Hurry…Another Giveaway…3 Winners!

Contest is now Closed, thanks for all 554 of you who made it in before the deadline. Check Friday’s post for the winners! Good luck!

Hey everyone, I am so excited to be a part of this new network called MyBlogSpark. It’s a network where bloggers can get the scoop on new products to sample, prizes to give away and other offers. In part of the fun, I get to have more giveaways, Yeah!

Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment and tell me what you had for dinner last night. Even if it was a bowl of cold cereal, let’s hear it! Contest ends tomorrow, Oct 23 at midnight AZ, MST. Best of luck everyone!!

Here’s the Prize: 3 Winners Will Receive this “Basket of Indulgence”

  • A box of the new Turtle Chex Mix Bars that include pretzels and peanuts with chewy ingredients like caramel and chocolate. They have less than 150 calories per bar and provide at lease 8 grams of whole grain per serving.
  • Chocolate candles
  • Caramel lotion
  • Loofah
  • Hand Massager
  • Nail Brush
  • Spa Towel

Best of luck! 3 Winners will be announced Friday Morning!!

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551 Responses
  1. AZMarianos

    I wish I could say I had a gourmet meal last night but alas, no. I dined on a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Gourmet no, yummy yes! It’s the easiest meal for my grueling school schedule!

  2. RJHnrksn

    Yummy Giveaway!! Last night was home made chicken pot pie with mini sweet potato casseroles on the side. So easy and so good.

  3. snbjork

    Cheese/spinach-stuffed Manicotti (made with crepes rather than noodles), homemade cheese ravioli (made with wonton wrappers) with a tomato basil cream sauce and garlic bread. It was delish (we made it at a church cooking class I attended)!

  4. woodsyouknowit

    It was a crock pot dinner all the way last night! I did Creamy Italian Chicken over Brown Rice. Not alot of work, but always a fave of the kids.

  5. Kami

    Last night I made fajitas. My husband enjoyed them, but being pregnant for some reason I couldn’t even take the smell. So I made Fajitas, but I ended up eating toast!

  6. Vanessa Shannon

    We had a breakfast dinner, ham egg and cheese sandwiches with juice and hot chocolate! Kinda sad I know but I had to work last night…. Boo…..

  7. Whitney

    I had a sick little boy all day, so it was the drive thru at Wendy’s when my hubby was on his way home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Amy

    We had grilled chicken topped with cheese, on top of a bed of lettuce, avacado, and tomato. (Gotta love the diets!)

    Love the blog. (Found you off of another blog) Giveaway’s rock!!!

  9. Ashley

    We had garlic and herb pasta. It was a simple pasta side dish and turned it into the main dish with some chicken and garlic bread.

  10. Mandy

    Chicken Noodle Soup with added squash and orzo. We all have colds around here, so even though it wasn’t really cold, it was still great!

  11. Jess

    Last night we bbq’d burgers for Andrew’s birthday. Had to have them with doritos, coke, and brownies for dessert. Talk about a man’s meal.

  12. Michelle

    Tater Tot Casserole!!! Always a big hit in my house ~ tonight it’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and salad! Comfort food all the way.

  13. rmreed

    We had an easy night with leftovers – Chicken,Broccoli,Rice Casserole with a side of steamed carrots. But, we did have pumpkin ice cream for dessert – yum!

  14. Brandon and Melani

    I had a Healthy Choice cheese pizza. I have some baby weight to lose…oh who am I kidding, my baby is 18 months old πŸ™

  15. The Maxwell Family

    Last night I didn’t feel like cooking. We had taquitos and cut up cantalope. The frozen kind from costco.

  16. Kari

    After I went into false labor (so fun for me) and after everything calmed down my husband made chicken cordon bleu with brocolli and rice. So YUMMY!

  17. Halls

    I love your site… check it daily! Last night was a yo-yo (you’re on you’re own) night for our family. My daughter had a corn dog, my husband ate leftover spaghetti and I had Multi-Grain Cheerios!

  18. carol

    We had pressure cooker pork chops with onions and carrots, oven roasted potatoes and oven fried zucchini…
    Super giveaway, Jenny!

  19. Barbara Bakes

    My husband had to work last night, so I grabbed some crisp tacos from Del Taco (taco Tuesday – 3 for $.99)for the kids on the way home from football practice and heated myself up some minestrone soup I had in the freezer.

  20. Amy Lindstrom

    Progressive Dinner with friends.
    Lotsa Appetizers
    Delicious Spicy Tortellini Soup
    FABULOUS Cheesecake & More!

  21. Erin

    Ooh, last night we had homemade cream of broccoli soup and breadsticks. Leftovers are tonight. I must be hungry!

  22. momto2bugs

    Great giveaway! We had leftover ground turkey lasagne, made with carrots, celery, onions, eggplant, spinach, and lots of cheese…ricotta, parmesan, and mozarella. Even the kids devoured it and thanks to hubby, the 16 serving casserole was gone in 2 nights! Fresh pears for dessert!

  23. Jen

    Wow, that would be nice for a pregnant woman like myself!!! gotta love a good give-a-way!!! Last night we had sonic for dinner. lol

  24. Amber

    We ate spinach salad and fresh homemade wheat bread. The spinach salad was Paula Deen’s recipe with mushrooms, bacon (of course) hard boiled eggs and a homemade vinaigrette. Simple, but not too shabby.

  25. paige

    DH and I ate a locally owned Mexican restaurant and had chips/salsa, enchiladas, rice and beans. It was delicious and we left stuffed!
    Your giveawy looks fantabulous! Pick me!

  26. Candi

    Our stove is out of commission for a while, so it was frozen microwave meals for us — Lean Cuisine chicken tuscan panini.

  27. Simply AnonyMom

    Last night was Spaghett squash with home made chunky veggie sauce. It is my favorite dinner.

    This looks great! Thank you for offering it!

  28. Salsa Mama

    Oh, this is embarrassing! I had ramen with hotsauce. Let’s just chalk it up to being pregnant and it sounded sooooo good. πŸ™‚

  29. Amanda

    When I got home from work there was a piece of frozen pizza left… so that was my dinner. I have to keep them on hand for the hubby

  30. Jenna

    We had “rafts”: over-easy egg on a piece of whole wheat toast with a slice of bacon on top. A favorite from when I was a kid! Plus I was feeling a little lazy last night πŸ™‚

  31. briannechase

    I had a grilled tofu sandwich with tomato and red onion which was wonderful and then a bowl of mexican black bean soup. I indulged after dinner with some AMAZING chocolate fudge brownie wow cow yogurt (45 calories per 1/2 cup!) for dessert!

  32. sheena

    Reading all those comments to find the “post a comment” button sure made me hungry. So, i am not going to lie… i had Arby’s last night.

  33. Nancy

    We had “breakfast for dinner”-veggie omelets and baked sweet potatoes. Of course, with ketchup on the side!

  34. Morgan

    We had whole wheat penne pasta, topped with ground turkey and marinara sauce. Also an iceburg salad on the side. A great easy and fast comfort meal! πŸ™‚

  35. Robin

    We had Pancake squares, which are baked in the oven because I am the #1 pancake burner in the world LOL!! And we had sausage, and NH maple syrup!! Nothin like it!!!

    This is lots of fun, Jenny!!

  36. Sarah

    My husband was at a dinner meeting and I lacked any enthusiasm for cooking for myself–thus I had a Lean Cuisine! Chicken Caesar bowl with some tomatoes added in.

  37. Andrea Gunnell

    Hi Jenny, I haven’t ever left a comment but I have made quite a few of your recipes and I have loved them all! Thank you so much for sharing them. In fact last night we had your hot dog mummies!!! I actually made my own breadsticks but we had fun making the mummies and eating them. Happy Halloween!!!

  38. the W* family

    We had what I call ‘fall casserole.’ Rice, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and ground turkey in a yummy sauce.

  39. Julie

    My boyfriend ate the leftover Vegetable Beef soup and I made homemade potato soup with onions and green peppers. We had corn bread and black bottom cupcakes to go with it.

  40. Stacy and Justin

    We had homemade soft tacos with all the fixings including pineapple(my favorite) and we used deer meat from the deer that my husband shot! Great giveaway, love all of it!

  41. Evelyn and Art

    I made my favorite meal as a teenager last night. I still don’t make it as well as my Grandmother and it’s so simple! We had Chicken Casserole, you know the one with the Stove Top on top? It was yummy! Love your blog and I make a lot of your meals!

  42. koopermom

    Leftover Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas from PheMOMenon’s blog. Absolutley delicious. I think it’ll be dinner tonight too!!!!

  43. Jill

    Dinner FAIL! Leftover homemade mac-n-cheese that didnt work so well the first night, reheat in the oven (no microwave). After a couple bites, I gave up. The kids had cereal and fruit. Obligations last night left no time to make a real meal.

  44. Mason Madness

    After what I had for dinner last night I could use this prize πŸ™‚

    Spinach salad with strawberries, chicken & Vinegar dressing.

  45. Colleen

    We had chicken enchiladas with homemade refried beans/rice.
    Fun giveaway!!! I love the idea of chocolate candles and caramel lotion….

  46. Lucy

    We had fillets of sole w/a drizzle of beurre blanc sauce on a bed of spinach, & a side of roasted acorn squash rings.. and no photo to put up.. : (

  47. Jean

    Well, my mom made a huge pot of beef vegetable soup and gave us a big container. We had that with italian bread for dinner. Yummy, and satisfying. Very cute gift basket idea πŸ™‚

  48. Christina

    My family had homemade sloppy joes with coleslaw and cheese. By the way I love all your recipes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  49. Sara

    Your giveaways are so fun! The husband and I had a “take-out and stay in” night. We ordered food from Chili’s. I had the Chicken Club Tacos with veggies. Yum!

  50. Jenn

    We had chili macaroni hamburger helper with shredded cheddar cheese. (My husband cooked.) And I must admit, it was delicious.

  51. Tyson and Courtney

    We ate meatloaf, buttermilk cornbread, and baked sweet potatoes for dinner last night. I can’t wait to try your Shepherd’s Pie recipe!

  52. Jennifer

    We had grilled cheese and tomato soup! My 18 month old LOVED it- she’s turned into quite the ‘dipper’ so she had a ball dipping her grilled cheese in the little puddle of soup I poured for her.

  53. Mendy

    Hey Jenny..I don’t know if you remember me or not from way back when we did workouts in Tiffany’s house with Jen M! I’ve love your blog and just never comment..but today that ends!

    Last night I made Mongolian shrimp and scallops over rice. I found a copy cat recipe and changed it up a bit and it was awesome! Love the blog..I get so many fabulous ideas from it!! Thanks

  54. Jill

    135 comments, I’ll never win, seriously! We had zucchini sausage casserole (yum) and tonight was so good, I’m going to tell you about it too. It’s the Lion House Broccoli Chicken casserole and I serve it over rice. My husband loved it!

  55. Stephanie

    Last night we had … um … Aah, I can’t remember!

    Oh yeah! My husband made some chicken soup, with potato, carrot, and onion, yum! We had it with saltines. And after dinner I had a graham cracker spread with peanut butter and sprinkled with chocolate chips. That was even better than the soup!

  56. The Snell Family

    Fun give away!! This week is my “Birthday Week” there for I do NO COOKING!! In turn that means we eat out nearly every night :):) DH doesnt cook very well, so last night was a fun trip to our local Taco Shop for delicious shredded beef rolled taco’s with all the fixens…I love mexican food!!

  57. Laurie

    Hmmmm….let’s see…I had some leftover stuffed mushrooms and some leftover sesame noodles with chicken! Delish!

  58. Steph

    I heart your blog so much!!!! Thanks for all the Yum-O recipes! Here was our dinner (it was a school night for the hubs and I had to teach my yoga class)

    Steph-2 tortillas with cheese nuked in the microwave, 5 chocolate covered cinnamon bears, a bowl of frozen grapes and about 4 Club crackers…

    Ben-club crackers with string cheese on them, 5 chocolate covered cinnamon bears, and apple juice

    I swear I am a good cook…but not on Tuesday nights!!! πŸ™‚

  59. misspro312

    We had greek style pork chops topped with tomatoes and red wine vinegar and feta! We also had twice baked mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies from the bag!! Love this blog!!

  60. Casey

    We had Paula Dean’s stuffed shells. I burned the onions, so I went with out….I also forgot to add the egg to the stuffing, so I cut the baking time in half. Still turned out great. Tonight I’m making your fiesta chicken and spinach enchiladas. My husband loves them! Thanks for all of the great recipies. πŸ™‚

  61. katie m

    For dinner last night, I ate a turkey sandwich (made on homemade wheat bread), and a big bowl of grapes. For dessert, there were Jelly Belly Beans! Thanks!

  62. Ryan and Jess

    How fun are you! Hmmm… Last night we had rice with chicken gravy. I’m in love with just about anything CHICKEN! Looks like a fun and yummy gift pack!

  63. Suzy Q

    My kids sadly wanted Spaghetti O’s, so I made homemade spaghetti o’s from O-shaped pasta, spaghetti sauce, and cut up hot dogs. I even thought it was good!

  64. Brandee

    Well, you had to ask. I actually tried one of your recipes. We had peppered chicken and AMAZING mac and cheese. Thanks for the great recipe. It turned out Beautiful and was so yummy. My daughter was excited for the leftovers today after school.

  65. Flssgrl

    Well we the parents had my leftover homemade corn chowder with grilled cheese sandwiches and the kiddies enjoyed your Mummy Hot Dogs in honor of Halloween, with applesauce, carrots and ranch dressing!

  66. Becky

    Amazingly enough, I made homemade whole wheat tortillas for the first time last night and they turned out really good, and used them for tacos. Yum!

  67. Deborah

    how fun is this! I’ve been really good at making dinner lately, but last night we both weren’t very hungry so I had chips and salsa!

  68. Kathryn

    I made Crispy Orange Beef, Oriental Cold Noodle Salad, broccoli and frozen egg rolls (didn’t have time to make them).

  69. Candace

    “healthy” nachos. I used baked tortilla chips, Boca veggie chili, tomatoes, salsa, fat free cheese and sour cream.

    I was worried about the veggie chili but it is great!

    I’m making your chicken noodle soup tomorrow!

  70. aateacher

    All this talk about soup and working in a cold classroom all day…we made a big pot of potato soup with cheese and bacon on top.

  71. kimberly7

    Last night it was the same thing I eat way too many days of the week…a big salad, salmon, and hot chocolate for dessert. Great giveaway!

  72. Jennifer

    Ah man I haven’t had fast food in forever and the one night I do you call me out on it. I confess I had McDonald’s last night but only because we visited too long with my Grandpa who is leaving for Texas for the winter and we were starved so we hit the drive thru on the way home.

  73. Leslie

    OMG..crazy..but I had to sit here for 15 minutes to think what I ate for dinner last night!! My kids have completly stollen my memory.
    I hade Basil cream chicken and pasta!

  74. DixieJo

    grilled chicken rolled up in tortillas with your choice of sauce, some of the kids like honey mustard, others teriyaki, hubby BBQ, myself a little warmed pesto.

  75. The Curtis Family

    Took me a second to remember back that far! We had creamy crock-pot chicken over rice, served with peas. Total mom dinner!

  76. etaemommy

    i made ratatouille over penne…yum yum
    i LOVE your blog…i have been sharing it with friends and family.
    every recipe i have tried off of here is a keeper.

  77. Megan Miley and Chris

    MMMMMM That sounds so yummy! Last night for dinner, my daughter and I had teriyaki bow tie pasta with mandarin oranges. And my husband fended for himself. He wasn’t hungry at the time and wanted to eat something different… he missed out it was delish!

  78. penniesonaplatter

    Completely embarrassing and timely for you to ask this question now… We had Velveeta Mac ‘n Cheese and, better yet, frozen corn dogs!! LOL! How does someone with a food blog get away with eating a meal like that, you ask? Ha! We’ll never know… πŸ™‚

  79. Millers

    Hum, lets see last night I had Panda Express. Thats right, didn’t feel like dirting up the kitchen. πŸ™‚

  80. zdubb

    I had roasted butternut squash and a bowl of vanilla ice cream w/ peanut butter. womp womp – not exactly the healthiest dinner – but it felt good!

  81. Nichole

    We skipped making our own meal and decided to go to Qdoba instead. I hate the days where I’m too lazy to cook, but that’s what happens when you get home late!

  82. Janae

    We had mac n cheese and mixed vegetables. Still trying to clean up the house, so that was the easiest meal to clean up and make quickly!

  83. Erica

    It’s still beautiful here in CA, so last night we grilled hamburgers and had salad, plus key lime pie for desert! (We had company.) Fun giveaway!

  84. Steph

    How much fun Jenny! How disgusting is this, I shared a bowl (the same bowl) of canned chili with my husband, and don’t forget the saltines!

  85. Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead

    Last night? I can barely remember tonight…oh yeah. We had a healthy greek phyllo chicken pie thing. It was awful and I had to whip up a buttery cream sauce to hide the horror of it. Butter makes everything better!

  86. Carlee Hoopes

    I had some noodles with a combination of yucky bottled alfredo sauce and 4 Cheese Ragu. I added the Ragu to try to make it edible since the alfredo was horrible. Never buy bottled alfredo sauce! πŸ™‚

  87. Laura

    We had sour cream chicken enchiladas and geen beans AND my husband made it! Yep. Surely someone that lucky will win this giveaway πŸ˜‰

  88. Kameron

    Chicken Parmesan – totally last minute… good old frozen breaded chicken tenders, spaghetti, sauce & parmesan cheese. Throw together a salad and you're good to go!

  89. Suzanne

    All I had for dinner last night was the protein bar I ate as I ran out the door for a Halloween photo shoot at a cemetery. You should do a special “easy dinner grab -n- go” idea menu!

  90. Ashley K.

    So… I actually made your Rigatoni with sausage and romano cheese! Twas fabulous! My 18 month old asked for seconds, and then he finished what was left over from my 4 year old! Thank you for the fabulous meal, it will become a rotating staple at our house.

  91. barbarabaker

    Last night I had chicken enchiladas, mexican rice and beans…it was actually pretty yummy…

    Great giveaway, would love to win and give myself some “me” time; I really need some of that!!!

  92. Emilee

    We went out to dinner last night at a small italian resturant for my grandfathers birthday and my brother and sister came into town as well and I myself had steak and mashed potatoes but everyone else of course had an italian dish!

  93. Stacey B.

    We had some yummy Chicken Cheese Soup with rolls and pumpkin/cream cheese roll-ups for dessert…yum and when I woke up I went to the gym!!

  94. Wii are the Nelsons

    Since it was my BIRTHDAY last night, my husband made me dinner…he can only make a couple of things but he made me pancakes (he’s better than me), eggs and toast. It was yummy and very appreciated!

  95. Rachel

    Leftover French Bread Pizza for us! (When you buy a french bread loaf, cut it in half lengthwise, and let your kids add their own toppings… they love it, and I love how FAST and EASY it is!)

  96. Darcy

    great northern beans with bacon and a little garlic salt, hot cornbread muffins with butter, and three homemade chocolate chip cookies. yum! (i hope i win)

  97. Kate

    Last night was my husband’s birthday and he was craving Burger King, so it was a chicken sandwich for me. Also, I never win so I would really love it!

  98. Janene

    last night we where eating healthy. I had two carb control wheat tortillas with sliced tomato, lettuce, grilled chicken, sprouts and a tiny smidgen of mayo. It was pretty good for a healthy meal.

  99. Elli

    A Cheese quesadilla with salsa to dip it in. And a couple of Hershey chocolate Nuggets… Dinner’s are simple around here with just me and the dog while the hubby is deployed… : )

  100. Lucy

    funny you should ask as I actually made one of your recipes! Firehouse Chicken which I've made several times now but this time did it in the crockpot. We also had broccoli & quinoa.

  101. Melissa Howard

    Great giveaway! Thanks! We had leftover grilled pork tenderloin and garlic bread. Apple crisp for dessert.

  102. Sterzers

    I ate sausage in hot sauce with rice. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it didn’t turn out so well! haha

  103. Steph and Brady

    What a fun giveaway! We had quesadillas that we made on our new quesadilla maker! We put them with some homemade salsa. Quick and easy!

  104. AJ and Cindy

    What a fun giveaway! Last night I am ashamed to say that I ate too much cookie dough from the cookies I made for my husband to take to a meeting, therefore, I didn’t eat dinner. My husband made himself an egg\turkey sandwich though!

  105. Marisa

    We had dinner with friends. So I actually had the night off as my good friend made a yummy Rachael Ray pasta dish.

  106. Rebecca McNair

    Lucky me I didn’t have to think of something to fix last night! We had our trunk or treat halloween party and there was a chili cook off. I had the best tasting chili ever! It was kind of sweet with shredded beef in it instead of groung hamburger. It would have tasted great in a burrito! Yum Yum!!! I can’t wait to make it myself.

  107. Playful Professional

    We made homemade pizza. One with olive oil, artichokes, capers, and sliced roma tomatoes. The other had a pesto sauce with spinach, proscuitto and mozzarella cheese. Delicious.

  108. The Wilkes Week

    I tried a new recipe from a friend – lemon chicken done in the crock pot Served it with basmati rice and a spinach salad!

  109. carizolli

    You’re spoiling us with all the giveaways πŸ™‚ …not that I’m complaining, of course!

    For dinner last night we had grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.

  110. Kari

    We had Chili, and when I mean Chili, I mean a sampling of 19 different Chili’s at our wards chili cook-off and line dancing extravaganza!! good times!

  111. MommyVega

    Last night was once in a blue moon meal….We had Chicken Mole with Spanish Rice. It was very delicious. Good excuse to eat chocolate and peanut butter for dinner. =)
    I love the giveaway!

  112. Roxanne

    Last night, I made salmon, baked with lemon slices, pats of butter and a few sprigs of rosemary on top. Served alongside steamed green beans and couscous. You gotta love couscous! Just pour boiling water over it and let it sit for 5 minutes and fluff. Any recipe that ends with “and fluff” has gotta be good.

  113. anissa ferguson

    It was crazzzzzzzzy last night the fam had leftover chicken pot pie and I had a WW smart ones chicken quesadilla. Fun Giveaway!!

  114. Plain City Dickamores

    we had little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls, plus bowls of cereal if that did not fill your belly. Just random food last night.


    We had bourbon chicken with rice (crockpot) and brocoli and it was delicious!! Great giveaway!!

  116. Andi

    Last night, I made one of our family’s favorite pasta dishes that I saw years ago on Martha Stewart. It’s farfalle, caramelized onions, peas and italian sausage, finished with a tiny bit of cream and a LOT of grated romano cheese. YUMM!!

  117. Nikki

    Excited for another give away. I made two homemade pizzas last night. Along with my family, I fed my sister & brother in law & three nephews before all the kids headed to Awanas. It was fun!

  118. Ashli

    Last night we had honey and soy sauce chicken legs, roasted seasoned potatoes, and corn. Easy and yum! Plus, it’s cute to watch my two-year olds eat the chicken off the bone.

  119. Sheena Larkin

    I had bookclub with the girls so I had to stop for a quicky before heading out. Chicken T.B.M. from Cosi is my favorite!

  120. Ty'sMommy

    Hmmm I’ve been cooking up a storm this week, but last night was one of the hubs’ favorites. Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. Yep, its as cheesy as you can imagine.

  121. Maria

    Is it Christmas at your place?? Ha! I love all of these giveaways!
    Last night we had quesidillas with the works! I also made a salad. So tasty!! Thanks again!!

  122. Annie

    Not too exciting. I had a turkey and cheese sandwich because I forgot to defrost the meat yesterday. Tonight we are having carmelized salmon. Yummy! thanks for the giveaway!

  123. sarah

    Ooh man do I ever need that giveaway with all the work we’ve been doing to the house lately! πŸ™‚

    Last night I did find time to cook and we had Paula Deen’s spicy chili with cornbread waffles and it was FABULOUS. I’ve got some leftovers in the fridge at work for lunch today. πŸ™‚

  124. Zesty Cook

    Yummy Giveway! – I went with homemade Pizza from scratch. It was very good. topped with crispy bacon, spinach and monterey jack cheese and cheddar cheese and a sprinkly of feta.

  125. Mrsblocko

    leftover italian wedding soup (which we call Cinderella’s wedding soup to get the 3yo to eat it) and crecent rolls, with pumpkin maple cheesecake swirl bread for dessert

  126. Anonymous

    I had Thai chicken and sesame noodles — marinated chicken in Asian dressing, then cooked and mixed with speghetti noodles and covered in a asian dressing, soy sauce, honey, and peanut butter sauce.

  127. Meredith

    We had fried chicken, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes (my husband had been craving that meal and) with a cool front blowing in yesterday afternoon it was a great comfort meal. Great giveaway!

  128. Sarah

    Last night I had TGIFridays Potato Skins (the kind from the freezer section) with sour cream and two lovely pumpkin ales. It was just one of those days.

  129. Holly and Ken Grover

    Poppy seed chicken over egg noodles with a strawberry salad & poppy seed dressing & candied almonds.

  130. hal-delicious

    Barbeque Chicken pizza made from scratch! (yes even the dough!) The coolest part was that you cooked the individual pizza’s on a skillet. and the gouda cheese made it so yummy! p.s. love your blog πŸ˜‰

  131. Anonymous

    Leftover Macaroni Grill bowtie pasta and sundried tomatoe sauce with leftover sweet potatoe fries. Hubby was gone so I ate alone. Sounds like a fun give away.

  132. Alan and Katie

    First of all, I love your recipes! We had a mummy shaped chicken cordon bleu and a baked potato. I love Halloween food!

  133. Carroll's

    I made salmon patties for the first time. My kids and I loved them but my husband couldn’t get them down. He’s not a big fish fan. So he ate rice a roni and green beans. πŸ˜‰

  134. Tanya

    I had leftover lasagna for dinner and it was pretty yummy. We made it with a pumpkin ricotta mixture, alfredo sauce and italian sausage. It was gooooood!

  135. annes

    Oh no! I’m so embarrassed!! Last night … for dinner … I had … KRAFT DINNER! And I’ve been doing so well with cooking most weeknights lately. But I love turtles, and I love chex, so I have to enter this one πŸ™‚

  136. Erica Williams

    I love that you are doing give aways! Last night we had Bear Creek Cheddar Potato Soup with store bought rolls. Not nearly as good as homemade would have been, but easy and still yummy.

  137. Mandy

    Jim and I actually went OUT TO EAT last night. It was a big treat for the two of us. We went to a fine dining restaurant called the Mansions at Judges Hill. I had butternut squash soup, medallions of beef and chocolate soufflΓ©.

  138. Kelly

    We had Subway sandwiches for dinner — at 9pm. We’re moving this Saturday, so my whole kitchen is packed, and we’ve been spending every waking moment (and a few I should’ve been sleeping) working on the house.

  139. Abby

    I made your Chicken And Vegetable Gravy Over Puff Toast! and can I just say everyone LOVED it?! I absolutely love your blog and make your yummy creations often!

  140. Chrissy

    We had chicken and dumplings – it’s a quick and easy recipe and the kids devoured it which is always a plus!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  141. Jill

    We had lemon chicken with pasta and a cream sauce. I was very good. Great giveaway you are having. Thanks again for great recipes

  142. matt and brynn

    Believe it or not, my 3 year old when it came to picking dinner last night. Her favorite meal ever is Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. We have to have this at least once a week. You would think she would get sick of it, but it must be YUMMY!! I like to Indulge her every now and then.

  143. Live.Love.Eat

    Hi there, last night I had an overcooked chicken & orzo fritatta that I will NOT be posting. Will be trying again because the potential is there.

  144. Kim

    I dubbed Husband to be officially in charge of dinner last night… and he made homemade pizzas with Big T. Pepperoni, onion and mushroom for us, with a cheese pie for the 10-year-old. Yum. — Kim

  145. Amelia

    Last night I was working, so I had 2 cokes, a bottle of water, and a cup of rice. I know, woo-who. My lunch break is at 8pm so I am never really hungry.

  146. kathy

    we had a crockpot dinner — chicken, salsa, beans and corn. . for the 2nd night in a row. .and it was better the second night!

    kschaider at hotmail dot com

  147. Christa Long

    I ate over at my Hubs Grandma’s house. She made Chicken strips, Country Fried Steak, Mashed Poatatoes, Bisquits, Corn, and Cream Gravy. It was very delicious. She topped it off with Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  148. Amanda

    We went out for dinner last night. We had pork dumplings, stir fried rice, chicken chow mein, and sweet and sour chicken. It was all very tasty.

    I was really craving dumplings. I tried to make them on the weekend, and let’s just say it resulted in the frying pan and all in the garbage.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. Lindsey

    We had leftover pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I added horseradish to the meat for extra zing! It was the perfect meal for the cold weather we are having in Ohio.

  150. KiMnRoB

    Caramel lotion??? YUM!
    Ok dinner last night was chili cheese dogs and baked sweet potato fries!
    Count me in for the giveaway!

  151. Katie's Krazy Klan

    I just stumbled onto this page, and a stay at home mom can ALWAYS use recipes!!! Thanks! We had Turkey Sandwiches with all the fixings….mayo, mustard, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, bacon…they were SO yummy! Thanks for all the fun recipes, I’ll be using them!

  152. Anne

    I’m cracking up that it took me a few minutes to remember, and a couple of hours in the kitchen! We had homemade quiche.

  153. skinnybovineskitchen

    totally embarassing but i made mac and cheese for only the 2nd time in our marriage. my only excuse is i had a mid-term! i did taste good though! πŸ™‚ and even your giveaway picture is beautiful!

  154. Tasty Trends

    i love give aways! we went out to dinner so i had a great meal! spicy halibut and shrimp with au gratin potatoes!

  155. Kevin, Amber & Jake

    ok im going to be honest here… we are in the process of moving… so we had take-n-bake pizza from good old walmart and ate it while painting my son’s room!

  156. Ali

    Last night we had fajitas. I love them and so does my hubby, but my kids don’t like them. I don’t know why I keep making them. I guess I just hope they will learn to like them!

  157. Meal Makeover Mom

    Last night It was "experiment-on-the-kids" night. I created a new dish called Skillet Pasta & Beef Dinner made with whole wheat blend rotini pasta, pasta sauce, lean ground beef, part-skim mozzarella cheese, and a finely diced red bell pepper. Delish! Only $2.50 per serving too!
    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  158. Aaron Tunell

    Oooh, great give away. We had garlic rosemary roast chicken with potatoes and corn on the cob and homemade bread. Yummy!


  159. Jess

    I would love to tell you it was one of your wonderful meals, but it wasn’t. My husband wasn’t home last night so I didn’t see the need for cooking. I ate salsa con queso and tortilla chips. Really healthy huh?!

  160. Tammy

    We had a conversation about how I cook on the nights my husband has class and when he's home we have leftovers. But having leftovers in the fridge means that I had to have cooked at some point, right? πŸ™‚ So we had leftovers…2 kinds of chicken, chicken salad wraps, green salad, olive & ricotta torte, and macaroni & cheese.

  161. Bonnie

    I made my husband a grilled ham and cheese (great Tillamook cheese, I might add) and I had a handfull of Wheat Thins and grape tomatoes. I was lazy!

  162. Nik

    We had orange chicken and rice from Panda Express. I’m in my 1st Trimester of pregnancy and I’m just not cooking these days.

  163. Jennifer

    Um, I had Panera last night before attending a birthday party. The hubs made cheeseburgers for himself and the kids. And I’m sure outside of condiments they didn’t have any veggies!

  164. The Steele's

    I made baked chicken breast with green beans and mac & cheese. Although not the amazing recipe you had on here a while back!

  165. Misty

    Last night I wanted soooo badly to make my famous enchilada pie, but my hubby just wanted plain ol’ boring enchiladas. At least some of the flavor was there.Great giveaway! Love your recipes to death!

  166. Brandi

    We had chicken alfredo with penne pasta because my 4 yr old loves the pasta “with the holes on the ends”, salad and carrots too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. Becki Madsen

    We had a McDonalds cheeseburger as we were running kids to and from activities. Pretty sad right? I’ll cook again someday!

  168. Susan

    Yay for giveaways! I was lazy and went to El Pollo Loco last night. Had the loco salad and a couple of taquitos!

  169. Sassy

    What a fun give a way…we had the Green Giant Healthy Vision steamable veggies and then I fried chicken breasts in butter and Heinz 57 sauce and candy corn for dessert LOL

  170. Erin

    sausage & pepperoni pizza, Tombstone πŸ™‚ and some chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory

  171. Pepi

    Just Found Your site and Loooove It. Great Prizes!!. We Had a Creamy Chicken Stew and homemade rolls. The Stew was fast and Fab.

  172. Maggie

    O.K. I’ll fess up now. It was a crazy night of scouting so we had….McDonalds πŸ™‚ But tonight we are having your sliders! hee hee

  173. Shumway Family

    It’s been way too long since I’ve posted on your blog. I’ve over committed and see a light at the end of the tunnel next Thursday – right in time for company to come into town.

    We had puffy apple pancakes with buttermilk syrup, orange juice, bacon and sausage.

    I love your new design.

  174. Meghan

    We had panzoratti's.
    They were yummy & even the 2 yr old got in on it by opening his mouth & saying "ome! ome!" That's some just drop the s. LOL

  175. Laura

    We had tortilla soup with quesadillas and all the fixins. It was like a mexican fiesta around here. Love the giveaway.

  176. Tiffany and Mike

    Fun a give-away! I had a bowl of cereal (Reeses Puffs) for dinner last night!…this is the first time I have ever commented on your blog, but I love it and read it all the time!

  177. Brooke

    We went to a great diner for omelets. Mine had roasted red peppers, portabellas, olives and mozzarella. Served with fresh cinnamon and cheese bread. So good!

  178. Branden

    Hold on…let me remember what I had….I am a mom of twins, so the brain isn’t what it used to be. I made a refried bean soup (so easy/yummy) with a copycat recipe of Bandera’s cornbread. Holy cow…I just made myself hungry for it all over again.

  179. Debbi

    We ate asian chicken wraps made with chicken, hoisin sauce, plum sauce, chili garlic sauce, ginger, allspice, onions, peppers and coleslaw on whole wheat toasted tortillas. One of our favorite meals!! Yum!

    Awesome giveaway too! Thanks!

  180. Stacie Aho

    Oooo… that looks fabulous!! Last night for dinner I made a Massaman Curry with rice, and a salad. It was pretty yummy.

    I hope to win one πŸ™‚

  181. Hobbie

    Even though it was a weeknight we ate out.
    El Pollo Loco (it is a weakness), I had their yummy crispy chicken tacos.

  182. The Bahens

    Actually, we had homemade refried beans and your chicken and spinach enchiladas! They’ve become an every-week dinner for us. Thanks for the great recipe!

  183. jtr4511

    Last night for supper we had:
    Ham Steak
    Scalloped Potatoes
    Canned Sweet Corn (from the freezer)
    Peanut Butter w/kisses cookies


  184. Linda

    let’s see…Wednesday is pasta night so we had very boring pasta with sauce out of a jar. Cute little mini bowties, though! My toddler loves them.

  185. Christy Lee

    We had pizza. Not even homemade pizza..just out of the freezer case. So I could really use those chex bars!

  186. Anonymous

    I wasn’t feeling great yesterday so instead of cooking I went to Papa Murphy’s for the first time for those who don’t have these, it’s a take and bake pizza place. We had great coupons since it just opened so we tried the cheesy bread, sausage and pepperoni pizza and I got the Garlic chicken pizza, wow was it good!!

  187. jvaughn0311

    Wow cool giveaway!!! I like the food the best!!=) We had Cheddar Salsa Meatloaf, with mac n cheese, and mixed vegetables!=) YUM!!=)

  188. CENA - My.M.Spot

    i made lime-chicken torillas. i boiled chicken breasts, shredded them and put them in the crockpot with lime juice. then i added black beans, cilantro and chopped tomatoes. just before serving, i added cooked rice. mix it all together, put it on a tortilla and viola! so yummy. leftovers tonight!

  189. Shelley & Scott

    We had tortilla soup and homemade bread. With it getting colder it felt like the perfect fall evening meal.

  190. Jodi

    You caught me on a good night – we had lasagna and homemade bread. It was so good!
    Thanks for your blog – I’m a new reader and love your recipes.

  191. andrea wardle

    MMM… baked salmon with rice and salad… okay okay…. the salmon was dry and the rice was wet, but it still tasted ok!

  192. Melanie Anne

    We had chili Rellanos, parmesan encrusted sweet potato oven fries and a pumpkin spice cake with chocolate ganache (I was putting on a cooking show! YUM) YOur giveaways look very fun!!

  193. Laura

    Hate to admit it but I had a Del Taco $0.89 burrito (with red sauce and sour cream). Not gonna lie, it totally hit the spot!

  194. Anonymous

    I had Thai Shrimp stirfry! Probably the most exotic sounding thing I ever make. Glad it landed on the night you asked about. Kathy

  195. Alicia

    I had a potato chowder with corn and diced chicken. It was a “leftover” meal, but nice because it was quick. Everyone else’s dinner reports on here are making me hungry!

  196. Colin's Mom

    We had pork tenderloin bbq over sweet potato biscuits, slaw, and butter beans! I could have just eaten a plate of the biscuits!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  197. Mags

    i had a lovely bowl of lipton double chicken noodle. everyone here has the flu, so we needed some light nourishment!

  198. Ace the Goat

    I’ve never been to your blog before, but I want to WIN! We had a delicious dinner of breakfast burritos! YUM!

  199. Amanda

    Looks like a great prize! Last night for dinner, I sauteed little broccoli florets and some garlic and mixed it with brown rice, goat cheese, and pine nuts. I topped it all with a little dukkah (spice blend)–turned out great! I live by myself and get a lot of pleasure out of making a nice, home-cooked meal…for one!

  200. Shelly Lomu

    We had homemade buttermilk pancakes. This was my first time making them from scratch and I dont think I can ever go back. Great giveaway!!!

  201. Becky


    We had biscuits and eggs covered in sausage gravy. A taste I was “taught” in Arizona.

    I would love to win…

  202. Heidi

    We had Chicken Margherita & Penne. Thanks to Bertolli for putting it together for me. After the week we had my kids were lucky they didn't get a bowl of cereal (honestly they would have prefered that!

  203. Kim

    what was dinner? Oh it was a salad with balsamic vinagerette dressing. No panni- the cook made a wrap instead and I don’t like wraps so I just had salad- boring huh? But at least I didn’t have to cook πŸ™‚

  204. mindywalker92

    I hate to say this but I had cheese, apple slices and peanut butter! What a dinner! It’s called grab and growl!!

  205. Shannon and Brad

    Hmmm, last night was leftover night and we had a chicken noodle soup I had made up as I went. It was really yummy a few days later too!! I hope I win πŸ™‚

  206. Brandon & Aimee

    I’m trying to diet, I had a piece of toast with tuna fish and pickle slices on it. The kids had cheese quesadillas. Sad, I know.

  207. Teresa in Tennessee

    white chili, cornbread, and pumpkin pie. It’s beginning to get cold at night, so I wanted something winterish.

  208. megan allen

    We had Pei Wei! I got the yummy Mongolian Beef with brown rice and the hubby got Dan Dan noodles, no veggies, medium spice. Delicious!!

  209. Millie

    Well my husband has lasagna with bean greens and yummy buttered baked bread, but I had dental work so I had a not so good chunky strawberry breakfast blend from Jamba Juice.

  210. A Bunch of Paynes

    Homemade noodles wih chicken, carrots, and onions in broth, served over mashed potatoes…ambitious, bit delicious!

  211. Lisa

    We had scrambled eggs mixed with cheese and ham and toast on the side. Comfort food? More like last minute thrown together dinner.
    I would love to win this giveaway!

  212. Rachelle

    Last night we had some of the Salisbury steaks leftover from a previous night (cooked extras) and turned them into individual meatloaves with a ketchup glaze, Mmmm they were good!

    ps, those chex mix bars are pretty good!

  213. Brynnly and Alan

    I had grilled tilapia with green beans. Sounds really good huh? It’s not. It’s called, wanting to lose 5lbs. Do what ya gotta do. πŸ™‚

  214. Darcy

    Shrimp & Margarita at work Happy Hour then home for some leftovers – from Cheesecake Factory, Chicken, Aspearagus, & Mashed Potatoes

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