Free Cake Mixes And Frosting For A Year Giveaway!

Hey everybody, hope you are all having a great weekend. Hurry quick, you’ve got until Saturday night, this is an AWESOME giveaway check it out…

Naturally Nora has developed her own line of All-Natural Baking Mixes. Let me tell you first hand they are FANTASTIC and have a very homemade taste. My family is enjoying trying each and every flavor. Check out Nora’s website to see all of her great products.

Nora is graciously offering one lucky Picky Palate reader a YEAR’S supply of her cake mixes and frostings. That’s 12 mixes and 12 frostings in a mixed variety. How fun huh?

To enter, leave a comment and tell us all what cake mix and frosting you’d want to try first from Nora’s website. They are all so yummy, but I am craving more of the classic chocolate with chocolate frosting, it was so good!

Contest ends Saturday night, the 14th at midnight PST. Winner will be announced Sunday Morning.

Good luck everyone, you will love these cake mixes and frostings. Nora has a terrific line of products! See you all Sunday morning for the winner!

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443 Responses
  1. Anonymous

    It would definately have to be the A lota dots . . . both cake mix and frosting. It’s my daughter’s favorite cake and I’ve got to keep her happy. ๐Ÿ™‚
    mich6642 at zoominternet dot net

  2. hot garlic

    Did I make the cut-off?? I’m not sure what time it is there??

    They all look so good, but probably cookie cookie with chocolate.

    Such a great idea, {this was part of what I was going to do for my business myself actually!} She beat me to it! I bet they’re all delicious.

  3. Ryan and Holly Gibb

    Cookie cookie sounds yum! With chocolate frosting. Nothing better than cookies and cake in one.

  4. Stacey

    I’d like to try the cheerful chocolate for sure. Often times chocolate cake doesn’t have much on taste when it comes from a box and I’d be pleased to find a decent chocolate cake not from scratch.

  5. Emily

    I would make that AMAZING “starbucks coffee cake” with those sunny yellow cake mixes! They all look delicious.

  6. Michelle

    Definately the Cheerful chocolate cake mix and frosting. I luuuuv chocolate cake . . . and it reminds me of my childhood ๐Ÿ™‚
    Michelle B.

  7. melissa's life

    chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Yummy! although I’m not picky, I’m sure they are all delicious!

  8. Melissa Howard

    They all look wonderful but my kiddos would probably love the Alota dots mix/frosting combo the best!

  9. Mamawags

    My children LOVE LOVE LOVE sprinkles, so I would have to get the ALOTA DOTS!! These mixes look incredible. I had never thought about what is in a cake mix… now I have to go and look!!

  10. Kevin, Amber & Jake

    oooh yum!!!! those look so good! that would come in handy bc i am always making cakes for something it seems like!!! i would so want to try the “cookie cookie” with cheerful chocolate frosting! yum!

  11. carole r

    I would go with Sunny Yellow with Cherful Chocolate Frosting. Might add some kind of chip or flavoring to the cake to make it my own. Thanks, Jenny, for having a nice giveaway

  12. The Hise Family

    Yum – the cookie cookie mix looks great! With my son’s first birthday coming up, I would love to give him something tasty and NATURAL! None of those yucky trans fats in all the tubs of icing!

  13. Elaine

    Cookie, cookie and Cheerful chocolate frosting would make me a happy girl! Have my cake and cookie all in one!

  14. Erika

    Oh my, that Cookie Cookie cake mix sounds fnantastic! Topped with the Cheerful Chocolate… I’m going to be keeping an eye out for these ones!

  15. Brandee

    I am a basic girl…cheerful chocolate with chocolate frosting and coconut on top. Please. They look delicious.

  16. Angela A.

    Cheerful Chocolate cake with Cheerful Chocolate frosting for this chocoholic, please!
    Thank you,
    Angela A.

  17. barbarabaker

    Okay, I guess my last comment didn’t post (said I had it was a duplicate action (?))…

    Anyways, I’d love to try the cookie-cookie…we’ll I’d love to try any and all of them over and over again!!!!

    Please count me in!!!
    -barbarabaker ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Erin

    I love sprinkles, so I would go with A Lot A Dots! Also, I live in rural AK and it’s impossible to come by such a wonderful product! I would love to win!

  19. Nadine

    I like the Alot o Dots as this would be so fun for Easter and a bright cake or cupcake mix to serve in our Spring Season fast approaching. So fun. Looks delicious and so fun to play with so to speak.

  20. Landy

    What a cool website and product! The “Cheerful Chocolate” cake with the “Surprising Stars” frosting sounds delectable.

  21. Suzanne

    Okay, I haven’t met anything chocolate I couldn’t stay away from so I would try Cheerful Chocolate first:-)

  22. kat

    I would go for the cookie cookie w/chocolate frosting! Combining 2 favorites cake and cookies, YUM!
    Kathy Steadman

  23. Bobbi Jo

    I would like the Cheerful Chocolate!! What great cake mixes. Loving this idea. Man would I love to win this one. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  24. David and Joelle Turner's Blog

    I would love to try the surprising starts cake mix and frosting. Sounds delish!!

  25. The Germain Family

    We all say Cookie Cookie over here in Misawa Japan, It is always fun to see what great products are starting to become available. Can’t wait to get back to the states so we can try them all. Thanks Jenny for a great site.

  26. Leslie

    They all look delish! Usually I would choose chocolate over anything, but the Sunny Yellow Cake with the Extraordinary Vanilla frosting just sticks in my mind!

  27. Holly

    You can’t beat the classic combo of a yellow cake with chocolate icing so I would choose the simply yellow cake mix with cheerful chocolate icing.

  28. Abes and Stace

    Cookie Cookie with a the chocolate frosting – that sounds wonderful! How great that more and more things out there are becoming healthier, organic, natural, etc. I love it!

  29. shar

    I would absolutely love to try the alot-a-dots frosting and cake mix. I truely have an unhealthy obsession with the Pillsbury and Betty Crocker versions. It’s gross I know but I can’t help leaving the grocery store with them in my basket.

  30. Elisha

    Hey girl! You are too cute! I love all your little give-aways! I had so much fun chatting with you today! It was so fun to catch up! We’ll have to do it again sometime! Oh, and I liked the cookie-cookie!

  31. Pattie

    I am with you….I would choose the classic chocolate cake and frosting. I’m sure my kids would choose all those dots and stars. And the fact that they are “all natural” makes them even better. I would love to make 1 cake a month for my family.

  32. Sims Family

    Although my kids would problably love the alot’a dots, I think I would have to go with the cookie cookie. And vanilla frosting. Have you actually tasted these? How do they compare to the betty crocker and things you get from the store?

  33. Tessa

    Oh my, the Alota Dots Mix and frosting looks sooooo good! I am such a sucker for anything sprinkle like!

  34. linnlee

    I could realy go for the cookie cookie with classic chocolate frosting! I can never get enough chocolate chip cookie!

  35. Amanda

    I would have to start with the cookie cookie and the surprising stars frosting mix. You can never get enough chocolate!

  36. Anonymous

    OMgoodness! The Cookie Cookie cake mix sounds fastinating with rosemary included in the ingredients. I would love to try that with the vanilla frosting.

    Not sure how to post this….BTW, I am Mary Louise, a fan of your blog.

  37. The Curtis Family

    If I were being selfish I’d go for chocolate all the way — both cake and frosting. BUT since my darling husband doesn’t like chocolate (something he wisely kept from me until after the nuptials) I’d have to try the Cookie Cookie cake with chocolate frosting (he can’t have it ALL his way!).

  38. Paul & Kaytie

    Surprising Stars cake mix and cheerful chocolate. I love the mixture of yellow cake with Chocolate frosting.

  39. josh and allie

    I’m all about the dots ofr cake and frosting!!! I have often wondered how we could get a chocolate cake to have dots, like blue dots or pink dots and make them show up. Hmmmm maybe Naturally Nora could do it!

  40. Anonymous

    I would love to try the chocolate cake mix with the Alota dots frosting. Makes me feel like a kid again just thinking about it!

    Lisa Detig

  41. Britton and Aubrey

    I would love to try Cookie Cookie (I love cookies!) and Cheerful Chocolate frosting! Sounds yummy!

  42. Kathryn

    I would pick Alot’a Dots – both cake and frosting – because it reminds me of my childhood…except probably yummier!

  43. Snedaker Family

    It is a toss up for me….. Selfishly I want cheerful chocolate, in frosting too! But I know my kids would looooovvveee Alot’s Dots

  44. Jaime G. Fryer

    They all look delicious to me, but I’m in the mood for vanilla so I’m going with the sunny yellow cake with ALot’A Dots frosting. Yummy!

  45. Becky

    Cheerfully Chocolate, of course!! Yummo! Even if i don’t win, I want to get some and try it. What a great product.

  46. Anonymous

    Since my kids are into oreo cookie ice cream and blizzards I would have to go with the Cookie Cookie and really don’t care whether it has chocolate or vanilla frosting. My bunch would take it either way!

  47. The Keel Gang

    SUNNY YELLOW for SURE! But, I can’t decide between chocolate or vanilla frosting….hmmmmmmm.

  48. The Castillo's

    I’m up for the Cheerful Chocolate… Yum!! Everyone knows that chocolate is a girl’s best friend!

  49. Jennifer

    I think it would be “alotta dots” with “alotta dots”. Now I have to go bake a cake ’cause I LOVE cake and that made me hungry. Wink!

  50. Sarah or Stephen

    I can’t wait to try them all! But first, the alota dots mix and frosting my kiddos would love! Thanks

  51. Jamie

    Oh how yummy! I would totally love to try the Cookie Cookie or the Alot’a Dots. . .but you know they all look so good it’s hard to pick just one or two.

  52. The Bunkers

    Chocolate cake and chocolate frosting!! It REALLY looks so good and I want to try them… especially since they don’t carry them in my state!

  53. The Godell Family

    I am obsessed with stars, so of course it would have to be the surprising star mix. I may need to make an order. What an awesome idea!

  54. Sunny

    Of Course I have to go with the Sunny Yellow because it’s got my name on it! I’d pair it with the A Lota Dots frosting because I have 3 little kiddos that would think I’m the best mom ever for making such a fun frosting. Also just wanted to thank Nora for such a great product. I’m a registerd Dietitian and am always looking for healthier options for my family and my clients.

  55. The Ditto clan

    I’m all about chocolate! Can’t have too much of it! Although the cookie dough looks fun too…

  56. Christy W

    Oh my goodness…coming from a pregnant lady who ONLY wants cake to eat, I think every single kind looks amazing!! The cookie-cookie sounds really fun with a chocolate frosting. Mmmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Darin, Jenn and Ivy Warnick

    My 19 month old is obsessed with stars. I don’t know but she would love the surpising stars!

  58. Laurie

    I can’t decide if I’d like to try the Cookie Cookie mix or the Cheerful Chocolate first. I’d probably have to make them both.

  59. Da Bee's Knees

    I would love to try the Alota Dots cake mix and frosting. My inner child just loves the cheerful colors. In our family we call it “Happy Cake”.

  60. Priscilla

    Oh my goodness, just going to her website made me drool for something sweet. I can just imagine using a mix for my twins second birthday!
    Cookie Cookie with Chocolate Frosting please!

  61. The Monkey Mama

    I have a thing for yellow cake with chocolate frosting. But I would love to try all of the flavors!

  62. Ophelia

    the cookie cookie cake mix with the cheerful chocolate frosting sounds amazing. i love chocolate, but sometimes chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is just too much chocolate. can’t go wrong with chocolate chips, though ^_^

  63. Kerri

    My kids would love the suprising stars mix and frosting…although the cookie cookie looks really fun also.

  64. Pam

    surprising stars would be my pick. kids would love to see the stars inside the cake and on top of white frosting!

  65. Becki Madsen

    I must say the cheerful chocolate frosting and cake mix, makes my mouth water just looking at it!

  66. Leslie

    I know this is boring but the Sunny Yellow cake mix would be fun. I LOVE yellow cake mix. It is hands down the best! Of course I’d pair it with cheerful chocolate. What can I say, I love the classics! (Although it would be fun to try them all)

  67. JJLanier

    Cookie Cookie Cake mix with the Cheerful Chocolate frosting. Yummy! That looks like cake I would love for the same reason I love Picky-Palate….Cookies!!

  68. Stephanie

    Holy cow, what an awesome giveaway! I’d love to try the Cookie Cookie cake mix with Vanilla Frosting.

  69. Nichole Lowe

    I would try the cookie cake first. I love cookies and cake so how can you go wrong to combine them. I would use the chocolate frosting to top it with.

  70. Lauren

    Oh yummy! I like the Alota dots cake mix and frosting mix!! You’ve got my pregnant tummy rumbling! haha

  71. Anonymous

    Chocolate cake with extraordinary white frosting—yummmmmy!!! Then try all combinations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. snbjork

    Whoa, those look yummy…gotta love cake! The cookie cookie cake mix with chocolate frosting sounds awesome! (My kids would probably especially love the surprising stars and a lota dots, too!). How fun!

  73. rebabell

    Yummy to my tummy! cookie cookie looks VERY interesting and yummy, with maybe chocolate frosting…:)

  74. Jason, Erin, and Hannah

    The surprising stars frosting and cake look really good and I think my daughter would love it.

  75. Matt & Heidi

    oooo, they all sound great…my husband loves cookies ‘n’ cream, so I think I would try the star cookies one! Yum!


  76. Jennie McKinnon

    Alot’a dots mix and frosting looks good to me. and it looks fun for my girls.. I will have to try them soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Josh, Cami, Brody and Brooklyn

    Oh I would love to try the cookie cookie cake mix. I love everything dealing with cookies…chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough, cookie dough ice cream, etc. And adding cake mix to it sounds absolutely fabulous.

  78. Nancy

    The Alot’a Dots mix and frosting remind me of funfetti mixes…the best boxed cake ever!! As someone who regularly bakes dairy-free, these products would be super helpful.

  79. Cookies and Cake

    Cookie Cookie for me!! I love cookies and cake…what more can you ask for then a cookie cake!!! YUMMM ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Lynne

    What a yummy give away! These all sound delish. I would love to try the Cookie Cookie with Cheerful Chocolate frosting first!

  81. claire

    no doubts here- the sunny yellow cake with alotta dots frosting! i’m such a fan of funfetti cakes. it’s really quite sick. ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. mathistown

    They all look great, but I have always loved the store bought version of “Alota Dots”, so that would be fun to try!

  83. nicole

    What fun names for the cakes and frostings! I would try the Sunny yellow cake with the chocolate frosting. Yum!

  84. Brindi

    Just reading the name “Cheerful Chocolate” made me happier. I can’t imagine what would happen if I ate it!

  85. Morgan

    What a GREAT giveaway! I am seriously craving the chocolate cake and chocolate frosting BUT the cookie cookie cake sounds wonderful!

  86. Life on Pelican Street

    I definitely have to try the Alot’a Dots cake mix with the Alot’a Dots frosting! How fun!!

  87. Carrie

    Yummy! I can’t wait to try the “cookie cookie”! I’ve never seen a cookie cake mix before! I love it!! With vanilla frosting and mini chocolate chips… I am drooling!

  88. Megan Miley and Chris

    oOOo I would want to try the Alot’a dots. Mostly because the name makes me happy. But also because who doesn’t like the sprinkle cakes??? I suggest no one… The cookie cookie one looks good too… heck they all look good!

  89. Emily

    I think I would go with the Cookie Cookie cake and Alota Dots frosting! Love the idea of not having to make it from scratch to avoid the bad stuff! Thanks!

    adamandem at yahoo dot com

  90. Grant and Katie + Audrie

    Ooooh I am all about the natural food items! These look so scrumptious! I would have to try the Alot’a Dots with the Alot’s Dots frosting for my big kid of a husband! That’s the kind of cake he wants for his birthday every year! ๐Ÿ™‚
    What a wonderful giveaway!!! THANX!!!

  91. Jen

    I would love to try the cheerful chocolate with cheerful chocolate frosting. What can I say, I love chocolate!

  92. Amanda

    Those are really cute. I think since my sons birthday is coming up I would make the Alot’a dots cake what a cute name

  93. Sherry

    Mmmm. They all look amazing!! I am most tempted by the cookie cookie cake with vanilla frosting. Yum!

    Thanks for posting the link to these cake mixes. I have been following a dairy & soy free diet because my 8 month old breastfed baby is allergic. I am so excited to find cake mixes without dairy & soy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Watson Family

    The cookie cookie with Vanilla frosting looks so yummy! My 2 yr old would LOVE it! I will have to try these out. Thanks for the give-away!

  95. Katie

    Alot’a Dots please! We like the “Waxball” cakes in my house (confetti). They trump any birthday cake from any store.

  96. Kimberly

    I’d love to try the cookie cake mix with the chocolate frosting for my moms group’s bake sale coming up. It would make some really cute cupcakes for all the kids who buy from our table.

  97. Sarah

    Oh my! I have been craving chocolate cake something fierce lately… but the Alota dots reminds me of Fun Fetti! Chocolate and Chocolate for me!

  98. April

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Love this giveaway (oh, & everything else on your blog, too ๐Ÿ™‚ !!
    I would have to go with the Alot'a Dots cake mix/frosting combo first – my daughter & I will eat just about ANYTHING if there's some cheerful sprinkle looking things on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Kerri

    Alot’a dots frosting with the sunny yellow cake. Looks wonderful! I love the first ingredient in the cake is wheat flour!

  100. Brooke

    Like you, I’m all about the chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. I love that she adds “cheerful” to the name. So fun!

  101. Michelle@Life with Three

    My kids would love the A Lota Dots cake and frosting combo. They always ask for the “fun” colored cakes, but I don’t like to make them because of all the food coloring. This is a great solution!

  102. Jessica F.

    With out a doubt it would be Cookie Cookie with the Cheerful Chocolate frosting…YUMMY!!!!! What a great idea! I can’t wait to try them!!!!

  103. PaulaK

    I would LOVE to try the Cookie Cookie because I love cookies and also yellow cake mix! I think it would be great with the chocolate frosting!

  104. This Mom

    It is so hard to choose, I am a chocolate girl but hubbt LOVEs YELLOW CAKE. And I know my kids would want to try the stars. I guess I just need to win so we can have them ALLLLL.

  105. Nashvillians Now

    I would love to try the cheerful chocolate cake mix with the Surprising Stars frosting mix. Although they all look really yummy!

  106. Sisters Savings

    I would definitely love to make the kids the surprising stars cake and frosting! They would love it!

    broberts2 at fuse dot net

  107. Patsyk

    Oh, I think I’d love to try the surprising stars cake mix with the cheerful chocolate frosting… what a fun surprise when you cut into the cake!

  108. Etain

    I love chocolate as much as the next girl, but I don’t think I can resist the surprising stars combo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Cameo

    Definitely, the sunny yellow because we love to eat fresh berries. What could be better than all natural cake and fresh berries!

  110. Carrie

    I have never heard of this company but I am going to go on the looking. I want to try the Alot’s Dots, and Cookie Cookie

  111. Natalie

    I would LOVE to try them all! But, my favorite would have to be the Cheerful Chocolate every time! Cookie Cookie is a definite runner up though!

  112. Jessica Newman

    I would go with the Alot’a dots mix. My kids would love it and you never really outgrow that!

  113. MindyMac

    Oooohhhh Surprising Stars sounds yummy! With some chocolate frosting…mmmmmm….love some good cake!

  114. Sarah

    I saw these in the grocery store the other day and have been wanting to try them. Cookie Cookie with chocolate frosting is definitely making my mouth water.

  115. shortymcg

    OH, They look sooo yummy. The surprising stars mix and frosting looks like a lot of fun for the grandkids. thanks for bringing these to my attention !

  116. Maria

    MMmm I’d love to try Alot’a Dots with the Extraordinary Vanilla Frosting Mix…my mouth is watering!

  117. Leslie

    I think I am going to go with something simple..Sunny Yellow w/ cheerful chocolate frosting.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I am having a great giveaway too!

  118. Kuckie

    Ooooo, YUMMY!!!! I love this kind of stuff! Cheerful Chocolate and Surprising Stars sound delightful! And I just love the names…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Marcia Milne

    Sunny Yellow with cheerful chocolate frosting for me! It makes me happy just hearing the names of that combonation!
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  120. Meg

    Oh my goodness! This is so exciting. I would love to try the Cookie Cookie with the surprising stars frosting.

  121. Carly

    Yum! Since I’m having a tough time deciding, I’d have to pick surprising stars with alot’adots frosting to get the best of both worlds.

  122. The Caldwells

    I would have to order the chocolate and the surprising star at the same time. They look so yummy!

  123. Olivia Garrison

    I’ve heard that being of good cheer–one day at a time–leads to ultimate happiness! So Cheerful Chocolate is my choice!

  124. AMY

    What a smart lady Nora must be! I would definitely pick A’lota Dots cake mix and frosting! Looks delicious!

  125. The Giffords

    I would love to try the Cookie Cookie, but how can I pass up my all time favorite of Chocolate…ooohhhh the choices!

  126. jomama

    um, YUMMY! these look great. i think i’d try the cookie cookie with chocolate frosting, please ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. Julie

    they all look fantastic! I am boring though….I’d be a big fan of the sunny yellow cake with extraordinary vanilla frosting…

  128. Jenny

    Cheerful chocolate & A Lot'a Dots!

    ah. I hope I can finally win a giveaway. This has to be the best giveaway I've ever entered!

  129. Kimberly

    Well, although alota dots looks wonderful, I would have to choose the chocolate/chocolate. What can I say, I just love it.

  130. Charlene

    Mmm… who can’t deny Cheerful Chocolate!?! NOT ME! gotta try it! gotta have it! and then again, there’s Sunny Yellow that you can do so much with? oh my! the choices!

  131. Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn

    I can’t decide between going traditional with the yellow cake and vanilla frosting or go different with the cookie cutter and surprising stars frosting. They all sound delish!!!

  132. Rich and Mallory

    Cookie Cookie and Surprising Stars have both won my heart. It would be so hard to chose between them. But I love cake so I would be so happy with any of them for sure ๐Ÿ™‚



  133. Kimberly

    I want to try the Alota Dots cake mix and frosting! I love the ones from the store, so I bet a natural version would be awesome! Yummy!

  134. Katrina

    I want to try them all! Cookie cookie with extraordinary vanilla frosting looks good! =) I would love to win! Thanks!

  135. Laura and David

    All of these look so good! Cookie cookie looks so unique. I am always looking for a moist chocolate cake (my husband’s favorite), so I’d love to try Nora’s Cheerful chocolate.

  136. AZMarianos

    You have the BEST giveaways! I would have to try the Cookie Cookie with the chocolate frosting. Yum!

  137. Sara

    What a terrific giveaway!! I would first want to try A’lota Dots cake with Vanilla Frosting. I love confetti cakes like that! Yum. ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Brittany

    I would love to try the Cookie Cookie (what a great idea!) with chocolate frosting. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  139. Candi

    I’d like to try the cookie cookie cake, with cheerful chocolate icing. Yum! My kids would love the Alota dots, though.

  140. Carlee Hoopes

    Holy cow, these look awesome! I want to try the surprising stars cake with the surprising stars frosting. So fun!!!

  141. Anonymous

    My 2 year old Daughter is on a strict diet for health reasons and I LOVE that it is all natural!! I have to make it all homemade for her because a lot of the unnecessary things they dump in there cause her a lot of pain. These would be so nice to have on hand. I bet they taste great too. I of course want Chocolate and Chocolate, but my girl has to go for white and white.

  142. Angie

    Of course, i would go for the chocolate chocolate cake and the same frosting or maybe alota dots frosting but the cake has to be chocolate.

  143. Kerstin

    What a fun giveaway! I’d go the classic route and have the Sunny Yellow cake with Cheerful Chocolate frosting!

  144. Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!"

    All natural cake mixes! How nice! ๐Ÿ™‚
    The cookie cookie with chocolate frosting sounds yummy!

  145. Emily

    I’m not much of a chocolate fan so I would like to try the yellow cake mix. The Cookie Cookie with vanilla frosting also sounds good.

  146. southerncarolinagirl

    The surprising stars mix and frosting look fun and delicious! I will have to try these soon!!

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