Video #2, Second Chance Entry for Bertolli LA Trip Giveaway!

Contest is now closed. Thanks!

Here’s your second chance to enter for a trip to LA next week! Watch the second video below and leave a comment here 🙂  Good Luck, can’t wait until next week!

This is a crazy fun last minute kind of trip, but if you are free next week as in May 10-12th listen up!! Bertolli is sending me and one of my readers to LA for a culinary inspired day around LA and some time to meet and chat with Rocco DiSpirito 🙂 Bertolli is taking care of your flight, hotel and food the day of the event!! So, if you think you can take some time off next week, keep reading…..

Here’s how to enter:

1. Watch the following video (with 2 more coming for the next 2 days) and simply tell us your favorite part of the video in a comment here. You can leave a comment for each video that will be coming throughout the week, having 4 chances to win 🙂

2. Support Bertolli by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

3. Winner must be traveling from within the continental US and be available to travel May 10-12th. Winner will be chosen Friday May 7th!!

Thanks!! Come back tomorrow for video #3 and a third entry!!

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74 Responses
  1. Marcia

    Mushroom hunting — I have read about growing your own on Sunset magazine blog.

    Of course, the scenery was outstanding. Maybe I can go some day.

  2. Lauren Elsasser

    “He’s been working on this for a long time I could tell.”
    The stache says it all.
    and the fact that you can buy underwear in the open market!
    Italy sounds so intriguing!

  3. Arena

    My favorite part was when they got out of the car and Dan was talking about how he would shift the gears and hit Rocco in the knees!

    I loved seeing the forest where they were hunting the wild mushrooms, too!

  4. kacie

    It was incredible to see how they go into a forest and just search for mushrooms then gently scrape off the spores to keep the process so natural! Such fun videos!

  5. Lindsay Allen

    I want to buy expensive underwear in the market 🙂 But I’d rather eat that pasta! Yumo!

  6. Crystal

    My Favorite Part was the drive up through the mountains to get to the mushroom hunters. It was beautiful and I could almost feel the cold with the snow-topped mountains.

  7. Hillary Crump

    This is probably so random. But my favorite part was seeing the different bread in the kitchen at the restaurant. If you blinked you might of missed it…But it made want some good bread.

  8. Tara

    My favorite part was Italy. I LOVED Italy when I went…and I wish I could go back! Thanks!

  9. Brittney Smith

    Mushroom hunting!!! Rocco!!!

    This is the best!!! What a fun trip/amazing opportunity/contest I-so-wanna-win!

    How can I express my “want” to win this!!!

  10. Melissa

    Loved Sauro’s mustache haha! I just love seeing Italy! I would love to be there! Again, I would love to go cook and make fresh authentic italian food! Love it!

  11. Donna

    I liked the part in the beginning where Rocco tells the group that they can buy some underwear. Unexpected and made me laugh.

    The mushroom people and Sauro were adorable too.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Mandy

    I can’t believe that Rocco yelling, “Sauro!” worked! And the ‘shache, wow!
    The “Mushroom Keepers” were the most adorable couple I’ve ever seen in my life, they looked like they were right out of a fairy tale. And, I totally want to go eat at Aoristo now, what a gorgeous restaurant.

  13. Lindsey E.

    Watching the chefs forage for fresh mushrooms is so funny. It’s great to see just how fresh the food is – and their meal looks delicious! My other favorite part of this is hearing their favorite part of the day 🙂

  14. Diana Ferguson

    Oh my gosh! My favorite???

    Just seeing the sites of Italy. I have actually been there!! I’m jumping up and down like a crazy woman……

  15. Nataleigh G

    Oooh, my favorite part in this one was when they had to go find Saro and Rocco is just walking through the street yelling SARO! SARO!!!!

    Hey, it worked, didn’t it?

  16. Diane {}

    I love seeing the streets in Italy, it makes me think I just went on a mini vacation!

  17. Lisa A

    I loved the “mushroom keepers” and Rocco saying they could only be better in miniature! How awesome!

  18. Sarah

    I love the part where they were looking for Sauro! That was hilarious. I love Italy and can’t wait to go again 🙂

  19. Robynne

    I’m torn between Sauro’s mustache and the cute mushroom hunters! This must have been an absolute blast for them!

  20. Pam Shank

    I first loved seeing the open air market then how much fun to gather the ingredients for your dish the way they did. Fixing a meal with others like they did would make it so special and then looking at the food…looked so good!

  21. Stacie Aho

    That looks so fun! I love when they are looking for Sauro. They’re all just yelling his name! Haha.

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