomed. here is my email address. coco26@comcast.net

  280. cheerleader

    My most favorite guilty pleasure is Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie icecream. Lots of chocolate…nuff said! I know taht the container says it’s got 4 sevings inside but I can finish that little carton in one sitting all by myself. I make my hubby get it almost nightly for me when I’m pregnant. But I tell myself that I deserve it because being pregnant isn’t always fun. I enjoy trying your recipes. You make it sound easy to someone like me a total beginner…my family thanks you!

  281. Never thought I'd be a soccer mom!

    My guilty pleasures would include my homemade banana bread with a streusel nut topping. Yum. Also, homemade microwave caramel but my Aunt Gerry has to make them. There was nothing in the directions that said you couldn’t use a plastic bowl. New favorite-your peanut butter cup cheesecake bars. I made them yesterday and they were a huge hit!!

  282. Lisa Dalton

    I only read through 200 of the posts so far, so I hope I’m not repeating.

    When we have a craving for something sweet, we *YELP* drive to Red Robin and get the Mile High Mud Pie. I know, its terrible that it’s not even homemade.

    I’ve contemplated trying to make my own version of it, but with all of the different layers that make up this 8″ high delicacy (the peanut butter ice cream, the chocolate cookie crumbles, rich chocolate ice cream, gooey caramel, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top) why mess with perfection, you know?

    You have kids and I am sure you have been there before. I would definitely encourage you to try it-use forks or you will knock it over-and I know you will be able to replicate it for the good of all mankind!

    If you see the crazy family in jammies skipping dinner and heading for dessert-that’s us! πŸ™‚

  283. kthom

    Homemade carmel corn …fresh, waqrm, and sticky. I love to add the nut trio from heaven: macadamia nuts, cashews and of course ALMONDS. It’s addicting, and I have to limit myslef when I make it for I have no problems just finishing ‘er off. :)kkjcbt@gmail.com

  284. Amber

    Vanilla ice cream, homemade hot fudge and toasted peanuts!! YUM…. I could eat it every day of my life.

  285. Sammy

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the ice cream recipe book, nothing is better than home made icecream in the summer

  286. KT

    I cannot resist a great Carrot cake. Yummy Cream cheese frosting & moist cake…delish.
    But my daily weekness is a piece of qualit DARK Chocolate. The darker the better.

  287. The Belka's

    It is so hard to pick only one indulgence. I absolutely love the Fireside Pizookie (warm chocolate chip cookie w/vanilla bean ice cream) I love applebees blondie and i love oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. I am craving all kinds of sweets right now. What a fun blog!

  288. simply kris

    Ohhhh.Homemade Peanut Butter Bars. But it has to be topped with GOOD Chocolate frosting. My mouth is watering.
    Thanks for doing a Giveaway. Your site and recipes are fabulous

  289. Lauren

    How fun! My ultimate favorite dessert is raspberry cheesecake with chocolate ganache. However, I’m pretty much a sucker for any type of dessert, especially chocolate, so that’s why I don’t make desserts very often. If they’re on the counter, I will eat them…STAT! My secret weapon is always having a stash of chocolate chips in the cupboard. Whenever I’m having a chocolate emergency (I’m sure you know what those are!) I can reach for a few chocolate chips to satisfy my urge without going overboard and feeling guilty.


  290. Meg&Russ

    I CAN NOT resist the most indulging sweetness there is: HOME-MADE Vanilla Icecream on the side of Grandma’s famous chocolately-rich Turtle Cake! Delicious, now I want to make some. :)Amazingly Fun Idea!!! russandmeg@gmail.com

  291. The Thompson's

    My favorite guilty pleasure would have to be chocolate molten cake with vanilla bean ice cream! I also LOVE chocolate chip banana bread pudding. So fun! Can’t believe how many comments you got! πŸ™‚

  292. tina (www.the-miles.org)

    I love cake…most kinds of cake. Especially a thick chocolate multi-layer with lots of gooy frosting.

  293. DaNelle & Kevin

    I am craving my Grandma’s Sticky Cake(Chocolate Cake with white sticky frosting made out of egg whites and corn syrup) YUM! AND don’t forget the ice cream!

  294. koryshar

    My guilty pleasures incluede my Mimi’s cheesecake, peach cobbler, dark chocolate guiness cake, and yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting. Mmmm…this is just churning my sweet tooth! koryshar@yahoo.com

  295. Fat & Sassy

    I #513 LUCKY? I sure hope so…my favorite is homemade hot tapioca pudding with a huge dollop of whip cream on it…I also enjoy no bake cookies for a chocolate craving and I love to make homemade cinnamon rolls soaked in whipping cream before they bake…YUMMY! I also love ward cook books, so I hope I win…if not I feel pretty lucky just to read your very tempting recipes…they always look sooooo good!!!

  296. Toni Toni Toni

    What a great contest! I don’t have a food blog yet, but am starting to work on one!

    My sweet guilty pleasure (even though I never feel guilty) is baci. They are Italian chocolates with hazelnuts and are delicious!!!

  297. Amanda

    whoops! i accidentally hit the publish key before telling you my weakness (sorry!)! ben and jerry’s pints! i can finish an entire one in just one sitting…especially the heath bar one! or oatmeal raisin…or strawberry cheesecake…the list just keeps going…

  298. Mythreesons

    Great giveaway! Guilty Pleasures… it’s so hard to choose! Either Key Lime Cheesecake or ooey gooey brownies! And your cookies and cream swirled brownies are at the top of the list, too! E-mail: boymom2@cox.net. Thanks!

  299. Steph

    Holy Cow Jenny, there are a LOT of comments on here! Great giveaway, geez! It makes the giveaway I’m doing next week look very small! But how fun! My guilty pleasure is a new place I discovered called Red Mango. it’s the most delicious frozen yogurt in the whole world. And it’s good for you and fat free, so maybe it’s not so guilty, except that I get like 3 servings at a time. πŸ™‚

  300. Natalie

    Oh man…where to start. I can’t resist chocolate ice cream with almonds….or ice cream with peanutbutter cups…I could go on, but I’ll stop for now. Pretty much…I’m a sucker for chocolate. Please pick me! happybrita@hotmail.com

  301. lerin

    Your blog is great! My guilty pleasure has to be the perfect cup of hot chocolate. I know it sounds boring but it’s my favorite way to unwind.

  302. The Hutchinsons

    there is a special shaved ice shack I take guilty pleasure in visiting nearly everyday! I am pregnant right now and I can’t get enough peanut butter I like to mix it with honey or karo syrup and eat it with a spoon. Yum Yum!

  303. DAN, LISSA, & CAM

    Hmm..this is hard when I have so many(sad, I know but it’s the truth). I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake batter ice cream with crushed up pretzels, topped with chocolate and caramel sauce. TOO DIE FOR, I dare you to try it:)

  304. sohpiasmom

    Brownies and gooey chocolate chip cookies! I always have cravings for these…a few times a week at least!!

  305. Proud Italian Cook

    529 comments!!! I’ve never seen so many! I would have to say I’m a sucker for any type of homemade biscotti, w/nuts of course!

  306. The Bryce Family

    I’m so impressed with your blog! I’ve always wanted to be a better cook – but I love to bake! My all time favorite indulgence has to be this incredible chocolate cake I make (from scratch) and then top it with frosting mixed with cool whip. Yum!!!

  307. carin davis

    a good brownie!!! hands down!!!

    I love your blog!!! We made the chicken bruscetta and turkey lettuce wraps! We LOVED them both!!!
    thank you…thank you!!!!!

  308. HaydnTaysMommy

    PB S’mores! I came up with this camping once when we forgot the Hershey bars but had some pb cups! I love a warmed and melty Reeses peanut butter cup topped with Fluff (marshmallow), sandwiched in between two graham crackers. The BEST!!

  309. carogonza

    I love love love chocolate cake. I rarely have it because I can eat the whole thing but if I need a quick fix, I go buy a slice from the bakery!

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