Spot me if you can! My upcoming cook-off on Food Network

I feel like I’ve been on a cooking hiatus since Thanksgiving. With all of the Christmas preparation, it’s been crazy around here! I plan to get back in action soon. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is enjoying getting ready for Christmas!

This last August I was in a cooking competition that will air on Food Network in March 2008 and someone found the commercial for it that Food Network is airing. If you look good enough you’ll catch me in the red shirt towards the end of the commercial at about the 22nd second! I can’t say much about the competition until it airs, so for now, check out the advertisement! It should be entertaining!

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9 Responses
  1. Anna from

    Ha Ha! I just saw this, Jenny. And you DO look P.O.’d. Gosh, now I want to watch. LOL! Looks like fun.

  2. Jenny

    Hi Tricia,
    Food Network usually does a good cook-off, so it should at least be entertaining. I’ll let you know when it comes on.

    You are so funny!

  3. kristen hansen

    Yea! I saw you! I can’t wait to see you in action! Woot Woot Woot! Go Jenny Go Jenny!

  4. Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun

    I definitely want to watch you in that cooking show – the only problem – we have no cable! I am just going to have to have a friend record it for me!

  5. Jenny

    What happened to your new start of going to bed earlier?!!

    I’ll be sure to watch some of that competition today when I come over.

    I was PO’d on the video! J/K, I have no idea why I was making that face!! Should be fun to see it or maybe not!

  6. Project Couture Vintage

    OH MY GOSH, you look totally p.o.’d! I CANNOT wait to see it! By the way, I wish it wasn’t so late or I’d call you, there’s a dance/cheer competition marathon on right now, I’m teevo’ing it, so we’ll have to watch together!

  7. Jenny

    I wish I could talk about this cook-off, but we’ve been sworn to secrecy until it airs in 08. Should be fun to see how it gets edited!

  8. Proud Italian Cook

    Jenny, Wow! Food network! How fun!
    I’ll be sure to watch! Your cookies look outstanding!!!

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