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Chocolate Chip Cookie "DOUGH" Cookies

Man, it’s already Wednesday, how’s everyone’s week going? 2 ½ Weeks and we’ll be on our way to our new home in Newport. I can hardly believe it’s coming so fast! Thanks for everyone’s patience here, I’ll look forward to getting back to my normal routine soon.

Here’s yet another fun cookie to add to your Holiday Plates. You’ll have everyone trying to figure out what’s inside your cookies. I will admit that I’m not a fan of these cookie dough bites by themselves, but let me tell you, they make a killer cookie. I have seen the boxes sold at the Super Walmart by my house and also Super Target for about $1.00. Or your local movie theater will sell you a box for $4.00. Don’t you hate that?!

Hope you all enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies

2 sticks softened butter

¾ Cup brown sugar

¾ Cup sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 ¾ Cup flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

¾ teaspoon salt

1 Cup semi sweet chocolate chips

2 6 oz boxes Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a stand or electric mixer, cream the butter and sugars until well combined. Beat in eggs and vanilla until well mixed. In a separate bowl sift the flour, baking soda and salt. Slowly add to wet ingredients along with the chocolate chips and cookie dough bites until just combined.

2. With a cookie scoop, scoop onto a parchment or silpat lined baking sheet. Bake for 9-11 minutes or until cooked to your liking. I usually take mine out right at 9 minutes for a softer cookie. Let cool on baking sheet for 3-5 minutes then transfer to a cooling rack.

About 36 cookies

Have a great rest of your week! See you soon.

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  1. 1
    The Snell Family says:

    Okay these look delicious!! We will be trying them out!! I seriously make your Oreo CC Cookies at least 2x a month :):) Your going to LOVE Newport!! We are about an hour away from there, so we visit often 🙂 Congrats on the move though, I’m sure your family will love it!! Amy

  2. 2
    HoneyB says:

    When I saw what you were making these with my first thought was “I don’t know” because I don’t really care for those bites – but if you say they make an amazing cookie, then I certainly believe you!

    Hope your move goes smoothly!

  3. 3
    Culinarywannabe says:

    What a great idea! I’m already picturing chocolate chip cookie dough cookie ice cream!

  4. 4
    Kaitlin says:

    How interesing! I love that idea! )

  5. 5
    Cristine says:

    YUM! I wish I could find those bites here!

  6. 6
    Katherine Aucoin says:

    I haven’t seen the dough bites in the grocery, I’ll have to look for them. These cookies look YUM!

  7. 7
    Meg says:

    I never thought to put those candies in cookies! What a delicious idea!

  8. 8
    Kacey R. says:

    These look divine! I came over from Jaime’s place and so glad I did! Good luck on your move! I’ll be back. :o)

  9. 9
    carol says:

    Hmmmmm….I don’t recall seeing those little morsels in the stores around here-but we do have a Super Walmart not far away so the next time I’m there, I’ll check. These cookies look so good!

  10. 10
    Sara says:

    Cookie DOUGH inside a chocolate chip cookie!? Could it get any better than that? 🙂 Great idea!

  11. 11
    Bob says:

    Oh my. I’ve never seen those dough things before, I have to get my hands on some. The cookies look awesome, when I find the dough things I’ll definitely be making them.

  12. 12
    Zesty Cook says:

    Jenny, This cookies do look delicious. That is so exciting – almost move time! Good luck with everything and keep us posted.


  13. 13
    nicole says:

    These cookie are perfect. I will have to try them. Oh and don’t worry about your move you will love California and the beach. Have fun packing….isn’t that the best part. NOT!haha:) Hopefully it will go smoothly.

  14. 14
    The Napier's says:

    I dont mean this in any rude way… but how are you not big as a house. I LOVE to make your cookie recipes, but I EAT, EAT, EAT them up when I do. I would be terrible at this job. You make great stuff, keep it up!! : )

  15. 15
    Colleen says:

    Oh my, I need to go out and buy these right now!

  16. 16
    Mary Ann says:

    You are the cookie-baking queen! All three of your last entries look like they would perfectly compliment any Christmas goodie plate! My hubby would go crazy for these.

  17. 17
    That Girl says:

    I’m surprised the cookie dough bites don’t bake!

  18. 18
    Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn says:

    How creative, thanks for all your great cookie ideas! Good luck with the big move!

  19. 19
    Aggie says:

    This week has flown by it seems…I can’t seem to catch up!

    The cookies look great Jenny! Enjoy your last couple of weeks of Arizona!

  20. 20
    A Frugal Friend says:

    I just found your blog and it’s one of my favorites now. I love the pictures of the food.

    Thanks for sharing all your recipes….I have to choose which cookie recipe I want to try first…they all look so yummy.

  21. 21
    Bunny says:

    I’ve never seen these in the stores Jenny but I’ll look next time just so I can make these cookies, they look wonderful!

  22. 22
    Megan says:

    these cookies look melt-in-your-mouth good! I can’t believe that I’ve never though of this concept before but it sounds absolutely irresistible! i’m definitely baking a batch up a.s.a.p.!

  23. 23
    Emily says:

    YEAH! Those look great!
    What a scrumptious idea!!

  24. 24
    Allie says:

    These look delicious!I love this idea.

  25. 25
    Katrina says:

    Now THOSE are right up my alley! Love cookie dough, love chocolate chip cookies, what’s not to love!?! Great, Jenny. I will definitely have to try those. You know, I scour the candy aisles to see what would be great in a cookie, and have seen those, but have never thought about using them in cookies! GREAT!
    Good luck with the move–so not a fun thing to do.

  26. 26
    Sara says:

    Man…these look amazing! Cookie dough in chocolate chip cookies! Sheesh! You have got some awesome cookie recipes. Congrats and goodluck on the move!

  27. 27
    Satria Sudeki says:

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    Chocolate Cake
    , I hope the article on my blog will be usefull for you… and we can share each other. thank you… 😉

  28. 28
    Elisha says:

    These look amazing! What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love cookie dough?! I am so sad to hear you are moving. It sounds like a really neat opportunity though! Who wouldn’t love being close to the beach? Do you plan on taking the CA boards? (I don’t think I could EVER go through that again!) Good luck to you guys!

  29. 29
    We Are Not Martha says:

    I’ve seen those cookie dough bites before but have never tried them. The cookies look amazing though!

    Just found your blog through Recipe Girl’s and LOVE it!


  30. 30
    ALISHA JOY says:

    I wish so bad I was your neighbor!! You would make a mean holiday cookie plate. My mouth is watering just looking at all these delicious cookies!!

  31. 31
    Emily says:

    Jenny my husband would love these! I hope everything is working out well with your Cali move! Good luck!

  32. 32
    alexandra's kitchen says:

    This is pure genius! Also, I’ve been dying to make homemade cookie dough icecream, which will be relatively easy with this product. Thanks for letting us know!

  33. 33
    Live.Love.Eat says:

    So exciting for you to be starting on a new adventure!!!!! These cookies look sweet!

  34. 34
    Deborah says:

    You are brave – moving right before Christmas!! I’ve never had these cookie dough bites, but they look great in your cookies!

  35. 35
    priscilla says:

    hi Jenny! you have an award on my blog!

  36. 36
    Dawn says:

    never saw those before. Hmmm, they do look good though. 2 weeks? whoa, I can only imagine how busy you are.

  37. 37
    Jennifer says:

    I’m getting ready to make these now. They actually had the cookie dough bites at dollar tree, but the box is 3 oz, (I bought 2) so I’m going to halve the recipe.

  38. 38
    Jennifer says:

    I halved the recipe and the cookies came out great! (3/4’s a cup, btw, is 6 tbs)

  39. 39
    Tracy says:

    Brilliant! I don’t care for those candies either but I do believe they’d be great in a cookie!

    Good luck with the move!

  40. 40
    Celeste says:

    I also do not like those cookie dough bites, but thought I would try this anyway since the kids love them. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved those cookies! Thanks for another great recipe!

  41. 41
    Gina says:

    YUM!! I am eating one as I type this! My kids thought these were the greatest thing since, well, regular chocolate chip cookies! I mean, add some more cookie dough into the mix?? Why not?!?! Thanks for such a great recipe!

  42. 42
    ashley h says:

    made these tonight and omg these are so f’n good! but i made one change; i did one box cookie dough bites and then one box m&ms. BAD idea!!! i kept wishing mine had more cookie dough bites & no m&ms so if you make these dont skimp on the cookie dough. Stick to original recipe (as written way up above) u might even want to go w 3 boxes of them cookie dough things!

  43. 43
    Rach says:

    WOW- no more regular CC cookies in this house! This are fantastic- thanks for sharing. They are so delicious 🙂

  44. 44

    […] Wal-Marts everywhere. I happened to come across them at my local Blockbuster.Now I saw this idea here but have never seen them done again, so I assume that the word has not gotten out yet…I mean, […]

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