PlasmaCar Giveway!!

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Congrats to entry #663 Hillary Crump who was chosen from I’ve sent you an email Hillary.

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Ok, now that you’ve seen my REVIEW on the PlasmaCar, it’s time to try and win one for your family!!

Here’s how to enter…..


  • US Residents only
  • Leave a comment here and tell us all what color of PlasmaCar would be your first choice after visiting the PlasmaCar website HERE
  • For 2 extra entries follow me on Twitter and tweet the following… @pickypalate is giving away a PlasmaCar, check it out here:    (leave 2 additional comments if you do this 🙂
  • For 1 additional entry Follow me on my “Foodie Friends” over at my right sidebar  (leave an additional comment for this)
  • For 1 additional entry become a fan of Picky Palate on Facebook HERE (leave an additional comment for this)
  • Winner will be chosen from, will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond with address.
  • Contest ends Saturday February 20, 2010  8am PST. Good luck!

This giveaway was provided by the folks at PlaSmart

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742 Responses
  1. Dawn

    RED!!!! So when they zoom past me I know what it was!!!
    My kids love these!! Some neighbors have them and they look soooooo fun!

  2. Michelle

    Brody would love one of these, he adores anything that moves! They’re all so cute, but the red one is absolutely adorable!

  3. Andrea Riddle

    I am a Facebook fan and would LOVE the red or yellow car for my cute little 3 year old Evan! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for doing these fun giveaways!! I LOVE your blog!

  4. Andrea Riddle

    I would LOVE to have the yellow or red plasma car for my 3 year old Evan. He would LOVE you forever!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Shanon

    I SOOOOO would love the red one! My parents have one of these for the grand kids and my kids are on it the whole visit. I hope I hope I hope I win!!

  6. Would love this car….both my kids would love it! I would want Red, as we have a boy and a girl and it would suit them both! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Love your blog!

  7. Rorie

    I would choose the blue one, because both of my boys are insistent that whatever they have is blue. Even the 2-year-old, who I’m sure is just copying his brother, because he doesn’t really know what blue is yet. Or maybe he does. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kelly

    Just became a facebook fan! I think yellow would be perfect…and your contest ends on my soon to be 4 year old’s birthday! How fun would it be to be the winner?!?

  9. Autumn Prince

    I have heard of these things and have always wanted to try them! They look like so much fun! I would have to go with the classic RED color for sure!

  10. Jenna W

    I would choose the red because I have a boy and girl that would have to share. They would love this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Stephanie

    Red would be my first choice…it is my son’s favorite color and also looks very traditional…reminds me a new version of a little red wagon…just for bigger boys!

  12. Nicole Carpenter

    We like the yellow, My son had a brief visit to the hospital and he wanted to play on one of those so bad…

  13. Amy

    My little girl would love this…and considering I have a girl I might have to go pink. (But I like the green one, too.)

  14. OOOOHH. My sister has like 5 of these and my kids LOVE playing on them. They’d love one of their own.
    I LOVE the pink but I’d better stick with the gender neutral Navy Blue ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Amanda Jones

    I would love the red one. When I was little, there were things at Chucky Cheese similar to this. You steered them with your feet and they were on rollers. They were so much fun and I always wanted one at home.

  16. Megan Dinsdale

    Not that it would matter, I would just be happy with the car, but I think red would be my first choice ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sandy

    I sent my tweet so here’s my second twitter entry!! I LOVE YOUR GIVEAWAYS!! Now if I could just win one of them! HA!

  18. Sandy

    Okay I only signed up for twitter because of you!! So I just tweeted but I have no idea if I did it right… such a novice.

  19. Casey

    I would have to pick yellow, because that is my sons favorite. He always picks yellow things for himself. What fun!

  20. Dana

    I follow your blog daily and just love it! My son would love a yellow one. I just became a fan on facebook, too! Thanks!

  21. I’m torn between the red and the yellow. I think the yellow would probably win out!

    Those things rock. We’ve ridden them at our Children’s museum and would love to own one someday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Carrie

    I would pick pink if I were only thinking of myself but since I have a boy and a girl I’d go with green. My 9 yo boy wouldn’t be caught dead on a pink plasma car…

  23. Joy

    I would have to pick yellow because it my second favorite color. Myr first choice would be lime-green if it was available. These look like a ton of fun.

  24. shawna

    I would totally pick the yellow plasma car. Although, the red is pretty sweet too. Have I mentioned how fun the green plasma car looks? Now that I think about it, blue is nice….

  25. Kristy

    I’ve always been interested in these little cars since my friend got one! They look like so much fun! If I’m the lucky winner, PINK would be my first choice!!

  26. Ale

    I also became a fan on fb. thanks for the chance to participate and for your great recipes, they are so great! thank you.

  27. Brooke

    I am fond of the pink one, myself ๐Ÿ™‚ These cars are a BLAST! We have some friends (just moved away) that had one, and my kids would LOVE, LOVE to have one too!

  28. courtney

    i would like a pink one, but my son would look silly on a pink plasma car… so I guess we will choose a green one if we are so lucky!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I would pick the pink one because I love it and so would my girls.
    I am such a fan of P.P. (but you already know that) but I don’t know if I’m a facebook fan. And…I’ll admit, I don’t know how to become a fan of something. Whoops! I’ll let you determine how many entries I get. I might have just lost several points for being so dumb.

  30. Tricia Folsom

    I think I would choose a Red one but my daughter who would be playing with it might prefer purple or pink!

  31. Lisa

    My daughter would LOVE a red plasmacar. Her friend down the street has one, and she is constantly asking her friend if she can play with it!

  32. Hoping I did this right (and got all of the entries- because my 3 year old would LOVE this super cool car!)
    I became a fan on Facebook. So I guess if you have any other giveaways- I am out of luck because I am not sure there are many other ways to follow you at this point.

    Thanks again for all of the entries and the cool giveaway.

  33. Sheri

    I would have to choose the red – boy and girl friendly color. It looks fun though – I might have to fight them for it.:)

  34. angie Santini

    please oh please a yellow one “it looks like bumblebee and that would be awesome to ride bumblebee”! (said by my 4 year old who drools over these every time we see them.

  35. I would probably go with blue ~ I have a son and 2 daughters and they all love blue. Ok you got me, the 1 year old doesn’t have a preference :).

  36. Emily

    I am already a foodie friend, been following for a while! Thanks for all of the fab recipes!! I can’t wait to see what’s next ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Stacie Aho

    I am a follower! (Oh, and because I accidentally put two comments for the color, I only put one for my tweet). Sorry about that.

  38. Natalie

    I am a foodie follower. I love your stuff. SO cute! These cars are awesome. Some friends of ours have had them forever and they last so well!

  39. Red red red. Race cars are red and there is a need for speed. My son has Down syndrome and has used the plasma car during Occupational therapy. It helps to devleop shoulder strength and back strength. I love when we find great toys to make disguise work in play.

  40. Denise

    I think my children would LOVE the red one! Red is always a speedy fast color for cars and I know that they would have a blast.

  41. Lyn

    These are so cool! We saw cars like these when we were in Vietnam adopting our children. It would be so fun to win one to bring back those memories! We’re not picky on the color, but I do have two girly girls that would love purple!