Cookbook Giveaway..One day to Enter!

Contest is now closed. Congratulations to entry #318, Krystin who has won. I have sent you an email Krystin!

Here’s a quick giveaway for you today! Up for grabs is this beautiful Michael Chiarello Cookbook and a tasty box of Lemon Pepper Panko Bread Crumbs πŸ™‚

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us….”What is your favorite style of cooking…Italian, Mexican, American, Indian?” Let’s hear it!

2. For additional entries follow Picky Palate on Twitter, Facebook and our RSS Feed. Leave separate comments for each of these.

3. Contest ends Thursday November 11th 6am PST. Winner will be chosen by and will be notified through email. This giveaway is provided by MyBlogSpark through General Mills.


Good luck, I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning! The cookbook is really beautiful πŸ™‚

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736 Responses
  1. I love cooking all types of dishes, but I would have to say that Italian and Mexican are the top two. I cook on average of 5-6 nights a week, so somewhere in there are both! And I love to try new recipes almost every time…

  2. Emily

    I love Mexican! I could seriously eat it every day! Good thing my husband’s family passed down some great authentic recipes πŸ™‚

  3. Jayme Torrence

    No doubt, Italian! Italian cooking is both my husband and my favorite. From the hearty pasta’s to the delicious desserts, we can not seem to get enough! Mmm!

  4. Kate B

    I could eat Mexican food every day!!!!! Italian is my runner-up. The cookbook looks beautiful; thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  5. Italian! I could eat a simple pasta dish every day, and experimenting with more complex dishes is always an experience. One day I hope to take on my grandfather’s straight-from-Sicily homemade meatballs!

  6. Amy

    I love them all – especially Mexican and Indian. I’m always looking for great recipes that make what I cook taste like what restaurants serve.

  7. jan

    I’m all about the simple Italian… and that’s what Michael Chiarello does so perfectly! Love his recipes… the BEST!

  8. I really enjoy preparing Italian dishes and Michael Chiarello is one of my favorite Chef/Cookbook authors. I enjoy his cooking programs as well. I would treasure one of his cookbooks πŸ™‚

    The Souper

  9. Janene

    I live where there isn’t any Mexican food to be heard of, literally zero. So I have taken to making my own and so far so good.

  10. I hate to choose because I love to cook all of them….but the one that goes over the best for everyone here at home would have to be Mexican cuisine!

  11. Amanda V.

    My favorite style of cooking is Italian.
    but favorite kind of food is Mexican. But I leave the cooking to the pros, aka my grandma and aunts πŸ™‚

  12. Angie Richardson-Smith

    My favorite style of cooking is definitely Italian. I come from an Italian family and everything that came out of my grandmother’s kitchen was made with love. It makes everything extra tasty!

  13. My favorite style of cooking? Gosh, how can I choose? I love to make Mexican, but also some Mediterranean dishes, and things like stir fries. Yum!

  14. My favorite style of cooking is Italian – Although, just because I am Italian does not mean I am good at it – I need the cookbook – lol
    Thanks for the opportunity to improve my skills & live up to my heritage πŸ™‚

  15. courtney ver velde

    I love italian cooking… easy and the kids love noodles. But my idea of italian cooking is a jar of sauce and some noodles, occasionally toss some meat in there:( Sad I know!

  16. courtney ver velde

    Italian cooking… easy and the kids love noodles. But my idea of italian cooking is a jar of sauce and some noodles, occasionally toss some meat in there:( Sad I know!

  17. I don’t know what I like! We have a Mexican daughter-in-law and a Filipino daughter-in-law so we constantly eat other cultures food. I guess my real favorite is still roast beef and mashed potatoes. Is that American?

  18. entry #1- My fave style of cooking is plain old American… but recently I have found a love of Indian food and would love to learn how to make some Indian dishes!

  19. Paige

    My favorite style of cooking is definitely Mexican, just because it’s so versatile and super quick to make. Perfect for weeknight dinners!

  20. Nancy Smith

    It is hard to pick since basically I just love food that is prepared well!! But if push comes to shove I’d have to choose Italian. Thanks for offering this great book.

  21. Colleen Tsambarlis

    If I had to choose out of those I’d have to say Italian due to the fact my husband loves his pasta but I enjoy making Greek dishes the most.

  22. Linsey Brockman

    Italian, hands down! Not only is the food delicious, I love the way Italians treat their food and get-togethers. It’s amazing!

  23. Kristen

    Oh, tough one! I like them all, of course depending on my mood and cravings that day. πŸ™‚ We love it all! Perhaps Italian more so only because my kids love pasta so much.

  24. It’s a toss between Italian & Mexican! I love cooking Italian and making different sauces to go with a variety of noodles and the kids will always eat it…Mexican is more fun to go out and eat!! I love following you on FB! πŸ™‚

  25. Michele B

    Italian for sure…somewhere in my ancestory I know there has to be some Italian in me…I love the food way to much!

  26. Ryan

    I love Mexican. I am pretty sure I could survive solely off Mexican food (fajitas, burritos, nachos, breakfast burritos, taquitos). YUM!

  27. I try all kinds of cooking. I’d love to do more italian dishes with fresh homemade pasta. Now that our kids are all grown I feel like it would be fun to experiment more in the kitchen

  28. While I cook a bit of everything, Italian is by far my favorite comfort food!!! I love to make anything that has pasta and garlic :)Thanks for the offer.

  29. VickiT

    Ummmm are Desserts a “style”? LOL Kidding, but that’s my specialty. I don’t know that I really have any one style and tend to go in spurts where I get a bug and it seems I cook almost every meal of Italian or Mexican foods for awhile and then move on. It really depends on my mood. I do tend to cook more Mexican than most I’d guess if choosing just one HAD to be done.

  30. I cook it all! I think my favorite is good old fashioned southern cooking. I love Michael Chiarello, and who wouldn’t want to live in Napa? Seriously, I love it there. I didn’t notice that Progresso has panko bread crumbs now. Yeah!

  31. Cimarron

    I love to cook anything, but my absolute favorite would have to be rustic Italian. Mostly, because it is so dang easy! Just throw tons of stuff together, add in some pasta, some crusty bread, and you have a fantastic dish that looks beautiful and tastes spectacular.

  32. Julie S-G

    I think it’s a tie between Mexican and Italian! My hubby is originally from Mexico and makes THE BEST authentic Mexican food..YUMMY!!!

  33. I definitely cook American the most! But I would LOVE to learn the tricks and trades of Mexican and Italian cooking. Much more delicious!

    I follow you on RSS =)

  34. Marily

    My family is from Bolivia, and my husband’s is from Mexico, so we have an incredible latin palate to dig our hands into. My hubby is a fantastic cook and would LOVE this book. Crossing fingers!

  35. Susan Din

    Oh-My-Goodness!! To pick only one…I can’t!!! I cook Italian, Indonesian, Cajun, Chinese, Soul, Thai, Mexican, BBQ, Greek, and of course good old American dishes!

  36. Kate Emerson

    Italian!! Love trying new recipes… having a dinner party this Friday and was just going through my Italian cookbook for some new recipes to try!

  37. Sara

    My favorite type of cooking is American…good home cooked meals. Meals like your grandma would make (but healthier versions).

  38. kelly mcnichol

    I don’t know that I have a favorite style..but I do love tapas, pestos and sauces and make them all the time!

  39. Cathy

    I love to make Korean food! It can sometimes be a labor of love so we don’t have it all the time which makes it that much better when we do have it. πŸ™‚

  40. Thesha

    Its a toss up, I would have to say Mexican with American then Italian in a close running, then again I like to make many Oriental dishes as well. :o)

  41. Kay Nicholas

    I like American….so much variety. I think it’s fun tho to have a “try a new ethnic recipe” night and share recipes.

  42. Michelle Woodcock

    Italian. But only because that is what my son LOVES to eat!! I also love Mexican. Would love a new cookbook. : )

  43. karen

    Italian food, is my favorite. I remember the feasts on Sundays at my Italian grandparents home. They even let us have sips of homemade red wine.

  44. Joyce

    I love Italian food. Any kind of pasta with yummy specialty sauces make me sing! (Especially if they have mushrooms in them)

  45. I love CHINESE!!! I lived in China and Taiwan for a couple of years and can’t get enough of that cuisine. Panko bread crumbs make for an excellent chicken and shrimp katsu. Yum!

  46. Tiffany S.

    I have been loving to cook indian food lately. Using all the spices really makes for an enjoyable meal and I just love the aroma. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Valerie C

    We have a large kitchen garden (still have ripe tomatoes, squash and eggplant from summer plantings)and now the winter things are coming in, so we try to cook various ethnic recipes using fresh ingredients. Cuban, Carribean, Cajun, oh, too many!!

  48. Brenda M.

    I love Mexican with all the cheeses and spices. I’d like to try Indian food but haven’t got the nerve yet.I’m sure it would be good too.

  49. Julie

    I come from a huge Italian family and so naturally, it’s my favorite. It’s what I know. From generation to generation, recipes have been passed down. Nobody cooks like an Italian!

  50. Karen

    I like fixing good ole American comfort food. But I do like to try new and different things. I just enjoy cooking and baking for my family,

  51. Brandy

    All of them? I think Indian is my favorite cooking… though I can’t do it. I make some mean Mexican food, however.

  52. Elaine

    It would have to be Mexican, with Italian a close second.
    Follow you on facebook and twitter, too. Continued success!

  53. Batsheva

    My favorite cooking style is Italian! My family jokes that we must have Italian ancestors way back somewhere … I went to Italy a few months ago for the first time on my honeymoon – the food was incredible!!!!!!!!!

  54. Becky P

    Italian & Mexican. Can I even give 2 answers?? My boys love Italian and my husband loves Mexican. And I am good with either!

  55. Jessica F

    Oh…well, my favorite style of eating is Thai. But that’s a bit harder for me to replicate. As far as cooking goes…I’m not entirely sure!

  56. My favorite style of cooking is the MEGAN Style LOL! I cook so many different things and just play around with recipes they end up taking on a whole other form but if I had to choose a REAL category it would for sure be Italian. I think it’s the best comfort food and really the easiest when you are running low on time.