Hurry…Another Giveaway…3 Winners!

Contest is now Closed, thanks for all 554 of you who made it in before the deadline. Check Friday’s post for the winners! Good luck!


Hey everyone, I am so excited to be a part of this new network called MyBlogSpark. It’s a network where bloggers can get the scoop on new products to sample, prizes to give away and other offers. In part of the fun, I get to have more giveaways, Yeah!




Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment and tell me what you had for dinner last night. Even if it was a bowl of cold cereal, let’s hear it! Contest ends tomorrow, Oct 23 at midnight AZ, MST. Best of luck everyone!!

Here’s the Prize: 3 Winners Will Receive this “Basket of Indulgence”


  • A box of the new Turtle Chex Mix Bars that include pretzels and peanuts with chewy ingredients like caramel and chocolate. They have less than 150 calories per bar and provide at lease 8 grams of whole grain per serving.
  • Chocolate candles
  • Caramel lotion
  • Loofah
  • Hand Massager
  • Nail Brush
  • Spa Towel


Best of luck! 3 Winners will be announced Friday Morning!!

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551 Responses
  1. Rachelle

    Last night we had some of the Salisbury steaks leftover from a previous night (cooked extras) and turned them into individual meatloaves with a ketchup glaze, Mmmm they were good!

    ps, those chex mix bars are pretty good!

  2. Lisa

    We had scrambled eggs mixed with cheese and ham and toast on the side. Comfort food? More like last minute thrown together dinner.
    I would love to win this giveaway!

  3. A Bunch of Paynes

    Homemade noodles wih chicken, carrots, and onions in broth, served over mashed potatoes…ambitious, bit delicious!

  4. Millie

    Well my husband has lasagna with bean greens and yummy buttered baked bread, but I had dental work so I had a not so good chunky strawberry breakfast blend from Jamba Juice.

  5. megan allen

    We had Pei Wei! I got the yummy Mongolian Beef with brown rice and the hubby got Dan Dan noodles, no veggies, medium spice. Delicious!!

  6. Natalie

    filet mignon, coucous, cooked carrots, salad with balsimic/olive oil/sugar dressing….brownies for dessert!!

  7. Teresa in Tennessee

    white chili, cornbread, and pumpkin pie. It’s beginning to get cold at night, so I wanted something winterish.

  8. Annalie

    I had Crispy baked Chicken bites with a honey mustard bbq dip and fresh vegies with ranch! Very yummy!

  9. Brandon & Aimee

    I’m trying to diet, I had a piece of toast with tuna fish and pickle slices on it. The kids had cheese quesadillas. Sad, I know.

  10. Shannon and Brad

    Hmmm, last night was leftover night and we had a chicken noodle soup I had made up as I went. It was really yummy a few days later too!! I hope I win 🙂

  11. mindywalker92

    I hate to say this but I had cheese, apple slices and peanut butter! What a dinner! It’s called grab and growl!!

  12. Kim

    what was dinner? Oh it was a salad with balsamic vinagerette dressing. No panni- the cook made a wrap instead and I don’t like wraps so I just had salad- boring huh? But at least I didn’t have to cook 🙂

  13. Heidi

    We had Chicken Margherita & Penne. Thanks to Bertolli for putting it together for me. After the week we had my kids were lucky they didn't get a bowl of cereal (honestly they would have prefered that!

  14. Rachel

    We had chicken pot pie for dinner last night and it was so delicious that we had leftovers tonight.

  15. aztami

    OMG! would you believe it if I said JUJUB’s and Mike and Ikes???!!! That is terrible (but true!!)

  16. Becky


    We had biscuits and eggs covered in sausage gravy. A taste I was “taught” in Arizona.

    I would love to win…

  17. Shelly Lomu

    We had homemade buttermilk pancakes. This was my first time making them from scratch and I dont think I can ever go back. Great giveaway!!!

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