Weekend Fun and Sharing The Love…

Our Saturday in Snowflake started with a fun town parade. The kids line the streets waiting for the people on the floats to throw candy at them. It’s quite fun to watch. Then, we were off to the Snowflake Fire Station where they opened their doors and had some festivities for the kids. It started with some hot diggity dogs. He doesn’t look hungry does he? He definitely gets his big mouth from his dad!

Next the kids got to dress up in the Fire Fighter’s gear. I love this picture of my cute little fire fighter!
This little guy was probably the highlight of our trip. While walking to breakfast one morning, my niece noticed this large catepillar inching along the sidewalk. Now mind you, we don’t see catepillars on a regular basis or any basis for that matter, so it was quite exciting. We got him into a bush, fed him leaves and tomatoes and visited him often. We’ll miss this little guy!

Kimberly from Take a nothing day, make it all worthwhile, passed on the Smile award and now I’m sharing the love with some of other “smile” worthy blogs! Please see her link for all the details. Here are 5 bloggers I’d love to pass it on to:

Grumpy’s Honeybunch has fabulous recipes that always look good and I love the title of her blog. She’s a great cook and I look forward to reading her blog daily!

My Sister’s Cucina is another blog I find myself reading daily to see their scrumptious posts. 2 sisters who love to cook family friendly meals that are just flat out good food!

Hungry Housewife has a great blog, I love that she has Weight Watcher’s Wednesdays and isn’t afraid of video posts. She has beautiful food and is gorgeous herself!

A Peek in Pricilla’s Kitchen is a very talented 16 year old cook that keeps a great blog! I am in awe of her talent at such a young age.

Barbara Bakes has been one of my favorites since I first started my blog. She always cooks beautiful dishes that always make me hungry!

My list really goes on and on, I read so many of your wonderful blogs, have a great week everyone!

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7 Responses
  1. Leslie

    Oh my! I am sooo honored..especially coming from A FOod Network Star!! LOL
    Thank you Thank YOu Thank you!!!
    I will post about it in a few days!

  2. Sara

    Thanks Jenny for the blog award! This is our 2nd one…how exciting! Looks like you had a fun vacation. Cute kids, and uh…your bread pudding cups look great!

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