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Giveaway Time Again, 3 Prizes "Tote-ally" Cool!

Hey everyone, here’s another fun giveaway courtesy of the folks at MyBlogSpark. Up for grabs are 3 great prizes: 3 Winners will receive a Yoplait Cooler Tote Bag, a Free 4-Pack of the new Blueberry Acai Yo-Plus Yogurt, a sporty water bottle (great for the gym) and a nutrition journal. Just got mine in the mail and LOVE it all. The bag is nice and big and I look forward to packing all of our beach gear inside. My 3 year old has already claimed the water bottle and journal, so I guess I get the yogurt all to myself! This is a great prize pack.

Here’s how to enter….Leave a comment telling us all what your perfect dinner would be, sky is the limit, let’s here it! Mine: A 7 course fondue dinner with all the fixins ending with chocolate and fruit, I am totally drooling.

Contest ends Sunday night when the clock strikes midnight, PST. I’ll pick 3 random winners and post them first thing Monday morning. Good Luck Everyone!!

Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Coming soon are those darn Comfort Food recipes I keep promising!!

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  1. 50
    Megan says:

    My husband and I on the beach by candlelight eating mexican food and then chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. YUM!

  2. 51
    Hil says:

    I have to go with you on the fondue idea. Although, if it were allowed I could just eat chocolate chip cookie dough for dinner and be the happiest girl alive.

  3. 52
    Claire says:

    I would want grilled salmon or mahimahi with polenta and roasted veggies. Then I’d have a decadent bread pudding for dessert.

  4. 53
    Andrea and Casey says:

    mmm… I’ve been dreaming of having a full course fondue meal. Starting with the cheese, then a salad, then the meats and stuff, then bring on the chocolate!! Oh, I just wish I could eat and eat.

  5. 54
    Sharon says:

    A huge loaf of warm ciabatta bread with cioppino!

  6. 55
    Katrina says:

    I would love a nice juicy tender steak with garlic roasted red mashed potatoes and asparagus! yum!

  7. 56
    Simply AnonyMom says:

    Leafy green salad with fresh dressing. Bug bowl of pasta with fresh made sauce and made from scratch breadsticks!!!

  8. 57
    Natalie says:

    my perfect dinner? anything i don't have to cook! seriously though, i'd love to be a judge on iron chef america & taste all their concoctions!!

  9. 58
    Stacie Aho says:

    Fun! I love the bag. My perfect dinner would be when someone else cooks- anyone, but I especially love going out. No kids. Anything Mexican! Yum!

  10. 59
    Kelly says:

    I would have to say sushi, more sushi and more sushi….followed by a great dessert of All American Apple Pie(Dutch Apple is my favorite).

  11. 60
    Nikki says:

    I’m a big dessert person, so if I could just have cheesecake or ice cream at every meal I’d be great.

  12. 61
    Jenny says:

    my perfect dinner is about to happen this saturday.
    going to a brazillian bbq place (called tucanos, look it up!) the waiters will bring out huge slabs of meat and slice it right into your plate and enjoy THE BEST all you can eat salad and dessert bar with it.
    it’s even more perfect because it’s my birthday this month and i get a buy one get one free!
    $20 for the two of us and all that goodness.

  13. 62
    Marcia Milne says:

    Well ideally since my hubby and I only go on a “real date” alone about every 4 months~ McDonalds would be sufficient~ if it meant I finally talked grandpa into watching the kids so I didn’t have to hear my three munchkins yelling over who gets the last nugget!

  14. 63
    aztami says:

    yummmmmm…..lobster, king crab legs and filet mignon!!

  15. 64
    Angie says:

    Kibbeh with sauce, tabboule, hummus, potato harra, and baklawa for dessert.

  16. 65
    Jenna Tanner says:

    Butternut squash ravioli in alfredo sauce, french bread, salad and mango sparkling cider.

  17. 66
    Nicole says:

    I am really missing utah right now I would say my cafe rio salad. that franchise needs to really expand! YUM!

  18. 67
    Rachel says:

    choc. milk, med/rare steak, fried bananas, garlic mashed potatoes, all favorites

  19. 68
    Alycat says:

    I love bbq steak & potatoes!

  20. 69
    Mama Bear says:

    I can only pick one thing? Hehe.

    Hmm…my grandmother’s homemade varenicki (perogies) with the artery clogging heart attack inducing white sauce (butter and sour cream) and my husband’s BBQ’d farmer sausage (Meat Candy, his friends call it).



  21. 70
    Wii are the Nelsons says:

    Surprisingly enough I had a perfect dinner at the hospital after having my baby: Steak with BBQ sauce, popcorn shrimp with cocktail sauce, salad with ranch dressing , rolls and blueberry cheesecake…it was so delicious. I wouldn’t mind going to the hospital again for that.

  22. 71
    rebecca says:

    sushi all the way!

  23. 72
    Laura says:

    Clam and lobster bake… yum!

  24. 73
    Kristy and Brett says:


  25. 74
    Natalie says:

    My idea of a great dinner: Butternut Squash ravioli, white bread and butter, Cianti, and a super dark chocolate mousse for desert!

  26. 75
    The Giffords says:

    I love breakfast food, but never want to make it in the morning. I would love a dinner full of breakfast foods, with no calories, of course.

  27. 76
    Alysha says:

    Start off with warm bread and butter, big plate of seafood pasta with a cream sauce. Then end it with a fat slice of cheesecake!! oh yea…

  28. 77
    Girl Japan says:

    A perfect dinner would be with good company, family and friends,and for the foodie part.

    Kobe Beef burgers and wedges!

  29. 78
    Sims Family says:

    My perfect dinner is an Arizona winter BBQ, that I don’t have to clean up after. And probably homemade icecream for dessert.

  30. 79
    The Blonde Duck says:

    Great giveaway!

  31. 80
    Janae says:

    Perfect dinner would be with my hubby at Jonny Carino’s. We’d get chocolate cake for dessert. Oooohhh, deliciousness!

  32. 81
    sarah says:

    Eggplant parm! It’s my favorite food ever. Ending with some gooey chocolate dessert.

  33. 82
    msumommie says:

    Commander’s Palace salad, medium rare steak, loaded mashed potatoes, oven roasted asparagus, and mexican chocolate cake for dessert.

  34. 83
    colleen says:

    fried scallops, cole slaw, french fries, and COLD beer all served at a picnic table on a dock somewhere (must be the cold, dreary weather giving me this craving!)

  35. 84
    HAH says:

    Medium-rare steak with a baked sweet potato and perfectly steam veggies with a basket of rolls or breads.

    Creme brulee for dessert or chocolate hazelnut crepes

  36. 85
    Becky says:

    I love a good steak dinner with homemade rolls, a large salad and moist chocolate cake for dessert – YUM! 🙂

  37. 86
    Carrie says:

    I am pretty easy to plase, a huge pasta dinner with yummy fresh bread and a good yummy chocolately dessert.

  38. 87
    Nikki says:

    I love fancy dinners, but my favorite food is Mexican food! A huge bowl of guacamole and fajitas from Tres Hombres in Chico, CA! So yummy!

  39. 88
    Kelli says:

    hmm this is a tough one! I am currently craving pork chops with flour gravy and biscuits!!

    kelgirl105 at yahoo dot com

  40. 89
    Michelle says:

    My last meal would be tacos and a whole cheesecake! Yum!

  41. 90
    Anonymous says:

    I would have to say anything Italian…I am in love with the ambiance surrounding Italian food, so pasta, and anything would be my favorite dinner!

    broberts2 at fuse dot net

  42. 91
    shumaker clan says:

    A crab boil. YUMMY. That would be my perfect dinner. Out on the beach, getting dirty but oh so good.

  43. 92
    Melody says:

    Crab cakes and fresh sweet green beans with bacon. Dessert would be chocolate dipped strawberries. Yummy!

  44. 93
    Cindy says:

    Mine would be anything with eggplant in it, my favorite would have to be eggplant parmigiana. Yummy!

  45. 94
    Heather says:

    My perfect dinner would start with a great Caesar salad. It would have a wonderful rare steak with some yummy sauce. Dessert would have to be chocolate!

  46. 95
    Christine says:

    Anything that I don’t have to cook or clean up after is the perfect me to me.

  47. 96
    Natalie says:

    My perfect dinner would be pasta..I love the chicken artichoke dish at Zios, or maybe some ravioli…YUM Salad, bread, and a big piece of chocolate cake..YUM YUM YUM!

  48. 97
    Noelle says:

    Your fondue was tempting, but to be original, mine would be marinated flank steak with double stuffed potatoes and roasted asparagus.

  49. 98
    Joanna says:

    Ooh…there’s so much to choose from! I’ll go with steak, potato, and salad…along with a killer chocolate dessert!

    jojo17 at gmail dot com

  50. 99
    Tiff says:

    What a cool giveaway! I would have filet mignon and lobster tails with creamed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes. And tiramisu for dessert.

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