Pomegranate Giveaway!!

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Contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered! The winner will be announced later today, Monday!

Good Saturday everyone! Here’s another chance to win a great prize from the POM folks. They are offering one of my readers a case of fresh Pomegranates. Here’s how to be entered….

Let’s think of creative ways to use pomegranate in recipes. This will help us all get some great ideas on what we can enter in POM’s recipe contest going on right now. We still have time for a shot at $5,000 buckaroos, so let’s get cookin’! Leave a comment on a cool idea to use pomegranate juice and/or fresh pomegranate in a recipe and one winner will be selected by a random drawing. Can’t wait to hear your ideas! Contest ends Sunday night before midnight Az MST. Good luck everyone!!

…how about chocolate chunk pomegranate cookies or vanilla bean pomegranate cupcakes. Mmmm, I better get baking! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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81 Responses
  1. Kristen

    How about pomegranate pancakes with a pomegranate reduction. MMM! I have also made pomegranate butter before and it is delicious!

  2. Katrina

    Hmm, I’m all about the chocolate chip cookie. So, can pomegranates be dried like cranberries? A white chocolate, pomegranate, pecan cookie. Sounds good to me! If they can’t be dried, I’d try them fresh in a cookie. I’m not afraid! ;)I also love what someone said–a dark chocolate ice cream with pomegranates. Sounds yummy.

  3. Anne

    I think pomegranate cupcakes sound awesome but I’m dying to try them in pancakes… or sorbet would be delicious and beautiful too! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

  4. Mary Ann

    I’ve made pomemgranate pound cake, pomegranate syrup for pancakes, and other stuff, but I think they would taste great in a sauce for chicken, or using the juice as the base flavor for a cake and then decorating with the seeds. We enjoy them plain the most.

  5. Emily

    I hope I win. I would love to have a case of fresh pomegranates.

    I would use the pomegranate juice in a sorbet. Then I would make a garnish with the seeds, and make a brittle.

  6. The Russells

    the first thing that popped in to my mind was pomegranate cheesecake!
    I have never really cooked with pomegranates…but all the things listed in the above comments sound absolutely delicious!! I wish I had one right now…looking forward to what you come up with!!

  7. Janell and Shannon

    My husband and I love mojitos…so how about mixing up the usual mojito and adding in some pomegranate juice.

  8. Thatcher Family

    Here’s a post for my friend (cuz it’s her recipe!)…It’s a pom sheet cake with lime glaze. VERY tasty!!

  9. Melanie Anne

    Hi Jenny,
    What a fun give away! How about pumpkin pomegranate muffins?? That sounds fun. I really love pomegranate salad! So tangy and delish!

  10. www.adorn-jewelry.blogspot.com

    My favorite things to do with pomegranates are eat the plain! my husband will peel a whole bunch for me and then I can just have a bowl full when I feel like it. but I also love them in salads. i guess i have never used them in very creative ways because I would rather just eat a bowl full of them!


    Just found your blog. Fabulous!! I have two boys about the same age as yours and so I love hearing any advice about what to feed them. I’m excited to start trying some of your recipes.

    Thank you!

  12. The Giffords

    I think that a cake with pomegranate either as a filling, frosting or glaze would be yummy. I was thinking along the lines of a Jell-o poke cake where you bake the cake, poke it with a fork when it comes out and pour a pomegranate glaze over the cake. Let it soak in and top with cool whip. Yum!

  13. whyme

    My favorite way to use pomegranates (other than to just eat them) is to make pomegranate iced tea. 16 oz. of pom mixed into a gallon of tea is just yummy.

  14. The Godfrey's

    OH I love pomegranates! I love how they pop in your mouth… my FAVORITE thing is a pomegranate salsa with feta cheese and red onions on some whole wheat pita chips. OH my!

  15. Millers

    Hummm, everyone seems to have really great ideas. I can’t really think of an original one. My first thought was some kind of muffin, or yogurt topping. OOhh I know, some kind of granola and pomegranate bar. Yeah I think that sounds yummy 🙂

  16. Brandon & Aimee

    Man, I can’t think of a baking recipe for pomegranate, but I think they would be good in salads, for the juice and the crunchy seed. Love them! How about in ice cream or smoothies??

  17. Cecily

    Many of my idea have already been written down, but granadas (pomegranates) are popular in Spain and the Middle East, so why not merge those flavors: salads, marinades and sauces, or desserts that are light and not too heavy. I wonder if you could make a pomagranate curd.

  18. The Nye's

    I love pomegranate juice, so why not make it better, by making it into a pomegranate/sorbert slush drink! Perfect for showers ect.

  19. RoweKlan

    I Love pomegranates tossed in with a fruit salad. I mix cream cheese, marshmellow cream, and whipping cream in with the fruit. We have it every year with our thanksgiving turkey.

  20. Becky

    Those white chocolate blondies you made would be great with pomegranates. Or what about a pomegranate salsa with peaches and onions and maybe avocado or something?

  21. JCS

    Pomegranate Bread sounds really good, with a pomegranate glaze on top, or poke holes in the top of the bread so the juice soaks into the bread.

  22. Becky Johnson

    Um..I’m just going to throw out the old fruit in some jello idea. I think pomegranates would be good in a pomegranate flavored jello with some good old whipcream on top!!

  23. Jenna

    When I lived in Greece we often paired pomegranate (cheap and plentiful there) with roasted lamb. I have yet to try it here, but I’d like to do a light pomegranate-infused glaze or vinaigrette. Pomegranate molasses is very popular in the Middle East, and this would be along the same lines, but a bit lighter.

  24. Sims Family

    Have you tried it in a chicken salad? (Like a baby shower salad with grapes, etc.) Good on croissants. It’s tasty and colorful.

  25. Doreen

    My Mom loves Pomegranates! Going to try to win this for her. 🙂 How about some Pomegranate Dark Chocolate ice cream?!

  26. Barbara

    Jenny, I’m just in love with those fresh pomegrante seeds. I think homemade ice cream with pomegrante seeds would be delish. A great dessert right now for your warm Arizona weather.

  27. Laura

    I love to make Pomegranate salad – 1 cup whip cream – whipped and sweetened, arils from the pomegranate along with a couple of diced apples and slice bananas.

  28. Emily

    Pomegranate Pecan muffins would be great- I just need an expert to figure out how the make them. Thats why I keep coming back to your blog!

  29. Lisa

    Oh, how I love pomegranates. I am possibly going to think of a good salad. Pomogranate chopped liver? Okay, maybe not.

  30. Morgan

    Throw some pomegranate seeds on a big green salad, grilled chicken, blue or feta cheese, topped with a nice vinaigrette.

    My mouth is watering!

  31. Angie

    I am a simple girl. You can make some delicious pomegranate jelly with the juice, a little sugar, and some fruit pectin. It makes a yummy PB&J sandwich. This even replaces my favorite boysenberry jam. You can also add the seeds to it and substitute this for cranberry sauce on your turkey.

  32. C.

    I can see my ideas have already been taken… but a dark chocolate pom bark or as a fish or pork topping or marinade. Yum!

  33. Sara

    How about gingerbread cookies with a pomegranate juice glaze on top (I’m thinking icing sugar with a good amount of juice to make a loose glaze)

  34. jewelle

    Two simple ideas. Toss some pomegranates on a salad. Adds a great tang. Also for the kiddies, amke a face with them on a bagle smeared with cream cheese. But honestly what is better than just putting them in a bowl and eating them while you chat with family?!

  35. Mistress Meeyee

    I have a recipe for pomegranate fudge on my blog!I love to use it in cheesecake and you can make a savory citrus glaze for chicken with pom.Always good with icecream and milk too.

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