Totally Sweet 10 Prize Giveaway!

I am honored to be hosting such a “Sweet” giveaway today. Huge thanks to the very talented Mandy from Gourmet Mom on the go for sending English Toffee Anytime my way. This company is offering some very nice giveaway prizes just in time for Valentines Day!!

I was thrilled to sample all three toffee selections of English Toffee Anytime and let me tell you, they are all incredible. You should have seen us all devour this stuff like it was going out of style. My boys ask to have more any chance they get, even breakfast!

I was so impressed with English Toffee Anytime. Buttery almond toffee is covered with pure Guittard chocolate and coated with the finest chopped almonds. It has no preservatives and is by far the best toffee I’ve ever had!

English Toffee Anytime is giving 10 lucky Picky Palate readers 5 one pound boxes and 5 half pound boxes. How cool huh? Here’s How…..

All you need to do, is check out their website then come back and leave a comment telling me what kind of toffee you’d choose.

Special offer for Picky Palate Readers

If you order a one-half pound box of toffee from English Toffee Anytime on or before Friday February 6th you will be upgraded to:

A one pound box of toffee, and a complimentary Valentine card with a personal message.

This offer is expires Friday February 6th 2009

Contest ends late Thursday night when the clock strikes midnight PST! One comment per reader please!! 10 random Winners will be announced Friday morning. Please check back to see if you are a winner to ensure you get your box before Valentines Day!!

Best of luck to everyone!! You seriously gotta try this toffee!

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526 Responses
  1. Chloe Galli

    hey this is chloe i was just watching you on the foodnetwork tonight and you did an amazing job!!! I was just letting you know about me and my blog. I am twelve and i absolutley love to cook, so i am making a blog for kids how to cook. but i am not just showing them the recipe i explain the reason why there is so much detail to cooking. and i also explain the technique and secrets for cooking. so come and check it out thanks!!! P.S. FYI i am also mormon (LDS)

  2. Jessi

    They all look so yummy! I still think I’d have to just go with milk chocolate…..and then if it were really good (and judging by the pictures, I bet it is) order the rest at another time, haha.

  3. Michelle

    I would love the dark chocolate, but those I share with would prefer the milk chocolate. Chocolate is chocolate!

  4. Clay and Erica

    Wow it all looks delicious. By the way, thank you for such an insightful website. You do a great job with menu items to choose from for me and my husband to try.
    I would love to try their Milk chocolate looks more than heavenly 🙂 !!!!

  5. Katrina

    Milk, dark, milk, dark, I’m weighing it out in my mind. Hmm. I’d probably go with Milk chocolate! I love both.

  6. Christina

    it would definitely be the milk chocolate…I’m sure it melts in your mouth!

    BTW I’m so glad to see you back posting more frequently!

  7. Emily H.

    Milk Chocolate Almond–Almond toffee is my husband’s favorite candy and would be perfect for Valentine’s Day

  8. Jaime G. Fryer

    Do I really have to choose just one? They all look yummy, but if I have to pick one………the White Satin Almond Toffee looks divine!

  9. Anonymous

    i was gonna say milk chocolate at first…until i started drooling over the dark chocolate option!
    what a fab giveaway!


  10. Wendy

    Dark Chocolate! The milk look devine, but I’m a dark chocolate girl through-and-through! Thank you for offering this!

  11. Kelsey & David Barber

    I think I would definitely try the Milk CHocolate ALmond- I wish they had peanut butter too! Yummy!

  12. Jackson Wright Family

    Yum! It all looks so good, but I would have to say I would want the milk chocolate almond toffee.

  13. Christine McClain

    I would pick the milk chocolate toffee for sure. The picture reminds me of the See’s California brittle my grandma would give us at Christmas time before she passed away. So yummy!!!!

  14. Donna in VA

    I LOVE toffee! I couldn’t wait to see if I’d win, so I ordered a box of the Milk Chocolate Toffee from their site. . I couldn’t help myself.
    I can’t wait!

  15. Amanda Thomas

    I would definitely like the White Almond Satin Toffee it looks divine 🙂

    **Also I went to order some using the special is there a coupon code that you need to plug in?***

  16. Salsa Mama

    Hang on, let me wipe up the drool here. I would like to try them all, thank you, but if I have to pick one…I’d say milk chocolate. Yum!

  17. Millers

    Well if I had to pick just one, because I would really want all 3 :), it would be the milk chocolate. I LOVE toffee!!!!!!

  18. Emily

    Jey Jenny! I can’t wait to watch you on the food network in the recipe showdown!

    I would totally choose (mor of my hubby would choose) the milk chocolate toffee! They all look so good though!

  19. JenHunsaker

    Tough choice! I’d go with the dark chocolate almond or the milk chocolate almond. How can you go wrong with chocolate though!

  20. The Castillo's

    MY MOUTH IS WATERING!!! They look absolutely amazing. I have to say that I am struggling to decide between the Milk Chocolate Almond or the Dark Chocolate Almond. Hmmmm…. Wow!! …. Tough decision … DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND!!!!!

    I stumbled upon your website a few months ago and LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing your cooking talent with me and others.

  21. Mauri

    Ok so at first I thought stick with what’s comfortable…good ‘ole milk chocolate and almond – but there is something about that white satin that is drawing me in.

  22. jilly

    There is a lady in Mesa, AZ that makes the mose divine toffee. (milk chocolate and almonds) She told me to check the obituaries, because the recipe is going to be read at her funeral. I have actually started checking the paper for deaths in Mesa, because I am going to get that recipe! If that isn’t a girl obsessed with toffee, I don’t know who is!!

  23. RJHnrksn

    Man, what a choice, but gotta go Milk chocolate almond. Nothing better than a great piece of toffee to make your day!

  24. The Ricks Fix

    My mom used to make toffee every Christmas…yummy! I like good old fashioned milk chocolate, but the others sound just as good.

    Can’t wait to see you on the FN again. It’s this weekend, right?

  25. Stacie

    They all look so good but I personally would choose the milk chocolate so that my taste buds could concentrate mainly on the toffee itself!

  26. Plain City Dickamores

    I would have to choose their milk chocolate almond Toffee. It reminds me of my husband grandmas, that we make every Christmas!! Yummy Yum yum

  27. Kami

    Oh Yum Yum Yum. I had a baby last week, and I seem to be wanting to eat everything in the house, especially sweets, these would be perfect. I would have to get the milk chocolate. Oh this sounds so good.

  28. Joylybean

    Although the white satin almond toffee looks heavenly, I would have to stick with good ol’ fashioned milk chocolate – it looks delicious.

  29. Shawn and Tasha

    Oops, you can delete that last one. I didn’t realize the one earlier went through- thanks.:) (can you tell I’m really excited about the toffee?) 😉

  30. Shawn and Tasha

    BABY OH BABY! That toffee looks divine!

    I’m normally a dark chocolate lover, but when it comes to toffee I’m all for the MILK CHOCOLATE. Mmmmmm!

  31. Glenda

    wow..trying to avoid sweets, but I’d cave for some of the milk chocolate with almonds….yep, I really would. Hope that I win!

  32. ~Amber~

    I would choose the White Satin
    Almond Toffee. I love white chocolate and tofee so it is the perfect combo for me! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

  33. -Kate

    I would totally get the dark chocolate. I LOVE dark chocolate! Well any chocolate really, but dark chocolate is my fav!

  34. Jennifer

    I just finished of a sample I ordered from this site last week, and I liked the milk chocolate the best! So I’d definitely pick that one. YUM.

  35. Shawn and Tasha

    OH BABY!!! That toffee is calling my name!

    I’m normally a dark chocolate lover, but when it comes to toffee I’m all for the MILK CHOCOLATE. Mmmmmm

  36. Amy

    I would choose the dark chocolate almond because we all know dark chocolate is healthier, *wink wink*! I love dark chocolate!


    What a wonderful giveaway! I would say the dark chocolate for sure, but the white satin would be fun to try too! I’ve got a giveaway going for my favorite kitchen gadgets, not nearly as yummy as chocolate, but fun all the same, if you’d like to visit!

  38. Emily

    Will you adopt me? lol All of your recipes look AMAZING! I wish I got that kind of cooking when I was at home lol!

    As far as the toffee goes, I would definitely go with the milk chocolate!

  39. Abby

    I would definitely have to try the Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee!

    Thanks for introducing us to such awesome goodness! 🙂

  40. Harrington

    Milk chocolate with almond toffee. I just had a caramel apple with english toffee on it today. It was so good. I love English toffee.

  41. Lisa

    We LOVE,LOVE toffee at our house. My choice would be the Milk Chocolate! My husband would choose the Dark. Which I would be equally excited to have. Hmmmm.

  42. zekesmom10

    Dark chocolate all the way. My DH would totally pick the white satin, but since he is not posting this comment, he has no say. 😉

    Love your blog and subscribe through Google Reader!

  43. Neels

    Dark chocolate is becoming more and more of a favorite for me. So I would have to say the dark choc. almond. But toffee in any flavor is delish!!

  44. brigitte

    I would choose the milk chocolate almond….actually, I would choose the dark chocolate almond but then I would be the only one at my house that eats it so since I can’t spend all day at the gym….the milk chocolate almond is what I would choose.

  45. April J.

    I would choose the Dark Chocolate. BTW you can get a FREE sample of all three for just paying the shipping $3.00

  46. LeslieVeg

    No Doubt, Dark Chocolate Almond! Dark Chocolate is supposed to satisfy the chocolate craving and is good for you and almonds ARE good for you. Heck this is almost Health Food!
    Great giveaway!

  47. Amanda

    Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee! That way I could have it all to myself since my husband does not like dark chocolate! Not to mention, it looks incredible! 🙂

  48. Erin

    Milk Chocolate, definitely… but they do all look divine!

    PS – if you go to their web site, you can get a sample of all three flavors for free – just pay $3.00 shipping!

  49. Christina Larson

    If I could only have one I would get the Milk Chocolate Almond. That’s a great deal this week.

  50. Cari Harward

    I absolutely love english toffee. I would definately choose the milk chocolate almond. What a fun valentines!

  51. Gwen

    Oh, I have never had dark chocolate almond toffee. It sounds delicious, so that would be my choice. Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. Mindy

    Milk chocolate sounds so yummy. It all looks so good, too bad I can’t reach through my computer screen and get some. 🙂

  53. Tanya

    The dark chocolate for sure! I’m a huge white chocolate fan, but for toffee it’s gotta be dark. It looks amazingly delicious.

  54. Becky

    My mouth is watering so bad. Yum! I think I would like the milk or the dark chocolate. They both sound good right now! Thanks Jenny!

  55. Vause Family

    I would choose all of them! They all look way good!! All that toffee covered in chocolate and then nuts on top of that. WOW

  56. Hillary

    I love toffee. That is what I make at Christmas time to give to friends and family. But I have never tried it with white chocolate. So I would have to pick the white chocolate one.

  57. Karen O.

    Milk Chocolate Almond, and I’d even share with my Mother-in-law, who makes the best toffee I’ve ever had! 🙂

  58. Becky

    I would order the milk chocolate but I’m kind of curious to try the white chocolate–never tried that before.

  59. Kayleen the Violinist

    Oh Wow… english toffee is my all-time favorite candy! I would go with the milk all the way…

  60. Kristy and Brett

    Ohhhh my heavens I’d choose white chocolate satin. I’m a sucker for white chocolate!!! I’m drooling just thinking about it:)

  61. Erin

    Personally I’m a dark chocolate kinda girl, but my boyfriend is the TOFFEE-LOVER, and he likes milk chocolate. SO… I would go with the milk chocolate so I could make a yummy treat for him to enjoy! Or just to crush over ice cream!

  62. Brooke

    Milk Chocolate with almonds. Toffee is my favorite, and if this is the best you have ever had, then what an awesome giveaway!

  63. Sara

    I would definitely have to go with the milk chocolate, but the white satin almond looks heavenly! I love toffee.

  64. sarahwarner

    Dark Chocolate almond looked delicious on the website. I’m so glad you found the world’s best toffee. I can’t wait to try it.

  65. Candi

    Definately the milk chocolate for me. I think I’m going to have to go make some toffee today — now you’ve got me craving it!

  66. Hess Fam

    wait…i left a comment and it didn’t show. i just want to make sure i’m entered! 🙂
    Milk Chocolate Almond for sure!

  67. Brindi

    Would have to be the dark chocolate – no one else in the house likes dark chocolate – so it would be all mine.

  68. Becky

    Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee
    everytime I suppose until I ‘tasted’ the milk chocolate or the white….love your blog btw


    OH! my goodness! MILK CHOCOLATE ALMOND for SURE! Mmmmmm, they ALL look Devine!

    AND… did you all see that they will send you a free sample of the toffee’s!!? how kewl! Can’t wait to get mine!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Suzette

    I love Dark Chocolate!!! But the white Chocolate one looks interesting and somthing I’ve never tried so I would want that one.

  71. Adamzes

    Milk chocolate and almonds go the best together in my opinion. Add toffee to the mix and we have scrumdidlyumpscious!

  72. Stephanie

    I’m a fan of the normal milk chocolate toffee, but am totally intrigued by the White Satin Almond Toffee – that sounds so incredible!

  73. M'Liss

    I would chose the milk chocolate almond toffee. I agree with your kids it would be great for breakfast, lunch , dinner, bedtime snack, midnight snack… anytime! Thanks for all the great recipes!

  74. Phill, Allie, and kids

    It’s a toss up between the milk chocolate and the white satin. Probably the milk chocolate though because you can never go wrong with that!

  75. nicole

    Without a doubt the milk chocolate. What a yummy treat just in time for Valentines Day. Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Judy S

    Oh, man! I have such a sweet tooth that I am NOT going to pass up this opportunity! Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee … all the way!

  77. Janelle

    I think I’ve only always had milk chocolate on my toffee, but I bet the dark would be really good, and it would balance out the sugar in the toffee part. I’d go with dark.

  78. Rodents of Unusual Size

    What to do! What to do! I believe I’m going to have to stick with the all-time favorite of milk chocolate toffee. Thanks for the invite!

  79. Scott+Tiffany

    I would choose the Milk chocolate almond.

    I’ve been a long time silent reader of your blog. You have the greatest recipes! My favorite is still the Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Candy Cane Dusted Frosting from two Christmases ago. Thanks!

  80. Simply AnonyMom

    Milk chocolate. I would like all three, but if I wanted to share with the family it would have to be only milk not dark or white.

  81. Amanda

    You are speaking my language – I LOVE TOFFEE! I make it every year for Christmas 🙂 I would definitely choose the classic Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee!

  82. Erica Williams

    LOVE toffee! I am a milk chocolate girl, so that,s the kind that I would have to choose- even though they all look heavenly!

  83. Katherine

    I definately can see eating it for breakfast!
    I’d say milk chocolate, but may just need to order one of those samplers to make sure 🙂

  84. matt and brynn

    It is hard to choose, but I think that I would try the Delicious Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee. They all look yummy though!

  85. RoweKlan

    I don’t know if i could decide white or milk they are both my fav but if it comes down to the wire when it comes to toffee i love it smothered in white chocolate!!!

  86. Laurie

    I LOVE toffee and anything chocolate. I would have to try all three. I even noticed you can for a small handling fee. If you pick me, I may even be nice and share.

  87. Andrea

    I would love the milk chocolate toffee. Toffee is my favorite thing in the entire world (besides my family of course! hee hee!)!!! It looks SOOO delicious. I’m going to have to order some just to make sure that I get it! I would LOVE it if you picked me!

  88. DJ and Melissa Sorensen

    I am just a plain old milk chocolate kind of girl. I’d love this, my husband doesn’t like toffee or my girls, so this woudl be all mine with no arguement. I might take some over to share with my mom.:)

  89. Carlee Hoopes

    I would choose the milk chocolate, but my husband would have to have the dark chocolate…so I guess I’d get both!!!

  90. Jen

    YUMMY!!! English Toffee is by far my favorite candy EVER!!! I would probably choose the milk chocolate, but the dark sounds great too. 🙂

  91. The Curtis Family

    There is no question which I’d choose – Milk Chocolate. Hands down. If I was being a nice wifey I’d say white chocolate for hubby. But it’s all about me today.

  92. Never thought I'd be a soccer mom!

    I would have to say the milk chocolate almond toffee. Yum! Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway.

  93. Carla

    Yum! Be still my heart, I LOVE LOVE toffee. I’d probably choose the dark chocolate almond. Thanks for the giveaway.

  94. Tracy

    I know I should WANT the Dark Choc. But I really really want the milk choc. Thanks for pointing us to another great company!

  95. Christine

    Oh, I want a piece of the milk chocolate almond chocolate please! But since the give-away gives more than just a piece, I would be in heaven

  96. Danielle

    Ooh, they all sound soooo delicious! Can I have some for breakfast?? I would totally nosh on some dark chocolate almond. Dark chocolate is my best friend :)!

  97. Angie

    It is so hard to decide because they all look so scrum-diddly-umtious! I never tried Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee, so I think this would be the one I would choose.

  98. sarah [biscuits and honey]

    I would choose the dark chocolate. The white satin looks wonderful, too. Oh, who am I kidding, they ALL look delicious!

  99. Jessica F.

    Dark chocolate with almonds ALL THE WAY!!! Toffee is so sweet that it needs to be complimented with someone a little bitter….dark chocolate!

  100. Kelly

    Ya know…it’s not fair to make a woman choose between types of chocolate!

    I think I’d go with the dark chocolate — I’m already turning around recipes in my head I could use some of it in!

  101. Heather

    Oh yum! Toffee is a favorite and I only make it during the holidays. I love dark choc. but would have to go with tradition and pick the milk/almonds. I can taste it’s buttery crunchy goodness now…

  102. Mandy

    I LOVE English Toffee Anytime–I’ve had their dark chocolate and it’s divine but I think I’d try milk if I won since it’s their most popular flavor. I was reluctant to leave a comment, but it’s honestly so good that I can’t help myself!! If I win, you can give it to someone else who hasn’t had the chance to experience it yet.;)

  103. Morgan

    I want all three!! My mouth is watering. But I suppose if I can only choose one, I will go for the milk chocolate!

  104. Tiffany @ Lattes And Life

    I’m normally a dark chocolate gal, but I think I’d choose milk chocolate for toffee. It looks DELISH! I’ve tried to make my own toffee before but it just didn’t quite turn out.

  105. Linda

    Oh, my…. sooooo yummy looking. I would take all and any, but dark chocolate is supposed to be soooo good for you so that would have to be my first choice. Thanks,

  106. Kaitlin

    Oh my gosh, I get weak in the knees for chocolate and toffee! I would totally get the milk chocolate! I've been craving Ben & Jerry's Heath Bar Crunch ice cream lately..but this would definitely work in it's place!!

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